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Welcome to Murcia, a city of rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. Discover the perfect backdrop for your professional portraits with our selection of talented headshot photographers. Whether you're in need of LinkedIn headshots, professional corporate headshots, or simply searching for headshots near you, our list showcases the finest studios. BetterPic, an AI-generated headshots provider, is here to help you find the best option for your needs.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Jimenez Studio Photography'

#1 Jimenez Studio Photography



Are you searching for a professional and reputable headshots studio in Murcia, Spain? Look no further than Jimenez Studio Photography on Av. Reyes Católicos, 36. This studio has earned an impressive 4.9/5-star rating based on 265 customer reviews, showcasing their excellence in the field.

Clients who have experienced Jimenez Studio Photography's services have been nothing short of thrilled with their results. Whether it's a newborn session, pregnancy and baby shoot, or capturing precious moments of your little ones, the team at Jimenez Studio Photography will provide impeccable service.

Their expertise in newborn photography is particularly noteworthy, as they possess an incredible hand with babies. Clients have raved about the warm and professional environment provided during sessions, leaving them delighted and satisfied. Furthermore, the studio's attention to detail, delicacy, and patience have been highly praised by customers, ensuring a pleasant experience for both babies and their parents.

The only aspect that some customers mentioned was a slight delay in receiving edited photos, but the exceptional quality of the final product more than compensated for the wait. Jimenez Studio Photography's dedication to delivering beautiful images and their kind professionalism have left clients eager to repeat their sessions.

For an exceptional headshot experience, visit Jimenez Studio Photography. Trust their expertise to capture your special moments with utmost care and precision.

María E H M


We went without previous references, looking for a place to do a newborn session, and we decided to make an appointment when we saw the previous work in their rss. We have left really delighted after a few hours in a warm and professional environment. They have an incredible hand with babies and just by looking at some photos on the camera screen during the session, we knew that, even without post-processing, the result was going to be worth every penny invested. We have been able to confirm this when we received the photos. Without a doubt, we recommend them and we will surely repeat the session in the future when our baby is older.

María Victoria Ortiz López


We did the pregnancy and baby session with them, we cannot be happier with their delicacy and treatment towards us but especially Martín. His session was done in two days and they did not cause problems, on the contrary, with a smile always from the staff, they gave us another day. I definitely recommend him and the result of his work is great.

Isabel Ma González


We have done the new born session with them, and we have been delighted. Perfect treatment, sweetness with the baby, and a wonderful job with some beautiful photos. We will repeat without a doubt.
The only but that I put is the delay in giving me the edited photos. When I got them the baby was already 2 months old.

Lorena Vidal


We went to take some photos of my daughter and we were great for the treatment received. At all times pending Lara with her delicacy and kind professionalism. We are delighted with the photos, to repeat without a doubt.

Carmen María Lopez


It is the second time that we have gone to do a newborn session, we repeat for the delicacy with which they treated our baby and the beautiful photos they took. On this occasion our baby did not make it easy and they had exceptional patience and treatment, we were very happy.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Camera Work Estudio'

#2 Camera Work Estudio



Are you eager to learn photography and unleash your creativity? Look no further than Camera Work Estudio, located at C. Julián Calvo, 4, 30004 Murcia, Spain. With an outstanding rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 106 reviews, this studio is a haven for photography enthusiasts.

One of the highlights of Camera Work Estudio is their exceptional photography courses. Students rave about the experience, citing it as the best photography course they have ever taken. The expert instruction provided helps students overcome any fear or hesitation about capturing the perfect shot. The courses are comprehensive, ensuring that students not only learn technical skills but also gain confidence and have fun in the process.

The studio itself is an awe-inspiring space with a retro-style decoration and vintage touches, creating a unique and inspiring setting for your creative endeavors. Equipped with top-notch photography equipment, the studio serves as a perfect environment for honing your skills.

But what truly sets Camera Work Estudio apart is its knowledgeable and dedicated instructor, Julián. Students appreciate his patience, dedication, and attention to detail, as he guides them through the intricacies of photography. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his students grasp the fundamentals and improve with each session.

