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Discover Rennes, a vibrant city in France known for its rich history, captivating architecture, and picturesque landscapes. Home to talented professional headshot photographers, Rennes offers a diverse range of services, including professional portraits, LinkedIn headshots, and affordable options for male and female headshots. Whether you're seeking professional corporate headshots or convenient headshot studios near you, explore our curated list of local businesses and find the perfect fit for your needs. Please note that BetterPic, the provider of this list, is not associated with any specific studio.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Oxana Photography - Photographe Portrait et Famille à Rennes'

#1 Oxana Photography - Photographe Portrait et Famille à Rennes



Looking for a professional photography studio in Rennes, France? Look no further than Oxana Photography - Photographe Portrait et Famille. With a stellar reputation and a 5/5 rating from 203 reviews, Oxana Photography is the go-to destination for capturing timeless portraits and memorable family moments.

Oxana, a talented and experienced photographer, has the unique ability to put her clients at ease, making the entire photo session a fun and enjoyable experience. Whether you're looking for engagement, wedding, or family photographs, Oxana's expertise will ensure that your vision is brought to life.

Clients rave about their experiences, with one customer exclaiming, Oxana is wonderful! She recently took our engagement photos, and we love them. She made the whole experience feel fun and enjoyable, and the photographs turned out stunning!

Another satisfied customer praised Oxana's professionalism and attention to detail, stating, I am extremely satisfied with Oxana's portrait photography work. She responded quickly to my inquiry and gave great advice on all aspects of the shoot.

Not only does Oxana deliver exceptional service, but she also provides valuable advice to her clients to ensure that they are well-prepared for their photo sessions. Her passion for her work shines through in every shot, creating beautiful memories that will be cherished for years to come.

With Oxana Photography - Photographe Portrait et Famille, you can trust that your special moments will be captured with the utmost care and expertise. Contact Oxana today to book your session at her conveniently located studio on 23 Av. Jules Maniez, Rennes, France.

Elizabeth Hill


Oxana is wonderful! She recently took our engagement photos and we love them. Neither me or my partner have had professional photos taken before but Oxana put us at ease and made the whole experience feel fun and enjoyable. She was very prompt to return the photographs and they look stunning! Can’t wait to use her as our wedding photographer.

Dorian Maras


I am extremely satisfied with Oxana's portrait photography work. I hired her to take some professional and personal photos. I would say the shoot went perfectly, and I am very happy with the results. She responded quickly to my inquiry, and prior to the shoot she made sure we had everything covered: wardrobe, indoor and outdoor locations, desired results. She gave great advice on all aspects of the shoot (what clothes to wear, how to move, how to look natural and comfortable in front of the camera in a public space, what to do with my hands, etc). I have never felt so comfortable in front of a camera! She turned what could have been a torturous experience into a fun, uplifting and successful shoot.
You can tell she has deep experience working with natural light (morning is a great time for natural light), and with directing her subjects to attain excellent results. Her equipment is top shelf, her eye is quick and certain, and the quantity of high-quality photos surprised me in a very positive way. Does it sound like I had a great time and ended up with many excellent-quality and usable photos? Well, I did. I recommend Oxana without reservation to anyone who wants great-looking photos.
I will hire her again, and I look forward to it.

Enguerrand de ribaucourt


Excellent experience. Very nice, skilled and professional. Provides great advices for preparing the shots. I had a really great time working with you, and strongly appreciate the results.

Eugenie Smirnova Photography


Super positive experience of the online photoshoot for me and my daughter! Highly recommended!!! Thank you Oxana for this amazing emotions and memories 🥰

Latifa Lek


Oxana is a photographer to contact without hesitation! I used his services to photograph my tattoo products for my website. Completely satisfied, Oxana is attentive, very involved and passionate about her work, and she is a very nice person. Beautiful encounter. Thank you again 😉

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Angeline Capri Photographe'

#2 Angeline Capri Photographe



Looking for a professional and talented headshots studio in Rennes, France? Look no further than Angeline Capri Photographe, located at 2 Rue Jules Simon. With an impressive rating of 5/5 stars from 122 reviews, Angeline Capri Photographe has proven to be a top choice for capturing unforgettable moments.

