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Welcome to Málaga, Spain! This vibrant city offers a perfect backdrop for professional portraits. Whether you're looking for male or female headshots, professional corporate headshots, or even LinkedIn headshots, Málaga's headshot photography studios have got you covered. With a range of talented photographers, you can find cheap headshots or opt for the best quality. BetterPic provides a comprehensive list of local businesses, including our AI-generated headshots service, so you can easily compare and choose the perfect option for your needs. Please note that BetterPic is not associated with any specific studio.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Malaga Baby Photography'

#1 Malaga Baby Photography



Looking for a top-notch photography studio to capture the precious moments of your little one? Look no further than Malaga Baby Photography, located at C. Martínez de la Rosa, 85, in the vibrant city of Málaga, Spain. With an outstanding rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 251 reviews, this studio is highly regarded by satisfied clients.

Customers rave about the personalized and welcoming experience provided by the talented team at Malaga Baby Photography. One client expressed, They are great and my baby felt like they are part of the family, thank you all for the wonderful session ❤. Another commended their fantastic work with children, stating, Highly recommend for photo shoots, fantastic work and amazing with the children.

What sets Malaga Baby Photography apart is their attention to detail and dedication to perfection. Clients have remarked on the spectacular treatment and the abundance of time and love given to each little one. One reviewer enthused, They take care of all the details and, of course, they dedicate a lot of time and love to your little one so that everything is perfect. Great professionals and people!

Moreover, the studio's commitment to exceptional customer service shines through in each interaction. Customers have found the staff to be wonderful, exquisite, and excellent in their treatment. As a result, they gladly recommend Malaga Baby Photography for a truly enjoyable experience. One happy client shared, I have recommended it and they were also delighted.

Malaga Baby Photography is more than just a studio; they become an integral part of your family's journey. With a wide range of photography options, from pregnancy to newborn, monthly monitoring, special occasions like Christmas and baptisms, and even smash cake sessions, rest assured that your desires and ideas will be cherished and embraced.

By choosing Malaga Baby Photography, you are guaranteed unbeatable care for your baby, infused with love and patience. With countless decoration options and a willingness to accommodate any change or idea you

esraa mohamed labib


They are great and my baby felt like they are part of the family ,thank you all for the wonderful session ❤

Rachael Corish


Highly recommend for photo shoots, fantastic work and amazing with the children.

Blanca San Juan


Photos and spectacular treatment! I recommend them 100%, they take care of all the details and, of course, they dedicate a lot of time and love to your little one so that everything is perfect. Great professionals and people!

Marina Valverde Martín


Wonderful people, exquisite and excellent treatment. Totally recommended to enjoy the experience with them. I have recommended it and they were also delighted.

Laura Trani


They are the best!! We have done all the reports with them since pregnancy, newborn, monitoring every month, Christmas, baptism and smash cake when she turned one year old and we cannot be more delighted with the treatment, it is clear that we have all done it with they! Unbeatable care for the baby, with love and patience, many decoration options, always open to any change or idea that you want to do, completion of the work in a very short time. Thank you very much for being so special!!!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Enfoqueimagen'

#2 Enfoqueimagen



Enfoqueimagen, located at C. Navarro Ledesma, 141, in Málaga, Spain, is a headshots studio that has been highly praised by its customers. With an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 204 reviews, Enfoqueimagen has established itself as a trusted and reputable establishment in the local area.

Customers have raved about the exceptional service they received at Enfoqueimagen. Whether they required photos for official documents or personal use, the studio provided a quick and efficient experience, with the entire process taking approximately 15 minutes. Moreover, customers had the luxury of waiting inside the studio on a comfortable sofa, enjoying pleasant music while their photos were prepared.

The attention to detail and quality of work at Enfoqueimagen is consistently mentioned in the reviews. Customers have commended the studio for their expertise in capturing high-quality, professional photos. The staff's professionalism and dedication to producing top-notch results have made Enfoqueimagen a go-to photo studio in Malaga.

