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Welcome to Yokohama, Japan's vibrant city that blends tradition and modernity seamlessly. Discover professional headshot photographers in this bustling metropolis, offering a range of services including LinkedIn headshots, cheap yet high-quality portraits, and professional corporate headshots. Whether you're seeking male or female headshots, our curated list of local studios ensures you find the perfect match. BetterPic, an AI-generated headshot provider, presents this comprehensive directory, allowing you to make an informed choice among the finest options available.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio Aqua'

#1 Studio Aqua



Studio Aqua, located in Yokohama, Japan, at the prestigious address Yokohama Landmark Tower, 27th floor, stands as a premier headshots studio with a stellar reputation. With an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars from 1578 reviews, it has garnered much praise and admiration from its satisfied customers.

Couples who have chosen Studio Aqua for their wedding photography are consistently blown away by the level of expertise and care provided by the talented team. From the moment they step foot into the studio, they are greeted with kindness and an eagerness to fulfill their desires. The photographers at Studio Aqua possess a unique ability to capture the essence of the couples, showcasing their true personalities and ensuring an exceptional experience.

Not only does Studio Aqua excel in capturing the magic of weddings, but they also specialize in traditional kimono photo shoots. Customers rave about the vast selection of top-quality kimono and hakama offerings. The team's attention to detail leaves customers feeling comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. They possess a deep understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures, as exemplified by their ability to coordinate outfits, even accommodating those in Highland dress.

The professionalism and friendliness of the Studio Aqua staff have left a lasting impression on customers. Despite adverse weather conditions, the team remained dedicated and worked through the challenges with utmost professionalism, resulting in stunning photographs. The studio's commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment ensures that even those who may not typically enjoy such experiences can feel at ease.

For anyone seeking a truly exceptional headshot or photo shoot experience in Yokohama, Studio Aqua is the go-to choice. Their impeccable track record and positive reviews make it clear that they excel in their craft, offering unmatched expertise, professional service, and a friendly environment.

Reece Morgan


A fantastic experience for our wedding photography. Our photographer was tremendous, catching us exactly how we see ourselves, and everyone involved was kind and eager to help. Top quality kimono and hakama offerings; the bare minimum of pushy sales, and attention to detail at every point. While many places balked at my Highland dress, these guys did an amazing job of co-ordinating my wife's outfit to match, and made us both feel comfortable all the way. Our stylist even got my wife to talk about how lucky she was to be with me, so they literally work magic.

Nicole Ha


My Japanese husband and I set our appointment with the Studio Aqua staff. They were very attentive to what we wanted to get out of the photo shoot. From their hair/make up stylist to the photographer they made the the whole experience comfortable and fun. It’s definitely something I recommend for newly weds.

Leo Montoro


very good studio, very professional staff and a friendly environment during the shooting. I went there with my wife for our wedding photos. they make us feel very comfortable even me who is not a big fan of this stuff.
I recommend

Aaron Jamieson


Very good experience, very helpful and accommodating. Even though it rained on the day of the photos, everyone involved worked through the conditions and was very professional. Highly recommend.

Shingo Nogami


Had our traditional kimono photo shoot with rocky san today was a lot of fun in the studio was very nice and staff very knowledgeable and professional Rocky English was good highly recommended this fun experience if your in Yokohama.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Sutajioindi Yokohamaten'

#2 Sutajioindi Yokohamaten



Introducing Sutajioindi Yokohamaten, a renowned headshots studio located in Yokohama, Japan. Boasting an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 1214 reviews, this studio has consistently delivered exceptional photography services. One of the standout aspects of Sutajioindi Yokohamaten is their ability to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for their clients.

Many customers have praised Mr. Futaba, the talented photographer, for his ability to make them feel at ease and capture beautiful pictures. The studio is particularly renowned for its expertise in headshots for job hunting, with customers expressing gratitude for the inviting and lively impressions created through the makeup and photo retouching processes.

Flexibility and personalized service are additional strengths of Sutajioindi Yokohamaten. Customers have lauded the studio for accommodating changes in appointment times, showing kindness and helpfulness throughout the entire experience. The makeup artists and staff have received high praise for their attention to detail and ability to guide clients to create natural and expressive photographs.

