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Welcome to Windsor, Canada, where professional headshot photographers capture your best side. Whether you need LinkedIn headshots, professional corporate portraits, or affordable options, our city is brimming with talented studios. Discover male and female headshot specialists near you, delivering exceptional results. BetterPic is here to help you find the perfect fit, with AI-generated headshots as just one of the many options available. Please note that we are not associated with any specific studio, but rather provide a comprehensive list of local businesses for you to explore and make an informed choice.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Nile Photography'

#1 Nile Photography



Located at 956 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8X 2S6, Canada, Nile Photography is a headshots studio that has garnered a remarkable reputation for its exceptional services. With an impressive 5 out of 5 stars and raving reviews from 150 satisfied customers, it is no wonder that Nile Photography is the go-to destination for capturing cherished moments.

Kiran, the talented photographer behind Nile Photography, is highly regarded for her creativity, patience, and attention to detail. Customers have praised her gentle approach, especially when working with newborns, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment. With her ability to capture clients' visions while infusing her own artistic style, Kiran consistently produces outstanding photographs.

One customer exclaimed that every shot from their maternity shoot left them speechless, emphasizing Kiran's eye for detail and mastery of lighting techniques. Furthermore, Nile Photography stands out for its affordability, providing top-notch services at competitive prices.

Not only is Kiran highly skilled, but she also possesses a warm and personable demeanor. Clients appreciate her ability to make them feel at ease throughout the process, resulting in natural and breathtaking images. Whether it is a family photoshoot or a fairy tale-like portrait, Nile Photography ensures an unforgettable experience.

For those seeking a newborn photoshoot, Kiran's exceptional care and experience shine through. Customers express their gratitude for her gentle handling of babies and her use of various props to create captivating compositions.

With such outstanding customer testimonials and a commitment to delivering exceptional photography, Nile Photography and Kiran come highly recommended. Prepare to be captivated by the images that Kiran creates, as she transforms cherished moments into timeless artwork. Book with Nile Photography today and let Kiran's passion for her craft capture the essence of your special moments.



Just had my newborn photo session with Kiran. She is super lovely and patient. She took her time to listen to my vision, was very creative and realistic. She was super gentle with the baby. The pictures turned out excellent. Super happy with my experience and looking forward to further family photo sessions.

GaganDeep Kaur


I recently had my maternity shoot with Karen and every shot I was speechless. She has an incredible eye for detail and the lighting technique that she has and the style really comes through in every photos that she takes. Moreover pricing is very much affordable than other photographers in Windsor. Overall, It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to have her do our newborn session!



Kiran is an exceptional photographer that leverages lighting in the most optimal way to create exceptional photography. She is very personable and incredibly talented at her craft. Highly recommended!

Mirna Cherry


My children have never had professional pictures done. Kiran was amazing with my girls! She was able to capture them so naturally and the end results were pictures right out of a fairytale. I cannot recommend Nile Photography and Kiran enough. If you are looking for someone who does their job passionately, then there is nobody better!

Akhil Sharma


It was a wonderful experience at the studio for my newborn baby photoshoot. Kiran did an amazing job in handling baby with utmost care while clicking pictures with difference props used. I highly recommend her for all photoshoots in the future. Thank you once again Kiran!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Sooters Photography'

#2 Sooters Photography



Looking for a top-notch photography studio in Windsor, ON? Look no further than Sooters Photography, located at 3215 Tecumseh Rd E. With a glowing reputation and an impressive 4.7/5 stars based on 131 reviews, Sooters Photography is a cut above the rest.

Customers rave about the exceptional service and professionalism they received from John and his wife, the talented duo behind the lens. Whether you need passport photos taken in a jiffy or want to capture stunning portraits for your family, Sooters Photography has got you covered. They understand the importance of creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience, especially for young children, as one customer mentioned that they effortlessly captured a perfect passport picture of their sleepy newborn baby in less than five minutes.

Sooters Photography also excels in capturing graduation photos, ensuring that each student feels comfortable and natural during the shoot. They provide excellent service and deliver the pictures on time, making them the go-to choice for family Christmas presents. Large family portraits are a breeze at Sooters, with the photographer's incredible ability to bring out genuine smiles and laughter.