Enfoqueimagen also specializes in newborn photography, providing a calming and comfortable experience for both babies and parents. The photographer, Laura, showcases a unique combination of skill, patience, sweetness, and tenderness, resulting in stunning photographs. The studio's ability to create a tranquil environment ensures unforgettable memories are captured.

Not only is Enfoqueimagen highly regarded for its exceptional service, but it also offers competitive pricing. Customers appreciate the affordable rates for their services and products. Additionally, for a small additional fee, clients can receive a digital copy of their photos.

Overall, Enfoqueimagen is a reputable headshots studio that has earned the trust and loyalty of its customers. With their commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, it is clear why Enfoqueimagen is highly recommended by those who have experienced their services.

Raman Yelianevich


I took photos for documents for my wife and myself. It took about 15 minutes to prepare the photos and it was possible to wait inside on the comfortable sofa while listening for pleasant music. Photos where nicely cut and the photographer put them in a stylish envelope. Highly recommend the place!

Lars Oterhals


Our go-to foto studio in Malaga. Professional staff and the fotos always in top quality.

Maria LG


We have done a report on our newborn son and we have been delighted with both the results and the treatment! Laura has a hand, a patience, a sweetness and a tenderness... that makes both the baby and the parents feel calm and comfortable at all times. 100% recommended

Raúl Fernández


Very kind! I went to take a photo for my license, they told me that without any problem we could repeat the photo as many times as I wanted until we had the one I really like.

Adequate price for the service and the product, and for only €1 more they give you the digital photo if you want it.

Teresa Guijarro


Great treatment for babies and their families! It's a joy to watch them work. And the result, fantastic.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks for everything

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Beatriz del Campo Fotógrafa'

#3 Beatriz del Campo Fotógrafa



Beatriz del Campo Fotógrafa, located at C. Nardos, 6, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain, is an exceptional headshots studio that has garnered a stellar reputation among its clients. With an impressive 5/5 star rating based on 106 reviews, this studio is highly recommended by its satisfied customers.

One of the standout qualities of Beatriz del Campo Fotógrafa is their impeccable skill in working with children and babies. Countless clients have expressed their awe at Beatriz's ability to capture beautiful moments with their little ones, showcasing her abundance of patience and talent. Moreover, she offers a delightful selection of props and holiday-themed photo shoots, ensuring a unique and enchanting experience for her clients.

What sets Beatriz del Campo Fotógrafa apart is her dedication to cater to her clients' needs and desires. One reviewer mentioned how Beatriz effortlessly incorporated their beloved dog into a family session, demonstrating her adaptability and attention to detail. Prior to the session, she takes the time to talk with clients, understanding their preferences and expectations, resulting in truly personalized and heartfelt photographs.

Aside from family sessions, this studio also offers exceptional services for newborns, pregnancy, and baby books. Even those who claim to not enjoy photography have been captivated by the work done at Beatriz del Campo Fotógrafa. Clients have been blown away by the quality of work, the incredible attention to detail, and the ability to capture the essence and tenderness of a moment.

Beatriz del Campo Fotógrafa is undeniably a true artist in the field of photography. With a keen eye for light, stunning decorations, and the ability to capture genuine emotions, Beatriz creates photographs that leave a lasting impression. If you are in Fuengirola, Málaga, and in need of a professional and talented headshots studio, Beatriz del Campo Fotógrafa is the place to go.

julia b


I can not recommend Beatriz enough! She is the only photographer I will pick for my family. We drive over an hour to see her and it’s definitely worth it! She is amazing with kids and babies. She has a lot of patience and tries her best to get the most amazing photos for you and your family. She also has amazing props and holiday themed photo shoots. She is also very reasonably priced!
Her photos are something you will treasure for a lifetime, she will capture the most perfect moments of your family.

raquel del campo


Any Picture is worth more than thousand of words

María Ruiz


I have done the session for my newborn son with Beatriz and it could not have been more wonderful (her and the result).
Beatriz has adapted to all our needs, which were not easy because she wanted my dog ​​to appear in the family session. Before the session, talk to you to prepare it and get to know yourself a bit to know what you are looking for. During the session you notice -and it infects you- the love she puts into her work, the hand she has for the babies (which is impressive and essential to be able to do a session like this). And I loved the peace and quiet, not feeling rushed. For me that was very important because he is a baby and has many needs -like eating- that are unpredictable. Then in the selection of photos it also adapts to the comments you can make. The result has been a precious memory of those days that go by so quickly.
Thank you Beatriz for making us feel so comfortable, for your dedication and patience, and for letting us include Robin.

