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Welcome to Osaka, Japan - a city renowned for its vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning landscapes. Whether you're in need of professional corporate headshots, LinkedIn headshots, or simply wanting to capture your best self, Osaka is home to a plethora of talented headshot photographers. With our curated list of local businesses, including studios specializing in male and female headshots, you can easily find the perfect professional portraits near you. Discover affordable options for cheap headshots without compromising on quality. BetterPic, your trusted source for AI-generated headshots, presents this comprehensive directory to help you make an informed choice. Please note that we are not associated with any specific studio, allowing you the freedom to explore and select the best option for your needs.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotosutajioserufittoosakaumedaten'

#1 Fotosutajioserufittoosakaumedaten



Fotosutajioserufittoosakaumedaten is a highly acclaimed headshots studio located in Osaka, Japan. Situated at the address Japan, 〒530-0001 Osaka, Kita Ward, Umeda, 1-chōme−1−3, Osaka Station 3 Building, 1F, this studio has garnered an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 458 satisfied customers.

Customers have raved about their experience at Fotosutajioserufittoosakaumedaten, particularly praising the exceptional service provided by the friendly and attentive staff. Whether it's for university graduation ceremonies, job hunting purposes, or even wedding photos, this studio has proven to be the go-to choice for capturing stunning memories.

The studio's talented hairdressers and makeup artists ensure that every client looks their absolute best, receiving numerous compliments for their flawless hair arrangements and fabulous makeup. Customers also appreciate the studio's attention to detail, as staff members go the extra mile to ensure that every element, from clothing to accessories, perfectly matches the desired look.

The studio's photographers, known for their expertise and professionalism, guide clients through the entire photoshoot process, making them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Their valuable advice helps clients achieve picture-perfect poses, resulting in high-quality photos that exceed expectations.

Conveniently located at Osaka Station 3 Building, customers appreciate the quick and efficient service, even during busy periods. The studio's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their personalized approach, as they discuss and decide on the finer details to ensure that each photoshoot captures the unique essence of every individual.

Whether you need headshots for professional purposes or simply want to immortalize a special moment, Fotosutajioserufittoosakaumedaten is the studio you can trust.

Cambridge Iwanami


I asked for hakama rental, dressing, and hair styling for my university graduation ceremony.

The hairdresser was funny and fun💯 The hair arrangement and the original hakama design were so cute, and everyone I met complimented me on the graduation ceremony!

The only disappointment was that the bag I rented didn't really match my kimono, but when I exchanged it with my friend, it felt just right, so I managed it.

It was so good that I recommended it to my juniors 🫶🏻 I think it will be the year after next, but please make it cute. thank you!



The staff's consideration was perfect and they talked a lot, so I was able to shoot without being nervous and having a lot of fun. I would like to visit again when I need photos again in another industry. I was asked to take photos for my job hunting, but the photos that I had taken and used at other companies until now have been criticized by acquaintances, and I wondered if there was anything more I could do about it. I was so depressed that I gave up on the industry, but Selfit took beautiful pictures, which gave me hope for my future job hunting. Very satisfied. Thank you very much!



I took it with a job hunting good impression plan.
Both the hair and makeup staff and the photographer were very kind, and I was able to shoot with peace of mind.
I'm not good at having my photos taken, but I'm very satisfied with the photographer's advice and taking good pictures.
If there is an opportunity to shoot again, I will ask here!



Came here for a wedding photo.
Even though it was a busy Saturday evening, I was able to be guided very quickly without waiting time.

Since I had applied hair styling products to my hair, I was asked to take care of other shaving marks and eyebrows, and to modify my clothes. So I was able to finish it fairly smoothly.

I left most of the photo selection to the studio, but I think they chose very good photos.
I would like to ask you again if there is anything.

Nao Kojima


We decided together while discussing the details. When I had my makeup touched up, she was very kind to give me advice on colors that would suit me.
Even during the photo shoot, she gave me polite instructions for posing while relieving my tension through conversation. After the shoot, I was very happy to receive a message of support on my business card. The finish of the photo I received later was also a beautiful finish that exceeded my expectations. If you have another chance to shoot, I would like to ask you again. thank you very much!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Kuwashimashashin Studio'

#2 Kuwashimashashin Studio



Looking for a top-rated headshots studio in Osaka, Japan? Look no further than Kuwashimashashin Studio, located at 1-chōme-2-5 Katsuyamakita, Ikuno Ward. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 194 reviews, this studio has proven to provide exceptional services and stunning results.

