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Welcome to Sapporo, a vibrant city in Japan known for its captivating blend of tradition and modernity. Discover the perfect headshot photography studio to capture your professional portraits, be it for LinkedIn, corporate needs, or personal branding. With a variety of talented photographers specializing in male and female headshots, Sapporo offers an array of options to suit your preferences. Whether you seek affordable or high-end services, headshots near you are just a click away. Explore our list of local businesses and make an informed choice that suits your unique requirements. BetterPic is here to help you find the best option, as we provide a comprehensive directory of services, but we are not associated with any specific studio.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'aim 札幌店'

#1 aim 札幌店



Located in Sapporo, Japan, aim 札幌店 is a renowned headshots studio that has garnered an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars from 1223 reviews. This studio, situated at 3-chōme−32−8・3 スクエア北ビル 1F, Kita 8 Jōnishi, Kita Ward, Hokkaido, offers a remarkable experience to its visitors.

One of the standout features of aim 札幌店 is their multilingual staff. The team is proficient in both Japanese and English, ensuring effective communication with visitors. They even utilize Google translations to bridge any language gaps, ensuring a smooth and efficient exchange. Visitors are highly appreciative of their friendly nature and unwavering patience, which foster a welcoming atmosphere.

The studio provides an array of background options to choose from, allowing customers to personalize their headshots. Whether for weddings or other occasions, aim 札幌店 excels in capturing beautiful and significant moments. Clients rave about the quality of their wedding photographs, praising the staff's ability to create a relaxing and joyful environment during the shoot.

Furthermore, aim 札幌店 boasts a skilled makeup artist who attentively listens to clients' preferences and incorporates their input into the provided suggestions. This attention to detail ensures that each customer receives a makeup style that enhances their natural beauty and suits their individual tastes.

Additionally, aim 札幌店 offers a half day plan that covers makeup, hair styling, and a pleasant shooting experience. Customers regularly express their satisfaction with the exquisite makeup and hair sets provided. The studio's cameraman is described as friendly, creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during the shoot. Remarkably, they even cater to clients' musical preferences.

In conclusion, aim 札幌店 is a highly recommended headshots studio in Sapporo, Japan, where customers can expect outstanding service, friendly staff, personalized background options, beautiful photographs, and attention to detail in makeup and hair. No matter the occasion, aim 札幌店 strives to create a delightful and memorable experience for all who visit.

Zongliang Li


Nice staff, we speak English and they speak Japanese. Communicate with google translation, but it still working very well. Staff are friendly and full of patience. Strongly recommend if you visit Sapporo.

Alistair Webster


The staff were friendly and made us feel happy and relaxed during our photo shoot.
Lots of background options to choose from.
Thanks for the great wedding photographs!



Lovely photos 👍



Hair and makeup were really nice! She used the inner color well and made it cute!
I am satisfied that my opinion is included while suggesting the makeup that suits me!
During the shooting, I was able to laugh a lot and shoot in a relaxed atmosphere! !



I used the half day plan.
The make-up and hair set were beautifully done, and I was told in advance that there were lipsticks that didn't suit me, but I was very grateful that they took care of me every time.
I was very nervous before the shoot, but the cameraman was a friendly person, and it was a very enjoyable shooting time. I was also happy that I was able to play the song of my favorite artist and shoot.
All the staff who were involved from the day I went to the briefing session to the day of the shoot were all very nice people. thank you very much! I'm really looking forward to the completion of photos and albums ☺️

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'HANAICHI'




Welcome to HANAICHI, the premier headshots studio located in the heart of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. With a stellar reputation, HANAICHI has garnered an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars from 527 satisfied customers.

At HANAICHI, we understand the significance of capturing special moments and memories. One delighted customer shared, I received my daughter's coming-of-age commemorative album and it was sheer perfection! I couldn't be happier! Our dedicated team, led by the attentive and understanding Ichinomiya-san, takes the time to listen to your concerns and treats every client with kindness and respect.

Not only do we excel at creating stunning headshots, but we also offer an exceptional selection of furisode for those in search of traditional Japanese attire. Our friendly staff ensures an enjoyable experience, providing guidance and teaching about the varying price ranges, allowing customers to make confident choices.

Clients appreciate the courteous and respectful treatment at HANAICHI, with one customer expressing gratitude for their budget and intentions being respected. Another customer found joy in the extensive options for small items accompanying their mother's long-sleeved kimono.