Sutajioindi Yokohamaten is highly recommended by satisfied clients who appreciate the efficiency, accuracy, and professionalism showcased in their work. From the careful makeup application to the precise positioning of lighting during the shoot, every step is meticulously executed to achieve outstanding results.

Reservations can conveniently be made online, catering to individuals who prefer not to make phone calls. Whether you need headshots for professional purposes or are simply looking to capture your essence in a photograph, Sutajioindi Yokohamaten is the go-to place. With their dedication to creating stunning visuals and providing exceptional customer service, this studio is set to exceed your expectations.



I was embarrassed because I was an old lady, but Mr. Futaba, the photographer, talked to me about various things to make me feel relaxed and took beautiful pictures. I wish I had a store like this when I was looking for a job. The makeup artist was also good. There are many female staff, so I feel safe.



I made a reservation with a plan for shooting only without makeup. Even though I had to change the time on the day, they were kind enough to help me, which was very helpful. Thanks to the detailed instructions given by the staff during the shoot, I was able to create a natural expression. The finish was also very beautiful, and it was the best ID photo I've ever had (*^^*) Thank you very much!

Tetsuroh Murakami


You can take a picture without being nervous, so you can finish a very good picture. I thought it would make sense to shoot here. This time I came to take pictures of job hunting. I used the plan with makeup and was given a bright and lively impression. Both make-up and photo retouching are speedy, accurate and polite, and I am very satisfied. I thought I would do my best in my future activities. I would like to ask here again.

fuyu seri


I used it based on a recommendation from a friend.
On that day, I only applied light base makeup.
When I arrived at the studio, the person in charge of make-up did everything from hair make-up to make-up, and the quality was much better than if I did it myself. I am very grateful that both the shooting and the makeup were done according to the industry I was aiming for.
I highly recommend it to anyone looking to prepare job hunting photos!



The other day, I had a bust-up with makeup and a full-body photo taken. I am satisfied with the very good finish of both the photo and makeup. During the photo shoot, she adjusted the position of the light and arranged my hair, which made the photo look very natural and gentle. I was able to make a reservation online and it was very good for me who is not good at calling. I would like to use it again if I have the opportunity. thank you very much.

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ライフスタジオ 新横浜店(横浜 フォトスタジオ)'

#3 ライフスタジオ 新横浜店(横浜 フォトスタジオ)



ライフスタジオ 新横浜店(横浜 フォトスタジオ) is a highly regarded headshots studio located in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. With a remarkable rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 727 reviews, it is evident that this studio delivers exceptional results that leave customers extremely satisfied.

Clients consistently praise the studio for their outstanding work and express their intention to return. One customer mentioned being very happy with the final outcome and stated that they have no doubts about repeating their experience. Another client shared their delightful experience of having both a Newborn Photo and a Half Birthday Photo session with a visiting photographer at their house. They were initially worried but were immediately put at ease by the friendly and professional staff, resulting in a delightful shoot with their daughter smiling throughout.

Customers also appreciate the warm and friendly nature of the staff at ライフスタジオ 新横浜店. Polite and courteous, the employees provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the entire process. One individual expressed gratitude for the staff's smiles, polite handling, and comforting voices, allowing for a worry-free shoot and ensuring their child enjoyed the experience with a smile.

The studio is commended for its extensive selection of toys, professional demeanor, and amusing quizzes and funny faces that make the photo sessions even more enjoyable for children. Clients mention that their nervous children quickly became at ease and were able to take wonderful pictures.

Overall, ライフスタジオ 新横浜店(横浜 フォトスタジオ) is a top-notch headshots studio that provides exceptional service and ensures complete customer satisfaction. With a friendly and professional staff, a cute and comfortable studio, and stunning finished photos, this studio is highly recommended for capturing beautiful memories.



Great job. Very happy with the result. I have no doubt, we will repeat.

tmm k


I used it for my daughter's 1st birthday.
Both the Newborn Photo and the Half Birthday Photo were taken by a visiting photographer at my house, so I was looking forward to my first studio shoot.
I was a little worried because I was starting to be shy, but thanks to the two female photographers and assistants who were very friendly from the beginning, my daughter started shooting with a smile.
The studio had more sets than I imagined with various tastes, and they were all cute and made me feel like a child.
It must have been difficult for him to release the shutter because he was so absorbed in the props and toys that he was walking around. I was deeply moved that I was able to do this so far!
Many of the costumes and props were brought with me, but I was able to confirm with them what set I wanted to use for this costume, and whether there were any omissions in what I wanted to photograph.
I was happy that we could leave the shooting scenery with our own camera.
I was used to handling children, so I was able to leave it to them with confidence.
It was a very good memory, and it was well received by my family.
I would like to visit again if there is an opportunity!