Customers have raved about their experiences at Kuwashimashashin Studio, with one parent mentioning their joyful Shichi-Go-San shoot. The friendly and skilled staff made their daughter's day memorable, capturing countless smiles and creating a pleasant atmosphere throughout the session. Another customer praised the studio's ability to beautifully capture their child's expressions and gestures, despite their restlessness.

Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to easily check the photo contents and make reservations through LINE, a popular messaging app. From milestone celebrations to casual family photo shoots, this studio proves to be versatile and accommodating.

Kuwashimashashin Studio goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Their staff's patience and expertise shine through in handling children's moods and coaxing out priceless candid moments. Customers are eagerly looking forward to the finished products, adorned with stylish and fashionable items that blend seamlessly into any room.

If you're in search of a professional and skilled headshots studio that will capture the essence of your special moments, Kuwashimashashin Studio is the perfect choice.



Today was the shichi-Go-San shoot. I used it many times and my daughter was looking forward to this day. It was a photo session full of smiles while talking about various things! Of course my daughter! We are very happy too! You always took a lot of good pictures, and I couldn't choose, so I left it all to you this time. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product!



This is a photo studio that has been indebted to me since my child was born.
They gently snuggle up to the children who move around too freely and take many wonderful pictures of various expressions and gestures.
It's not strange to be swayed by children and get exhausted, but for some reason it's fun all the time ✧*
There are only wonderful staff who make me feel like that, and I can not use anything other than here ♡

After the shoot, not only the photos taken that day, but also the photos taken so far will be shown as a video, letting you feel the growth of your child!
This photo studio is highly recommended ♡.°⑅



I was able to take a picture of my son's shrine visit.
It seems that it was good to be able to check the contents of the photo and make a reservation by exchanging LINE.

I had a lot of fun shooting the day from beginning to end,
My son was also in a good mood and took a lot of pictures of his smile.

I would like to use it again during the milestone.



I used to take a picture when I was a baby, and I asked for a picture for the first time in a while. This time, I had my second daughter's entrance photo and a casual photo shoot with my two sisters.
Thank you for taking such cute and stylish photos. Also, there are many fashionable items that blend into the room after shooting, and I am looking forward to decorating them when they are finished.
This time, I was grateful that I was able to take a photo using the sports equipment that my child is working hard on, and I was able to leave a picture of what I am doing now.
I've also used a major chain studio, and the kids really seemed to have fun because they were able to capture not only their smiles, but also their facial expressions and movements!

1 yeb


Thank you for your help at Shichi-Go-San!

At first, he tried to cheer up the crying 2-year-old child happily. Thank you for your patience with these stubborn children.
After finally recovering my mood with my usual method (explaining the situation and convincing him), he brought out a lot of good expressions, as expected of a professional! I was impressed! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

I have been taking care of my family for a long time. Thank you for your continued support.

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'セルフ写真館 韓服&studio KOKOREA'

#3 セルフ写真館 韓服&studio KOKOREA



セルフ写真館 韓服&studio KOKOREA, located at 3F Star Building, 3-chōme−11−21 Momodani, Ikuno Ward, Osaka, Japan 〒544-0034, is a highly-rated headshots studio that has garnered a perfect 5-star rating from 76 reviews. Customers have praised the beautiful store interior and the wide selection of chima jeogori (traditional Korean outfits) and attractive small items available.

One customer mentioned the satisfaction they felt with the photo booth, which featured cute decorations and numerous props and backgrounds for shooting. Another customer expressed their enjoyment in using the many props and backgrounds available, highlighting the desire to return and try more Hanbok designs.

Customers have found the experience to be fun, particularly when visiting with family or friends. The store is child-friendly and allows for various poses and smooth shooting. Another customer commended the attentive and detailed explanations provided by the friendly staff, allowing them to use the many cute costumes and accessories at their disposal.