If you're ready to turn your photography dreams into reality, Camera Work Estudio is the place to be. With comprehensive courses, a stunning studio, and an exceptional instructor, this studio promises to bring out the best in your photography skills. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity and join Camera Work Estudio today!

loli wagih


I have spent years trying to take a photography course that is really worth it, with which to learn and remove my fear of not taking out the camera because I do not know how to do photography and without a doubt, this course is the best I have ever taken. I feel that every week I am improving, I understand what I am doing and, above all, I am enjoying it very much... A complete course not only because of the amazing studio in which we work, but also because of the incredible teacher that Julián is, a generous professional, who He teaches with ease so that you can internalize everything and with a humor that is contagious and creates an unbeatable atmosphere in class. I definitely recommend it, and I am very clear that I will take other courses to complete my training here.



Right now I am in one of their photography courses and I can only say that I am loving it... from the content of the classes where we learn a lot, going through the studio that is amazing, super large and with a retro-style decoration and touches vintage that I love!💖...and finally I leave the best for last, The Teacher! Julián is always a peculiar person in a good way 😂 in addition to teaching, which he does great, he makes the classes very enjoyable, he often plays pranks on us, and he always has jelly beans in class for us we laugh a lot, there is a very good atmosphere . He also sends us homework each week and we all go through it together in class. All of this together makes this a great experience for me that I don't want to end!! We have few classes left!
Luckily I will repeat, I still have the lighting course!!

fabiola maria barboza garcia


When you have a dream and you finally get how to start it, it is one of the best experiences you can have and if you also add a teacher like Julián who with patience and dedication insists that you learn how to use the camera from the most basic, until you see As your photos make more and more sense and projection of what you want to do, Julián corrects you even the smallest detail that allows us to learn from our mistakes until one day we arrive at the perfect photograph !!! Thank you very much teacher !!

Paula Pérez Palao


I have done the photography course and it has fully met my expectations. We do internships from the first day and we are very lucky to be able to make use of the photography studio, which is great and complete. In addition, Julián is always willing to answer all your questions and help you in everything he can. He is undoubtedly a great professional and his study is very complete for anyone who needs him.

José Luis Hernández Pérez


Well, after taking the photography course I feel very comfortable and the classes are dynamic, both inside and outside, they helped me learn different photography techniques, the teacher is cheerful and fun, his trinkets are an essential part of his classes hahaha, the truth is that if I had to repeat it I would not hesitate to go, I am already sorry that my course is ending... but for me in general it is a 10! so if you like photography, do not hesitate to take this course with Julián. All the best.

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Cristina Navarro Fotografía'

#3 Cristina Navarro Fotografía



At Cristina Navarro Fotografía, located at C. del Sauce, 9, 4ºB, 30011 Murcia, Spain, you’ll find one of the best headshot studios in town. With a remarkable 5 out of 5 stars rating and 81 glowing reviews, this studio is highly praised by clients for its exceptional photography skills.

Cristina Navarro, the talented photographer behind the studio, is known for her ability to capture clients in ways that they couldn't have imagined. Her adaptability, vibrant personality, and undeniable talent shine through in every photograph. Whether you need professional headshots for your business or desire creative and artistic compositions, Cristina will cater to your specific needs.

Clients have expressed their delight in working with Cristina, emphasizing her professionalism, beautiful photos, and ability to translate their ideas flawlessly. Her keen eye for composition and artistic touch truly make her stand out from the rest. From product photography to creative campaigns, Cristina delivers exceptional results that exceed expectations.

The studio's comfortable atmosphere, combined with Cristina's radiant positivity, creates a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all clients. As one reviewer expressed, It has been a pleasure... the atmosphere and the result has been wonderful. Cristina's efficiency and adherence to deadlines further demonstrate her professionalism as a top-notch photographer.

Trust Cristina Navarro Fotografía to capture your best self. With an impeccable reputation and a wide range of satisfied clients, you can confidently choose Cristina for all your photography needs. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible photos she will create for you. Don't wait any longer, book a session with Cristina Navarro Fotografía today.

Jay Bee


The best photographer! I've worked with Cristina on several occasions and she always captures me in ways that I couldn't have imagined. She's adaptable, vibrant and talented. I can't wait to work with her again!

Alberto Cruz Salazar


I met Cristina during one of the visits that Bombay Sapphire makes to the Murcia orchard to show its clients how the process of making its famous Gin with Murcian lemon extract is. And the truth is that I was impressed. Cristina is a photographer who has great sensitivity and exquisite taste in composition. Your product photos are amazing. But what I like the most is that artistic touch that characterizes it. I hope to meet her again at another event or photo session.



