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Welcome to Kawasaki, Japan - a city that blends tradition and modernity seamlessly. Discover the perfect backdrop for your professional portraits at our recommended headshot photography studios. Whether you need LinkedIn headshots, cheap yet high-quality options, or professional corporate headshots, our list showcases talented photographers near you. Choose from male or female headshots and experience the artistry of capturing your unique personality. BetterPic is here to help you find the best headshot studio for your needs.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Cook!e Nuts'

#1 Cook!e Nuts



Looking for a professional headshots studio in Kawasaki, Japan? Look no further than Cook!e Nuts! With a stellar reputation and a rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 502 reviews, this studio promises to provide a nice and satisfactory service.

Although the staff may not be fluent in English, they will make every effort to understand your requirements. The experience at Cook!e Nuts is highly regarded, but it is important to have a clear understanding of all the details before proceeding to the next step to avoid any confusion.

One satisfied customer shared their positive experience after visiting Cook!e Nuts for a Shichigosan photoshoot. They mentioned the modern costumes and cute studio background, which made their fashion-conscious daughter extremely happy. Another customer expressed their gratitude for the clean environment, cute set, and easy-to-understand explanations provided by the staff.

Families particularly love Cook!e Nuts as they ensure that the children are the main focus of the shoot. They take care of costumes, hair, and makeup for siblings, ensuring a stress-free experience for everyone. Customers appreciate the kindness of the staff and the wonderful and fashionable costumes provided for the children.

Finally, a parent shares the frustration of trying to capture precious moments of their children but failing to do so. However, they praise Cook!e Nuts for consistently capturing those cherished expressions and moments.

Located at 11-21 Sakaimachi, POWERHOUSE/BS Powerhouse BS 10F in Kawasaki Ward, Kanagawa, Cook!e Nuts is a top choice for those seeking professional headshots.

Vikasdeep Singh


Nice and satisfactory service. We have availed their service 2 times so far. Staff can not speak English but they will try their best to understand your requirement. Good experience. Please understand clearly everything before proceeding to next step. Sometimes you will think that these prices were not explained. They are very transparent.



I visited for the first time in four years at my daughter's seven-year-old Shichigosan.
Many of the costumes were modern, and my daughter, who recently woke up to fashion, seemed happy.
The background is also a very cute studio.
I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

r k


Thank you for keeping it so clean.
My daughter was especially happy because the set was cute and I had makeup done.
The staff also explained everything in an easy-to-understand manner, so I was able to choose a nice photo!



I always take family photos here.
Children are the main characters in the shoot, but the costumes and hair and makeup for the siblings are taken care of, so the children can go empty-handed. Of course, the children's costumes are all cute, fashionable and wonderful. The staff are all kind, and the children are also fond of them, so you can shoot with peace of mind. The interior of the store has an atmosphere, and the photos are stylishly finished, so I am always satisfied. I would like to take care of you in the future.

Muchid 24


He has taken care of my sons since they were babies.

Everyday, when I interact with children, even if I momentarily think, This expression is cute! I can't help but feel frustrated that I want to keep it. Even if I hurriedly took out my smartphone from my pocket and held it, the same expression and the same moment as before did not come.

However, every time I look at the photos taken by Cookie Nuts, I am overwhelmed by the photos that capture that moment when I wanted to but couldn't. I can meet you. In addition, I was surprised by the photo with a cool atmosphere that I don't usually see (laughs). It's all about it.

My sons are restless and always cause trouble, but the staff always watch over me with a big heart (laughs), and my sons have often visited since they were babies. Rather than shooting at an unfamiliar photo shop, it seems that he is showing a smile in a relaxed atmosphere.

I would like to continue to take care of you in the future.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'クッキーナッツ・スタジオ 鹿島田店'

#2 クッキーナッツ・スタジオ 鹿島田店



クッキーナッツ・スタジオ 鹿島田店, located at 266 Shimohirama, Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-0053, Japan, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio with a remarkable rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 316 reviews. Customers have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the studio's expertise in handling babies during photoshoots and the impressive responsiveness of the staff. The remarkable performance and presentation of the photos in a slide show have consistently left customers moved and excited.

This studio not only caters to personal portraits but also offers a variety of specialized photography services, including dog photography and maternity photography. The convenience of being able to consult and plan the shoot through LINE, a popular messaging app, has been greatly appreciated by customers.