The space is described as enjoyable, with the staff suggesting color combinations and welcoming both beginners and Korean culture enthusiasts. Furthermore, customers appreciate the ease of wearing chima jeogori.

In summary, セルフ写真館 韓服&studio KOKOREA is a headshots studio in Osaka that has gained popularity for its beautiful store, wide range of chima jeogori and small items, and enjoyable shooting experience. With its perfect rating, it has become a go-to destination for those looking for high-quality headshots with a touch of Korean culture.

D 1114


I visited for the first time after seeing it on TV. Inside the beautiful store, there are many kinds of chima jeogori and all of the small items are attractive. The photo booth was very beautiful, the decorations were cute, and there were plenty of props and backgrounds that could be used for shooting, so I was very satisfied. I also want to wear a different color chima jeogori.

chika U


There were so many props and backgrounds in the set that I had so much fun that I didn't have enough time.
There are still many Hanbok designs that I want to wear, so I definitely want to use them again.



It was a lot of fun ❤️
If you come to the store with various poses in mind, you may be able to shoot smoothly.
I went with my child, but the child
you can enjoy
It was good to experience 😃



I used it for the first time with my friends.
I was able to use it with confidence because the clerk explained it carefully.
There are cute costumes and beautiful eyes.
It was fun to use as many small items as you wanted.
I would like to use it with my child next time.



I used it for the first time.
It's a very fun space, and you can enjoy yourself from costumes to accessories.
The staff will suggest color combinations, so I think it can be used by everyone from beginners to Korean lovers.
Chima jeogori is also easy to wear.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Zeroosakanagahoribashimise Studio'

#4 Zeroosakanagahoribashimise Studio



Welcome to Zeroosakanagahoribashimise Studio, located at 1-chōme-7-7-3 Minamisenba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Japan. With a remarkable rating of 4.9 stars and 71 rave reviews, our studio is renowned for providing exceptional headshot photography services.

At Zeroosakanagahoribashimise Studio, we go above and beyond to ensure that every client has a memorable and personalized experience. Our team of experts takes the time to listen to your preferences and transform your vision into stunning reality. Whether you desire a Western-style location, a bridal shoot amidst blooming cherry blossoms, or a unique kimono-Western fusion, our talented photographers and makeup artists will bring out your best features and create a captivating look.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and attentive service. Clients have praised our ability to make them feel at ease, allowing them to relax and truly enjoy their photo shoot. Additionally, our studio offers consultation services where we discuss weather conditions and arrange alternative plans, so you can have peace of mind regardless of unforeseen circumstances.

Not only do we provide an exceptional experience, but we also deliver impeccable results. Our clients have been thrilled with the high-quality and beautifully composed photographs they have received. With an album showcasing a fantastic layout, our goal is to create cherished memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your photographs, our team at Zeroosakanagahoribashimise Studio is dedicated to ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Trust us to capture your unique essence in every shot, preserving your special moments with unparalleled expertise and creativity. Contact us today to book your headshot session and discover why we are the go-to studio for exceptional photography experiences in Osaka, Japan.



I was allowed to shoot at a Western-style location + studio. The makeup artist listened to my preferences in detail and gave me a very cute hairstyle and makeup. It was really fun to talk about things other than shooting. The photographer also carefully took pictures based on this request. I was a little nervous before the shoot, but I was able to relax and enjoy the shoot. It was good that you showed me the photos that you were taking like this during the shooting. I was really satisfied! thank you very much.

a t


The photo was taken with the hydrangea location plan. The forecast was for rain from the day before, but I thought it might be a light rain, so I decided to take a picture and took a lot of very good pictures.
I was able to welcome the day with peace of mind as I consulted whether to postpone it or not.
If you are considering a pre-shoot, I would like to recommend it!

a k


I asked for a pre-shoot in the kimono-Western-style studio plan! it was very fun! As for the hair and makeup, she listened to me in detail about my usual makeup and the image I wanted, and I was very satisfied with the finish! The photographer was also very friendly and excited, but he gave me detailed and easy-to-understand instructions, so even the two of us who were not used to photography were able to take wonderful pictures! I can't wait to receive the data.