With their attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction, it's no wonder that Sooters Photography has garnered a loyal following in the Windsor community. So, whether you have a special event or simply want to capture beautiful moments, Sooters Photography is the place to go.

Amrutha Calvin


These guys are the best.. If you need any of your passport photos taken , look no further. We went there with our sleepy 2 week young newborn baby and the passport picture was taken in less than 5 mins. John and his wife are such pleasant people. Highly recommend them.

Laura Labreche


John is an amazing person and professional photographer. My stepdaughter had a horrible experience with prestige photography who was doing grad photos at her school. So we called around, and sooters took us in right away. He made her comfortable and smile naturally. I highly recommend sooters for all your photography needs!!!

Valerie Payne


John gave us excellent service. We loved our pictures and he got them done on time for family Christmas presents. Highly recommend going to Sooters for your portrait needs.

Pam Butler


Had such an amazing experience at Sooters getting our large family portrait. The photographer was professional and fun. He was quick to make us laugh and smile. The few pics we did see looked great. I'm viewing the pics days after they were taken. So quick!!

Miranda Adamovic


Always enjoy dealing with John and his wife. They always book us in and have us done in no time. Professional and really took his time with my daughters grad photo. Made her smile and they picked their favourite photo together. She really felt involved. Great job Sooters!

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'MacLaren's Digital Photo Lab'

#3 MacLaren's Digital Photo Lab



MacLaren's Digital Photo Lab, located just 2 blocks east of Caboto Club at 1195 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8W 1B5, Canada, is a renowned studio that specializes in headshots and other printing needs. With an impressive rating of 4.3/5 stars based on 101 reviews, MacLaren's has established itself as a trusted destination for photography enthusiasts in the Windsor area.

While some customers have expressed concerns about longer wait times compared to other labs, MacLaren's ensures top-notch quality and attention to detail in all their services. Brad and his team have garnered praise for their exceptional expertise and professionalism. Their patience and kindness are particularly highlighted when dealing with young children for passport photos, making the studio a family-friendly choice. In addition, their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident as they take the time to sit down with clients to discuss printing enlargements and copies, ensuring that their requirements are met precisely.

Although there have been isolated negative experiences, the overwhelming majority of customers have acknowledged the outstanding work done by Brad and his staff, describing MacLaren's as a hidden gem. However, it is worth mentioning that some clients have reported unsatisfactory experiences and highlighted issues with customer service and adherence to passport and visa requirements.

Overall, MacLaren's Digital Photo Lab remains a reputable photography studio with a strong track record and a loyal customer base. Whether it's for headshots, passport photos, or any other printing needs, MacLaren's dedication to providing quality services makes them a reliable choice in Windsor.

Jashan Dhanda


Ive gone to MacLaren's a couple of times to get my 35mm film developed, and the wait time is almost always way longer than other labs.

I dropped off film at MacLaren's last week, and in the meantime I finished off a couple other rolls of film, mailed them to another photo lab in Toronto, and have already gotten my scans back. All while MacLaren's still has not finished developing my film which I dropped off about 5 days before mailing my other rolls to the lab in Toronto.

The wait time would not be a huge issue but this is also paired with poor scans in comparison to other labs, and also the price point. At MacLaren's I end up paying just as much as I do when mailing my film to a lab in Toronto (development + mailing price combined), and I end up getting back better quality scans quicker.

Ive also had a situation where I had to call in to remind the people at the lab to send me my scans, and the person on the phone told me the film was overexposed and blank, so they decided not to send it to me but I requested them to do it anyways and there were maybe 5-10 images that were not blank. I was new to film when this happened so I would have appreciated it if they just let me know the images were blank instead of just deciding not to send me the scans, also I would have appreciated a bit more honesty because although majority of the scans were blank, there were still some images that came out and if I had just trusted the person on the phone that all the images were blank, I would have missed out on seeing the few pictures I did manage to take.

overall this photo lab a bit costly, takes a long time, poor customer service, and a bit below average quality of scans in comparison to the other labs Ive used. Ive found that mailing my film to Toronto is faster for me, and about the same price (cheaper if you choose non-express mailing options + non-rush developing options at the lab)

Megan Renaud


Brad and the team at MacLaren's is the best and only place to go for printing needs. They were patient and so kind with our young children for their passport photos (in and out in about 15 minutes). Sat down with us on printing enlargements and copies, went through everything in detail to ensure everything was exactly what we wanted.