The studio's warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with the friendly and professional staff, has made the photography experience enjoyable for children and adults alike. Additionally, the studio is conveniently located just a short walk from Kashimada Station and offers a parking lot for added convenience.

For graduations or other special occasions, customers have praised the studio's extensive collection of kimono and hakama costumes, ensuring a cute and fashionable look for their photos. The high-quality service and attention to detail have left customers eager to return for future photography needs. Whether it's capturing treasured moments with loved ones or creating timeless memories, クッキーナッツ・スタジオ 鹿島田店 is the perfect destination for a professional and fulfilling photography experience.



3/25Today, I asked for a photo of the shrine visit. The shooting was smooth because you are used to handling babies.
My father, who visited for the first time, was also impressed by the staff's response.
I am always moved and excited when I see the photos I took in a slide show. the performance is also nice
Please let me know if anything else happens.

I repeat photography with my dog, maternity photos, new born photos, etc.
This was my first time shooting at the Kashimada studio, but the staff are always kind and the studio is cute.
I thought it was good to have Cookie Nut Studio in my neighborhood. I want to use it again.

s S


I went there for a graduation photo shoot. I brought in a kimono and rented a hakama and other accessories. It was convenient to be able to consult everything on LINE, such as whether it is possible to bring in a kimono. The shooting on the day went very smoothly, and all of them were cute and fashionable. Lastly, I would like to show you the photos taken in the slide show, but I want them all!

Taku M


There were a lot of cute shots, all with a good atmosphere that you can't usually take in a studio.
The staff also created a warm atmosphere, so the children were able to enjoy the shooting.

saki komai


I used it for the first time in my son's shrine visit photo! The interior was very beautiful and the shooting was over in about 30 minutes without crying ✨ I would like to use it again 🥰



A little over 10 minutes on foot from Kashimada Station, it is a studio with a calm atmosphere along the road that is one road away from Fuchu Kaido. There is also a parking lot.
I used it for a hakama shoot at an elementary school graduation ceremony.
All the staff are kind, bright, not too exaggerated, and cute.
There was a wide variety of hakama costumes.
I used the Kawasaki store and it was very good, so I used the nearby Kashimada store, but it felt more private. It was a really fun shoot.
I think it's a wonderful studio that is a little-known spot and has a good atmosphere!

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Studio Tanakaya'

#3 Photo Studio Tanakaya



Located in Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki, Japan, Photo Studio Tanakaya is a renowned headshots studio that has garnered a stellar reputation among customers. With an impressive rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 301 reviews, it is clear that this studio delivers exceptional results.

Customers rave about the quality of the images produced by Photo Studio Tanakaya, making it the top choice for commemorative photos and resumes. Despite the potential embarrassment associated with having someone take your ID photo, customers applaud the studio for its professionalism, cleanliness, and ability to create images that surpass expectations.

The studio's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their meticulous approach. Whether you need a quick ID photo or a comprehensive headshot for job hunting purposes, Photo Studio Tanakaya goes the extra mile to ensure that you leave with a neat and clean image that exudes professionalism. The staff is praised for their warmth and involvement, including assistance with hair and makeup, creating a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

With two decades of experience, Photo Studio Tanakaya understands the importance of capturing the perfect shot. Customers appreciate the staff's guidance in selecting the best image, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

For those in need of speed and convenience, Photo Studio Tanakaya offers prompt service, allowing customers to take their photos home immediately. This dedication to efficiency and customer satisfaction sets them apart from competitors.

Overall, Photo Studio Tanakaya is a highly recommended choice for anyone seeking high-quality headshots and ID photos. Their expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail make them a reliable and trusted establishment in the heart of Kawasaki.

nankin ikatako


If you are going to take pictures of commemorative photos and resume, let's shoot at this store. it's recommended.