yumiko yamasaki


In late March, when the cherry blossoms started to bloom, I took a photo at Fujii House Park, where the plum blossoms are beautiful. The bride and groom and 6 family members from both families were photographed. The album that arrived also has a wonderful photo layout, and I plan to cherish it for the rest of my life. Thank you very much♡

Nanako Wakano


Thank you for your help with the wedding photos.
From the first consultation to the end of the shoot, I was treated very well.
On the day of the shoot, I was very grateful that they took care of me, carried my luggage, and took measures against the heat.
I haven't finished the picture yet, but I'm sure it's a nice picture ☺️

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'セルフ写真館_ウッディフォトスタジオ大阪梅田中崎町店'

#5 セルフ写真館_ウッディフォトスタジオ大阪梅田中崎町店



セルフ写真館_ウッディフォトスタジオ大阪梅田中崎町店, located at Japan, 〒531-0072 Osaka, Kita Ward, Toyosaki, 1-chōme−2−4 西村ビル 2階, is a highly-rated headshots studio with a perfect 5/5 stars and 65 glowing reviews. Customers have praised the exceptional service and attention to detail provided by the staff.

One customer used the studio for their dog's anniversary shoot and expressed satisfaction with the staff's kindness and flexibility in taking pictures from various angles. Another customer celebrated their birthday with a friend and was delighted to have captured their special moments for a full 30 minutes. They appreciated the studio's ability to accommodate vertical and horizontal shots and the availability of various props and accessories.

Many reviewers noted the large and comfortable studio space, making it ideal for group shoots. One customer highlighted the convenience of a spacious dressing room and the option to wear different outfits. Another mentioned the affordability of the studio, with a great deal of 5000 yen for 30 minutes, or approximately 2000 yen per person for a group of three.

Overall, customers had a relaxing and enjoyable experience, taking advantage of the longer shooting time compared to other studios. Bringing their own flowers, they appreciated the staff's politeness and the proximity of the studio to Umeda, making it easily accessible. With its excellent service, variety of options, and positive customer experiences, セルフ写真館_ウッディフォトスタジオ大阪梅田中崎町店 is a highly recommended choice for capturing beautiful headshots and creating lasting memories.



I used it for my dog's anniversary shoot.
The staff at the shop are kind and let me take pictures from various angles, so I'm very satisfied 🎶
I would like to repeat it by all means ♡



I used it for my birthday celebration with my friend.
I brought a bouquet and took a picture 💐
I am satisfied that I could shoot the whole 30 minutes!
It can be taken vertically and horizontally, and there were various small items 🙆‍♀️
I'm happy to be served with flash! !
It was a good memory 💓
It seems that you can take pictures with dogs, so I want to use it with my dog ​​🐶



I was able to relax and take more than 100 pictures in 30 minutes!
There is a large space for changing clothes and accessories are also available, so I would definitely like to use it again! !
The studio itself is large, so I would like to use it with a large number of people!

rena matsui


My first self photo studio 🤳 5000 yen for 30 minutes, 3 people went, so it was about 2000 yen per person. (Including date transmission) It was a great deal and I was very satisfied

I bought flowers and brought them 💐
The staff was very polite and kind, and I enjoyed using it!
It is recommended because it is close to Umeda on foot.



I enjoyed shooting for 30 minutes, which is longer than other shops! Still, it was fun and it flew by!
We had fun taking pictures in our own space!
I brought in flowers and they were very polite! Thank you♪

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Kimono Photo Studio WASABI Osaka'

#6 Kimono Photo Studio WASABI Osaka



Welcome to Kimono Photo Studio WASABI Osaka, the ultimate destination for capturing stunning photos in traditional Japanese attire. Located at 2-chōme-8-17-1F3 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Japan, our studio boasts a stellar reputation with 4.8/5 stars based on 50 rave reviews.

Led by the talented and professional photographer, Sayaka, our studio offers an unforgettable experience from start to finish. Sayaka goes above and beyond to ensure all inquiries are promptly handled, making you feel comfortable and well-prepared even before arriving in Japan. With exceptional craftsmanship and a friendly demeanor, Sayaka guarantees an amazing photo shoot.

