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Welcome to Bordeaux, a city of elegance and charm in the heart of France. Discover a diverse range of professional headshot photographers, offering services such as LinkedIn headshots, cheap options, and stunning professional portraits. Whether you're seeking male or female headshots, or professional corporate headshots, find the perfect studio near you. BetterPic is here to help you compare local businesses and choose the best option for your needs. Please note that BetterPic is not associated with any specific studio – we simply provide this comprehensive list of services to assist you in finding the ideal headshot photography studio in Bordeaux.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Galerie Bernatets - Photographe'

#1 Galerie Bernatets - Photographe



Galerie Bernatets - Photographe is a renowned headshots studio located at 475 Cr de la Libération, Talence, France. With an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 238 glowing reviews, this photography studio has established itself as a go-to destination for capturing impeccable photographs.

Customers have consistently praised the studio's inviting atmosphere, excellent service, and talented photographers. One satisfied customer mentioned their complete satisfaction with the quality of their photo and the service received. Another described the experience as excellent, highlighting the exceptional professionalism exhibited by the manager and their assistant. The studio's dedication to listening to customer requests and delivering satisfying results has left them highly recommended.

Additionally, Galerie Bernatets - Photographe is known for its warm welcome and professionalism, as mentioned by a client who was delighted with their baby's first ID photo. The studio's commitment to creating beautiful memories shines through their super nice and professional photographer.

With its impressive reputation and positive customer feedback, Galerie Bernatets - Photographe is undoubtedly a top-notch headshots studio in Talence. Whether you're in need of professional headshots or capturing cherished moments, this studio is sure to provide an outstanding experience. Don't miss out on their exceptional services and visit Galerie Bernatets - Photographe at your earliest convenience.

Thái Lê Phương Hà


Good atmosphere, good service, good photographer. I'm totally satisfy with the service and the quality of my photo.

Somnath Mondal


Excellent one 👌

Locutustheborg and main lab



Random Buyer


The reception of the manager and his assistant is a reflection of the pleasant and professional place. without forcing my hand and listening to my request, I came out very satisfied with the shots I had requested. I can only recommend this photo workshop.



Superb welcome! Super nice and professional photographer! My baby's first ID photo! I will definitely be going back there 👍👍!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Agency Photo Creation Christophe VIAUD'

#2 Agency Photo Creation Christophe VIAUD



Located at Bis, 268 Rue d'Ornano in Bordeaux, France, Agency Photo Creation Christophe Viaud is a highly regarded headshots studio. With an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars from 228 reviews, it's clear that their exceptional service and craftsmanship have left a lasting impression on their clients.

Customers praise the Viaud family for their professionalism and kindness, applauding their ability to uphold the art of photography. Their attention to detail is evident in their craftsmanship, which includes retouching and framing photos with the utmost care. The level of hospitality provided by the team at Agency Photo Creation Christophe Viaud is unparalleled, making every customer's experience truly memorable.

One reviewer mentions the quick and efficient service they received, even on a tight deadline. Another customer found solace in discovering this studio while visiting Bordeaux for a conference and being able to rely on their professionalism.

Artists and photographers have also found a trusted partner in Agency Photo Creation Christophe Viaud. They take pride in offering a high-quality print service for artistic works and have been commended for their seriousness, responsiveness, friendliness, and optimism by grateful clients.

With an emphasis on large formats, the team at Agency Photo Creation Christophe Viaud is known for delivering exceptional print quality. Their expertise and friendliness set them apart, creating a unique space in Bordeaux that surpasses all equivalents in the city.

Whether working in a professional setting or seeking a personal headshot, clients commend Mr. Viaud and his accomplished team for their ability to adapt to time constraints without compromising on the quality of their prints.

All in all, Agency Photo Creation Christophe Viaud is a headshots studio that embodies professionalism, artistry, and outstanding customer service.

Lisa Cousins


What a pleasure to come across such professional and kind artisans. The Viaud family uphold the art of photography. I had 2 photos retouched and framed as a gift. The quality of both the craftsmanship and the hospitality are NOT a thing of the past with them ! I'm so glad to have found them, such a great service. Thankyou team Viaud...

Aleksandra Penza


I had pretty urgent printing need, short time, poster in A0 format - VIAUD helped me straight away with a very professional service. I am so glad that I found them here in Bordeaux, especially as this is not my origin place, I just came here for couple of days for conference.