E. I.


In the old days, there was a small store right next to the Takatsu Police Station, and it was easy to enter, so I used that store. (Having someone take your ID photo is a bit embarrassing, especially since you're a man, right? w)
Even so, I was going to use it for a long time, so I mustered up some courage and chose to work at a photo shop that produces good images, rather than the speed cameras found in train stations.
And now that small store no longer exists, but there is a studio along the Oyama Highway a little further.
In that sense, it will be a completely different story from the previous store where you can easily enter, but the employees are very pleasant, both young and old, so you can take pictures without being particularly nervous. increase.
And as for the most important photos, even if you take the same speed photos, they will look completely different from the cameras you see at train stations.
And what I learned this time is that until now, I had only taken speed photos that were reasonably priced because I had taken them right before I used them. 2 days?) Only ¥3300 if you go to shoot (6600 yen for the same day?) You can take a photo with corrections and data.
This time, I went just before using it, so I chose a photo that would be slightly retouched for ¥1,600 plus ¥300 for a speed photo, but even with that, I felt a huge difference from the photos taken with a speed camera. By the way, when I take pictures, I get advice from the photographer on how to make faces, which is also an absolute point that machines don't have.
Whether it's a driver's license, a passport, or an international driver's license, at least I'd like to use a photo taken at a photo studio.
And from now on, I have decided to choose a ww menu that allows me to make more corrections with a little more time.

* 小桜 *


Only when really needed... I am grateful for the technology and the relationship, such as ID photos, and have been indebted for about 20 years.

I always ask you not to panic, so is there a suspicion of falsifying your age? (Laughs) I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but they are really good and clean.

I've never used speed photography before.
This time, I wanted to take it home immediately, so for the first time, I asked for a speed photo for my passport.

I didn't mean to rush you, but speed photos don't have actress lights (lights shining from below) or reflectors, and they can't be retouched at all (there is no chargeable addition).
As a result, all the imperfections on my face were exposed, and it was truly the worst photo I have ever taken.

Rather, I have been taken so far that I was surprised and beautiful, so the image this time was so terrible that I could not accept that I would use this photo for several years while I was applying for a passport. There was a waiting time, so we re-shot it in the center.

The price didn't change so much, it was printed immediately, and it was reflected well.

I've never thought of that before, but
I wondered if Tanakaya didn't want to take speed photos.

The speed photo was so disappointing that I really wanted to show someone a comparison.

Thank you very much.



I went to take a picture of the job hunting.
I asked for hair and makeup, but I was able to create a neat and clean image with a high degree of favorability. The photos were much more beautiful than the real thing, and the shooting itself was a lot of fun and I am very satisfied. When choosing the best shot, the staff will choose together, so I was very relieved.
It was early on a weekday, but many people were there to shoot, so I think they were probably very busy. Even in such a situation, I was treated very politely, and the person who took the picture gave me a lot of life advice. With the background of changing jobs in my 50s, I was moved to tears by the thoughtful thoughtfulness of the staff despite their busy schedules.
Thank you very much to all of you who took care of me this time, and I was able to use it very comfortably. thank you very much.
I think it's not easy to change jobs, but I'll do my best!



Two years ago when I saw the TV, I thought I would ask here when I started job hunting! ☺︎
When I actually visited, I was impressed by the warmth of the staff who were involved in the hair and makeup, the reception, and the shooting. Be sure to get a job offer from the company you are aiming for and visit the report.
thank you very much!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Indi Machidaekimaeten Studio'

#4 Indi Machidaekimaeten Studio



Indi Machidaekimaeten Studio, located at Japan, Tokyo, Machida, Haramachida, offers top-notch headshot photography services, garnering an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 172 satisfied customers. Conveniently situated close to the station, the studio's only downfall is its slightly hidden location on the 5th floor of the Sunny Side Building.

Clients have praised Indi Machidaekimaeten Studio for its exceptional attention to detail, ensuring that each photo meets the highest standards. With a careful final check before the shoot, customers are left highly satisfied with the finished product. Additionally, the studio creates an atmosphere that makes it easy for individuals to express their concerns and preferences during the correction process.

From hair and make-up to the final touches, the staff at Indi Machidaekimaeten Studio provide a polite and professional service. Their expertise and friendly demeanor allow clients to relax and achieve convincing and natural headshots, especially for ID photos. Customers have expressed that the make-up artists and photographers are immensely amiable, providing a pleasant and comfortable environment throughout the entire session.

Even those with no prior photography knowledge have found the studio to be a delightful experience. Indi Machidaekimaeten Studio's comprehensive services encompass every aspect, ensuring a satisfying outcome for all customers, particularly those seeking ID photos for job hunting. The studio handles everything with care and precision, leaving clients completely content with the final results.

While the process typically takes a little over an hour for makeup, shooting, and retouching, some customers have mentioned that immediate access to the data would be convenient. Nonetheless, the overall finish of the photos has left individuals feeling gratified and appreciative of the studio's efforts.