At Kimono Photo Studio WASABI, you'll be enchanted by the exquisite collection of kimonos available for rental. Our wide selection ensures there is a perfect kimono for every individual or group. Additionally, we provide a variety of cool props that elevate your pictures to a whole new level. Should you desire, we also offer hair and makeup services to complete your stunning look.

Guests have praised the studio as an excellent and cost-effective alternative to kimono rentals, with the added advantage of avoiding weather-related issues. Clients have commended Sayaka's perfect English, professionalism, and ability to make everyone feel comfortable during the shoot, even those who are typically camera-shy.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to create incredible memories. Visit Kimono Photo Studio WASABI Osaka and immerse yourself in the beauty of Japanese culture.

Fe Juan


My friend and I had an amazing experience with our photo shoot. Sayaka was very professional and accommodating in handling all my inquiries way before I arrived in Japan. She's very friendly and very good in her craft. Would definitely recommend this photo studio to friends. Worth the price. ❤

Matthew Sharpe


Wife scheduled an appointment with WASABI during our trip to Japan this past Winter. Our experience was amazing! My wife, daughter, and I all participated in the photo shoot.

The kimono's are absolutely beautiful and appropriate props are provided. You can also opt to have your hair and makeup done! Be sure to plan appropriate time to ensure there is no rush. Sayaka was wonderful to work with. You do not need to know Japanese as English is spoken and very well.

I can't tell you what a wonderful time we had taking these photos. Her photo directing and patience with our child (who believes she should be able to pose herself lol ) was greatly appreciated. She is professional and very friendly. The worst part of the experience was not being able to take every photo with us! (you can! we were on a budget though :) ) Thank you again for such a great experience! It was the highlight of our one-day Osaka trip :D

Sert Nixen


This is a great alternative for those who want to wear kimono rentals.
- costs less
- don't have to deal with the weather
- take amazing photos home

The studio has a wide selection of kimonos to choose from along with cool props to elevate your pictures. Hair and make-up is also available but will need to make an appointment ahead of time. Look for a package that suits you or your group!

We went as a couple and our photos turned out absolutely gorgeous. I recommend this studio to anyone who wants to give photo shoot a try.

Kudos to Sayaka (Studio Head Photographer) who made our experience worthwhile--concluding our Osaka trip as its highlight

Matthew Lee


We had a wonderful experience with Sayaka, Head Photographer who came highly recommended. She spoke perfect English, was polite, professional and friendly and made us all feel very comfortable(considering this was a photoshoot with my husband and two sons who do not like taking photos!!). She was flexible and accommodating with time and my son who was sick. She produced beautiful photos that my family & I will treasure forever and it was such a lovely way to capture our holiday in Japan. Thank you Sayaka for making us feel at ease and making me look so beautiful in the photos & my men like warriors. We LOVE them :)

carlos noe barba


This has been an excellent experience and one of the best remembers that I could get from my trips to Japan.(and this was my third one ;)

Sayaka, the photographer, is a great professional, she helps you a lot in order to make the cooler photos.

I do not know what more to say...just:

Strongly recommended!!

Do not go to Osaka without visiting it!

You will not regret!!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio TO-WA'

#7 Studio TO-WA



Studio TO-WA is a reputable headshots studio located in Osaka, Japan. This studio has garnered a stellar reputation, receiving a perfect 5/5 stars rating based on 33 reviews. People are raving about their positive experiences with Studio TO-WA.

One customer expressed their gratitude for the studio's flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them to have a photo wedding instead of a traditional ceremony. They were impressed by the variety of options for both Western and Japanese clothing, and the fact that there were no additional charges for costume upgrades, accessories, data, or hair change fees. Another customer appreciated the reasonable pricing and the trendy and stylish costume designs available in the studio.

Customers also praised the friendly and helpful staff, who provided excellent guidance and assistance during the pre-shooting process, ensuring a pleasant and easy experience. The studio's natural and inviting set created a comfortable atmosphere for couples, with one customer specifically mentioning their desire to return with their future child for another photoshoot.

Studio TO-WA is known for its diverse range of dresses and kimonos, making it a go-to choice for capturing beautiful headshots in various outfits. Customers also appreciate that they can take breaks during the shoot, which is especially beneficial for pregnant individuals. Overall, Studio TO-WA offers a delightful and stress-free experience for those looking to capture their special moments.



