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Welcome to Seremban, a vibrant city in Malaysia that offers a myriad of opportunities for professional headshot photography. Whether you're looking for stunning LinkedIn headshots, affordable options, or high-quality male and female portraits, Seremban has it all. Our web page showcases a curated list of local headshot photography studios, including professional corporate headshots, conveniently located near you. Discover the perfect studio for your needs and make a lasting impression with your professional image. Please note that BetterPic, the provider of this local businesses list, is not associated with any studio, but we are here to help you find the best option for your ai-generated headshots.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Memories Photostudio Imagez'

#1 Memories Photostudio Imagez



Introducing Memories Photostudio Imagez, a renowned headshots studio located at No:13, Jalan S2 F1, Garden Homes Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. With a stellar rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 92 reviews, this studio has garnered a reputation for its exceptional services.

Customers appreciate the friendly and accommodating staff, ensuring a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, Memories Photostudio Imagez offers competitive prices, making it a popular choice among clients.

While some reviews mention that the staff may not be as attentive as desired, the quick photo printing process compensates for it. Customers commend the studio for its efficiency in delivering quality prints promptly.

However, a few reviews point out that the employees' professionalism needs improvement. Some customers felt unheard, as staff members assumed their preferences without consultation. On the other hand, others appreciate the spontaneity and freedom the studio offers in choosing photographs.

Beyond headshot services, Memories Photostudio Imagez provides additional amenities such as passport renewal assistance and various small services like photocopying, lamination, scanning, printing, faxing, and communication services via email, WhatsApp, and telegram.

While the customer service may have received mixed reviews, the overall sentiment from clients is positive. Despite some minor shortcomings, patrons still express satisfaction with the service and highlight the quality of the captured photos. Memories Photostudio Imagez maintains a strong reputation as a reliable and affordable choice for all your headshot needs.

Ikhwan Affandi


Staff friendly. Good price

Joe Ping


Staff was not attentive, but photo printing process was fast.

Jasmine Chea


Employees all very unprofessional. Never bother asking the customer which photo they prefer before printing. Just assume what the customer want. Dont know why they so eager to delete photos even when customer not yet choose. Provided the photos taken are nice so luckily I like both options and didn't mind the one they chose for me. But would have been more professional and customer friendly for them to at least ASK.

Best of all, give empty disk with no soft copy of the photos in the disc. Came back, the employee never even say sorry or explain this mistake. Just send through email and that's it. Never even apologise or show any sign that they have made a mistake. Are all of your employees new because yall act as if yall don't know what yall are doing.

Never coming back here again. There are much better photostudios in Seremban. Store should be called Bad Memories 😂

Update: Store still never apologize but continue to give excuses and even blaming the customer's computer. I checked on THREE computers and disc still show up as empty. What a joke. Are they that proud until cannot even apologize or admit to their customers for their mistake? Btw, so the customer need to start being angry and show their dissatisfaction before employees address the problem? Maybe I should have scolded the employees so that they would care more or even look aat me to address the issue. Is that what you expect then? And please, why should I pay extra for YOUR mistake? Is it the customer's fault that the disc is empty? I dont know what kind of business practice is this that the customer have to pay for another's mistakes.

Still giving excuses. Just because customer ask to shoot two types of photos doesnt mean you can choose for them. I so happen to have liked both photos taken so who is the shop to decide which photo is uglier for me? Since I'm the customer, why can't I have the right to choose my own photo to be printed? Maybe I have to pay for that basic right? Did the store know I actually was prepared to pay for the two photos since I liked both photos? No, the store didn't ask if I wanted both photos and just printed one and deleted the other one. I was ready to pay for two pictures. I guess they don't want to earn more money. Again, the store should have clarified what the customer wants as customers can always change their mind. Regardless of whether I wanted one or two, the store should have ASKED and clarified to avoid problems like these. It is like they just wanted to get the customer out of the shop as fast as possible. No sense of customer service at all which is why I asked if all the employees at the store are new.

I'd highly discourage anyone from coming to this shop if this is the kind of treatment customers receive.