Jess Bj


I didn't know anything about this, I saw that they made a book about their babies or in their state of pregnancy and although I am a person who doesn't like photography at all, I wanted to have a memory of something so important in my life... My brother went there and he spoke wonders to me... I have to say that he fell short... I no longer speak on a professional level, which is... all his work, the delicacy with which he treats you and your baby, his sensitivity and a long etc that I would not have pages to write... I just want to thank you for HEALING ME and she knows very well what I am talking about... so that you understand me I did not have the pleasure of being able to do the pregnancy session that I had scheduled because my baby wanted to come and I wanted to have a pregnant photo... thanks to her I have it and every time I see it tears of happiness fall down my face... what if I recommend it? I think it's more than clear. Thank you and thank you a thousand times ❤😘 you are wonderful and of course our little Angel already has his private photograph 🤗

José Antonio García - Márquez Martínez


I have seen, or rather I have enjoyed, the photographic report that Beatriz has made of my grandson Leo. A true genius. Due to its light, original decoration, close-ups, smiles, ability to capture glances... a true artist of photography. One captures the tenderness with which he knows how to win over a child of such a young age. Otherwise it would be impossible for a photo to transmit so much. From gratitude and admiration, congratulations!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Michal Carbol Photography / Photo & Video'

#4 Michal Carbol Photography / Photo & Video



Looking for an exceptional headshots studio in Nerja, Málaga? Look no further than Michal Carbol Photography / Photo & Video. With a stunning rating of 5/5 stars based on 80 glowing reviews, this studio is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Michal Carbol, the talented photographer behind the lens, has gained a reputation not only for his artistic talent but also for his friendly and approachable demeanor. Clients consistently praise his ability to make them feel comfortable, resulting in stunning shots that capture their true essence.

What sets Michal Carbol Photography apart is the unique and magnificent settings he chooses for his shoots. Whether it's the stunning Torre de Maro or the picturesque Alcazaba Premium Hotel in Málaga, Michal knows how to create a backdrop that enhances the beauty of his subjects.

Beyond his exceptional skills, Michal is also praised for his professionalism and excellent service. From providing helpful advice and suggestions during the shoot to delivering beautiful and high-quality images, he goes above and beyond to ensure his clients' satisfaction.

Whether you're planning a small wedding in Spain or simply looking to update your headshots, Michal Carbol Photography / Photo & Video is the studio to trust. With his enthusiasm and expertise, Michal will capture your best angles and create lasting memories. Book your session today and experience the difference of working with a true photography expert.

Ruth Robinson Greene


Myself and my sister recently had a photo shoot with Michal at the Torre de Maro. Not only is he an excellent photographer but an all round great guy! He made us feel super comfortable and even made us look quite good in the photos 😉 he is so much fun to be around and the settings which he chooses to shoot in are really magnificent. We enjoyed our time with him and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for some top quality photos/memories as well as a fun experience! Thank you Michal, we love you! 🤩😍

David Groves


I was planning a small wedding in Spain and wanted to hire a photographer and videographer, but I didn’t have time to fly there first and meet him personally, which made me nervous. I checked him out and he looked legit so I just closed my eyes and sent the deposit. He delivered beautifully with his high artistic talent and dealt fairly and honestly at every point. He knows thoroughly both the artistic and technical aspects of his craft, and now, we have gorgeous photos that will last forever. Thank you wholeheartedly, Michal!