Discover the perfect furisode for any occasion at HANAICHI, where trying various styles and selecting the ideal one is made easy. Count on our team to provide a polite and pleasant atmosphere throughout your visit.

Choose HANAICHI for a delightful and professional headshots and furisode experience. Book your session today and let us capture the essence of your unique personality and style.



I received my daughter's coming-of-age commemorative album on June 18th!
Perfection is crazy! I'm so happy! 😆

Ever since she was a little girl, my daughter has been very shy and has a hard time socializing and talking to people, so she only shows her facial expressions to people she really cares about...
Ichinomiya-san, who listened to my concerns from the beginning and treated me kindly, politely, and thoughtfully, treated my daughter like a friend from the beginning and made her smile. Sakurai-san, I am really grateful to Sakurai-san, Hikita-san, and all the staff for creating such a great atmosphere on the day of the shoot and having such a fun time🙇‍♂️

I will never forget how Ichinomiya-san, Sakurai-san, and Hikita-san chased us to the parking lot without wearing coats to say hello after the shooting ended☺️

I was able to meet really nice and good staff members, and it was the best album and shooting, and it became a good memorial and a good memory✨

Please continue to make many people feel happy ☺️

It's been a long post, but I really wanted to convey my gratitude, so I posted it 🙇‍♂️
Thank you very much for everything🙇‍♂️
Rating ☆ 5 ✨ is not enough! I want to add ☆10✨😆✨
HANAICHI is the best✨😆👍



The staff was friendly, and I was able to enjoy choosing furisode, which I was not used to. The price range was also properly taught, so I was able to choose with confidence.



We were treated with courtesy. I was relieved that the budget and my intentions were respected. thank you very much.


Everyone was kind and very cheerful, and although it was my mother's long-sleeved kimono, she gave me a lot of options for small items, so I was able to have fun and choose without feeling overwhelmed. thank you!



I'm glad I was able to try on various furisode and choose the one that best suited me!
Also, please be polite
thank you very much!

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ライフスタジオ札幌白石店'

#3 ライフスタジオ札幌白石店



ライフスタジオ札幌白石店, located at 〒003-0021 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Shiroishi Ward, Sakaedōri, 3-chōme−3−27 南栄ビル 2F, is a highly regarded headshots studio in Japan. With an outstanding rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on 74 customer reviews, this studio is known for its exceptional service and breathtaking photographs.

Clients have praised the studio for its friendly and professional staff. One reviewer mentioned feeling nervous before their first studio shoot but was immediately put at ease by photographer Akane and assistant Bata. They were able to capture beautiful expressions of their daughter, leaving a lasting impression and prompting them to become regular customers.

The studio's ability to accommodate special occasions has also been commended. Whether it's a 3-year-old girl's Shichi-go-san celebration or a 1-year-old's smash cake photo, clients have raved about the studio's flexibility and attention to detail. The shooting experience has been described as enjoyable and stress-free, with the staff going above and beyond to create a comfortable environment for both the child and their parents.

In terms of the studio itself, customers have highlighted the cleanliness and charming interior. While the building may not be new, the renovated interior offers a pleasant atmosphere for a photoshoot. Additionally, clients have appreciated the opportunity to bring their own toys and costumes, further personalizing their photoshoot experience.

Overall, ライフスタジオ札幌白石店 is a highly recommended headshots studio that consistently delivers exceptional service and stunning photographs. Whether it's a milestone celebration or a cherished memory, this studio promises a memorable and enjoyable experience for its customers.



I wanted to leave a smash cake photo for my daughter's 1st birthday.
It was my first time shooting in a studio, so I was nervous too, but photographer Akane and assistant Bata instantly eased my nerves and captured my daughter's beautiful expression. So I immediately decided to go to Life Studio!! ︎

On the day of the shoot, I was a little nervous at first when I went to the studio for the first time in a long time, but as soon as I went there, Bata-chan played with me, and my nervousness eased in no time. I was able to finish the one-and-a-half-hour shoot with a smile from start to finish without any regrets! ︎

The 85 pictures selected by Akane are not only smiling pictures, but also pictures of various expressions, so I'm very satisfied! ︎

I would like to continue to be indebted to you for future milestones.
Thank you for this time♪



I asked for a photo shoot at Shichi-go-san (3-year-old girl).