Oona Regard de Lumière


It took me a long time to find the professional who would be able to make the prints of my artistic works and I finally found it! I would like to thank the entire team at Agence Photo Création CH. VIAUD Bordeaux for its seriousness, responsiveness, friendliness and optimism. You are amazing !
- Oona Regard de Lumière, Photographer of the Soul / Photo'Therapy in Bordeaux.

Pierre Pourquery


Very good print quality on large formats. The team is very friendly and really competent. I don't think there is the equivalent in Bordeaux. The rendering of the plexiglass is particularly stunning… congratulations to the team

Christian OSR


I am used to working with the agency in a professional setting. The whole team is very professional and manages to adapt to time constraints by providing quality prints. It is a pleasure to work with Mr. Viaud and his team.

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Talk Photographe Bordeaux'

#3 Photo Talk Photographe Bordeaux



Photo Talk Photographe Bordeaux is a top-rated headshots studio located at 11 Rue des Menuts, 33000 Bordeaux, France. With a stellar 5/5 star rating based on 204 glowing reviews, it's no wonder this studio has become a go-to destination for photography enthusiasts.

Clients have praised Photo Talk Photographe Bordeaux for their exceptional service and expertise. One customer expressed their gratitude, saying that they left the studio feeling reassured and full of creativity after being initially doubtful about their abilities and equipment. Another client highlighted the studio's friendly atmosphere and the excellent teaching skills of Stephen, who not only provided practical lessons but also offered valuable theoretical knowledge.

Stephen's teaching approach is described as pedagogical, patient, and attentive, making the studio a perfect choice for both beginners and enthusiasts seeking to enhance their photography skills. In fact, one customer mentioned that after just one lesson, Stephen's clear and straightforward explanations converted them from a smartphone photographer to someone ready to enjoy their very first camera.

Moreover, Photo Talk Photographe Bordeaux offers personalized one-to-one photography courses, constantly leaving customers satisfied and eager to recommend the studio to others. The studio is known for its ability to simplify complex concepts and deliver training that suits each individual's needs.

With its friendly and supportive environment, Photo Talk Photographe Bordeaux is the ideal place to explore the art of photography. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced amateur, this studio is guaranteed to provide a great experience and enrich your skills. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from a talented expert in the heart of Bordeaux.

guillaume Valette



cloé couvert


Too bad we can't give more stars because I would have given them to you without any problem, me, these stars, you put them in my eyes.
I came to you, stressed, lost and full of doubts about my abilities and my equipment. I left reassured and cheerful, my head teeming with ideas and creativity! So thank you 1000 times for your kindness, your patience, your kindness and your sympathy.

Raphael Arnaud


Great experience, I definitely recommend!
In addition to being very friendly, Stephen is an excellent teacher both in theory and in practice. I left with lots of good advice and beautiful images, thank you again and maybe see you next time :)

Vanessa Bouillac


I was offered a one-to-one photography course. Stephen is very pedagogical, patient, attentive, very nice! I'm ready to enjoy myself with my very first camera! Crazy about photos but with my smartphone, he was able to convert me into a single lesson because his explanations are simple, clear, obvious. I recommend his classes with eyes closed and will take one again....

J Jerome


A great experience and a very nice meeting.
Amateur in video for 20 years, I wanted to turn a little towards photography. First bad SLR, no pun intended, I wanted to invest in equipment, to give an idea, my budget 2000 euros. I hung out for hours on Youtube, bought a few books, and learned a little theory. The idea of ​​taking lessons had been running through my head for a few months but I didn't really dare to take the plunge, probably not convinced of the usefulness, as a scientist well slapped, the theory is enough 😉. And I came across a podcast from Stephen which convinced me to send him an email – long 😉 … very long 😉 … – to explain my need to him. After a few exchanges to determine my level, he prepared four tailor-made courses for me.
I just finished these four courses, and I don't know what to say other than it changed my vision of photography.
The pace of the lessons was perfect, I learned a lot of stuff, no, actually Stephen introduced me to photography. I was very quickly overwhelmed by the manual mode depending on the situation, and Stephen gave me the basics to now be sure of my choices in this magic triangle. I didn't become a photographer, but now I know why.
Today I still haven't changed gear, a small part of my initial budget went to lessons with Stephen, but I think it's the best investment I've been able to make in a long time to progress in photography. .
Anyway, thank you Stephen! And I said nothing about kindness, patience, pedagogy, benevolence...