Marcia Bravo


I recently had the pleasure of working with Michal Carbol photographer at a vow renewal in Málaga capital at the Alcazaba Premium Hotel. Although it was the first time that I had worked with Michal from the outset I found him to be professional and approachable. Michal´s input before the ceremony and during as he smoothly supported myself and the couple to ensure that the best moments of their ceremony were captured was invaluable. I feel like I have known him for much longer and look forward to our continued celebrant partnership at future weddings here in Spain.

Gemil Jimenez


Very pleasant to work with. It was our first photoshoot and it worked out pretty well - he gives good advices and suggestions of what needed to do. Excellent service as well, pretty straight forward. Overall, we had a great time and we would recommend Michal for his enthusiasm and professionalism.

Lina Buchbinder


Michal is the best photographer I have ever met! My husband and I were having a wedding photoshooting with him and he made the best of it! He sacrificed a lot of his time for us, was patient and very professional. He had always a good posing-tip and took us to very nice places for our pictures. The communication was very relaxed and friendly, as if we had known him for a long time already. He even sent our photo-book and poster to us (abroad) without an extra charge…and the pictures are amazing.
Good luck, dear Michal! Keep making people happy with your work! L&A

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'La Kámara de mamá'

#5 La Kámara de mamá



La Kámara de mamá, located at Av. de Molière, 42, Bajo 1B, in Málaga, Spain, is a renowned headshots studio that has consistently impressed its clients. With an outstanding rating of 5 stars from 61 reviews, it is evident that this studio provides exceptional services and facilities.

The studio boasts a fully equipped space that caters to all photography needs. Noteworthy features include a cyclorama, colored paper backgrounds, 3 light sources, softboxes, a large octobox, beauty dish, reflectors, tripods, a makeup table, a spacious portable mirror, various chairs, and a stylish armchair. This extensive range of equipment ensures that photographers have the necessary tools to capture stunning headshots.

Aside from the top-notch facilities, the owner of La Kámara de mamá adds a personal touch to the studio experience. Described as super friendly and always ready to assist, the owner's warmth and helpfulness contribute to the studio's welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, the pricing policy stands out as it eliminates any worries about remaining minutes, making it convenient for photographers to focus on their work.

Clients' testimonials speak volumes about the impressive quality of service provided by La Kámara de mamá. Words like phenomenal, professionalism, and expertise demonstrate the high level of satisfaction experienced by individuals who have visited the studio. The exceptional service and great price have led numerous photographers to highly recommend this studio for their rental needs.

What sets La Kámara de mamá apart is their attention to detail. Thoughtful gestures such as providing bottles of water and coffee to clients during their sessions make a significant impact. These small but significant touches are greatly appreciated and contribute to an overall positive studio experience.

For photographers in Málaga seeking a top-tier headshots studio, La Kámara de mamá undoubtedly stands out. With its well-equipped space, friendly owner, unbeatable pricing policy, and excellent customer service,

Peter Smolovich


The studio is well equipped. In addition to the cyclorama, there are colored paper backgrounds, 3 light sources, softboxes, a very large octobox, beauty dish, reflectors and tripods, a makeup table, large portable mirror, several types of chairs and a stylish armchair.
The owner is super friendly and always ready to help. Very cool pricing policy, no need to think about the remaining minutes. Recommended to all photographers!

Polery Gn


I recently had the pleasure of visiting this phenomenal photo studio and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. The professionalism and expertise displayed by the team at this studio are truly commendable.

Five stars all the way!

Nicole Upton


Amazing service, great price. Highly recommend renting this studio to any photographer. I’ll be using frequently!

Omar Khairy


Great service and amazing photographer



Yesterday we were in the studio all morning and I certainly think I would do it again. What I liked the most was the detail of leaving us some bottles of water and coffee, the truth is that I really appreciate it because I really needed a coffee and after so many hours of work, a little water does not hurt. It's details that make the difference.
On the other hand, the treatment of the owner (I don't remember his name) was great, very pleasant and flexible.
The space is large, for as many hours as we did yesterday, it is appreciated.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Natalia Bianchimano Fotografía®'

#6 Natalia Bianchimano Fotografía®



Looking for a headshot studio that captures the essence of who you are? Look no further than Natalia Bianchimano Fotografía® situated at Av. Jane Bowles, 19, in Málaga, Spain. This studio has been praised by its clients, receiving a perfect 5/5 star rating from 41 reviews.