PON **


For the first time, I had a photo shoot for my 1 year old anniversary at Life Studio. The staff had a wonderful smile from the beginning to the end, and I was able to shoot with peace of mind because of their polite correspondence and voices. Thanks to that, my child enjoyed it with a smile all the time. The atmosphere in the studio is cute, and I am satisfied with the finished photos. thank you very much!
I would like to use it again, so please contact me again at that time.

Y (蒼)


Combined with other stores, I used Life Studio for the 5th or 6th time, but this was the first time I used it. The kids who were nervous were able to get used to it in no time and were able to take wonderful pictures (^^)
Both the photographer and the coordinator were female, and I was happy with the quizzes and funny faces (laughs).
As for the size of the store, I think the shooting space is narrower than other stores. (I wonder if the Shinyurigaoka store is the largest among those I used)
I was asked to adjust so that I would not overlap with other customers, but there were times when I was asked to wait for a while when going to the bathroom or moving around. However, there was a waiting area on the 1st floor that was made by remodeling a real bus. When the child came home, he was delighted that I enjoyed driving the bus! (^^)
Also, the parking space was in front of the store, which was helpful because it was easy to move from the car! It's a little hard to stop
So, it's a studio that I can recommend.

mi mi


I used it for the first time on my half birthday.
Everyone was energetic and bright, and I was able to shoot a lot of fun🥰
My son is in a good mood all the time!
There are various toys available, as expected of a professional! ! ! How to soothe ☺️
They prepared 3 patterns of costumes and a hat that matched them, and there were only very cute pictures🥹
I got the data on the same day and was impressed to see the movie!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Cook!e Nuts'

#4 Cook!e Nuts



Looking for a professional headshots studio in Kawasaki, Japan? Look no further than Cook!e Nuts! With a stellar reputation and a rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 502 reviews, this studio promises to provide a nice and satisfactory service.

Although the staff may not be fluent in English, they will make every effort to understand your requirements. The experience at Cook!e Nuts is highly regarded, but it is important to have a clear understanding of all the details before proceeding to the next step to avoid any confusion.

One satisfied customer shared their positive experience after visiting Cook!e Nuts for a Shichigosan photoshoot. They mentioned the modern costumes and cute studio background, which made their fashion-conscious daughter extremely happy. Another customer expressed their gratitude for the clean environment, cute set, and easy-to-understand explanations provided by the staff.

Families particularly love Cook!e Nuts as they ensure that the children are the main focus of the shoot. They take care of costumes, hair, and makeup for siblings, ensuring a stress-free experience for everyone. Customers appreciate the kindness of the staff and the wonderful and fashionable costumes provided for the children.

Finally, a parent shares the frustration of trying to capture precious moments of their children but failing to do so. However, they praise Cook!e Nuts for consistently capturing those cherished expressions and moments.

Located at 11-21 Sakaimachi, POWERHOUSE/BS Powerhouse BS 10F in Kawasaki Ward, Kanagawa, Cook!e Nuts is a top choice for those seeking professional headshots.

Vikasdeep Singh


Nice and satisfactory service. We have availed their service 2 times so far. Staff can not speak English but they will try their best to understand your requirement. Good experience. Please understand clearly everything before proceeding to next step. Sometimes you will think that these prices were not explained. They are very transparent.



I visited for the first time in four years at my daughter's seven-year-old Shichigosan.
Many of the costumes were modern, and my daughter, who recently woke up to fashion, seemed happy.
The background is also a very cute studio.
I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

r k


Thank you for keeping it so clean.
My daughter was especially happy because the set was cute and I had makeup done.
The staff also explained everything in an easy-to-understand manner, so I was able to choose a nice photo!



I always take family photos here.
Children are the main characters in the shoot, but the costumes and hair and makeup for the siblings are taken care of, so the children can go empty-handed. Of course, the children's costumes are all cute, fashionable and wonderful. The staff are all kind, and the children are also fond of them, so you can shoot with peace of mind. The interior of the store has an atmosphere, and the photos are stylishly finished, so I am always satisfied. I would like to take care of you in the future.