Hannah Bound


Unfortunately they did not take the photos correctly according to basic passport and visa requirements. The basic lighting was incorrect and the eyes were not looking directly forward. They were not honest about the digital codes for UK photo requirements. I do not usually give negative reviews however when I feel there is deliberately dishonesty I believe it is best to make this known to others.

joan renaud


Brad and his staff is amazing. Always professional and we are always so happy with his work. We go here for all our passport needs. This business is a hidden gem

Laura Holmes


Horrible customer service.. They were sitting in the back talking while I was upfront waiting for a passport photo to be taken then after the guy took it... He went back and got on the phone and no one else processed my photo.. Between waiting for him to take it and then get off the phone.. I was waiting 30 minutes. (I know the time I texted just before I walked into the store. I paid for the photos prior to getting them to expedite it.. I looked at them after I walked out.. OMG they were terrible. Luckily there is a passport photo office on the first floor of the passport office.. That lady did a wonderful job was lovely polite and quick. I will never go back.. There are obnoxious signs posted about passport photos on the glass when you walk in... I should have clued in then and just walked out...

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Ray Akey Photography'

#4 Ray Akey Photography



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Windsor, Canada? Look no further than Ray Akey Photography! Located at 411 Bridge Ave, Windsor, ON N9B 2M3, this studio has garnered an impressive reputation, boasting an outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 27 reviews.

With Ray Akey behind the lens, you can expect nothing but exceptional work. As an accomplished photographer, Ray has a keen ability to capture the perfect shot, bringing his clients' visions to life. Whether it's headshots for professionals, creative portraits, or even wedding photography, Ray consistently delivers remarkable results.

Clients rave about Ray Akey Photography, praising Ray for his fast and efficient work, professionalism, and attention to detail. Many have noted that Ray goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients' needs and preferences are met. There's no doubt that Ray's genuine talent and dedication to his craft shine through in every image he captures.

As a testament to his skill and artistry, Ray Akey has acquired a vast network of loyal clients and friends over the years. People genuinely admire not only his photography but also his kindness and authentic nature. Reviews often mention Ray's exceptional ability to create respectful and tasteful portraits, making him the ideal choice for any professional photoshoot.

If you're seeking a photographer who will exceed your expectations and bring out the best in you, Ray Akey Photography is the name to trust. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with one of Windsor's finest talents. Contact Ray Akey Photography today and witness the magic firsthand.

Myrissa Lynn


Ray is the GOAT! Always executes exactly what I’m picturing when we work together. He is fast, professional and does amazing work! Highly recommend him for all of your photography needs!



I've been friends with Ray for almost 2 decades and he's never failed to amaze with his photography, kindness, and overall he's just a good human being. Kudos to the art over the years Ray and thanks for being a long time good friend. Tell the wifey I said Hi!

Walter Riggi


Every professional photo I've seen snapped by Ray has been respectful and tasteful towards his subject. Pro, all the way. Highly recommend Ray and his crew for your next photoshoot.

Kelsey Carriere


Ray photographed my wedding a few weeks ago and did such a fantastic job! He was professional and really listened to what we wanted. I would hire him again in a second!

Kk Durocher


Super nice and has amazing work one of the best in winsor I definitely recommend ray

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Xtraordinary Photography'

#5 Xtraordinary Photography



Located at 2771 Parent Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 4K7, Canada, Xtraordinary Photography is a headshots studio that has gained a stellar reputation for its exceptional services. With a perfect rating of 5 stars out of 24 reviews, this photography studio has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on its clients.

Clients rave about their experiences with the studio's owner, Vito Casella, who is praised for his professionalism and ability to make clients feel comfortable during their sessions. Vito's expertise in providing clear directions, listening to input, and capturing the perfect moment has made him a go-to photographer for capturing images, moments, and events.

From maternity to baby photos and everything in between, Xtraordinary Photography ensures that each session is tailored to meet the specific needs and desires of its clients. Vito's passion towards photography is evident in his pursuit of natural and authentic smiles. Clients continuously appreciate his dedication to capturing images that truly reflect their personalities and emotions.

Not only is Vito an outstanding photographer, but he and his wife are also recognized for their genuine and warm personalities. Clients note their patience and professionalism, particularly during wedding photoshoots, making every couple feel comfortable and at ease.