Clients have raved about their experiences with Angeline Capri Photographe, highlighting her professionalism and understanding. Whether it's a photo shoot with a little girl, a baby, or a pregnancy session for couples, Angeline goes above and beyond to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Clients have appreciated her flexibility in rescheduling sessions to accommodate evolving circumstances, making them feel valued and cared for.

Angeline's attention to detail is evident in the stunning photographs she produces, capturing the essence and emotions of each moment. Clients have expressed their satisfaction with the beautiful decorations and matching outfits she provides, creating a unique setting for each session.

With Angeline Capri Photographe, expect exceptional service and stunning results. Whether it's capturing the beauty of pregnancy, the innocence of a newborn, or the individuality of a headshot, Angeline's talent and professionalism will deliver breathtaking photographs. Book your session with Angeline Capri Photographe today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Joanna Tahtouh


We recently did a photo shoot with our little girl with Angeline and we were satisfied. We had to cancel the first session because our daughter was sick, and Angeline was very understanding. During the session. The photos are beautiful and Angeline has also prepared a beautiful decor and matching outfits. We recommend Angeline for her professionalism and understanding. Thank you for this great experience!

Morgane Fautrel


We did a baby photo shoot with our 1 year old son. Before the session, I appreciated my discussions with Angeline who accepted without problem to postpone the date several times to take into account the evolution of my baby. The session went wonderfully well, she listened to our wishes and the baby, we all had a great time. We are delighted to have these beautiful photos where she was able to capture beautiful expressions of our baby. I highly recommend Angeline to keep beautiful memories of her toddler!

Michaël Geslot


We did a pregnancy photo shoot as a couple, with Angeline, which went really well.
She immediately put us at ease and the contact was easy. She is a very good professional who was able to guide us throughout the session with advice and tips.
His photos are beautiful and correspond exactly to what we had imagined.
We are now looking forward to baby pointing the tip of his nose, to come back for the newborn session.

Loury Nora


We did a pregnancy photo shoot with Angeline and this experience was great.
We were superbly welcomed, Angeline knew how to put us at ease to take magnificent shots (listening and caring).
Very nice work, the end result is great and we decided to repeat with the birth session.
Thank you for everything Angeline.

célia hubert


We had the pleasure of meeting Angeline for a wonderful maternity photoshoot. She was able to put us at ease in front of her lens, which made this moment unique.
We will keep very good memories of this moment of complicity before the (long-awaited) arrival of baby.
Thanks again.

BetterPic: Professional Headshots powered by AI



BetterPic offers state-of-the-art AI-generated professional headshots, providing an affordable and convenient solution for individuals and teams. With 10x affordability compared to traditional photoshoots and local alternatives, BetterPic transcends location constraints, optimizes appearance details, and caters to diverse needs including business, acting, modeling, and LinkedIn headshots.

Try it now to enjoy the convenience, affordability, and superior quality offered by our AI headshots technology.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Studio Photographer Zeykah'

#3 Photo Studio Photographer Zeykah



Looking for a top-notch photography experience in Rennes, France? Look no further than Photo Studio Photographer Zeykah, located at 20 Bis Rue Danton. This studio has garnered an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars with 109 rave reviews.

Customers have been thrilled by the professionalism and talent of Zeykah, the head photographer at Photo Studio Photographer Zeykah. One reviewer describes their experience as perfect and professional, highlighting Zeykah's pleasant demeanor and punctuality. Many have expressed their intent to return for future photography needs.

Zeykah's expertise doesn't end there. With a career and talent recognized by numerous competitions and satisfied customers, Zeykah is undoubtedly a highly skilled photographer. Clients have been amazed by his fast and efficient know-how and his unwavering friendliness, making every interaction a pleasure.