Muchid 24


He has taken care of my sons since they were babies.

Everyday, when I interact with children, even if I momentarily think, This expression is cute! I can't help but feel frustrated that I want to keep it. Even if I hurriedly took out my smartphone from my pocket and held it, the same expression and the same moment as before did not come.

However, every time I look at the photos taken by Cookie Nuts, I am overwhelmed by the photos that capture that moment when I wanted to but couldn't. I can meet you. In addition, I was surprised by the photo with a cool atmosphere that I don't usually see (laughs). It's all about it.

My sons are restless and always cause trouble, but the staff always watch over me with a big heart (laughs), and my sons have often visited since they were babies. Rather than shooting at an unfamiliar photo shop, it seems that he is showing a smile in a relaxed atmosphere.

I would like to continue to take care of you in the future.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ライフスタジオ 横浜青葉店'

#5 ライフスタジオ 横浜青葉店



ライフスタジオ 横浜青葉店 is a renowned headshots studio located at 901-9 Tōkaichibachō, Midori Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 226-0025, Japan. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 467 reviews, it is evident that this studio has left a lasting impression on its customers.

One happy customer shares their experience of bringing their 1-year-old daughter for a photoshoot. The photographers at ライフスタジオ 横浜青葉店 displayed exceptional professionalism and expertise in engaging and entertaining the little one. The result was a memorable experience for the family.

Customers praise the studio for its welcoming and child-friendly environment. The spacious shooting room allows children to run around, adding to the fun atmosphere. The staff's ability to handle children is highly appreciated.

Another customer expresses gratitude for the studio's assistance over multiple years. They have been to ライフスタジオ 横浜青葉店 for various occasions, including their eldest daughter's coming-of-age ceremony and their other children's milestone events. The staff's kindness, expertise, and ability to make the children feel at ease make every shoot enjoyable and successful.

With its convenient location and outstanding customer service, ライフスタジオ 横浜青葉店 has become a go-to studio for many families in the area. The studio ensures that each photoshoot is a joyful and smooth experience for both parents and children. Whether it's for school graduation, birthdays, or other significant events, this studio is trusted to capture beautiful and memorable moments.

Kai T


We brought our 1 year old daughter to have a set of photos taken. It was our first time and I was a little nervous as I did not know how she would react to the photographers. However, this was a great experience! Our photographers were very professional and were experts at keeping her engaged and entertained. Thank you for such a memorable experience!



This is the 3rd time I'm indebted to you.
I asked for it at my eldest daughter's half coming-of-age ceremony.
It's every time, but all the staff are kind and very good at handling children.
It took more than 3 hours including dressing, but the children were in a good mood from beginning to end.
Watching this will be fun too.

The shooting room is large, and I'm happy that it's okay to run around.

I am very satisfied with the finished photos.
I realize that the picture is limited to being taken by a professional.
Children grow up quickly, so as a parent I'm happy to be able to capture this moment in a photo.

I was worried about the child's physical condition the day before, but I am grateful that there is no cancellation fee other than dressing and hair and makeup.

It is a shop that I can definitely recommend.



Thank you for your help for the first time in 4 years.
The studio has also changed and it has become even cuter~🎶
I was able to have a lot of fun shooting with the kids who were making a lot of noise.
I was joking around like that! ! I am surprised at the finish as much as I think.
The children seem to have fallen in love with Jasmine and Kuma-chan! !
Thank you ❣️



I was able to take a picture when I graduated from elementary school and entered junior high school. It was the third time for Shichi-Go-San and elementary school entrance.
I was able to bring my school bag without forgetting to check my belongings in advance.
I was a little shy, so I was worried, but I was very satisfied with the fun and bright atmosphere of the shoot.



It's close to my house, so I've been taking care of my eldest daughter since she was little! My eldest son, my second son, and my family have increased, and I am very satisfied with taking wonderful photos every time we have an event. The shooting progresses while having fun with the staff, so the shooting progresses smoothly without any hesitation, which is very helpful for parents.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Life Studio Shonan'

#6 Life Studio Shonan



Life Studio Shonan, located at 2-chōme-5-5 Tateishi, Fujisawa, Kanagawa 251-0872, Japan, is a renowned headshots studio that has received an outstanding rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 160 reviews. Customers have expressed their utmost satisfaction with the exceptional services provided by the studio.