Shooting time: ☆☆☆☆☆
(Because it is a charter, you can proceed with the child's mood with plenty of room.)
Photo: ☆☆☆☆☆
(See Instagram. Just like the image. Rather, it's even more when it comes to my child.)
Studio cleanliness: ☆☆☆☆☆
(The building is not new, but the interior has been renovated and is very nice. The toilet was also beautiful, matching the interior.)
Price: ☆☆☆☆☆
Location: ☆☆☆☆
(Since it is not advertised from the main road, I think that it is a place for first-timers, but the inside is very clean and nice.)
Staff support: ☆☆☆☆☆
⬆The evaluation here might be the biggest.

From the pre-arrangement stage, the staff was very polite, and I had high expectations of the staff before I went.
I changed my mind after going 😊
There are so many different studios out there right now, and you may be overwhelmed, but I think you'll understand once you shoot them.
Not only is the quality of the photos high, but the cameraman and assistant (Batako) are so skillful that even adults will laugh while entertaining the children.
I felt that the two of you have the power to bring out the usual smiles and expressions that have never been seen before in children while letting them play.
I felt that taking in natural light made the photos look nicer.

I experienced shooting at two major studios (Ari 〇, Mari 〇) and a personal photo exhibition.
I felt that Studio LINE was the best in terms of the quality of the photos and the satisfaction of the child (it was fun).

It was good to go.
I want to go again, I want you to take various pictures
I think that I met a studio that can think like that.

My daughter was reluctant to go home when she still played with Batako. (The photo shows the assistant and her daughter happily playing (shooting).)

If you are worried, please come by.



I heard that a new life studio was opened near my Yoshizane family, so I visited there while I was visiting my hometown.
No matter which store I go to, Life Studio always has a cute interior, and every time I get a nice photo, but Shiraishi store was really good too!
I'm sorry that my son, who just turned 4, ran around a lot. . I had a lot of ingenuity, and I was able to take a lot of cute pictures. Also, thank you for playing while waiting for data.
It seems that it was the first time for my parents-in-law to shoot in such a studio, but they seemed to be very satisfied with the atmosphere and the finish of the photos!
When I go home again, I would like to make a reservation! thank you very much!



We had you photograph in commemoration of 1 year old. Originally, I wasn't sure if I should take a photo, but I was attracted to the staff's personality and the wonderful atmosphere of the studio at the trial session, so I decided to take it. I'm really glad that I was able to spend a memorable and enjoyable time with my parent and child.
I was able to bring in my favorite toys and costumes, so the whole family was able to enjoy taking pictures in concert uniforms, making it a great memory. The cameraman/assistant was a mother and a nursery teacher, so the child was relaxed from the beginning, and I am grateful that he was able to capture a wonderful moment. thank you very much.



It was my first time shooting at Life Studio. I asked because I wanted to leave a memorial for my child's 100th day. While watching the mood of the child, he immediately prepared the costumes and accessories for the shoot, and took the picture while soothing him. I was in a bad mood once, but thanks to the staff's stubborn suspicion, I was in a good mood, and I was able to do my best to shoot until the end. I was able to see the finished product in a slide show. I'm glad I was able to capture the only moment of my childhood at Life Studio. I would like to ask you again if there is an opportunity. Thank you very much for this time.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'フォトスタジオアフロ'

#4 フォトスタジオアフロ









It's a studio that has taken care of my children since they were born (^ー^)👍️
I can't imagine taking pictures without an afro😁😁😁🎶

5 23


I want you to improve.
It was a young male photographer, but I felt that he wasn't very good at it. I guess it's a bad balance. It was much better when I shot it 4.5 years ago. I'm going to pay a high fee, so I'd like you to have a good photographer. A female photographer if possible.
Somehow it was better before. The homepage is also difficult to understand, and I would like you to upload photos taken on Instagram instead of stories. I want to see how you shoot.



This time, from the photo of Shichigosan of the first born after the birth of the second child
I was really looking forward to the photo shoot for the first time in about 4 years.
I used it for my daughter's entrance ceremony, Shichigosan, and the second 100th photo. The assistant who was in charge of shooting my daughter
I was able to play with my daughter and it was very well received.