Furthermore, Zeykah offers videography services, as one satisfied client attests. Professionalism, good contact, and an overall enjoyable experience are cited as the reasons to recommend Zeykah's services.

If you want stunning photographs or a captivating promotional video, look no further than Photo Studio Photographer Zeykah. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and a reputation for professionalism and friendliness, you can trust Zeykah to capture your special moments with expertise and artistry. Book an appointment now and experience the excellence of Photo Studio Photographer Zeykah.

Estela Mano


Perfect and professional photographer. Super pleasant & punctual. For sure I'll come back when I need other photos. Good luck in your job and merci:)

Olivier Voodoo


Pro a 100%

404 Dream


The list of reasons why you should also go through his services is long. But let's make it simple, he is Professional, yes with a capital P. In addition to his career and his talent recognized by multiple competitions and satisfied customers. I am amazed by his fast and efficient know-how. To top it off, Zeykah is unfailingly friendly no matter the day. Always a pleasure to meet him, he will brighten up your day as much with his skills as his repartee. In short, A professional who is worth the detour, whether for your identity photos or for a much more advanced session. No disappointment!

Update: and hop ID photo taken at this photographer and satisfied.

Oxana Semenova


I used the services of Zeykah as a videographer to make the promotional video for my activity.

What a pleasure to work with such an attentive, caring, passionate person! Zeykah was very responsive to my request and was able to quickly grasp my needs to create a dream video presentation!

Thank you very much Zeykah! I recommend it with your eyes closed!

Nicolas Rouan


I recommend !! Very professional, good contact!
We had a great time.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Images Photo'

#4 Images Photo



Images Photo is a renowned headshots studio located at Centre commercial Colombia, 40 Pl. du Colombier, in the vibrant city of Rennes, France. With a stellar rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 86 reviews, this studio has garnered a reputation for its exceptional service and expertise in the field of photography.

Customers rave about the attentive and helpful staff at Images Photo, who provide invaluable advice and guidance throughout the entire process. One satisfied customer expressed their gratitude for the staff's patience and understanding when they encountered issues with payment, proving their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Despite a minor setback shared by one individual, most clients have consistently received answers to their questions and expert guidance for their purchases. Bristling with professionalism, the team at Images Photo dedicates their expertise and knowledge to ensure that customers make the right decisions with their purchases.

Moreover, the friendly and warm welcome at this studio has left a lasting impression on many. The pleasant and smiling demeanor of the staff, particularly Stéphanie, has been commended for their help and advice that aided customers in achieving their desired results.

Images Photo is also recognized for its reliability as a preferred destination for all photography-related needs. With several years of experience, clients have repeatedly expressed their trust in the professionals at the studio, consistently receiving high-quality products without disappointment.

In conclusion, Images Photo is a trustworthy and customer-focused headshots studio in Rennes, France. With their attentive staff, expert advice, and commitment to delivering exceptional service and products, it's no wonder customers continue to rely on them for all their photography requirements.

philippe tondut



Jules Siche


The staff is attentive and very good advice. I had a lot of problems paying for my purchases at once and the seller patiently waited for everything to be sorted out trying to help me and was very understanding. I highly recommend !

lilly bulle


Usually they always answer my questions and always guide me on my purchases. In short, I hit almost an hour's drive to be received like this, I'm really disappointed. The gentleman did not want to guide me on my future purchase, no commercial aspect. And thoughts thank you very much my visit to quickly was cut short. And I ended up finding another store in Rennes who listened to me and where I bought my new lens.
Be careful who you recruit. Because frankly it doesn't make you want to set foot there again

LIOR Productions


Very pleasant professionals, good advice. I've been buying my stuff here for several years and never been disappointed. 👌

Dominique LANNEC


Friendly and smiling welcome.
Thank you Stéphanie for your help and advice, we are delighted with the enlargements you have made.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Yves Rousseau Photo'

#5 Yves Rousseau Photo



Located at 3 Rue d'Estrées in Rennes, France, Yves Rousseau Photo is a renowned headshots studio that has earned a stellar reputation in the industry. With a remarkable rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 80 customer reviews, this studio is trusted by individuals and families alike for capturing exceptional moments and delivering top-notch quality photographs.