Clients rave about the friendly and cheerful staff who create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The studio offers a variety of unique and tastefully designed sets, ensuring that each photoshoot is a memorable and enjoyable experience. Even with children in tow, the session concludes effortlessly, capturing beautiful and natural expressions in no time.

Life Studio Shonan is widely recognized for its exquisite costumes and props, enhancing the visual appeal of the photographs. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, especially when marking special milestones or commemorating family events like Shichigosan or a child's entrance into school.

The studio's interior stands out from other life studios, boasting colorful and vibrant backdrops that bring out the natural expressions of every family member. The friendly staff always prioritizes fun, making the photo shoot a delightful experience for children and adults alike.

Whether it's a yearly tradition or a special occasion, Life Studio Shonan ensures that each session is a joyous and memorable event. Clients commend the kind and humorous staff who quickly put everyone at ease, resulting in authentic and heartfelt images.

With their professionalism and expertise, Life Studio Shonan promises exceptional service and breathtaking photographs that capture the essence of any age or milestone. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Life Studio Shonan and create timeless memories with your loved ones.



Triggered by an acquaintance's introduction, I used it to commemorate my younger child's Shichigosan and my older child's entrance.
All the staff were very bright and nice.
There were various sets, and even though the children took a lot of pictures, the shooting ended in no time.
The atmosphere of the borrowed costumes was very tasteful, and it was a taste that I don't usually wear, so both the children and their parents were in a good mood.
Thank you for the wonderful time.

Yamamoto Family


Since I asked you to take a picture of me in my kindergarten uniform on this yellow bus, it's been 6 years since I've been taking pictures of my child's growth and family photos around my child's birthday. Thank you for always taking wonderful pictures with wonderful costumes and interiors. All the staff are kind and warm to the children, and the whole family is looking forward to seeing all the staff.
It is such a studio that I want to leave a growth record in the life studio Shonan store in the future.



I have used Life Studio Sanjitai many times for my child's birthday, but this was my first time using the Shonan store! The interior was different from other life studios, and the photos were colorful and bright. Especially, the family photos brought out the natural expressions of everyone with an atmosphere that I have never seen before.
They try to make it fun for the children during the photo shoot, and they capture every moment of their expressions, so I always keep my favorite photos as souvenirs every year! It is a photo studio recommended for anniversaries.
I want to use it again next year. thank you very much!



I enjoy shooting every year!
Not only the set and costumes, but all the staff are kind and funny, so the shooting is over in no time.
From small children to adults, you can cut out the expressions of children at any age.



Life Studio is the fourth time this time.
I took a picture with my daughter's shichi-Go-San.
I was nervous from beginning to end and couldn't laugh well, but they created a good atmosphere and relieved my tension. I was able to immediately see the finished product in a slide show, and I was impressed by the professional staff when I was able to take a picture of my daughter's nervous expression with a smile on her face.
I asked for a lifebook. I'm looking forward to the finished product.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'フォトスタジオ エアライツ'

#7 フォトスタジオ エアライツ



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Yokohama, Japan? Look no further than フォトスタジオ エアライツ! With an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and 141 glowing reviews, this studio is highly recommended by satisfied customers.

One customer had a fantastic experience while taking a snapshot for announcer job hunting. The cameraman's kind and friendly demeanor, along with their professional and attentive service, made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. The studio's bright atmosphere made shooting a breeze, and the customer appreciated the clear and easy-to-understand guidance provided.

Another customer praised the reliable technology and comfort offered by フォトスタジオ エアライツ. They were thoroughly satisfied with their announcer job hunting photo, thanks to the expertise and consultative approach of the staff. The professional demeanor of both the cameraman and the hair and makeup team left a lasting impression.

Customers also appreciated the personal touch provided by the studio. Even during inclement weather, the staff took the initiative to inquire about train schedules, ensuring a smooth reservation process. The studio's ability to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere, along with their creative suggestions for poses, helped customers feel confident and look their best.