For anyone in need of a top-quality headshot, Indi Machidaekimaeten Studio is the go-to destination. Its meticulous attention to detail, friendly staff, and comfortable atmosphere make it an excellent choice for anyone wanting to capture their best self in a photograph. Don't hesitate to recommend Indi Machidaekimaeten Studio to your friends, as this studio is sure to impress!



I used it for the ID photo used for job hunting. The location was close to the station and easy to access, but it was a little difficult to find because the store was on the 5th floor.
I am very satisfied with the finish of the photo after the careful final check before shooting and the atmosphere that makes it easy to express any concerns during the correction.
I would recommend it to my friends. thank you very much.



From hair and make-up to fine-tuning, the shooting was all very polite, and I was able to take a convincing photo. The staff was kind and I was able to relax and shoot. It is recommended for those who want to take ID photos.



I think I was able to take the best ID photo of myself. The make-up and cameraman were all friendly people, and the atmosphere was great and comfortable. thank you very much.



I came to the store for ID photos used for job hunting.
I didn't know anything about photography, but everything from makeup to photography was handled carefully, and I was satisfied with the result. thank you very much! !

kana takei


I made a reservation on the day.
It took just over an hour for make-up, shooting and retouching. It would be helpful if we could get the data immediately.
I am satisfied with the finish.
thank you very much.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'フォトスタジオ エアライツ'

#5 フォトスタジオ エアライツ



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Yokohama, Japan? Look no further than フォトスタジオ エアライツ! With an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and 141 glowing reviews, this studio is highly recommended by satisfied customers.

One customer had a fantastic experience while taking a snapshot for announcer job hunting. The cameraman's kind and friendly demeanor, along with their professional and attentive service, made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. The studio's bright atmosphere made shooting a breeze, and the customer appreciated the clear and easy-to-understand guidance provided.

Another customer praised the reliable technology and comfort offered by フォトスタジオ エアライツ. They were thoroughly satisfied with their announcer job hunting photo, thanks to the expertise and consultative approach of the staff. The professional demeanor of both the cameraman and the hair and makeup team left a lasting impression.

Customers also appreciated the personal touch provided by the studio. Even during inclement weather, the staff took the initiative to inquire about train schedules, ensuring a smooth reservation process. The studio's ability to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere, along with their creative suggestions for poses, helped customers feel confident and look their best.

Moreover, one customer admitted that after multiple failed attempts at other studios, they were finally able to achieve the desired results at フォトスタジオ エアライツ. The cameraman's cheerful personality and expertise in bringing out natural expressions made the shoot immensely enjoyable. The customer expressed their gratitude, stating that the studio had restored their lost confidence.

Overall, フォトスタジオ エアライツ is a headshots studio that provides exceptional customer service, reliable technology, and a comfortable environment. Their ability to bring out natural expressions and create stunning results has left customers satisfied and impressed. Whether you are an aspiring announcer or simply looking for professional job hunting photos, this studio is a perfect choice. Visit their address at 2-chōme-17-7 Shinyokohama, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 222-



I was able to take a snapshot of the announcer job hunting. The cameraman was a very kind person, and I was able to spend my time with peace of mind from beginning to end with his bright personality and gentle and polite correspondence. I was able to shoot in a bright atmosphere all the time, so it was very easy to do. I was very grateful for the kind and easy-to-understand instructions I received when taking pictures and giving advice on choosing photos. The studio was beautiful, and I was very happy that all the finished photos were taken beautifully! I would like to use it again if there is another opportunity.



A photo studio with reliable technology and comfort

Thank you for your help with the announcer job hunting photo.
I am very satisfied with word of mouth and HP.

I couldn't decide on the clothes, shoes, background color, etc., but she kindly consulted me.
He had a good personality, and I was able to challenge the shooting with confidence.

From beginning to end, we will bring out a natural smile with a fun story.
Just as I wanted, he took a photo with a warm atmosphere that exudes personality.
With an exquisite balance of smiles and elegance that cannot be taken anywhere else,

From dozens of photos, we will narrow down the photos with the atmosphere you want to fascinate while consulting.
Thanks to you, I was able to choose one that I was satisfied with.

I also asked him to correct the skin so that it would not look unnatural.
You can choose the degree of correction through a questionnaire before shooting or verbally.
Even small orders were handled immediately on the spot, and the finished product exceeded my expectations.