Clients speak highly of Yves Rousseau and his team, praising their ability to create stunning images that effectively promote businesses or commemorate special events. One satisfied client expressed their gratitude for the beautiful images of their work, while another raved about the unforgettable experience of having their wedding photos taken. Yves' knack for putting people at ease in front of the camera is evident, as several customers mentioned the relaxed and friendly atmosphere during their sessions.

Yves Rousseau is not only recognized for his wedding photography but also for capturing exquisite portraits, including those of children and families. The studio's dedication to customer satisfaction shines through the reviews, with clients praising Yves' good humor, patience, and professionalism.

In addition to capturing personal milestones, Yves also provides corporate photo shoots for those seeking professional images for their CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and other important media platforms. Clients appreciate Yves' efficiency, as many mention receiving their photos the very next day.

With his passion for photography evident in his work, Yves Rousseau is highly recommended for anyone in need of exceptional photographs. Whether it's to capture cherished family moments or create a lasting impression for professional endeavors, Yves Rousseau Photo is the go-to studio in Rennes.

Penny Carter


Thank you Yves for a wonderful group of images of my work. I look forward to using them to promote my business.



We chose Yves for our wedding photos and we really did not regret it!
He was able to put us at ease in front of his lens, full of ideas and an exemplary quality of photographs!
Thanks again to you Yves 🙂

Marie-annick Le Béguec


Yves took beautiful wedding photos of my son.
And also superb portraits of my granddaughter and my grandson, always taken in a joyful and very friendly atmosphere. He knows how to put everyone at ease.
I highly recommend it.

Agathe Bédier


Great family photo shoot, thank you for your good humor and patience. Very happy with the result, the photo session was a gift that we had been offered, we keep this idea to please another family. Thanks to Yves

Edan Krisciunas


Yves is a very professional photographer who is very passionate about his job, which shows. A very nice person but also very professional.

I chose Corporate photos, because I needed them for my CV, LinkedIn and other important media on which I need to make a good impression.

I highly recommend going to see him if you need pictures, especially if you're short on time (I received mine the next day).

So overall a very professional, kind and efficient photographer.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Laetitia Jestin Photographe'

#6 Laetitia Jestin Photographe



Are you seeking a talented and professional photographer to capture those precious moments in your life? Look no further than Laetitia Jestin Photographe, located at 12 Ctr Saint-Aubin, Rennes, France. With a perfect rating of 5/5 stars from 63 satisfied clients, Laetitia Jestin Photographe is renowned for their exceptional work.

Whether it's for your wedding, a family session, or the birth of your child, Laetitia's passion and expertise shine through in every photograph. Clients have raved about her ability to capture key moments with talent and to transform them into beautiful memories. With her remarkable skills, Laetitia ensures that each photo maintains a professional and artistic touch.

Not only is Laetitia extremely professional, but she is also warm, welcoming, and dedicated to providing the best experience for her clients. Her exceptional talent in photography is evident in the stunning results she consistently delivers. From family sessions to weddings, clients have been thoroughly impressed with the magnificent renditions of their memories.

Even without the opportunity to meet in person prior to their wedding, Laetitia's professionalism and attention to detail ensured that every moment was captured perfectly. Her friendly and caring nature allows the bride and groom to fully enjoy their special day, knowing that each moment is being beautifully captured.