Working with Cristina has been a pleasure. In addition to being a professional like the crown of a pine tree, she takes beautiful photos. We are delighted with the result of the shooting that has been done for the children's campaign this summer.
We will repeat without a doubt.

Nagore Bombai Works


It has been a pleasant surprise to find Cristina. Her photos are super sensitive, radiating light and positivity. He is capable of understanding and translating the ideas that we have outlined and always within the agreed deadlines. Her professionalism and efficiency make working with her a super positive experience. We have been delighted with the result. We will repeat!

Vanessa Bastardo


Cristina, thank you very much for the incredible photos you take, it has been a pleasure, I had a great time, the space was very comfortable, the atmosphere and the result has been wonderful. I want to take photos with you again. Kisses, Alexandrina!!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Vicsoriano Fotografía'

#4 Vicsoriano Fotografía



Welcome to Vicsoriano Fotografía, the premier headshots studio located at C. Sociedad, 7, Murcia, Spain. With a stellar 5/5 star rating based on 52 reviews, our studio has gained a reputation for excellence in capturing the essence and details required to achieve the perfect shot.

Led by Victor, a meticulous and highly technical photographer, Vicsoriano Fotografía is committed to providing exceptional focus, definition, and attention to detail in every shot. Whether you require studio or outdoor photography, Victor's adaptability ensures stunning results that meet all your needs.

Clients rave about their experiences with Victor, praising his professionalism, kind nature, and ability to understand and elevate their vision. His photographs speak for themselves, with impeccable color, light, and composition. Victor's passion for his craft shines through in every photograph, as he constantly innovates and reinvents himself to deliver outstanding results.

Not only a talented professional, but Victor is also praised for his naturalness, closeness, and ability to bring out the best in individuals and groups. Clients consistently receive not only great material but also valuable feedback highlighting Victor's exceptional skills and human abilities.

Choose Vicsoriano Fotografía for headshots that stand out from the crowd. Experience firsthand the artistry, professionalism, and personalized approach that sets us apart.

Juan Carlos Navarro


Meticulous and very technical photographer, all his photos record the necessary details to achieve what is pursued. Excellent focus and definition. all a teacher

Teresa Carrilero Diaz


My experience with Victor was excellent. It helped me with my orchard photos when I introduced myself to Reina de la huerta and I highly recommend it, since it adapted to all my needs and we took photos both in the studio and outdoors and in both contexts they turned out great! Very happy with his work and professionalism, he is a very kind and close photographer.

Gerardo Sánchez Romero


Working with Victor is very easy. He perfectly understands what you need and always raises interesting points of view to improve the work. The result of his photographs needs no introduction. Just look at them to see how he takes care of every detail. The color, the light, the approach... He is also a great person and you can tell that he is passionate about his work.

Luis Pérez Armenteros


Víctor is a great professional who, thanks to his naturalness, closeness and knowledge, manages to bring out the best in you in individual and group photographs. I have had the pleasure of working with him both professionally and individually, and in addition to receiving great material, the feedback received by the different people photographed emphasizes his professionalism and human abilities. So if you are looking for a great photographer, Victor should be your first choice.

Manuel Máiquez Gosálvez


Víctor differs from many other photographers because he knows how to capture the essence of the person, something very difficult in a snapshot. He is very professional. His portraits have an unmistakable stamp of their own. He likes his job and never stops innovating and reinventing himself to improve every day.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Sonrie Estudio'

#5 Sonrie Estudio



Looking to capture precious moments with your little ones? Look no further than Sonríe Estudio, a stellar headshots studio located at Cam. del Palomar, 24, 30167 La Raya, Murcia, Spain. With an impressive 5/5 star rating from 36 glowing reviews, it's clear that Sonríe Estudio is the go-to destination for all your newborn and baby photography needs.

Clients rave about the exceptional service and professionalism of Carolina, the talented photographer behind Sonríe Estudio. From the moment you step into the studio, you'll feel at ease as Carolina treats your little bundle of joy with utmost care and tenderness. She goes above and beyond to create stunning photos, providing a wide range of adorable outfits and sets to choose from.