Due to the corona crisis, I was indebted to the photo wedding instead of the wedding ceremony. Western clothes were taken at the location, and Japanese clothes were taken at the studio.
I'm glad I had a photo wedding with TO-WA!



When I was looking for a studio because I wanted to shoot Japanese and Western clothes, there were no additional charges for costume upgrades, accessories, data, hair change fees, etc., and I was able to shoot with a set plan for comic comics at a low price. I took a pre-wedding shoot at the studio.
Also, many of the costumes had trendy colors and stylish designs, and there were many that I liked.
He asked me about the image of the shoot and hair set in advance, so I was able to shoot as I wanted.
The staff's response was polite and quick, and I was able to get wonderful photo data, and the cost performance was good! It was a real pleasure to shoot in this studio! Thank you very much.



Thank you for your help with the pre-shooting ◎
Reasonably priced! The place has a cute atmosphere! I squeezed in and visited the studio, but there was no additional charge, and the dress was so cute that I didn't think it was a uniform price!

It was very helpful and easy to understand through LINE exchanges such as desired poses and hair sets until the day, and things to bring on the day ◎

On the day of the event, there were two female staff members, and they were both very kind.
My husband, who wasn't too keen on the pre-shoot, really enjoyed it, so I'm really glad that we were able to do the pre-shoot with TO-WA.

When I have a child someday, I would like to take care of Shichi-Go-San! ♡

Thank you \( ˆoˆ )/



It was our first studio shoot as a couple! I took a maternity photo, but the staff's response was good from beginning to end, such as being able to consult carefully about the costume, hairstyle, and shooting content.
The studio set was also natural and had a good atmosphere.
If I have a child again, I would like the three of us to shoot at this studio!
I can't wait to receive the photo data (^^)

e kita


I had both Japanese and Western clothes photographed in the studio! I was worried about my physical condition because I was pregnant and the embarrassment had just subsided a little, but I was able to enjoy the shoot until the end because I was able to do it while taking a break, asking me to stop the shooting many times. rice field! There were so many cute and beautiful dresses and kimonos that I wanted to wear more. I'm glad that there weren't many pictures of me wearing it because I was instructed on how to pose. For hair and makeup, she listened to the details such as the position of the hair ornaments and the color of the eyeliner, and it turned out to be a very satisfying finish! I'm really thankful to you!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Pix−do! フォト&メイクアップスタジオ(大阪/心斎橋/難波)'

#8 Pix−do! フォト&メイクアップスタジオ(大阪/心斎橋/難波)



Pix-do! フォト&メイクアップスタジオ(大阪/心斎橋/難波)is a renowned headshots studio located at 1-chōme−10−7 Mikado Building 2F, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Japan, with a stellar rating of 4.3/5 stars based on 23 reviews. Known for their exceptional photography skills and makeup expertise, Pix-do! offers a comprehensive package that includes haircutting, creating business cards, makeup application, and hairstyling.

Customers have raved about their experience, stating that despite being nervous about their photography skills, the friendly staff made them feel at ease from the moment they entered the store. The photographers at Pix-do! possess an incredible eye for capturing their subjects' best angles, resulting in stunning photos that exceeded expectations.

Some customers have mentioned instances of communication issues with the studio, particularly with a female staff member. However, since then, the studio underwent a staff change, ensuring improved customer satisfaction.

Pix-do! offers a variety of reasonably priced plans, making it accessible for everyone to have their portraits taken professionally. Customers have expressed their gratitude for the quality of service and the affordability of the packages.

With its exceptional photography skills, talented makeup artists, and reasonable pricing, Pix-do! フォト&メイクアップスタジオ is the perfect choice for anyone seeking high-quality headshots in Osaka.

Nyon Kawanoya


I heard about the reputation from my friends.
It takes 2.5 hours to cut 3 photos, create business cards, make up and do hair.

I'm not good at photography, so I had to challenge myself to shoot for the website, so I was nervous for a few days, but it was good that I told them at the reservation stage that I was not good at photography.
As soon as I entered the store, I was very relaxed as I was surrounded by kind words and smiles.

While checking the costumes and photo images, each person arranged their hair and makeup very beautifully, and the photographers and all the staff are kind and good at complimenting them.