Natalia Bianchimano, the mastermind behind this studio, is a true visionary when it comes to photography. Clients have described her as being passionate about her work and having a special ability to bring out the most endearing side of each individual. Her natural and charming approach to photography creates timeless maternity photos that will be cherished forever.

Not only does Natalia excel at capturing those intimate moments, but she also has a knack for documenting special occasions. Clients have raved about her ability to capture the genuine laughter, surprise, and love shared between family members during events like communion ceremonies. Her dedication to delivering exceptional results is evident in the beautiful memories she creates.

Natalia Bianchimano Fotografía® is the go-to studio for capturing life's precious moments. Whether it's capturing the anticipation of pregnancy or the joy of holding your baby in your arms, Natalia's expertise shines through in her work. Each session with Natalia is a unique and individualized experience, filled with love, dedication, and passion. Don't hesitate to book an appointment with this amazing studio, as they come highly recommended by countless satisfied clients.

Alejandro tdw


He is 'passion for his work' personified. I hope he never gives up and keeps fighting to go far because he can get where he wants to go. Close, friendly, nice... and I'm short. She has a very special vision for photography and knows, like few others, how to bring out the most endearing side of each person. Highly recommended!!!

Ana Belén Pabón Dueñas


Maternity photos that we will cherish forever. Thank you Natalia for your great work.
In addition to making us have a good time, the result is excellent. Great professional 📷🤰🔝

Vanesa Perez


Natalia has been in charge of capturing the best moments of my daughter's communion to remember... and she has succeeded.
I love natural, spontaneous photos, when you don't realize it and are caught laughing with a friend, the surprised face at a long-awaited gift, the complicit look of granddaughter and grandmother or the spontaneous kiss of a relative, among others.
Great job ♥️ Thank you

Laura Sánchez Fortes


A great find. A wonderful person and a great professional who has helped us immortalize the most beautiful part of our lives, our baby in our tummy and then in our arms. Thank you very much Natalia for everything!!! We recommend it 100%. If there is another, we will repeat 😍

Denise Perdomo


A unique experience!!!
With her you can definitely capture the best moments, because everything she does is done with a lot of love, dedication and passion. Thank you very much dear Natalia for your patience and dedication to us and our little girl.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Inbal Photography Marbella & Malaga - Fotografía en Costa Del Sol'

#7 Inbal Photography Marbella & Malaga - Fotografía en Costa Del Sol



Welcome to Inbal Photography Marbella & Malaga - Fotografía en Costa Del Sol, the premier headshots studio located at Av. Acapulco, 17, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain. With an impeccable rating of 5/5 stars based on 25 glowing reviews, it's clear that our clients have had remarkable experiences with us.

At our studio, we believe that capturing special moments should be a relaxed and enjoyable experience for the whole family. One satisfied customer shared that they had a wonderful and stress-free photoshoot, feeling completely at ease throughout the session. The end result was a stunning photo book that they can cherish forever.

Another client expressed their delight in celebrating their 30th anniversary with a photoshoot by Inbal Dahan. They were captivated by the beautiful backgrounds and the enjoyable and memorable experience. The photos perfectly encapsulated their special bond.

Our talented photographer, Inbal Hillel, has received praise for her exceptional work and the way she effortlessly captures the essence of a person or event. She has been described as caring, sensitive, and quick to understand and utilize lighting to create truly stunning photographs.

Inbal's unique approach shines through in her candid and spontaneous shots, capturing the souls of her subjects in a way that feels authentic and real. Her ability to capture those special, unposed moments is truly magical and sets her apart from the rest.

With Inbal Photography Marbella & Malaga, you can expect professional photography services, a positive and lovely atmosphere, and results that will leave you breathless. Whether you are looking for headshots, family portraits, or a special event, we are here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today and experience the magic of Inbal Photography Marbella & Malaga - Fotografía en Costa Del Sol.