Moreover, one customer admitted that after multiple failed attempts at other studios, they were finally able to achieve the desired results at フォトスタジオ エアライツ. The cameraman's cheerful personality and expertise in bringing out natural expressions made the shoot immensely enjoyable. The customer expressed their gratitude, stating that the studio had restored their lost confidence.

Overall, フォトスタジオ エアライツ is a headshots studio that provides exceptional customer service, reliable technology, and a comfortable environment. Their ability to bring out natural expressions and create stunning results has left customers satisfied and impressed. Whether you are an aspiring announcer or simply looking for professional job hunting photos, this studio is a perfect choice. Visit their address at 2-chōme-17-7 Shinyokohama, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222-



I was able to take a snapshot of the announcer job hunting. The cameraman was a very kind person, and I was able to spend my time with peace of mind from beginning to end with his bright personality and gentle and polite correspondence. I was able to shoot in a bright atmosphere all the time, so it was very easy to do. I was very grateful for the kind and easy-to-understand instructions I received when taking pictures and giving advice on choosing photos. The studio was beautiful, and I was very happy that all the finished photos were taken beautifully! I would like to use it again if there is another opportunity.



A photo studio with reliable technology and comfort

Thank you for your help with the announcer job hunting photo.
I am very satisfied with word of mouth and HP.

I couldn't decide on the clothes, shoes, background color, etc., but she kindly consulted me.
He had a good personality, and I was able to challenge the shooting with confidence.

From beginning to end, we will bring out a natural smile with a fun story.
Just as I wanted, he took a photo with a warm atmosphere that exudes personality.
With an exquisite balance of smiles and elegance that cannot be taken anywhere else,

From dozens of photos, we will narrow down the photos with the atmosphere you want to fascinate while consulting.
Thanks to you, I was able to choose one that I was satisfied with.

I also asked him to correct the skin so that it would not look unnatural.
You can choose the degree of correction through a questionnaire before shooting or verbally.
Even small orders were handled immediately on the spot, and the finished product exceeded my expectations.

This time, due to the season and the weather, we had to shoot in the studio, but it seems that we can also shoot on location.
In addition, I was able to add hair makeup as an option, and I was able to make it beautiful with natural makeup.

Access from the station is also good.
It took me nearly three hours from home, but I'm really glad I came.
In addition, I would like you to take a picture in case of something.
thank you very much.


Both announcer job hunting and general job hunting were taken.

Both the camera and hair and makeup are polite and professional! I'm very satisfied with the finish...!
Overall it was very good, so I wrote what I think is even more wonderful, so please refer to it if you like.

① Reservation stage
It happened to be a heavy snow day, so I was very grateful for the phone call to ask if my train would be delayed. In addition, the correspondence on the phone was polite and easy to understand, and he answered detailed questions such as what to bring and clothes on the day.

②Hair and makeup
Originally I wasn't planning on adding this option, but I'm so glad I did!
In particular, I tend to wear flashy makeup, so I wasn't sure if I could do neat makeup for the announcers.
I was able to draw out the charm that I couldn't draw out by myself! It will cost a little more money, but I don't think you will regret it at all, so I recommend it!

③ Before shooting
It was very helpful to ask me in advance about the best angle for photos and to give me advice on choosing clothes...! (We brought 2 to 3 candidates for choosing clothes, and they were selected)

④ Shooting
We had a lot of conversations so that we could relax and take pictures! The cameraman's calm personality and way of speaking made it fun from start to finish!
I didn't have to worry because I was able to teach posing carefully!

⑤ After shooting
You have made very careful corrections, and the already wonderful photos have become even more beautiful.
I was really impressed with the high level of technology that made all the necessary corrections while keeping my original goodness! (It is very helpful because you can ask us in advance how much you want us to modify.)

Compared to other companies, it was not only high technology but also very polite and close to each other!
If there is an opportunity to shoot again in the future, I would like to ask you first.
I'm really thankful to you!



The cameraman created an atmosphere to bring out a natural expression, and suggested poses that would make me look more beautiful. It was a great shoot.
The finished product was much better than I expected, and I felt that this is a studio that brings out the best in me.
thank you very much.