Furthermore, Xtraordinary Photography provides high-quality images at an unbeatable price point. Clients are amazed by the stunning photos and find it difficult to narrow down their selection due to the overwhelming beauty captured in each shot.

Whether you are in need of headshots, maternity photos, or timeless wedding pictures, Xtraordinary Photography and owner Vito Casella come highly recommended. Their dedication to delivering extraordinary results and creating a memorable experience is unmatched in the industry. Don't hesitate to book a session with Xtraordinary Photography and let them capture your extraordinary moments.

Kristen stockford


I took my teenage son for head shots today and was THRILLED with both the experience and the results! Vito was an absolute professional, helping my son feel comfortable, giving clear direction, checking in with us, explaining what he was doing and listening to our input. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing photos to capture an image, moment, or event. Thank you so much Xtraordinary Photography, now my only problem is narrowing down what photos we are going to go with, they all looked great!

manjot saini


I got two photo sessions done by him and my God he is absolutely amazing. He is very patient and makes you feel so comfortable. I loved my maternity photo session so much and then I booked another session for pictures of my baby with me.. Loved all the pictures.. recommend him 100% !!

kuldeep reddy medthapally


Pictures are like memories and you want them to be natural, when i visited this place, His name was Vito Casella, He is the best human being i ever met. I visited this place to get my pictures for my business cards and he has lots of passion towards photography that he was never satisfied until he bought the natural smile out of me. I strongly RECOMMEND him for any kind of photography and He is best at his work in the town.

Cristina De Guzman


Xtraordinary photography not only did an amazing job with our wedding photos, Vito and his wife are absolutely amazing people, he's a professional, very patient with us when it comes to our poses, we are very happy with our wedding photos, I highly recommend xtraordinary photography to anyone who is looking for a photographer. You will never regret hiring Vito and he made us feel comfortable and laughing, we had a great time doing our shoot!! 10 thumbs up!! Lol

angela_maria Enache


Amazing Photos!!! And the price is the best. I recommend with all my heart this amazing guy. Plus his patience to take a lot of shots even if you have to choose only 6. I couldn't stop to choose just 6, it is impossible. They are so beautiful!!!!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Delmore Creative'

#6 Delmore Creative



Delmore Creative, located at 3041 Dougall Ave Suite #227, Windsor, ON N9E 1S3, Canada, is a renowned headshots studio that has garnered a stellar reputation for its exceptional services. With a flawless 5/5-star rating based on 15 reviews, this studio has truly made a mark in the industry.

Heike, the talented photographer behind Delmore Creative, is celebrated for her ability to capture captivating and distinctive images. Renowned for her expertise in manipulating lighting to create captivating effects, Heike consistently delivers results that surpass expectations. Whether you're a musician, a professional seeking personal branding, or a couple celebrating their wedding day, Heike's skills and creativity will ensure breathtaking photos.

Clients rave about Heike's professionalism and dedication to her craft. She creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment, making even the most camera-shy individuals feel at ease. Clients value her open and honest communication, which contributes to the success of every session. Heike's attention to detail and ability to capture intimate, real moments in her photographs leaves clients with lifelong, magazine-worthy memories.

If you're looking for a headshots studio in Windsor that offers exceptional customer service, creativity, and stunning results, look no further than Delmore Creative. Trust Heike's expertise to capture the essence of your brand or special moments.

Elpine Music (Elpine)


I had the great pleasure of working with Heike this month. I hired her to provide me with a photo package I could use for my musician brand and social media pages. I asked Heike to give me photos that were dark, mysterious, and moody, and she delivered with results that far surpassed my expectations.

She is an expert with manipulating lighting, so much that the photos look amazing without editing. With the addition of touch-ups and editing, they were the best photos I have seen before.

Both Heike and her assistant Kelly were beyond pleasurable to work with, and provided me with a very welcoming and comforting environment. They are a very organized team and do what they can to make the whole experience as easy as possible.

Highly recommend Heike for not only traditional portraits, but for artistic, stylized portraits like the ones she did for me. World class service, professionalism, and skills.

Lee Anne Jarrett


Heike is an extremely hardworking and professional woman. She is open and honest with her clients which in my opinion is part of how she gets the most out of them during a session. Her work is consistently beautiful and creative. As a professional photographer myself I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Heike Delmore. She has created an incredible business. Her clients are left with images they will cherish forever and memories of a photo session which made them feel beautiful and confident. I highly recommend working with Heike and her talented team of like-minded and professional creatives.