I used to look forward to uploading the photos I took today on Instagram
I was doing it, but now it seems to be uploaded in the story
I was looking forward to seeing what you could use.
However, my daughter used a picture of her kimono.
My son's 100th day is a photo of only his feet... I was really looking forward to it
That's too bad.

It will disappear in 24 hours, but I thought it would be a good memory to pay a lot of money and buy a photo only for that time, but in the end? left a mark.
Of course, my son was a little hesitant about why that was the case among the many photos, but there were many that caught my eye.
I think that there are many cases where people generally don't understand the sense of only photographing the soles of the subject's feet.

I am worried about whether I will use it next time, but I expect improvement.

tmdj jmpt


You can feel the good sense of the owner! I was able to shoot in various scenes. I wonder if the owner likes fishing too... There were things in the shop that I was interested in... When I was shooting children, I tried to devise ways to deal with children who didn't listen to what I said. Considering that it's a once-in-a-lifetime moment, I thought the price was appropriate.



Thank you for taking care of me for the 100th day shoot the other day.
The staff who took care of me was very good at soothing the baby, and I was able to take many more smiling pictures than I had expected. It was really good to have Mr. Afro. Also, I will visit the shooting even if it is 1 year old!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'kids photo studio JAM 大通東店'

#5 kids photo studio JAM 大通東店



Welcome to Kids Photo Studio JAM 大通東店, a renowned headshots studio located at 4-chōme−1−72 スペース 南4条 1F, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (〒060-0054). With an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars and 37 glowing reviews, our studio is highly regarded for capturing the most adorable and captivating photos of children.

Our valued customers have praised us for our exceptional service and remarkable photography skills. One parent mentioned how their child's pictures surpassed their expectations, highlighting the difference between viewing images online and experiencing the actual photo shoot. Many families have raved about the beautiful family photoshoots we offer, sharing their appreciation for our dedicated staff who effortlessly capture precious moments.

We also offer a unique Shichi-go-san campaign, perfect for commemorating this special Japanese milestone. Customers have particularly enjoyed our kimono dressing option, priced at just 5000 yen. Our talented photographers not only bring out genuine smiles but skillfully handle even the most reluctant or tired children. Their expertise and passion ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Our commitment to providing excellent customer service shines through in every interaction. From the moment you step into our studio until the end of the photo shoot, our team is dedicated to creating a positive and comfortable atmosphere. We understand the challenges of working with young children and make every effort to elicit genuine smiles and capture natural expressions.

Visit our adorable booth, complete with a cute teddy bear, and watch as your kids have a great time. We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to create wonderful photos of your little ones. Choose Kids Photo Studio JAM 大通東店 for an unforgettable photography experience at a reasonable price.

1122 ma


I used it for my eldest son's 100th anniversary!
I was looking at the pictures on the website etc., but it's really cute when I actually have my child taken! Many family photos were taken, and above all, I was impressed that the staff worked so hard to take pictures even though they were very young! smile
I really recommend it because you can shoot with this quality at a reasonable price than other studios ͜ ♡
Also, I would like to use it on the next anniversary (* ^^ *)



I wanted to be included in the Shichi-go-san campaign in November, so I made a last-minute reservation.

This is the third store I've used Studio Jam since Chibi was born.

We chose plan B and kimono dressing for 5000 yen.

It brings out a smile, but it is also a scene where the hard work of the store who took a lot of pictures is conveyed because the kindergartener is sleepy, reluctant, tired of shooting, and bored.

Before the shoot, if you tell us in advance what you like, for example, if you like the light color of your face, we can accommodate you.

In all, I took close to 200 photos in various rooms 🥺🤗💝

After the shoot, the rental fee was free (if it got dirty, there was a separate cleaning fee), so I went to the shrine while wearing a kimono❣️

Maiko H


I asked for a photo of my daughter's Shichigosan.
It was so cute and fun to shoot!
The sets and costumes are beautiful!
My daughter was stiff at first, but the cameraman skillfully eased her tension.
At the end, my daughter naturally enjoyed it too!
Thank you very much!

k子 S


I came here for my child's 100th day celebration. I was able to take pictures happily with good customer service.