Don't hesitate to trust Laetitia Jestin Photographe for all your photography needs. Contact her today to experience her professionalism, talent, and dedication firsthand. Let Laetitia transform your special moments into timeless photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Béatrice Texier


We called on Laetitia for our wedding and she knew how to immortalize key moments with talent: our secular ceremony, the flash mob, the cocktail... Her photos are indeed beautiful memories that well deserved the use of a professional!



Laetitia is a very smiling and very welcoming person.
She is very professional and passionate.
Just see the results of our photos to have no more doubts.
Do not hesitate if you are looking for a photographer and you have any doubts, you can trust Laetitia.

Camille Peron


Family session which was a real moment of sharing. Laetitia's talent gave a magnificent rendering to the photos. The screening was also a moment out of time, as the result is beautiful to see. Thank you very much for your welcome and your patience.



We found Laetitia's contact by chance for our baby's birth photos. Very attentive and available, she knew how to seduce us with her pictures which will leave us with a superb memory of our little girl. Very beautiful photos, responsiveness for our announcements. We recommend his professionalism and his talent.

nicolas chabot


Laëtitia was our wedding photographer, we had found her through the internet and unfortunately could not meet her physically upstream living in the Paris region. We made several visios, she was always super professional, taking care to bring her wise vision of the course of a big day. She is smiling and friendly and ensures that everything is framed to allow the bride and groom to enjoy. Laëtitia accompanied us throughout the wedding day, filled with good humor. His photos are of very good quality, varied, ranging from classic photos to photographs in a more artistic style, in particular very pretty portraits. We warmly recommend Laëtitia, guaranteed results.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'David Ferrière Studio Photo'

#7 David Ferrière Studio Photo



Welcome to David Ferrière Studio Photo, located at 7 Rue de la Monnaie in Rennes, France. With a stellar rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 61 reviews, our studio is highly regarded by our satisfied customers.

One of the standout features of our studio is the exceptional service and attention to detail offered by Mr. Ferrière himself. Customers have praised his ability to speak English and appreciate his willingness to go above and beyond. In one instance, despite being busy, he even sent a helpful SMS providing information about a nearby photo shop for visa photos.

Our studio is known for its expertise in passport photography, including for infants, as a pleased customer attests. Mr. Ferrière was described as super nice, accommodating, and helpful with a stroller. The result was a superb passport photo, ensuring a desire to return for future photography needs.

Customers laud David's professionalism, patience, and friendliness. Even without an appointment, he provided a warm welcome and expert advice, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Multiple prints are made for customers to have a choice, resulting in beautiful ID photos that can be cherished throughout their journey.

Remarkable customer experiences continue as David's professionalism, kindness, and patience shine through in every session. He takes a sincere interest in his clients, building confidence and capturing stunning photos.

Parents are especially impressed by David's ability to work with young children. With patience and skill, he ensures compliant and high-quality passport photos, even with the most energetic and curious little ones.

149 words



He can speak English. Although he was busy, he still sent me an SMS of his colleague's nearby photo shop for taking visa photo in few minutes. I'm really appreciated.

Lisie Moulin


Appointment made for passport photos for my 5 month old daughter.
Mr. FERRIERE was super nice, accommodating, and also helped me with the stroller.
A superb passport photo thanks to him.
We will definitely come back for the next photos.
Thank you so much.

Karol Charles


Great experience, David is very friendly, patient and professional. I didn't have an appointment, I was there and I called, because the place was not visible, he gave me a warm welcome, he immediately puts you at ease, he gives the advice for the photos to be successful and made several prints in order to have a choice. I left with beautiful ID photos that I looked at throughout my trip and I would not be ashamed when it comes time to take out my ID card.

Thanks David!

Dominique Blouin


Excellent experience! David is very professional, kind and patient. Very friendly, he is interested in people, gives us confidence and it comes out very well in the photos. Thanks!

Gabriella O.