Please change your attitude or else you will end up displeasing more customers. Customers are the one who keep your shop open so maybe you should start treating them better. Stop giving excuses and just apologize if you have done wrong. Nothing wrong in admitting your mistakes.

Update 2: Now store is lying saying that there were files previously stored in the disc. Nope. I put the disc into THREE different computers but all registered it as empty and computer gave options on what to do with the disc, meaning disc had not been used before. So either employees not enough knowledge of how to download things into disc or they thought they could give us an empty disc and we'd keep quiet about it.

Now store is lying, saying I said the first picture was ugly. I NEVER said photo was ugly. I just wanted to two pictures to choose from which you failed to give. Stop putting words into my mouth. Employee, you are a great storyteller. You know how to spin fairytales. You say you don't want trouble over small matters but won't even admit you're wrong and choose to lie instead.

To anyone reading, please think twice before coming here. This shows they don't have customer service as their priority and they are willing to lie to be absolved of blame. Not even a sorry given. Whatever. I'm done arguing. Good luck to this shop.

amri syah


Can ask the staffs to renew your pasport online.

unw 1


have small services like photostat ,lamination ,scan & printing services ,combing ,fax services ,E-mail & whatsapp & telegram services.Very BAD CUSTOMER SERVICES ?! Horrible staff manner ?! unfriendly ?! But I like it.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Haikalbahaz Photo Studio'

#2 Haikalbahaz Photo Studio



Welcome to Haikalbahaz Photo Studio, located at 985, Jalan S2 F22, Garden Homes, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. With an impressive rating of 4.6/5 stars, based on 71 reviews, we are proud to be the go-to studio for all your headshot needs.

At Haikalbahaz Photo Studio, our customers rave about our exceptional service and expertise. We are especially renowned for our passport photos, making us a favorite among locals. Our owner is highly knowledgeable, polite, and friendly, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of excellent.

Not only do we excel in capturing the perfect headshot, but we also offer a selection of high-quality frames to showcase your treasured memories. While our range may be limited, we pride ourselves on providing custom-made frames that meet your unique requirements.

Our dedication to excellent service is evident through our swift and efficient work. In just five minutes, we can beautifully complete your photo, leaving you satisfied with a stunning result. Furthermore, our staff is happy to guide you on achieving the perfect pose for exceptional pictures.

Visit Haikalbahaz Photo Studio, where you will find an exceptional team, an impressive range of services, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Let us capture your essence and create timeless memories.

Haree haaran


Great service. Favorite place for passport photo.

Kumaresh Batumalai


The owner is extremely knowledgeable, polite and friendly. A great place to get your photo's done. The choice of frames are not much but are high quality.

Dxx Hrsxz


Good place to shop picture frames. they made CUSTOM MADE FRAMES. choose yours now!

Damar Kasturi


Excellent service and friendly. In 5 minutes complete photo

Nurul Hidayah


Easy to discuss.. They will guide how to make a pose for a great pictures 🥰

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Ezaniphoto.com'

#3 Ezaniphoto.com



Introducing Ezaniphoto.com, the premier headshot studio located at Jalan A15/1, Taman Bandar Warisan Puteri, Lorong Warisan Puteri A 15/1, Seremban, 70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 32 reviews, this studio has gained the trust and admiration of its clients.

One client praised Ezaniphoto.com for their exceptional service during a family and baby photoshoot. Clients raved about their ability to capture attention, energetic and engaging nature, and prompt responses. The personal touch extended to a heartfelt text of appreciation from the photographer himself. The results and quality of the photos were top-notch, leaving clients happy and relaxed.

Committed to serving diverse clientele, Ezaniphoto.com has also been chosen as the go-to studio for preschool photo sessions. The photographer, Mr. Ezani, known affectionately as Mr. E, is highly regarded for his friendly demeanor and ability to connect with children.

The studio's dedication shines through in their work for events and school coverage. Clients describe Ezaniphoto.com as responsive, friendly, and highly dedicated. They never disappoint, consistently delivering beautiful pictures and always being punctual.

With their patience and accommodating nature, Ezaniphoto.com can handle photoshoots involving large groups, including babies and kids. Their passion and commitment to achieving the perfect shots make them the preferred choice time and again.