A Marrow


Have a nice shoot
I am very satisfied.
Of course, it is polite from the beginning to the end,
It's already hard to deal with young children
From beginning to end, I will do my best to make children smile and
Bring out your natural look
I am sincerely grateful.
The booth with a teddy bear
It was really cute and the kids seemed to enjoy it.
Thank you for the wonderful photos!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Theta Studio'

#6 Theta Studio



Looking for the ultimate headshot experience in Sapporo? Look no further than Theta Studio. Located in the heart of Chuo Ward, Hokkaido, Japan, this studio has garnered an impressive reputation with its exceptional services and top-notch facilities. With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 30 glowing reviews, Theta Studio is the go-to destination for costume play fitting photos and movies.

Customers rave about the outstanding customer service provided by the friendly staff. From the moment you step into the studio, you will be greeted by a male receptionist who goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Need assistance with your equipment or props? The staff at Theta Studio is more than happy to help, providing you with everything you need for an enjoyable and successful shoot.

Concerned about COVID-19? Rest assured, Theta Studio takes your safety seriously. The studio ensures a clean and sanitized environment by disinfecting your carry-on luggage and implementing measures to prevent outside shoes from entering the premises. You can feel a sense of security knowing that the studio is committed to keeping their customers safe.

But Theta Studio isn't just known for its excellent service; it's also adored for its adorable and well-equipped facilities. Boasting a plethora of scenes, small props, and equipment, this studio will bring your photoshoot ideas to life. Whether you're a professional photographer or a cosplay enthusiast, Theta Studio is the place to be.

With such high praise from satisfied customers, it's clear that Theta Studio is the number one choice for all your headshot needs. Don't miss out on the exceptional experience this studio has to offer. Visit Theta Studio on the second floor of Ogisaka Minami 3-Jonishi building, Sapporo, and be prepared to be wowed.



the best of costume play fitting photo and movie studio in SAPPORO.



The other day, I used the studio as a cameraman.
The male staff at the reception was very nice, and they kindly helped me by disinfecting the carry case and putting masking tape on my shoes.
They lent me equipment, brought me big tools, and when I told them what characters my companions would play, they lent me props that matched them.
I am satisfied with the very fun shooting, I will use it again!

Tadashi Hikichi


The male receptionist, the female staff and everyone were kind and wonderful. As for corona countermeasures, they disinfect your carry-on luggage and take measures not to bring outside shoes into the studio, so I feel a sense of security.



Mr. Sheeta is not only the quality of the studio, but also the splendor of the management team! As a cameraman, I would like to talk to you about various things in between preparations for Mr. Layer, but your good personality comes out on the whole...



It's a very cute studio. I often use it for shooting. The staff is kind and there are plenty of scenes in the studio. Plenty of small items and equipment ♪

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Aoraki Studio'

#7 Aoraki Studio



Welcome to Aoraki Studio, a premier headshots studio located at 3-chōme-14-1 Saiwaichō, Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan. With a stellar 4.9/5 stars and glowing reviews from 15 satisfied customers, Aoraki Studio is the go-to destination for individuals and families looking to capture and cherish precious moments.

Customers rave about the unique photo frame experience, where they can customize their favorite parts and have their favorite photo printed and placed in a completed frame. The studio's remote shutter allows for unlimited photo-taking, enabling visitors to snap as many pictures as they desire with various poses and backgrounds. With up to 400 balls in just 30 minutes, children are encouraged to let go of their shyness and have a blast creating memories.

At Aoraki Studio, customers can choose from different color tones, including color, sepia, and monochrome, to achieve their desired atmosphere in their photographs. All data is transferred directly to customers' mobile phones, ensuring the safekeeping of their favorite shots for future reminiscing.

One happy customer exclaims their delight in obtaining natural smiles from their child, thanks to the freedom to shoot without constraint. Another client praises the abundance of accessories available for shooting, providing endless fun and creativity.

Whether it's for a graduation, family outing, or spontaneous selfie session, Aoraki Studio offers an unforgettable experience that allows customers to capture beautiful and heartfelt moments. Come visit our studio and let us help you create lasting memories.



I participated in the photo frame experience.
A very nice thing was completed by combining my favorite parts.
Let me take a lot of selfies
Among them, I printed one of my favorite photos and put it in the completed photo frame.
The children were shy at first
It's getting more and more fun to take pictures by ourselves
At the end, I was filming with norinori.
It was such a good memory that I wanted to come again when I left.
I would like to use it again.



A remote shutter is handed over, so you can take as many pictures as you like at any time.

There are a lot of accessories, so I took a lot of pictures with various poses.
About 400 balls in 30 minutes with children's uniforms.
I was able to shoot in color, sepia, monochrome, and various atmospheres.