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Bordeaux Photography'

#4 Bordeaux Photography



Are you looking for a talented and creative photographer in Bordeaux, France? Look no further than Bordeaux Photography, located at 6 Imp. Saint-Projet, 33000 Bordeaux. With an impressive 4.5/5 stars rating and 176 reviews, this studio comes highly recommended by countless satisfied clients.

Led by the skilled and personable photographer, Kev, Bordeaux Photography offers an exceptional photo shoot experience that will leave you in awe. Kev's photography skills are simply amazing, capturing stunning images that will perfectly portray the essence of your special moments.

Beyond his technical expertise, Kev's engaging personality and natural ability to connect with people create a relaxed and enjoyable environment during the shoot. Clients appreciate his great direction and his ability to bring their visions to life, be it vibrant and colorful portraits or elegant and timeless shots.

But Bordeaux Photography doesn't stop at providing outstanding photography services. Kev also offers a unique bike tour, allowing you to explore and discover the beauty of Bordeaux while capturing unforgettable moments along the way. This combination of adventure and creativity truly sets Bordeaux Photography apart.

Don't miss the chance to work with this young and brilliant professional. Whether you're visiting Bordeaux or residing in the area, Bordeaux Photography is the place to go for exceptional photography and a memorable experience. Book your session now and let Kev's creative vision and expertise make your moments last a lifetime.

Courtney Davies


During our visit to Bordeaux we did a bike tour and photo shoot around the city with Kev. His photography is amazing! He was really easy to work with and gave us great direction, our pictures came out beautifully. Not only is his work great, but his tour was fun and informative and we had a great time! We highly recommend working with Kev!



Kevin is very talented photographer. For a long time I wanted to have portraits with colourful lights (like in the movie), and he had great ideas how to make them. I'm really happy with the result!
For anyone visiting Bordeaux, or living there, I definitely can recommend him as a photographer - he has his own creative vision, which is very important for the photography.

Marta Paleari


Kevin is a young and brilliant professional. A cheerful guy able to set a connection with the most different people. I had fun with him that early morning in Bordeaux! He took amazing shots of myself and I could not choose better photographer.

John Lestina, Jr


Kevin was amazing! I would go back to him EVERY time I visit Bordeaux! He took my wife and I all over the beautiful city via bicycles, and we got to experience Bordeaux in a unique and captivating way! He took several photos of us during the bicycle ride, as well as posing in beautiful Bordeaux, and after the bike ride he invited us into his home to review the photos. Afterwards we were sent a link to download the photos for ourselves. 100% would recommend to anyone! Thanks Kevin, until we meet again!

Paul Hetreed


We had a wonderful time and day out with Kevin. This local really knows his city . We felt welcome and comfortable and enjoyed his company . We enjoyed the bike tour and got to experience some Cool spots of the beaten track so to speak . Kevin’s photography was also amazing and really captured some special moments our memory book.
Best regards
Paul and Sarah

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Tristan Perrier - Photographe Fine Art'

#5 Tristan Perrier - Photographe Fine Art



Looking for an exceptional photography experience that captures the true essence of your special moments? Look no further than Tristan Perrier - Photographe Fine Art, conveniently located at 43 Rue Raymond Bordier, 33200 Bordeaux, France. With a stellar 5/5 rating and a whopping 166 rave reviews, this headshot studio is truly a gem.

Tristan Perrier, an extraordinary photographer, goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. From the very first interaction to the final result, he showcases his exceptional talent, remarkable communication skills, and genuine desire to create stunning, memorable photos. Clients consistently mention feeling at ease and comfortable in his presence, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable photoshoot experience.

One reviewer expressed their delight in how Tristan made their engagement day surprise truly special, capturing every significant moment with breathtaking precision. Another client found his work merveilleux, commending Tristan's care, enthusiasm, and undeniable passion for his craft. He effortlessly adds depth and emotion to every photograph, elevating the end result beyond expectations.

Tristan's dedication to getting to know his clients personally is highly appreciated and applauded. He invests genuine effort into understanding their unique style and preferences, resulting in photographs that genuinely reflect their personality and story. Weddings, engagements, and other milestones are transformed into timeless works of art.