For a headshot studio that goes above and beyond, look no further than Ezaniphoto.com. Their outstanding service, talented photographer, and breathtaking results make them highly recommended within the local community. Don't miss the opportunity to capture your precious moments with Ezaniphoto.com.

Seven Crew


Our experience with MyEzs has been fantastic. We booked a slot for baby 3 months onwards+family shoot. They was able to capture their attention and is energetic, engaging and fast in responses. We were all having alot of fun and felt happy and relaxed. There was good personal touch, mag even texted us to thank us for engaging them. The results and quality of photos were all good To top it off they even delivered a surprise complimentary frame n along with the hard copies. Cheers !

Fazliana Zainal Abidin


We have been appointing Ezani Photo for our preschool photo session for years. They have been able to cater to our needs. And Mr Ezani or commonly known as Mr E with our students is very friendly with kids. Well done!

Cj Tan


.we had 30 people including babies and kids but Ezani was very patience and accommodating ... had a great time shooting the pictures

Thiba Mookaiah


Very dedicated photographer! Covered many events at our school and he never disappoints. Delivers beautiful pictures and always on time!

Kathiravan Muniapan


Responsive, friendly and dedicated photographer. Patiently waited to get the perfect shots. Enjoyed the photoshoot session. Highly recommended.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Imagine Creationz Photography'

#4 Imagine Creationz Photography



Looking for the best photoshoot experience? Look no further than Imagine Creationz Photography, a reputable headshot studio located at 1215 Jalan Warisan Puteri A43 PRECINCT 4, Bandar Warisan Puteri, in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. With a stellar rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 29 reviews, this studio has gained the trust and admiration of its clients.

Clients rave about the exceptional work and professionalism provided by Imagine Creationz Photography. One satisfied customer highly recommends them for their wedding shoot, emphasizing the superb and amazing outcome. Another reviewer praises the photographer's ability to capture perfect angles and moments, showcasing their patience and skill. It is evident that Imagine Creations Photography has an eye that goes beyond capturing mere beauty.

The studio also shines in delivering unique and professional shots. One client hired their services for an astro telemovie, and they were extremely satisfied with the results. This photographer was commended for being responsible, meeting deadlines, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Furthermore, Imagine Creationz Photography excels in creating meaningful and personalized albums. A client needed to create a memory album for their late father, and with the professional guidance and expertise of the photographer, they were able to produce a wonderful piece of work.

The studio's professionalism is consistently highlighted by clients who are impressed by the quality and innovation they bring to every project. Their dedication to capturing precious moments and creating lasting memories shines through in every portrait.

In conclusion, Imagine Creationz Photography is a top-notch headshot studio that goes above and beyond in delivering exceptional and personalized photography services. With their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to client satisfaction, they have become the go-to choice for capturing special moments.

Meganathan Muthusamy


People out there who looking for the best photoshoot for your event?? Yes you're at right place right now... I strongly and highly recommended this IMAGINE CREATIONZ PHOTOGRAPHY because I chose him for my wedding shoot, the outcome is superb amazing and did wonderful works on it.... 100% Worth Trust me. Thank you sooo brother for the nice album and big frame 👌👌👌

Kavitha Mahendra


The photographer clearly made extra effort to capture photos from the perfect angle.
This perfectly-timed photo looks like it took a lot of patience and skill – definitely the work of a pro!
Imagine Creations Photography definitely has an eye that sees beyond the beauty of the subject.

S. Mathan


One of the best photographer I have worked with. I have hired his services for my astro telemovie as behind the scenes photography. All the shots are unique and professional. Very responsible and most importantly keep up the dateline in delivering the project. He will definitely make sure the clients satisfy with his work and I can assure it worth your penny.

Thurai S Ponnappan


We had an idea to create a memory album for my late father. While going through some referrals, I came to know Prasadh. I shared my ideas and thought about the album, with his experience and professionalism he had produced a wonderful piece of work.
Good job Prasadh keep up the good work and innovation. Thank you for your support.