Looking at the comments, I thought it would be nice to go to David's studio to do some ID photos for our 21 month old daughter. It went really well, David is very patient with children and knows how to deal with young children very well. We managed to have compliant passport photos very quickly, even if our baby is an electric battery that wants to touch it :)
We are thinking of going back to one of these 4 for family photos.
I totally recommend!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Laure Blanchet photographe'

#8 Laure Blanchet photographe



Looking for a professional and talented photographer in Rennes, France? Look no further than Laure Blanchet photographe! With a flawless reputation and a perfect 5-star rating from 27 ecstatic clients, Laure Blanchet photographe is sure to exceed your expectations.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful couple photo session, a family photo shoot, or even a pregnancy session, Laure Blanchet is the expert you need. Clients rave about Laure's advice and expertise before and during the photo sessions, from selecting the perfect location, outfits, and overall preparation. With Laure's guidance, clients achieve 100% natural and stunning results - photos that truly reflect their unique personalities and capture their special moments.

Laure's skill in capturing genuine moments of complicity is evident in her work, as seen in the heartfelt testimonials from satisfied clients. From the first birthday of a little boy, to a pregnancy session during the 8th month, to a last-minute replacement for a wedding photographer - Laure Blanchet delivers exceptional quality and professionalism.

With years of experience and a true passion for her craft, Laure Blanchet photographe guarantees a memorable and enjoyable photography experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your special moments immortalized by a true expert. Book your session with Laure Blanchet today and cherish the memories for a lifetime.

Clara Dufour


Beautiful couple photo session, with Laure who is of good advice before the session and during (locations of the session, outfits, preparation..)! Laure was able to give us some good ideas during this first photo shoot, for a 100% natural and very pretty result! Photos in our image, we are delighted.
Thanks again and see you soon ☺️

louise lenechet


A big thank you Laure for the photo shoot of the first birthday of our little boy and at the same time, of the whole family :)
The photos are beautiful and very natural. Laure knows how to capture the beautiful moments of complicity in all discretion!

Marie Despres


A very big thank you to Laure for the pregnancy session during my 8th month. She was able to put me at ease even though it was not easy. Thanks to your professionalism and the quality of your photos, I will keep a wonderful memory of this magical period of my life. I recommend Laura 100%.

Paul Le Padellec


Laure brilliantly replaced (the day before for the next day) the photographer scheduled for our wedding who had fallen ill.

We are very satisfied with the result! Each guest has great photos of him / her, Laura was able to capture beautiful moments and above all we have magnificent photos of our wedding that we will keep all our lives.



Laure has been following me since I had my little girl. It is a real pleasure to see such moments of complicity so well immortalized.
Once again, thank you Laure for your availability and professionalism. Long way to you in this job!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Goudi Studio - Photographe Vidéaste'

#9 Goudi Studio - Photographe Vidéaste



Introducing Goudi Studio - Photographe Vidéaste, the ultimate destination for capturing stunning headshots and creating lasting memories. Located at Centre Alphasis Espace performance Bâtiment B2, Rdc, in the picturesque town of Saint-Grégoire, France, Goudi Studio is a renowned photography and videography studio that has garnered a stellar reputation for their exceptional services.

With an impressive rating of 5/5 stars based on 27 glowing reviews, Goudi Studio is clearly adored by their clients. People rave about their experiences, highlighting Goudi's ability to put them at ease and provide relevant advice for truly magnificent results. The studio's empathetic approach ensures personalized and tailored renderings, reflecting the unique personalities of each client.

Clients appreciate the availability, smiles, and attentiveness of Goudi's talented team. Their creativity shines through as they expertly guide clients, capturing the beauty of pregnancy, family moments, and corporate shoots. Their professionalism and good humor create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, resulting in incredible photos that leave everlasting memories.

Goudi Studio, led by the talented Audrey, has impressed not only with their skills but also with their warmth and professionalism. They excel at making clients feel comfortable and at ease, even those who are not typically comfortable in front of the camera. Their friendly approach allows for fun and enjoyable photoshoot experiences.