This time, due to the season and the weather, we had to shoot in the studio, but it seems that we can also shoot on location.
In addition, I was able to add hair makeup as an option, and I was able to make it beautiful with natural makeup.

Access from the station is also good.
It took me nearly three hours from home, but I'm really glad I came.
In addition, I would like you to take a picture in case of something.
thank you very much.


Both announcer job hunting and general job hunting were taken.

Both the camera and hair and makeup are polite and professional! I'm very satisfied with the finish...!
Overall it was very good, so I wrote what I think is even more wonderful, so please refer to it if you like.

① Reservation stage
It happened to be a heavy snow day, so I was very grateful for the phone call to ask if my train would be delayed. In addition, the correspondence on the phone was polite and easy to understand, and he answered detailed questions such as what to bring and clothes on the day.

②Hair and makeup
Originally I wasn't planning on adding this option, but I'm so glad I did!
In particular, I tend to wear flashy makeup, so I wasn't sure if I could do neat makeup for the announcers.
I was able to draw out the charm that I couldn't draw out by myself! It will cost a little more money, but I don't think you will regret it at all, so I recommend it!

③ Before shooting
It was very helpful to ask me in advance about the best angle for photos and to give me advice on choosing clothes...! (We brought 2 to 3 candidates for choosing clothes, and they were selected)

④ Shooting
We had a lot of conversations so that we could relax and take pictures! The cameraman's calm personality and way of speaking made it fun from start to finish!
I didn't have to worry because I was able to teach posing carefully!

⑤ After shooting
You have made very careful corrections, and the already wonderful photos have become even more beautiful.
I was really impressed with the high level of technology that made all the necessary corrections while keeping my original goodness! (It is very helpful because you can ask us in advance how much you want us to modify.)

Compared to other companies, it was not only high technology but also very polite and close to each other!
If there is an opportunity to shoot again in the future, I would like to ask you first.
I'm really thankful to you!



The cameraman created an atmosphere to bring out a natural expression, and suggested poses that would make me look more beautiful. It was a great shoot.
The finished product was much better than I expected, and I felt that this is a studio that brings out the best in me.
thank you very much.



After working at other studios, it was the third reshoot, but I was so satisfied that five stars wasn't enough.
Until now, I was often warned that my facial expressions and poses were stiff, and as a result I lost confidence and often ended up with an awkward smile.
However, Air Lights brightens up the scene and makes shooting fun with the cheerful personality of the cameraman and the ability to talk easily even when meeting for the first time. Nothing was said to discourage or discourage. As a result, she brought out a natural smile and maximized her charm. The finish makes me think that portrait photography can change so much depending on the photographer.
Also, when I made a reservation by phone, he kindly consulted me about any unclear points.
It was a wonderful studio that I would like to ask for if I have the opportunity to shoot again.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'フォトスタジオプリンセス恵比寿'

#6 フォトスタジオプリンセス恵比寿



Located in Tokyo, Japan, フォトスタジオプリンセス恵比寿 (Princess Ebisu Photo Studio) is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has garnered a stellar reputation among its clients. Boasting an impressive rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, based on 130 reviews, this studio promises a top-notch experience for all its visitors.

Clients are consistently impressed by the studio's dedication to providing excellent service. From the moment they step through the doors, they are greeted with warmth and professionalism. The staff at フォトスタジオプリンセス恵比寿 is praised for their expertise in hair and makeup, as well as the art of dressing. They go above and beyond to ensure that customers feel comfortable throughout the entire shooting process.

The studio is particularly popular for special occasions such as coming-of-age ceremonies and birthdays. Customers laud the team's ability to capture genuine smiles and create a fun atmosphere during the shoot. Even those who are not fond of being photographed mention that the photographers at フォトスタジオプリンセス恵比寿 excel at suggesting various poses and bringing out the best in each client.

Whether it's for a pre-wedding shoot, a family photo session, or a solo wedding photo shoot, this studio excels in delivering exceptional results. Clients appreciate the convenience of receiving their photos on the spot, thanks to the availability of data. With its convenient location at MOビル 3F, 3-chōme−14−15 Higashi, Shibuya City, フォトスタジオプリンセス恵比寿 is a favorite choice for those seeking professional headshots in Tokyo.