Don't miss the opportunity to work with Tristan Perrier - Photographe Fine Art. Your search for an extraordinary photographer ends here.

Wendell Dela Cruz


Tristan is an amazing photographer! From first contact to finished photos, he went above and beyond our expectations. He was an excellent communicator, very personable and delivered quality work. We could feel that he genuinely wanted us to have amazing photos and that made our day even more memorable. It was important that we feel comfortable while having pictures taken and Tristan’s personality made that possible.
We really appreciated that he had us shoot in lots of locations to get as many great pictures as possible. Loved the combination of posed and candid photos. We’re so happy that we had the pleasure of working with Tristan. He captured so many wonderful moments from our engagement. We highly recommend him for his prompt communication, friendly demeanor, sincerity and beautiful photography skills! We hope to be able to work with him again in the future. 5 stars!

Michael Crook


Tristan was a joy to work with on our engagement day. Because this is a big moment in someone's life, and you might be considering booking him for your day, I'll write a longer review so you know just want to expect.

He made our Engagement Day surprise so special and now we have gorgeous pictures that effectively captured the entire day for the rest of our lives!

As a photographer, he spent a lot of time with us before the official shoot, so that we could feel comfortable. Then, he provided great direction to me, as I was initially pretty awkward in front of the camera. He was able to arrange us to get alot of great shots of the scenery and of us as a couple.

The day of the photoshoot he sent over a couple teasers, two days later he gave us a video and in less than a week he gave us over 200 edited pics.

In reviewing the pictures, we found that he was able to capture a lot of the candid moments where we didn't know he was even taking pics. As he was taking the photos he helped us feel more confident behind the camera and would go out of his way so that I could feel confident that he was getting a good picture.

Then, during the surprise engagement, I cried the entire time and believe me, I am one of those ugly criers....but the pics he sent over still made me look good. We also felt affirmed and appreciated as an LGBTQ couple, so no worries if that is a concern for you.

Overall it was a very positive experience. From the pictures and interpersonal interactions, to the professionalism and responsiveness, the whole thing was great and I highly recommend Tristan for your surprise engagement, wedding or any other special occasion. 10 outta 10! :)

Sue Hastings


What can I say but merveilleux !!!!!
Wow , wow , wow. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Tristan did a fantastic job of capturing the joy that I am sure we all felt over the few days at our son’s wedding celebrations in Bordeaux and Chateau del la Ligne .
From the moment we met him Tristan was caring, enthusiastic and passionate about his craft and his pictures so sensitively showcased his real talent at capturing the most special times for our family .
Tristan has made many photographic records which we will really enjoy looking at forever, and reliving the most amazing few days.
Thank you .

Benjamin B


Tristan has done a stunning work. The picture are absolutely fantastic and way above our expectation.
We were a bit stressed about doing our first shooting but Tristan has been really good to make us relaxed and we have been enjoying every moment of it. Since we met with him we felt straight away he is passionate about his work and he has been really good to add emotion and feeling to every photograph.
We are now very much looking forward to our wedding. Well done Tristan !!

Cherrine Kong


Tristan is very passionate and professional. He spent a great effort to get to know us and we really appreciate that.
We were very impressed by Tristan - he took lots of amazing pictures for our wedding. All of us (including our guests) are really happy with the photos and enjoyed his company throughout the day. Very friendly and adaptable to our requests.
The communication before and after the wedding was brilliant. Highly recommended.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Patrick Chatelain'

#6 Patrick Chatelain



Patrick Chatelain is a highly acclaimed headshots studio located at 16 Rue Ulysse Gayon, Bordeaux, France. With an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars from 63 glowing reviews, this studio has earned a stellar reputation for their exceptional services.

If you're searching for a talented and professional photographer for your special event, look no further than Patrick Chatelain. Their team, led by the immensely skillful Patrick, is known for their ability to capture stunning photographs that truly stand out. Whether it's a wedding, a family photoshoot, or a pregnancy shoot, Patrick's expertise shines through every image.

But it's not just about producing breathtaking pictures; it's about creating a memorable experience. Clients have raved about Patrick's personable approach and his sincere effort in getting to know them. By fostering a comfortable atmosphere, he ensures that every client feels at ease, resulting in natural and genuine moments being beautifully preserved.