Whether it's for professional or personal projects, Goudi Studio is highly recommended. They consistently deliver exceptional results and are praised for their quick response time and super professionalism. Clients have expressed their intention to return to Goudi Studio for future needs, confidently relying on their expertise for business or personal requirements.

In conclusion, Goudi Studio - Photographe Vidéaste is an exceptional headshots studio located in Saint-Grégoire, France. With their talented team, personalized approach, and impeccable results, they have rightfully earned their position as the go-to destination for



Photo session for our growing family: Goudi knew how to put us at ease and prepare us in advance for a magnificent rendering thanks to his relevant advice and his talent. Goudi is empathetic and adapts to the personalities of his clients for a tailor-made rendering (which was very important for us!)
Thank you for your professionalism and good humor. We had a great time! These memories will stay with us and our babies for a very long time!!

Isabelle Dg


Goudi is available, smiling and attentive! Extremely creative, she knew how to guide me and value me, this pregnancy photo session proved to be therapeutic... my 2-year-old daughter also loved the experience, I have wonderful memories thanks to her! Thanks again :)

Coralie Sannier


Super photographer who puts you at ease and adorable! Experience at the top!
The result of the photos is incredible ☺️ I recommend 100%

Catherine Litvinenko


Audrey is a very friendly and professional person.
Not usually comfortable in front of the camera, she was able to relax me and make the photo shoot fun and enjoyable!
We had called on her in a professional setting and are very satisfied with the photos.
I would not fail to contact her for my future professional and personal projects.
I recommend it to you!

Justine Maubert


Very friendly and smiling! She allowed us to relax for a corporate photo shoot and took great photos for the whole team, whether for individual or group photos!
And despite an error on my part, she processed the request very quickly!
Super professionalism!
We will return without hesitation for other needs (pro or personal).

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio Shapers - Location studio video rennes'

#10 Studio Shapers - Location studio video rennes



Studio Shapers - Location Studio Video Rennes is a highly acclaimed headshots studio located at 33 Av. Aristide Briand, 35000 Rennes, France. With an impressive 5/5-star rating based on 15 glowing reviews, it is evident that this studio is a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Clients have praised Studio Shapers for its excellent studio space, providing the perfect setting for various shoots. One satisfied customer expressed gratitude towards Samy and the team for their exceptional service during their Bar-industry shoot, while another simply stated that it was the best studio they had come across.

The dedicated team at Studio Shapers ensures that every client's needs and desires are understood and met. Benjamin and Sammy, in particular, are commended for their warm reception and engaging discussions, ensuring that team photo sessions produced outstanding results. The talented photographer made clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and provided valuable input, resulting in high-quality pictures that surpassed expectations.

Visitors also appreciate the studio's central location in Rennes and the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the entire team. Customers are impressed by the team's ability to accommodate all requests with a smile, good humor, and kindness.

With outstanding testimonials and impressive experiences, Studio Shapers - Location Studio Video Rennes is unquestionably a top-tier choice for headshot and photo shoots. Plan your visit today and experience the exceptional service and expertise this studio provides.

Basile Jourdan


Great studio space, went there for my Bar-industry shoot, Thanks Samy and the team again for looking after us guys ! Highly recommend

Brice Do Huy


The best

L'Échappée Ludique


We came to take photos of the team (together and individual portraits). We were very well received by Benjamin and Sammy to discuss our desires and our ideas. The photographer made us feel comfortable in front of the lens and was proactive. The pictures are great! Good quality and represent what we expected. Thanks.

Fatiha Jourdan


I loved this studio in the center of Rennes, a fabulous welcome from the whole team who is there to meet our every request. Go there with your eyes closed, they will be able to welcome you with a smile, good humor and a lot of kindness to put you at ease right away. Can't wait to go back!

Elisa Blanchard


I did a photo project at Studio Shapers recently, very good welcome and advice! I plan to return at the end of January for a day of themed photo shoots. I recommend !

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