After working at other studios, it was the third reshoot, but I was so satisfied that five stars wasn't enough.
Until now, I was often warned that my facial expressions and poses were stiff, and as a result I lost confidence and often ended up with an awkward smile.
However, Air Lights brightens up the scene and makes shooting fun with the cheerful personality of the cameraman and the ability to talk easily even when meeting for the first time. Nothing was said to discourage or discourage. As a result, she brought out a natural smile and maximized her charm. The finish makes me think that portrait photography can change so much depending on the photographer.
Also, when I made a reservation by phone, he kindly consulted me about any unclear points.
It was a wonderful studio that I would like to ask for if I have the opportunity to shoot again.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Casablanca Studio'

#8 Casablanca Studio



Casablanca Studio, located in Yokohama, Tsuzuki Ward, Japan, is a renowned headshots studio attached to the second floor of the Champ Camera Minamikōhoku NT shop. With a rating of 4.1/5 stars based on 49 reviews, this studio has gained the trust and loyalty of its customers.

The studio offers a wide variety of kimonos and hakama for rental, allowing customers to choose from many different options for their photo shoot. Customers have praised the extensive selection, giving their children a delightful experience during events like elementary school graduation hakama rentals and Shichigosan.

One of the standout features of Casablanca Studio is its spacious rooms with natural light and large LED lighting, enabling photoshoots regardless of weather or time. Customers have appreciated the flexibility and convenience provided by the studio's resources and professional staff. The female staff has received special mentions for their kindness and excellent service.

In addition to a memorable shoot experience, Casablanca Studio offers a repair service and advanced confirmation of kimono rentals, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable customer journey.

Whether it's a special occasion like a birthday celebration or capturing cherished moments with friends, Casablanca Studio is dedicated to providing an exceptional photoshoot experience with their attention to detail, extensive wardrobe options, and friendly staff.



I used it for my daughter's elementary school graduation hakama rental & dressing hair makeup set. My daughter was overjoyed at the wide variety of kimonos and hakama, and tried on many different tops and bottoms to choose from. The staff was kind and courteous, and everything from booking, fitting, and pre-shooting was a pleasant experience. By the way, I visited before the summer vacation of elementary school 6, but there was a feeling that I was late. It seemed like more than half of the costumes had been reserved, but there were still many more. On the day of the graduation ceremony, I gave up on getting my hair done at 2:00 a.m., so I just put on the kimono.



It is a studio attached to the second floor of a camera shop. The female staff kindly responded. The studio has two rooms with natural light and large LED lighting, so it was possible to shoot regardless of the weather or time. There are plenty of kimonos and it seems that you can also do dressing. The attached large parking lot was also attractive.

Nonsuke Maaz


I used it for my 7-year-old child's Shichigosan.
Thank you very much for all your help from the advance confirmation of the kimono rental.
I would be happy if there were a little more cuts in the actual shooting, but I'm glad that they were able to respond while being considerate of various things.
The children's hair set was also flexible. ,



I'm glad that I was able to take a lot of pictures until I was able to take a picture that I liked, and I was able to get a good picture. He gave me a repair service.
Since it was a weekday, he showed me to the studio without waiting.
I liked the female staff.



When I saw a photo shoot in a red dress on my 60th birthday posted on Instagram, I thought it was wonderful.. I decided to invite a friend from junior high school to take a photo, and asked Casablanca if the red dress was ready. I contacted other photo studios, but many of them had one but not two, so I returned to Casablanca. Looking for a dress.. I divided it into two weeks and took pictures.
Mr. Casablanca has taken care of his daughters and grandchildren many times, but it was the first time for him to shoot himself, so I was nervous, but I was able to leave a wonderful picture.
Thank you very much.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'hollyhock(ホリーホック) 横浜ベイクォーター'

#9 hollyhock(ホリーホック) 横浜ベイクォーター



Hollyhock Studio, located in Yokohama, Japan, is a premier headshots studio that has gained a reputation for its exceptional services and customer satisfaction. With an impressive rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews, it is evident that this studio has left a positive impression on its clients.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the work produced by Hollyhock. One client shared their delightful experience, especially with the terrace studio, which was recommended for capturing adorable moments of their one-year-old child. The availability of both simple and pop backgrounds allows for a variety of creative choices.

The studio also offers costume rentals, allowing customers to further personalize their shoots. However, one customer shared concerns about the hygiene of the rental costumes, as they experienced skin irritations after their child wore them. Nonetheless, the friendly staff received praise and were commended for creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Conveniently located on the fourth floor of Yokohama Bay Quarter, the studio presents an ideal setting for capturing memories with the entire family. Additionally, Hollyhock Studio is accompanied by a kids' space on the same floor, making it highly recommended for those with children.