The studio's commitment to professionalism and exceptional quality is evident in each project they undertake. Clients commend Patrick for going above and beyond their expectations, combining talent, style, and a touch of empathy to deliver outstanding work. From capturing the joy of weddings to the anticipation of new life, Patrick has an innate ability to immortalize these precious moments.

If you're seeking an unforgettable photography experience in Bordeaux, look no further than Patrick Chatelain. With their unparalleled talent, impeccable customer service, and a portfolio that speaks for itself, this studio comes highly recommended by their loyal clientele. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Patrick and his team on your next project – you won't be disappointed.

Kain Craigs


We hired Patrick and his team for our wedding in July and he was fantastic! The quality of the photographs were excellent and his approach on the day was just what we wanted. He really took the time to get to know my partner and I to ensure he captured what we wanted. He was very thoughtful and we couldn't recommend him high enough. 10/10!

Lauren Bray


Fantastic photographer, absolutely stunning images. Patrick is not only talented but makes everyone being photographed feel extremely comfortable. He's professional and goes above and beyond.

Sarah Fbl


We were very well accompanied throughout the day, Patrick knew how to put us at ease, our guests were delighted. And the photos are beautiful. We recommend his professionalism without a doubt. Thanks again Patrick



Professionalism, style and sympathy !!
Talented, available and possessing real human qualities, your collaboration with Patrick will necessarily be a success!!
He will be able to immortalize your unforgettable moments and sublimate reality through his lens!
Thank you Patrick, I can't wait to work with you again!

Aurelie Mazeau


Great pictures. We trusted Patrick for our family pregnancy photos and once again we were not disappointed. They are beautiful and he knew how to highlight this beautiful moment. Thank you so much.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio Corinne Ballouard photographe portrait professionnel et de famille à Bordeaux'

#7 Studio Corinne Ballouard photographe portrait professionnel et de famille à Bordeaux



Studio Corinne Ballouard is a professional headshots studio located on Rue Lavergne in Lormont, France. With an outstanding reputation and a perfect 5/5-star rating based on 57 reviews, this studio is known for capturing stunning and high-quality portrait photos for both individuals and families.

Clients have described their experience at Studio Corinne Ballouard as a wonderful encounter, highlighting how Corinne is able to put them at ease and help them gain confidence in themselves. Her sensitivity and passion for her profession are evident in every session, resulting in truly magical photos. One client mentioned their first experience with Corinne as beginner's luck, praising her attentiveness and ability to make them feel comfortable even before taking a single shot.

Actors in Bordeaux and beyond have also highlighted Corinne's understanding of their specific needs, recommending her highly for headshots that capture their essence as performers. Clients appreciate Corinne's professionalism and sense of humor during the shoots, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Overall, Studio Corinne Ballouard is recognized for their expertise in producing top-quality headshots. Whether you're an aspiring actor, a professional in need of updated portraits, or a family looking to capture special moments, Corinne's skill and dedication make her a photographer worth visiting.

Sandrine Andres


A wonderful encounter!
We had received a gift voucher from our children for a shoot. Anxious for my part because not very photogenic in my opinion, Corinne knew how to put me at ease, helped me to gain confidence in myself, in her and the magic worked. Corinne puts all her sensitivity at the service of her profession, her passion. We end up abandoning ourselves to our objective and when the photos are delivered to us, it is our emotion that takes over, the result is magnificent. We recommend and above all warmly thank Corinne.

Diogo Coutinho Correia


Beginner's luck? ✌️
For my first Book Comedian, I had the good fortune to have come across you, Corinne!

A professional photographer, attentive, available who will be able to put you in confidence from the first contact, accompany you in order to capture a very qualitative result, even before she pulls the trigger on her camera 📸.

Looking forward to seeing you again Corinne Ballouard✌️.

Laurine TOMA


Corinne understood exactly what I needed as a beginner actress, I cannot recommend her highly enough to all the actors in Bordeaux and elsewhere! Thanks again to her for her professionalism and good humor during the shoot!

Johan Taeymans


It is very pleasant to photoshoot with Corinne. A person who knows his job in an energy of relaxation and fun. A professional photographer that I recommend to myself and to others.