Customers are consistently delighted with the beautiful memories captured by Sonríe Estudio. Whether it's a newborn session or capturing your baby's milestones, every photo reflects the passion and skill that Carolina brings to her work. The studio is equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for your little one.

The exceptional quality of work and personalized service have prompted many repeat customers, who consider Sonríe Estudio their go-to choice for capturing their baby's most precious moments. Don't miss out on this unparalleled experience - book your session with Sonríe Estudio today and create timeless memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Ana Baralba


My friend got pregnant and I wanted to give her a newborn session with Sonríe estudio, and she was delighted with the results!! So when I got pregnant my friend gave me the same gift. He treats the babies as if they were his daughter, with sweetness, at all times we feel very comfortable, in addition, he prepares a lot of sets of clothes and lets you choose if you don't like one (it was not our case, they were all precious)! We were so delighted with the result that we paid separately for all the photos (we couldn't just keep the ones in the pack hahahaha they were all beautiful!!!)
We are clear that we will repeat with her for sure!!! And of course we recommend it!!

Maria José Moreno Pérez


We took photos of our newborn baby and the result has been beautiful, especially how sweet Carol is when it comes to working with such a small baby, always with all the necessary security. I recommend that you do a session with her because you will take a very nice memory.

Teresa Hernandez Maldonado


The work that Sonríe does is excellent. From the delicacy and professionalism that Carolina has to treat babies as the result of her photos and her good taste for deliveries. Always careful that the client is satisfied with the work. I have no children but I have hired their services for relatives and they have been delighted with the gift. I would definitely use your services again!

Miriam22 Parra


Capture the best moments of our baby in their photos, and very beautiful decorations.
We have repeated several times.
The girl is gorgeous and very nice, which also makes you want to repeat with her.

Lidia Cobos


A great professional and exceptional treatment of children and their families!! His studio is beautiful and has everything you need to get some wonderful photos. We have already repeated sessions and will continue to do so! It is a 100% recommended experience

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Davinia Lumiere Studio Fotografia'

#6 Davinia Lumiere Studio Fotografia



Introducing Davinia Lumiere Studio Fotografia, a headshots studio located at Cam. Viejo de Orihuela, 31, 33, 30140 Santomera, Murcia, Spain. With an outstanding rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 22 glowing reviews, this studio has certainly left a lasting impression on its clients.

Specializing in wedding albums and capturing those precious family moments, Davinia Lumiere Studio Fotografia is known for its exceptional talent and attention to detail. The studio has become a trusted choice for many families, as they have continued to use their services year after year, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Davinia's expert hand with babies is one of her standout qualities, which has earned her high praise from clients. Customers rave about how she creates a fun and special atmosphere during the sessions, resulting in stunning photographs that leave them in awe.

Not only does Davinia excel at family photography, but her work with children is also highly regarded. She has a unique ability to establish a rapport with children, ensuring they have a fantastic experience during the photo shoot and ultimately delivering high-quality results.

In addition to their stellar service, Davinia Lumiere Studio Fotografia offers competitive prices with a wide range of sessions, sets, and costume options. Clients appreciate the variety and attention to detail, making their memories truly worth it.

Overall, clients are delighted with the exquisite taste, exceptional treatment, and beautiful photos produced by Davinia Lumiere Studio Fotografia. With an unwavering commitment to professionalism and charm, this studio has earned its stellar reputation and continues to be a top choice for all your photography needs.



We made a wedding album with Davinia and we were delighted, so much so that we have repeated it every year with our little one. Now also with the second little one! He has an amazing hand with babies!!! We will continue to trust her to continue creating memories! Professional and charming.

Amanda Moreno


Wonderful!!! Davinia is sweet with the little ones, she makes the session fun and special, and the photos and so on are gorgeous. ❤️

Javier R. Martinez


Great photographer. Work of the highest quality. He has a great connection with the children and makes them have a really good time and that shows in the result.

David Segovia


A very special service with a treatment of 10. Super competitive prices. Lots of options in sessions. Variety in sets and costumes.
Memories like this are worth it. Delighted! 🥰

Inma muñoz


I love the photos of this girl. He has exquisite taste, special treatment with children, he wins them over right away and some beautiful photos come out. I left very satisfied with his work, I will return without a doubt.

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