We enjoyed a beautiful relaxing day with the family meanwhile Inbal was doing the job. We didn't feel in a photo shooting at all. And the reward is amazing, a beautiful photo book to remember this time forever.
I totally recommend!

Jill Langhus


My husband and I had the best photoshoot and gift ever with Inbal Dahan! I highly recommend her for any of your personal photoshoot needs. The photos and location (with the best backgrounds) were beautiful and it was such a fun and memorable way to share and celebrate our 30th anniversary. What an amazing way to share our special bond.

Charo van Hulst


Thanks to local community, facebook and commun friends I have met Inbal beginning of 2019. I am truly grateful she is in my life.
Besides the fact she is a true gem in photography on this coast,
she is such a positive personally and lovely person.
Inbal is professional and her pictures grab the special moments in the most valuable way.
She is truly amazing, 100% recommendable and she is specially good with kids events!! Thank you for being in my life and looking forward to seeing you soon again at my next event! YOU ROCK

Deborah Polasek


I've had the pleasure to meet Inbal Hillel and share a week-end with her without knowing first what kind of work and sensibility she has and I've been blown away. Firstly by the woman she is, so caring, sensitive to people and space, super quick in getting what's happening, the light inside and out but not only of a space but of a person. Then I saw her work and another -bom- blown away, the confirmation of the woman she is. So professional, so quick, so amazing. I'm lacking words to recommand her, she's top special class

Samantha Bayley


I’ve been at several events where Inbal is the photographer - she’s a magician with her camera!
You sometimes have no idea that the photo has been taken yet she will have captured something special & very ‘real’, something not posed for or arranged. This is so refreshing!
Her portraits capture the souls of her subjects, she sees what us ordinary folk don’t :0)

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ROSAS F-ESTUDIO'




Introducing ROSAS F-ESTUDIO, the premier headshots studio located at Av. de la Vega, 12, in the scenic town of Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga, Spain. With an exceptional 5/5 star rating based on 23 rave reviews, this studio has established itself as a beacon of excellence in the world of photography.

Clients unanimously praise ROSAS F-ESTUDIO for its fantastic treatment, high-quality work, and attention to detail. From capturing beautiful family moments to restoring old photos with precision and speed, this studio goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. Their ability to bring out the best in individuals, especially children, has been highly appreciated.

What sets ROSAS F-ESTUDIO apart is their commitment to personalization and customer satisfaction. Clients have been delighted with their attentive and friendly staff, who adapt to every need and ensure a comfortable experience. As a delightful touch, they even offer Christmas cookies during photo sessions, making it a truly memorable family experience.

The team at ROSAS F-ESTUDIO is renowned for their professionalism, thoughtfulness, and sweet demeanor. Whether it's a baptism, birthday, or Christmas celebration, they deliver impeccable works of art that become cherished memories for a lifetime.

For those seeking top-notch headshots and photography services in Alhaurín de la Torre, ROSAS F-ESTUDIO is the undeniable choice. With their exceptional talent, exquisite attention, and countless customer endorsements, success is inevitable for this remarkable studio.



Fantastic place to take photos with the family. Fabulous treatment and high quality work. We went this year to take Christmas photos and we have been delighted with the result. Recommended 100%.

Virginia vela gonzalez


Excellent work, very happy with how the restoration of the photo has turned out, fast work and the super friendly staff adapts to everything I recommend

Sandra Gomez


We really liked their work, they have done a report for my children where they have brought out the best in them, smiles, looks... very professional.

Patry Belo


Without a doubt, a success! Quality price and a very personalized service, exquisite attention and great professional, they have given us some Christmas cookies in the session, a detail that we have loved! We have felt very comfortable and it has been a very nice family experience .. and beautiful photos to remember! Many thanks!!

Cristina sánchez


I wanted to leave my words of gratitude to this photography studio, I have made my little one's baptism, birthday and Christmas, and they cannot be more professional, thoughtful, sweet in their treatment…. They deserve success. His works are impeccable, a precious memory for a lifetime.

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