Isabella Verduci


After several searches for photographers for my daughter's actress book, Corinne Bellouard was obvious. Very professional with a touch of humor!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Guillaume Argento Photographe / Vidéaste'

#8 Guillaume Argento Photographe / Vidéaste



Welcome to Guillaume Argento Photographe/Vidéaste, a renowned headshots studio located at 161 Bd Albert 1er, 33130 Bègles, France. With an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 38 glowing reviews, it's clear that Guillaume Argento excels at capturing professional and stunning photographs and videos.

One satisfied client raved about how Guillaume effortlessly provided them with professional material for their Yoga school's website and social media pages. Not only did he capture great shots of the clients and their students, but he also made everyone feel at ease during the process. This glowing feedback speaks volumes about Guillaume's ability to not only produce exceptional work but also create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for his clients.

Another client, Cyrille Events, praised Guillaume for his attentiveness and professionalism during a decoration shoot for their event agency. The photos turned out to be magnificent, leaving no room for regret. Guillaume's incredible talent has been highly sought after for corporate photos, events, and more.

Guillaume's skill and passion for photography are consistently acknowledged by his clients. One reviewer commended his gold-worthy achievements and his ability to expertly capture moments. Furthermore, Guillaume's professionalism and cheerful personality have added an extra layer of satisfaction to every project.

Whether you require headshots, event coverage, or montages, Guillaume Argento Photographe/Vidéaste is the perfect choice. With a proven track record of excellence, it's easy to see why clients recommend Guillaume's services time and time again. Trust in his talent and professionalism, and let him bring your vision to life.

Instantra Yoga


We asked Guillaume to make some pictures that we could use for our Yoga school website and social media pages. He managed not only to provide us with professional material with great captures of us and our students, but also to make at ease all the participants.
Definetly we will ask you to patricipate in our future projects. Thank you very much!

Charles Rup



Agence Evénementielle


I called on Guillaume for my event agency. I wanted to do a decoration shoot. A very good moment! Guillaume was attentive and very professional. The photos are magnificent!!! I recommend him as much for his kindness and his work.
Cyrille Events

Stephanie Leroux


Guillaume is an incredible photographer and someone who hates photos says so. I have trusted him on several occasions, for my corporate photos, for my events... and I have never regretted it! Thank you Guillaume, I recommend 1000 times!

Emilie Lermet


A talented photographer!

Bravo for your achievements, you have gold in your hands and you know how to use it.

For all events, I recommend Guillaume in photos / videos and montages.

Thank you for your professionalism and the jovial person that you are.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Muriel Meynard'

#9 Muriel Meynard



Welcome to Muriel Meynard Headshots Studio, located at 5 Rue Jules Massenet, Le Haillan, France. With a stellar rating of 4.9/5 stars and glowing reviews from satisfied customers, Muriel Meynard is an acclaimed photographer who specializes in capturing the perfect moments that last a lifetime.

Muriel's expertise shines through in every photo shoot, whether it be for newborns, families, weddings, or maternity sessions. Clients praise her patience and flexibility, making every session a delightful experience. Fluent in English, Muriel effortlessly communicates with international clients, ensuring a seamless and comfortable process from start to finish.

Many have recommended Muriel Meynard to their friends and loved ones, impressed by her impeccable work and ability to create stunning images. Even those who were initially camera-shy were exceptionally pleased with the natural and beautiful portraits captured by Muriel.

While there were some delays in delivering the final products in the past, Muriel's undeniably high-quality work remains unquestionable. The collaboration with Muriel guarantees not only exceptional photos but also a photographer who understands the unique needs and desires of each client.

Capture your precious moments with Muriel Meynard Headshots Studio and create timeless memories that will be cherished for years to come. Experience Muriel's talent, professionalism, and ability to put her clients at ease, ensuring that every session is a memorable and enjoyable one.

Eleanor S


Had a great session with Muriel- she was incredibly patient and flexible throughout our session with our newborn and us. Loved her work as soon as I saw her online portfolio and it was a pleasure to have worked with her. (Her fluent English was definitely a bonus as well).

N. Lemercier


An excellent photographer. She's done my family photos and the birth photos when my son was born. I've recommended Muriel to my friends for their wedding and they turned out gorgeous!