If you are searching for a reputable headshots studio in Yokohama, look no further than Hollyhock Studio. With their talented team, diverse backdrops, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they are ready to transform your special moments into lifelong memories.

W Kaz


I am satisfied with their work.



I used it for the first time on my daughter's 1st birthday! We have two studios
This time, I chose a terrace studio recommended for a one-year-old child.
There are simple backgrounds and pop backgrounds,
It was so cute.
You can rent up to 3 costumes, but this time I brought a matching costume, so I rented 2.
The amount of clothes is about the size of an adult's open arms.
was the amount of
My daughter was also shy, so I wonder if I can take it alone. I was worried about that, but the cameraman and assistants gradually closed the distance and comforted me, so I was able to take a lot of smiling pictures.
From the middle of the day, my daughter stopped by, so it was a professional.
The plan includes 50 cuts of data and a book (square type?), and the price range is reasonable, so it is recommended.
Even during the shooting, it feels like everyone is excited.
It was fun and a great memory!
I will continue to use it in the future.



The staff randomly selects the photos for the photobook, and the customers are not allowed to choose. It's cheap, so why not?



The staff were all very nice! I have already repeated several times.
However, every time I wear a rental costume, I get eczema. When I look at where the used clothes go, they probably just put them back in the closet and don't clean them every time.

I don't know if this is the norm in any photo studio, but the children's skin is puffy after every use of the costumes here. That's a shame.
In other photo studios, I've never had a blunder.

In the future, I will stop offering free costumes. But the staff is very nice, so I want to go again



The staff was very kind.
I was able to enjoy shooting with my young daughter and the whole family, and I was able to make wonderful memories.
There is also a kids space on the same floor, so it is recommended for those with children.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'フォトスタジオメゾン横浜関内店'

#10 フォトスタジオメゾン横浜関内店



Welcome to フォトスタジオメゾン横浜関内店, a renowned headshots studio located at 2-chōme−6−10 プリンセスガーデンビル, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan (〒231-0026). With a stellar rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 29 glowing reviews, this studio is a trusted choice for capturing special moments in a professional and creative manner.

Clients have expressed their satisfaction through feedback such as, I had my daughter's birthday photo taken at the studio, and she was in a good mood until the end. Thank you very much for making it a milestone experience again. This highlights the studio's ability to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for all clients.

From maternity photoshoots to Shichigosan studio shoots, フォトスタジオメゾン横浜関内店 caters to a variety of occasions. Clients have raved about the extensive selection of dresses available, including cute and glittering options. The staff's kindness and expertise are commended, as they ensure a smooth and stress-free experience, even when working with fussy babies or reluctant children.

With a soft and inviting atmosphere, this studio excels at creating a diverse range of backgrounds to suit each client's preferences. The ability to capture genuine smiles and cherished moments is a testament to the studio's professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction.

If you are seeking a headshots studio in Yokohama, look no further than フォトスタジオメゾン横浜関内店. With a focus on creating memorable and high-quality images, they are ready to help you capture your most treasured moments for years to come.

mika peach


This time I had my daughter's birthday photo taken at the studio where I had been indebted for wedding dress rentals and graduation flower events before.
The studio was also very cute and my daughter was in a good mood until the end.
Thank you very much for your request for the milestone again.



I used it for the first time. Even if the baby cried, the staff kindly followed up. However, since this was the first time I'd done a shoot like this, I would have been happy if I could have made more free suggestions, such as Let's shoot in that way.



I used it for my maternity photo. You can also choose from 3 dresses, and you can take a picture with a cute and glittering dress!
I can enjoy shooting without being nervous, and I can't wait to show my baby when he grows up.



We had a maternity photo shoot today!
I was indebted to the graduation photo event before, but I had a good time shooting in a very soft atmosphere!
We are happy to help you with this request!
I would like to take a commemorative photo of my family from now on, so thank you again!



I used it for the Shichigosan studio shoot, but I was able to take a lot of pictures with various backgrounds, and with the help of the staff, my son, who said he didn't want to take pictures, was able to take a picture with a smile at the end. I was.
I would like to use it again next time.

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