Thank you for taking care of me before the coming-of-age ceremony!
From hair and make-up to dressing, they were really nice, and during the shooting, they were very considerate so that I could relax.
I would like to take care of my younger brother too! It was a wonderful shop! thank you very much.



To commemorate my son's 20th birthday, I wore a hakama before taking a picture of the children.
Birthday celebration, family photo and full course? I asked for it. The people in charge were very pleasant, and I am really grateful to the camera person who took a picture of my son's smile, who is not good at being photographed. Thank you very much for listening to a lot of unreasonable things. I received the album today. I was impressed by the quality of the result and immediately decorated it! I searched a lot of places that would do a pre-shoot for a boy's coming-of-age ceremony, but I'm really glad I did it at Studio Princess Ebisu. I am very happy that the important anniversary remains in a very good form! It was good to have data on USB.



Thank you for your help with the shichi-Go-San shoot. I am a short-haired girl, but I had both sides braided and it was finished very nicely. As for the shooting, I am very satisfied because I am good at creating a fun atmosphere and can take pictures of natural smiles! thank you very much!



I used it for a pre-wedding shoot. I'm happy to be able to get the data on the spot! !
The friendly staff talked to me not only during the shoot, but also during the make-up and costume changes, and I was able to have a good time from the beginning to the end.
P.S. Makeup-san, I'm sorry I left almost everything to you...lol
Thank you for making my hair beautiful! !

M Ikumi


I used it for a solo wedding photo shoot.
I was worried about the atmosphere until I went because it was a solo, but all the staff were very kind and gentle, and I was able to use it comfortably from beginning to end.

In particular, the photographer suggested various poses and was good at bringing out smiles, and took many wonderful pictures.
Thank you very much.

Photo of the Headshots Studio '【たのしい写真館 / TANOSHII PHOTO STUDIO】小林大輔写真事務所'

#7 【たのしい写真館 / TANOSHII PHOTO STUDIO】小林大輔写真事務所



Welcome to 【たのしい写真館 / TANOSHII PHOTO STUDIO】, the premier headshots studio located at 5-chōme−11−6 代々木コンド 1F, Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan. With our outstanding reputation and a stellar rating of 5/5 stars from 103 reviews, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional photography experience.

At TANOSHII PHOTO STUDIO, we specialize in capturing the essence of your precious moments, ensuring that your photos are not just pictures but beautiful memories to be cherished forever. Whether you are celebrating a one-year-old's special day or gathering your entire family for a heartwarming Christmas session, our talented photographer, 小林大輔写真事務所, will create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Our studio is known for its delightful and fun-filled atmosphere, where clients effortlessly feel at ease. Our satisfied customers have expressed their joy in the reviews, highlighting their smooth experience and the exceptional quality of their photos. They have commended us for delivering exactly what they had hoped for, with pictures that were stunning, incredible, and beautiful.

Whether you are looking for a memorable family photoshoot or captivating headshots, TANOSHII PHOTO STUDIO guarantees an amazing experience and breathtaking results. Don't miss the chance to create everlasting memories with us. Visit our studio today and let us capture your moments of joy, love, and laughter. We come highly recommended!

Ryoji Takahashi


Had a family photo session (1 hour) with 5 members for one year old celebration for our kid.

Everything went smooth with full of delightful atmosphere, and then the photos come out as we had hoped for at the end.

Logan Weir


I brought 7 family members (including a 1 1/2 year old) to this studio, and it was an absolutely delightful experience! We had lots of fun and the pictures came out incredible. Highly recommended for stunning photos.

Constanza Cortes


Had a family session for Christmas, we had the best time, and AMAZING pictures! Thank you!!

isabel cortes


Amazing experience! Very fun and photos came out beautifully!

Bojanic Cortes


Great experience taking family pictures for Christmas. Recommended!!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'AL’AISE'




Looking for a photography studio in Tokyo that captures the essence of your special moments? Look no further than AL’AISE, the headshots studio that has earned an impressive 4.8/5 stars based on 81 glowing reviews. Located at 4-chōme−19−20 AL'AISE bldg 2階, in Shibuya City's vibrant Ebisu neighborhood, AL’AISE is renowned for creating exceptional photographs that leave customers beaming with joy.

What sets AL’AISE apart is their exceptional staff who goes above and beyond to make every photoshoot a memorable experience. Families especially rave about their kindness and ability to engage children, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable environment. A delighted customer expressed, My family and I are very happy with the photos we take. The staff are very kind and the children always enjoy taking pictures. AL’AISE understands that milestones are important and aims to capture them perfectly.