Ranishaa Sugumaran


I truly loved the pictures that you took for me and others. Thank you so much for the lovely pictures and all the time it took for you to catch those precious moments. I really do appreciate it .Your professionalism shine through with every portrait that you sent to us. We will definitely wish to work with you again in future. Thankk you anne..

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Umangai Studio'

#5 Umangai Studio



Umangai Studio, located at 175-1, Jalan Pusat Dagangan Sendayan 3/3, Pusat Dagangan Sendayan, 71950 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, is an exceptional headshots studio that has gained an outstanding reputation amongst its clients. With an impressive rating of 5/5 stars from 27 reviews, Umangai Studio is undoubtedly a go-to place for capturing memorable moments.

Clients have consistently praised the professionalism and expertise of the photographers at Umangai Studio. They commend the team for their ability to handle even the most difficult subjects, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and at ease during the photoshoot. As a result, families and individuals alike are able to obtain stunning pictures that truly showcase their best selves.

The studio, led by Mr. Kuain, offers a wide range of photography and videography services for corporate and personal needs. Clients have expressed their satisfaction with the team's impressive experience and professionalism, making them a trusted choice for capturing special moments.

Umangai Studio creates a friendly and comfortable environment, allowing clients to feel at ease throughout their entire experience. The studio's commitment to providing outstanding services is evident in the positive feedback received, with clients consistently grateful for the team's friendliness and the high-quality photos produced.

In conclusion, Umangai Studio is a highly recommended choice for anyone in Seremban and the surrounding Klang Valley area seeking exceptional headshots and photography services. With their professionalism, expertise, and friendly approach, Umangai Studio is undoubtedly a top-notch destination for capturing special moments.

Ayda Adznan


The photographer was so professional and the picture is amazing. Team also manage to handle my son so that our family have a good pictures and that shows how professional they are. Great job umangai team and pray for your success in future

Ahyauddin AlHikmah


Very experienced & profesional photography & videography services by Mr Kuain.. worth experience to capture special moments for corporate & personal needs. Recommended for surrounding Seremban & Klang Valley clients.

Syazana Azizi


Service 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Semua friendly ! Thanks for the nice photo .

Edwin Kimberly Bailando


Great photography services by Ku and his team. The photos were all taken very well

ragaventhiran mohan


A friendly studio, photographer with lovely environment

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ALPHOTOS - Malaysia Seremban Photographer'

#6 ALPHOTOS - Malaysia Seremban Photographer



Are you in search of a reliable and talented photographer in Seremban? Look no further than ALPHOTOS - Malaysia Seremban Photographer, a reputable headshots studio located on Jalan S2, Seremban 2. With a stellar rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 8 glowing reviews, this studio is highly regarded among clients for its exceptional service and top-notch photography skills.

Clients have repeatedly praised the friendly and professional nature of the photographer at ALPHOTOS. Known for his good skills and high level of expertise, he consistently delivers outstanding work that exceeds expectations. Whether it's capturing precious moments at special occasions or creating stunning visuals for branding and food menus, this photographer goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

What sets ALPHOTOS apart is their commitment to responsibility and passion for their craft. Clients have expressed their delight in working with Alan, the photographer, who showcases a wealth of ideas and organization in his approach. With a touch of magic, he pulls out props from his bag that add a unique flair to every photoshoot.

Whether you're in need of headshots for professional purposes or planning a special event, ALPHOTOS - Malaysia Seremban Photographer is highly recommended by its loyal clientele. Don't miss the opportunity to experience their outstanding photography services. Visit their studio at Jalan S2, Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, and capture unforgettable memories with ALPHOTOS.

Mohamad Syahril Mohamad Noor


Very friendly photographer. This photographer also have good skills. Very satisfied with his work. Will not regret if appoint him as photographer for any occasion . Highly recommended



Friendly, professional photographer, everyone must support him

Musang King


They create outstanding picture and add more value onto the branding and food menu.

eilvys Low


Good photographer and very responsibility

Lee Heng


Love working with Alan. Very passionate. Lots of ideas and organised. He pulls out props from his bags like magic. Will be back for more photography.

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