All data will be transferred to your mobile phone, so you can save your favorite photos later.

I've been waiting for a studio like this! !
And I'm surprised that the price is so cheap.
I will definitely use it again.

Shiori Matsu


I used the self photo studio for the first time! I was able to shoot freely, so my child was able to get a natural smile and I was able to take a very good shoot! I would appreciate your favor if there is another opportunity. thank you very much.



I was able to take a lot of very nice pictures.
There was also the production of a photo stand, and I was able to make my own photo stand using warm wood! Also, I would like to use it.



I visited with my family to commemorate my child's graduation!
It was a very nice studio, and there were plenty of accessories for shooting, so I had a lot of fun shooting.

Photo of the Headshots Studio '森田耀峰写真場'

#8 森田耀峰写真場



森田耀峰写真場 is a highly acclaimed headshot studio located at 3-chōme-2-5 Miyanomori 4 Jō, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. With a remarkable rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 10 satisfied customers, this studio has established itself as a top-choice destination for capturing precious memories.

The studio's retro-modern ambiance, primarily adorned in white, creates a calm and soothing atmosphere that immediately puts clients at ease. The shop owner's voice, with its unique high pitch, adds a touch of warmth and friendliness to the experience. Clients have expressed how their expressions softened as they listened to the owner, making their time in the studio exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable.

Customers have raved about the exceptional service provided by the owner and photographer couple. For special occasions like coming-of-age ceremonies or milestone events, the beauticians on-site meticulously attend to clients' hair, makeup, and dressing preferences, paying close attention to detail and ensuring a memorable experience. This attention to detail has deeply moved many customers, leaving them satisfied and impressed with the stunning photographs they have received.

The friendly and accommodating nature of the studio staff has also been highlighted by customers, with one reviewer praising the helpfulness of a particular lady at the studio. The studio's commitment to creating a gentle and enjoyable environment for its clients has made it a go-to choice for many looking to capture special moments.

While the studio's services may be priced at a premium, customers acknowledge the value they receive for their investment, noting the studio's impeccable facilities.

Experience the magic of 森田耀峰写真場 for yourself and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's a family photo, a milestone event, or a commemorative moment, this exceptional headshot studio promises to deliver quality and a comfortable experience to its valued clients in Sapporo, Hokkaido.



I had a family photo taken to commemorate my first trip to Hokkaido.
The calm, retro-modern appearance of the studio, which was based on white, made my expression soften as I listened to the shop owner's high-pitched voice. I had a very comfortable time surrounded by the gentle atmosphere created by the owner and photographer couple. I would love to visit again.



I went there for my daughter's coming-of-age ceremony. The beauticians who came in and out were both very pleasant people, and they carefully made my hair and makeup according to my wishes. There was attention to detail when it came to dressing, and I was deeply moved by the work that was closely related to my feelings. I took a lot of pictures, and my daughter was very satisfied.

xxx. hikaryEEE


I had it taken at Photo Wedding. They calmed us down even though we were nervous. Of course, I was very happy with the result of the photo!



The lady who helped me was very nice. From now on, when I take pictures at some milestone, I think I will definitely do it here.



I use it for taking commemorative photos! It's expensive, but the studio is nice.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Shinsapporo Photography'

#9 Shinsapporo Photography



Looking for a photography studio that captures the essence of your precious moments? Look no further than Shinsapporo Photography, located at 2-chōme-6-1 Kaminopporo 1 Jō, Atsubetsu Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. With a stellar 5/5 star rating based on 7 reviews, this studio has proven to be a favorite among locals.

Customers speak highly of their experience at Shinsapporo Photography, particularly in capturing family moments. One satisfied customer shared, We got the best family photo! Children tend to be shy and reserved in front of a camera, but the team at Shinsapporo Photography expertly captured our usual expressions when we're all laughing together at home. We're so grateful!

What sets Shinsapporo Photography apart is their ability to make clients feel at ease during their sessions. Another reviewer expressed, The staff created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed me to bring out my natural expressions. The photos are very well done, and the on-site framing service was a great convenience. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Shinsapporo Photography excels at working with children as well. They take the time to engage with nervous youngsters and draw out genuine expressions. One parent raved, The team talked to my nervous son, and there were no fixed poses. The resulting pictures captured his true personality. We're so grateful for the experience and would love to come back!