Stephanie Layes


Twice in Muriel's spotlight and twice in love with my photos.
A first time for me, and the result was perfect
The second time with my children and again awesome photos 🥰
My son doesn't really like photos, she was able to put him at ease and have super natural portraits of both ❤️❤️
Very professional I recommend her with eyes closed 🥰🥰

Marion Clément


Irreproachable on the quality of his work as a photographer, our collaboration with Muriel turned out to be very complicated, with repeated disappointments, particularly with regard to deadlines.

We fully understand that certain events can affect any professional. We only had our photos published on the site on November 24th and we got married on August 06th.
The most annoying thing having been that we had to constantly relaunch only to be told that the deadline had been extended because there had been other commitments carried out at the same time.

We called on Muriel for the quality of her photos, her experience and also because we thought that by paying the price, we could expect more professional rigor.

We respected our part of the contract by paying the balance as soon as the wedding was over and we felt stuck because in fact we could only wait.

Our wedding will remain the happiest day of our lives, and it's true that being able to remember it forever is also thanks to her work.



After the first experience during the birth of our daughter, it was without hesitation that we contacted Muriel again to immortalize this second pregnancy and soon this second birth! The photos are beautiful and make great memories! In addition to her talent as a photographer, Muriel knows how to put at ease and guide people who are not used to posing! She also knows how to adapt to the little ones who accompany us! For the birth of our daughter, she took the time and adapted very gently to her own pace! And 3 years later, she knew, this time, how to find the right words so that our little tornado had a super happy and fun time and posed with her mom's big bidou! Thank you Muriel!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photographer Bernard AUDRY'

#10 Photographer Bernard AUDRY



Looking for the perfect headshots studio in Bordeaux, France? Look no further than Photographer Bernard AUDRY located at 14 Rue Esprit des Lois, 33000 Bordeaux. With an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 25 reviews, this studio has garnered a reputation for excellence and satisfied clients.

One happy customer raves about their family photo session at the Studio de portrait Bordelais, praising the comfortable atmosphere and the magnificent result. Another client, who was apprehensive about their first portrait photo, was quickly reassured by Charline and was absolutely delighted with the outcome. The studio is also recommended as a great gift idea, thanks to Charline's expertise in creating beautiful family photos.

Bernard Audry, the true expert in studio photography, has captured the hearts of clients with his high-quality work and exceptional service. The studio itself is described as magnificent, and the follow-up provided to customers is extremely rigorous. Although the budget is relatively high, the investment is well worth it for the breathtaking and authentic photos.

Customers keep coming back to Photographer Bernard AUDRY, with one client mentioning that this was their fourth photoshoot with the studio. Bernard's generosity, professionalism, and sincerity shine through in his work, resulting in beautiful, simple, and complex images that will leave you in awe.

In summary, Photographer Bernard AUDRY is the go-to studio in Bordeaux for headshots. With stunning reviews and a dedicated team led by Bernard and Charline, you can expect nothing less than extraordinary results. Give your photoshoot the attention it deserves and book with Photographer Bernard AUDRY today.

Caroline Potié


We did a family photo session at the Studio de portrait Bordelais. The session was a real good time with the family, we were very comfortable with Charline, the children loved it. And the result is magnificent, we ordered several photos and a support. Thank you for your work !

Emmanuel Hubert


It was the first time for me to do a portrait photo. Even if I was apprehensive about this exercise, I was very quickly reassured by Charline who took these photos.
And I am absolutely delighted with the result! thank you so much

croisine darbo


Thanks to Charline for this great family photo experience. The rendering is magnificent! great gift idea

Emmanuelle Roux


An extraordinary experience from making contact to presenting the photos! Very high quality work and service. Bernard Audry, a true expert in studio photography, knows how to guide perfectly for a very moving and authentic rendering. I was sincerely enchanted by this experience.
In addition, the studio is magnificent and the customer follow-up is extremely rigorous.
The budget is relatively high but we get nothing for nothing...

Guillaume Giraudet-Bacchiolelli


This is the 4th time that we have done a photo shoot with the Bernard Audry studio. Their work is of exemplary quality, Bernard is a wonderful photographer and his team is top notch (thank you Charline). He shines with his generosity, his professionalism and his sincerity. All this is reflected in his image capture. They are beautiful, both simple and complex. You might feel like you could take them on your own, but no, there's that big something extra and that's called talent. Thank you to the whole studio for these moments that will remain for life and that we will pass on to our children.

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