AL’AISE is renowned for their expertise in various events, including Halloween theme parties. A satisfied customer shared, It was taken at the Halloween event! I disguised myself as my son's favorite Snoopy, so I thought it would turn out cute, but the finished picture was a cool horror! I had my favorite photographer take pictures again. Thank you for the wonderful photos!

Whether it's a milestone, a cherished memory, or a professional headshot, AL’AISE guarantees exceptional results. Their professional photographers excel at capturing the perfect moment, showcasing their talents and creating stunning images. Discover why AL’AISE is the studio of choice for discerning customers seeking remarkable photography experiences. Book your photoshoot today and witness the magic firsthand!



My family and I are very happy with the photos we take.
The staff are very kind and the children always enjoy taking pictures.
From now on, I would like to continue shooting here at milestones.



I was able to take a picture of my daughter who just turned 2 years old! I was nervous because I was shy about the place, but they calmed me down with toys and other things! We are always happy to participate in various events. I would like to continue using it!



Thank you for taking care of my son's kindergarten entrance exam photos.
I went to another photo studio a while ago to take a picture, but my son was in a bad mood and my younger daughter was crying, so I couldn't take a decent family photo. I was saddened by the cold response of the photo studio (they looked reluctant to retake the photo...) and the tone of my voice, so I went home depressed with my family. .
I thought it might be difficult for our family to take family photos, so I went to Alleys because it was a no-go, but I was impressed by the staff's professionalism and sincerity.
The photographer (the person in charge was a man) was very good at capturing the hearts and minds of children.
The care and support of the staff who assisted me was wonderful. Even the staff who were not involved in the filming talked to the children and played with them during the waiting time after the filming.
I am filled with gratitude.
My son also seemed to enjoy it, saying, It was fun. I want to go to the photo shop again!

Kumiko Sugawara


It was taken at the HalloWeen event!
I disguised myself as my son's favorite Snoopy, so I thought it would turn out cute, but the finished picture was a cool horror! ︎

I had my favorite photographer take pictures again.
Thank you for the wonderful photos!



Thank you for helping me with my child's Halloween photo shoot!
At first, the child was nervous, but before he knew it, he smiled, laughed, and brought out a wonderful expression that even I, the parent, had never seen before. As expected of a professional! In the end, there were too many good photos, so it was difficult to select, but the cameraman kindly consulted me, and the staff took care of me, so I was able to spend a comfortable and enjoyable time from beginning to end. I highly recommend this shop! ! Thank you again! !

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'SCENE hair&photo 読売ランド前'

#9 SCENE hair&photo 読売ランド前



Welcome to SCENE hair&photo 読売ランド前, a headshots studio located in the heart of Kanagawa, Japan. Situated at 〒214-0037 Kanagawa, Kawasaki, Tama Ward, Nishiikuta, 3-chōme−9−27 ランド 駅前 ビル 2f, our studio has garnered a stellar reputation, boasting an impressive 4.8/5 stars based on 74 glowing reviews.

Step into our studio, and you'll immediately feel the warm and inviting atmosphere created by our friendly staff. Our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the feedback we receive. Clients praise our team's kind and thoughtful nature, noting that they felt well taken care of during their visit. From the moment you step through our doors, you can expect nothing but the utmost professionalism and courtesy.

Our services extend beyond just photography. We also offer hair and makeup services, ensuring that you look and feel your absolute best for your photoshoot. Our skilled beauticians create stunning looks that are tailored to your personal style and preferences, leaving you feeling pampered and satisfied.

In addition to our exceptional staff, our studio is conveniently situated near Yomiuriland-mae station, making it easily accessible for everyone. We offer a variety of shooting plans, including options that include retouched data, allowing you to have the most memorable and high-quality photos.

Whether you're looking to capture special moments like Shichi-Go-San, coming-of-age ceremonies, or simply want to update your professional headshots, SCENE hair&photo 読売ランド前 is your go-to destination. Join our satisfied customers and experience the joy and satisfaction of creating beautiful memories with us. Visit us today and let us capture your precious moments with our expertise and passion.