Diane Labute


Hands down the most talented photographer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! I followed Heike’s work for a while and as soon as we started planning our own wedding, there was no question on who would be capturing our big day. Our photos were stunning!! The day of our engagement photo session turned out to be a rainy one … she worked with us that morning to change the location to an indoor venue and was very accommodating travelling with us across the border. The photos turned out better than I ever could have imagined!

I decided to do a Couture session this year and received my photos a few days ago and I’m just blown away!!! The photos are just incredible, all thanks to Heike’s vision and creativity. Not only does she have an eye for her craft, she is equally professional and absolutely wonderful to work with. She was great to collaborate with on wardrobe ideas and I had so much fun shooting with her and Carly (hair and make-up artist) that day. She made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and they both took the time to ensure that hair and make up for each outfit was perfectly coordinated and in place. I truly felt like I was a supermodel that day!

Heike – I cannot thank you enough for capturing memories that we will cherish forever! Looking forward to working with you on capturing many more!!

Hanan Nigma


I had the pleasure of working with Heike for my personal business branding. The experience was wonderful. It was my first professional photoshoot ever and Heike was able to make me feel beyond comfortable and made the entire experience super fun! She captured the exact photos I had envisioned for my business. Heike took the time to talk to me before, during and after the shoot to ensure I got everything I desired for the look I was aiming for. I would highly recommend Heike to everyone!

Natalie Capussi


I have had the please of working with Heike for my wedding! She is amazing as a person and as an artist. I have life long time less photos that capture intimate real moments and still look like they are out of a magazine. I would hire her ten times over.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Sarah Jane Photography'

#7 Sarah Jane Photography



At Sarah Jane Photography, located at 1526 Janette Ave, Windsor, ON N8X 1Z6, Canada, capturing the essence and emotions of your special moments is our passion. With a perfect 5/5 star rating based on 7 glowing reviews, our studio stands out as a trusted name in the industry.

Sarah, our talented and astoundingly creative photographer, excels in capturing the beauty and energy of weddings. Her unique style effortlessly immortalizes the joy, love, and excitement of your special day, allowing you to relive those precious moments for years to come. Clients have praised her ability to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, allowing their true personalities shine through.

But Sarah's expertise extends beyond wedding photography. From engagement photoshoots to capturing the connections between families, her work showcases a versatile range of skills, ensuring exceptional results for any occasion. Clients have raved about the quick turnaround of their photos, all of which have left them head over heels in love.

In addition to her remarkable talent, Sarah is known for her reasonable pricing, providing clients with great value for high-quality imagery. Her personable and friendly demeanor has also been appreciated by many, with guests often commenting on her kindness during photoshoots.

Whether it's your big day or a lifestyle session at your home, Sarah Jane Photography is dedicated to capturing the essence of your cherished moments in the most exquisite and authentic way.

Megan Richards


Sarah captured the most beautiful photos of our wedding. Her style captured all of the energy and emotions of the day, and I know we will love reliving the joy through her photos.
Sarah made us feel so comfortable in front of her camera. She is so pleasant to work with and is just generally a wonderful human being!

Haley Milkins


Sarah is an ASTOUNDING photographer! We have recently had our engagement photos taken, and had a blast! Sarah made us laugh and smile and truly be ourselves throughout the entire shoot! We had so much fun it didn't feel as though we were posing for pictures. She gave directive when needed but mostly let us be us!

We received our photos super quick and are head over heels with ALL of them!
Cannot wait for her to shoot our special day!!!

Kaitlin Kennedy


Sarah is an amazing photographer! She kept me calm on my wedding day and got all of our group photos done really efficiently! Our engagement photos turned out beautifully, too. Her prices are also pretty reasonable for such great quality photos.

Andrew Eberth


Sarah came to our home for a lifestyle shoot after our second son was born and did an awesome job! I feel like the photos actually capture how I feel about my boys, and they're the perfect balance of natural and complimentary and funny. She was great to work with and is very talented!

Sean Moor


Very personable and friendly. Had some great ideas for photos all the guests commented on how nice Sarah was. We are looking forward to seeing the results.

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