I had a hard time choosing a photo, but the photographer gave me advice on my good points (?) that I didn't know myself, saying, Is this this or this?

I also asked them to make a business card, but they made a nice business card in no time.

The staff here are all specialists in their respective fields. It makes a wonderful photo that I think.

I would like to ask you again if there is an opportunity to replace the photo.

I'm really thankful to you.



The other day, I had a photo taken for the profile of the contest. I asked for point makeup, hair set, and 2 poses. Add makeup to your own makeup and make it gorgeous 😊💕
At the time of shooting, I posed exactly as the photographer said, and there was myself other than myself, and the photo turned out to be more than my favorite.
In the finished picture, I was a new me that I had never seen before. It was so wonderful that it seems to be addictive 🎵
I also asked for a reservation for hair and makeup on the day of the contest 😊
Thank you for your time today.



It was still good in the past, but since the members changed completely, there was a problem with communication, especially with the woman who was fixing it.
Many times I ask him to do this because he is worried about this part of his face, but he always treats the background that has nothing to do with it. It took a lot of effort to communicate. Even the photographers who quit here didn't meet their deadlines at all, and they became tengu. There seems to be an increase in the number of people who study retouching on their own because they have no choice but to do something on their own.



There are various plans, and you can shoot at a reasonable price.



Thank you for taking profile pictures of our members.
I am very pleased with the price and service.
Thank you for your continued support.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'studio Ament'

#9 studio Ament



Studio Ament, located at Japan, 〒550-0003 Osaka, Nishi Ward, Kyōmachibori, 1-chōme−16−8 RE-021 9階, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that boasts a remarkable rating of 5/5 stars based on 19 glowing reviews. Customers rave about their exceptional experiences and the stunning results they received.

Clients appreciate the diverse locations offered by Studio Ament, allowing them to choose the perfect backdrop for their photoshoot. Additionally, Studio Ament specializes in maternity photography, ensuring expecting mothers can capture the beauty of this special time in their lives. The staff's warmth and friendliness put nervous first-time clients at ease, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere from start to finish.

Families have also entrusted Studio Ament for their newborn and milestone photoshoots, with the studio's interior exuding a stylish ambiance. The professional team takes an approach that considers both the child's and parent's perspectives, resulting in memorable photographs that exceed expectations.

The studio's attention to detail extends beyond its interiors and costumes. They provide valuable pose suggestions, making clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Additionally, the attentive staff ensures that sessions are accommodating to any needs, such as breastfeeding or nap schedules.

Studio Ament's commitment to excellence and dedication to creating a stylish and pleasant environment have earned them a well-deserved reputation for their outstanding work. Whether you're looking for headshots, maternity, or family photography, Studio Ament is the premier choice for capturing your cherished moments.



Let me choose from various places,
Take a maternity photo at Ament
Thank you.

A stylish atmosphere from the entrance
Of course indoors
It was a very stylish and favorite atmosphere!

It was my first time shooting and I was very nervous.
Staff are very easy to talk to
relax from start to finish
I was able to enjoy shooting from beginning to end ^^

I don't know the pose, give me advice
Thank you for your continued support.
What kind of atmosphere do you want to shoot in?
I was able to shoot while listening to the details!
So I'm very happy with the finish.

If you have an event with your family
Please let me know!

thank you very much!



Our family has been indebted to Ament for maternity photos.
After my daughter was born, I was able to shoot the Newborn, 100th day celebration ♫

Above all, the inside of the studio is stylish!
And the staff thinks from the child's point of view and the parent's point of view and shoots.
Since my daughter is still small, it overlapped with the timing of breastfeeding and sleeping, so I was busy..
As expected, I have a nursery teacher qualification, and I was able to flexibly proceed with the shooting, thank you very much for that section😌

There are few studios where you can take pictures with your dog, so it is highly recommended for those who have pets ♡♡
They always responded to my requests, and I am very satisfied with the cute baby-like facial expressions in the finished data, as well as the angles and cool facial expressions that I would not be able to take at home!