Unlike other studios, Shinsapporo Photography listens to your requests and captures natural expressions. Their efficient service ensures a quick turnaround while maintaining high satisfaction levels.

For exceptional photography services that go beyond fixed poses, Shinsapporo Photography is the name to trust in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Don't miss the opportunity to cherish your memories with their outstanding work. Book your session today and experience their exceptional service firsthand!



I took a commemorative photo of my family at the children's 100th day celebration.
Children tend to be shy and shy when the camera is pointed at them.
A picture of the usual expression when everyone is laughing while watching TV at home!
We got the best family photo!
thank you very much.



I took a picture of my elementary school son.
When I was older, I had my photos taken at a certain photo shop that I often see on flyers, and I was nervous from the beginning to the end. I thought that any photo shop would be like that... but!
Shin-Sapporo Photo Studio talked to my son, who was nervous at first, and took pictures while drawing out conversations. There are no fixed poses.
While looking at the photo data, I warmed up and said, Yeah!
I would like to request the next commemorative photo here!

Masanori Emori


It's a great photo gallery!
I was nervous about taking pictures, but the staff created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed me to bring out my natural expressions.
The photos are very well done, and you can cherish your memories.
Also, it was very good that the photo was framed on the spot, so I could hang it immediately. I highly recommend it to everyone!



I had a family photo taken.
I was treated in a friendly manner, and although the child was nervous at first, he gradually relaxed and brought out a nice expression ☺️
I would like to ask if there is another chance🫶



Instead of shooting in a fixed posture, they listened to our requests and shot while drawing out a natural expression. The children were able to relax while taking pictures. It was completed quickly and I am very satisfied.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ナチュラル フォト クラフト カンバラ 神原寫眞舘'

#10 ナチュラル フォト クラフト カンバラ 神原寫眞舘



Located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, the Natural Photo Craft Studio, known as Kambara Shashinten, has established itself as a reputable headshots studio. Situated at 1-chōme-17-17番8号 Higashikariki 8 Jō, Higashi Ward, this studio has garnered an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on six customer reviews.

Customers have raved about the exceptional quality of Kanbara-san's photos, specifically highlighting the stunning finish and incredible attention to detail. One satisfied customer mentioned being only able to select three photos out of over a hundred options, emphasizing the photographer's remarkable skills. Another client expressed their gratitude for the yearly experience, as the studio not only captures memorable and fun shots but also offers New Year's card services.

With a cozy atmosphere that instantly makes clients feel at home, Kambara Shashinten stands out among other photo studios in the area. Customers appreciate the warm ambiance and the studio's ability to create a welcoming environment that enhances the overall photography experience.

For those in search of a headshots studio that delivers exceptional results, Kanbara Shashinten is the perfect choice. Combining artistic expertise with a passion for customer satisfaction, this studio will undoubtedly capture your unique personality and provide you with stunning, professional headshots.



May 2023
There was a connection, and if I purchased a kimono for the coming-of-age ceremony, I asked another photo shop because it would come with a pre-photoshoot. As a result, I realized just how wonderful Kanbara-san's photos are ^^;
Out of over 100 photos, I was only able to choose 3 photos.
It seems that I didn't know the extent of other photo studios because I asked this Kambara photo studio for many years ^^;
Everywhere I look down on the splendor of this finish and I regret it so much. Even though we rented a hotel venue for the photo shoot, I was really surprised by how far it turned out (・。・)
In the end, I didn't buy any of the photos, so I decided to visit here and take the photos again (*^^*)✌
Thank you for always taking so many pictures that I can't choose any of them🥹🙏
I realized that I can't go to other photo shops anymore ^^;

March 2018. Shichi-go-san, nursery school graduation and elementary school entrance ceremonies, family photos, elementary school graduation and junior high school entrance ceremonies.
A photo shop that can make a book of children's growth as well as anniversary photos.
I am very happy with the result!
It seems that children's costumes can also be borrowed for free. All the pictures I took are so good that it's really hard to choose. I got the photos that I couldn't give up on to a DVD, so I'll use them for New Year's cards.
Every year, I want to take a family photo.



I am always indebted to you
I'm looking forward to every year because they take fun cuts etc.
Of course, I also get New Year's cards made.



It feels like home and the finish of the photo is beautiful and it feels good



no big deal



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