I asked my daughter to dress up in Shichi-Go-San, set her hair, and take a picture.
It was my first visit to the store, but the atmosphere of the people who took care of me was good, and the correspondence was very polite and bright, and it was very good.
It was fun to shoot, and the finished pictures were all very nice pictures!
Thank you for the wonderful photos, the wonderful space, and the wonderful time we had.

n flower


I am a photo studio user. The location is easy to understand as it is close to Yomiuriland-mae station. The photographer is a gentle and kind woman, and the children were very relaxed and had a great time during the shoot! ! The shooting plan where you can get retouched data is easy and good. The shooting progressed in a calm atmosphere that didn't force the children, and that's why they brought out their natural smiles ^_^ This photo studio is recommended for those who want to take pictures in a simple and natural atmosphere ^_^ ^



I got a cut and color!
It was a very comfortable shop with a very good atmosphere and all the beauticians were very friendly people!
Counseling was also polite and easy to understand and I was entrusted with peace of mind!
I am very satisfied♪

sayako m


I had a pre-shoot for my daughter's coming-of-age ceremony.
It seems that the kimono and hair and makeup were good, and the shooting was very enjoyable and relaxing.
I was very surprised to get all the photo data for this price.
The photo book is not finished yet, but looking at the data of the photos you sent, I'm looking forward to the finished product.



I've been there several times and it's a pretty good hair salon.
You can have a pleasant conversation with each person politely.
I was very happy with my hair color and cut.
my mother admired

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Casablanca Studio'

#10 Casablanca Studio



Casablanca Studio, located in Yokohama, Tsuzuki Ward, Japan, is a renowned headshots studio attached to the second floor of the Champ Camera Minamikōhoku NT shop. With a rating of 4.1/5 stars based on 49 reviews, this studio has gained the trust and loyalty of its customers.

The studio offers a wide variety of kimonos and hakama for rental, allowing customers to choose from many different options for their photo shoot. Customers have praised the extensive selection, giving their children a delightful experience during events like elementary school graduation hakama rentals and Shichigosan.

One of the standout features of Casablanca Studio is its spacious rooms with natural light and large LED lighting, enabling photoshoots regardless of weather or time. Customers have appreciated the flexibility and convenience provided by the studio's resources and professional staff. The female staff has received special mentions for their kindness and excellent service.

In addition to a memorable shoot experience, Casablanca Studio offers a repair service and advanced confirmation of kimono rentals, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable customer journey.

Whether it's a special occasion like a birthday celebration or capturing cherished moments with friends, Casablanca Studio is dedicated to providing an exceptional photoshoot experience with their attention to detail, extensive wardrobe options, and friendly staff.



I used it for my daughter's elementary school graduation hakama rental & dressing hair makeup set. My daughter was overjoyed at the wide variety of kimonos and hakama, and tried on many different tops and bottoms to choose from. The staff was kind and courteous, and everything from booking, fitting, and pre-shooting was a pleasant experience. By the way, I visited before the summer vacation of elementary school 6, but there was a feeling that I was late. It seemed like more than half of the costumes had been reserved, but there were still many more. On the day of the graduation ceremony, I gave up on getting my hair done at 2:00 a.m., so I just put on the kimono.



It is a studio attached to the second floor of a camera shop. The female staff kindly responded. The studio has two rooms with natural light and large LED lighting, so it was possible to shoot regardless of the weather or time. There are plenty of kimonos and it seems that you can also do dressing. The attached large parking lot was also attractive.

Nonsuke Maaz


I used it for my 7-year-old child's Shichigosan.
Thank you very much for all your help from the advance confirmation of the kimono rental.
I would be happy if there were a little more cuts in the actual shooting, but I'm glad that they were able to respond while being considerate of various things.
The children's hair set was also flexible. ,



I'm glad that I was able to take a lot of pictures until I was able to take a picture that I liked, and I was able to get a good picture. He gave me a repair service.
Since it was a weekday, he showed me to the studio without waiting.
I liked the female staff.



When I saw a photo shoot in a red dress on my 60th birthday posted on Instagram, I thought it was wonderful.. I decided to invite a friend from junior high school to take a photo, and asked Casablanca if the red dress was ready. I contacted other photo studios, but many of them had one but not two, so I returned to Casablanca. Looking for a dress.. I divided it into two weeks and took pictures.
Mr. Casablanca has taken care of his daughters and grandchildren many times, but it was the first time for him to shoot himself, so I was nervous, but I was able to leave a wonderful picture.
Thank you very much.

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