I'm thinking of ordering one for my 1st birthday next time.
At that time, I'm thinking of asking you to make an album from before I was born to when I'm 1 year old, so please support me in that case♬



It was a very stylish and beautiful studio.
Because it was completely reserved, I was with my child, but I was able to take pictures without hesitation!
The cameraman and assistants were very kind and caring, and the children said they had a lot of fun. These are my favorite photos. Thank you.

yhr mm


It was my first time to visit you for a maternity shoot.
Located near Utsubo Park, it looks stylish from the outside, and when you go inside, the space is even more stylish.
I have seen many wonderful photos on SNS for a long time, but I feel that the studio is very particular about stylish interiors, costumes, and the atmosphere of the photos.
Contrary to the cool impression at first glance, the staff welcomes you with a very soft demeanor.
Although it was a maternity photo, she took a lot of pictures such as a family photo with my older children, just a couple, just a child, and so on. Unlike other photo studios that tend to end, it was a highly satisfying shoot because I was able to get close to my side and take a polite shot.
In addition, the staff took care of the children during the shooting of the couple, and the children were also familiar and comfortable.



It was said that it was a kids studio,
Because I liked the interior and the atmosphere of the photo,
we have no children
I took a couple photo ♡
kindly accept
It was a very pleasant staff.
The inside of the studio was really stylish and I was surprised.
the owner is not very enthusiastic
I was shy, but
A soft male staff from a male perspective
Call me out
Thanks for creating the atmosphere.
Before I knew it, even the hardened expression
I was surprised at how natural it was.
(pre-wedding shoot)
My face was cramping from beginning to end...lol)
For those of us without children
It was a rare studio shoot
Have fun and decorate
It seems to change regularly
I want to go shoot again!
thank you very much!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'フォトスタジオエヌプラス photo studio N plus'

#10 フォトスタジオエヌプラス photo studio N plus



フォトスタジオエヌプラス(photo studio N plus)は、大阪市中央区槍殿町1丁目11−401に位置するヘッドショット専門スタジオです。このスタジオは、12件のレビューで4.9/5の高評価を獲得しています。





My mother has cancer, and I wanted to take a family photo while I was still healthy and able to move, so I decided to take a family photo. My mother is fine so far, and she can move at all, so I was worried about going to a normal photo shop,

I had a glimpse of the idea that it might be my mother's portrait, so I was worried that I wouldn't like it if I didn't get a sense of warmth when I went to a photo studio that has a strong festive mood, such as a birth or wedding anniversary.

At that time, I happened to find this photo shop, and I made a request and it was a great answer!

Taking into consideration my mother's illness and the background of the shoot, she made it a very bright and fun atmosphere. I was able to shoot.

Of course, I was very satisfied with the results of the photo shoot, which was a perfect surprise.

I was very grateful for the existence of a photographer who was kind to patients suffering from such diseases. I would like you to continue these activities in the future, and I would be happy if I could help spread them. I will spread the word to my friends and acquaintances! ! I'm really thankful to you! !



I asked for a family photo shoot to create memories with my mother who is suffering from cancer. Anyway, I'm glad I made it here. The staff was very welcoming and the whole family was able to relax and shoot, and I was able to have a good time from beginning to end without being nervous. He kindly accepted the photo shoot with his beloved family dog, and treated the dog very kindly.
When I saw the finished photos, I was deeply moved by how they brought out our natural expressions. If you have a chance to take a picture again, please do so.
thank you very much!



I visited the studio from Kobe with my ALS sister. Half a year ago, let's go in the spring! I decided and prepared with my family and helpers and made it happen.
My little sister, who can't move at all now, was shining in a nice dress. I spent such a precious time not only taking pictures, but also making the process of shooting memorable. See you next year, let's all take pictures together! I'm really thankful to you!

Satokoro K


This time, I was indebted to take 60th birthday photos with 7 friends. You must have been surprised by how busy it was. Mr. Nishio, the cameraman, took pictures of us beautifully and cutely without even a bad look on his face. I have good memories. Thank you to the assistant and the person who did the makeup. If you have another chance, please



I got the album. I'm happy that it turned out beautifully. Thank you very much for listening to my request. The last photo I changed was decided by my daughter because she thought it looked like a mother.
I just hope that my friends and studio staff are doing well so that I can take a commemorative photo.
Thank you very much.

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