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Welcome to Vienna, the enchanting capital city of Austria! Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage as you explore this vibrant city. Discover the perfect headshot photography studio for your needs, whether it's for professional portraits, LinkedIn headshots, or corporate headshots. With a range of talented photographers specializing in male and female headshots, you'll find the ideal spot to capture your best self. Our comprehensive list includes local businesses near you, including BetterPic, offering AI-generated headshots. Compare and choose the best option for your personal or professional needs.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'primephoto | Fotostudio & Fotograf Wien'

#1 primephoto | Fotostudio & Fotograf Wien



If you're in need of stunning and professional headshots in Vienna, look no further than primephoto | Fotostudio & Fotograf Wien. Located at Schwarzspanierstraße 7/2, 1090 Wien, Austria, this exceptional studio has garnered an impressive 5 out of 5 stars from a whopping 678 reviews.

Clients rave about the attentive and dedicated photographer who goes above and beyond to capture photos that leave them truly satisfied. With a warm and relaxed atmosphere, primephoto ensures a comfortable experience while maintaining the utmost professionalism. The photographer takes the time to show the progress of the shoot, ensuring that clients are involved every step of the way.

The team at primephoto is known for their kindness and high level of expertise. They offer a wide range of poses to help you achieve extraordinary results, leaving clients highly impressed with their final images. Business professionals in particular have praised Darya for her efficiency, friendliness, and exceptional business portraits.

Furthermore, the studio provides refined and polished images, with the team always striving for perfection. Some clients have expressed their desire for a little more guidance during the photo shoot, as not everyone feels at ease in front of the camera. Nevertheless, primephoto consistently delivers outstanding results, helping individuals capture the perfect shots. With such rave reviews, it's no wonder that this studio comes highly recommended as a go-to headshots destination in Vienna.

Iris Topas


I can wholeheartedly recommend this studio. The photographer was very attentive and I felt like she really took the time needed to get pictures I am really happy with. Also she made sure to show me the pictures in between, which was very helpful. I found the service super professional, but also very warm and relaxed, which I really appreciated.

fa de


Very kind and professional team. Many different poses could be tried and the results were really great. Highly recommended!

Olivier Kobel


Excellent job by Darya - efficient, friendly & good results (for business portrait)

Boya Zhang


really professional, Darya helped me a lot to take perfect pics. Really recommend!!

Vladana 89


Nice and professional team, my pictures were very nice refined at the end. I would appreciate however a bit more guidance at photo taking and a bit more tips - some of us are clumsy with photoshootings 😃

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Whitewood Fotostudio OG'

#2 Whitewood Fotostudio OG



Introducing Whitewood Fotostudio OG, a premier headshots studio located at Trauttmansdorffgasse 26/3, 1130 Wien, Austria. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, based on 153 reviews, this studio has garnered an exceptional reputation and a loyal clientele.

Step into Whitewood Fotostudio and experience an atmosphere that exudes elegance and charm. The studio is renowned for its gorgeous seasonal decorations, creating a delightful ambiance for every photoshoot. Whether it's spring, summer, autumn, or winter, you can expect a stunning backdrop that complements your unique style and captures your best moments.

In addition to the pleasing aesthetics, the friendly and professional staff at Whitewood Fotostudio will make you feel right at home. Their warmth and expertise ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout the entire photoshoot. Not only is the studio maintained impeccably clean, but the lighting is also perfect, guaranteeing impeccable results.

Clients rave about the attention to detail that is evident in every aspect of Whitewood Fotostudio. From the cozy atmosphere to the swift delivery of high-quality photographs at fair prices, this studio goes above and beyond. It is no wonder customers express their desire to return repeatedly, for they know they will be met with exceptional service and an inviting environment.

Whether you are seeking headshots for professional purposes or want to capture a special moment, Whitewood Fotostudio OG is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary photography experience, where stunning visuals, friendly staff, and incredible attention to detail await you. Book your session today and be prepared for an extraordinary journey of self-expression and memories.

Sarah Postolache


Awesome studio, very nice and friendly staff and gorgeous decorations for each season. Love it! Always a pleasure photographing there!

Mrs. Ghartey


I could give 6 stars if possible! I have been visiting this studio since 2019, and it has only been the best feeling every time.

Andra Gabriela


Very clean, perfect light and friendly staff.

Diana Knezevic


Great studio, fantastic details, you feel very welcomed, cozy and at home so to speak. Got the pics quickly and at a fair price. Loved everything about it. We will come again👍

George Balea


Great experience, very nice decor.

BetterPic: Professional Headshots powered by AI



BetterPic offers state-of-the-art AI-generated professional headshots, providing an affordable and convenient solution for individuals and teams. With 10x affordability compared to traditional photoshoots and local alternatives, BetterPic transcends location constraints, optimizes appearance details, and caters to diverse needs including business, acting, modeling, and LinkedIn headshots.

Try it now to enjoy the convenience, affordability, and superior quality offered by our AI headshots technology.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Miriam blitzt - Miriam Mehlman Fotografie'

#3 Miriam blitzt - Miriam Mehlman Fotografie



Miriam Blitzt - Miriam Mehlman Fotografie is a renowned headshot studio located at Leopoldauer Pl. 72/7, 1210 Wien, Austria. With an exceptional rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 135 reviews, this studio has successfully carved a name for itself in the photography industry.

Clients rave about the passion, enthusiasm, and professionalism that Miriam demonstrates while catering to their needs. Whether it's a family photo shoot or individual portraits, Miriam's dedication shines through in her work. Clients are not only impressed with the quality of the photographs but also the superb customer service received throughout the process.

This studio has garnered a reputation for capturing authentic and stunning moments. One reviewer expressed their love for the pictures taken, while another praised Miriam for providing them with beautiful team photos and individual portraits that elevated their website's image.

What sets Miriam apart is her ability to create a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot, making everyone feel comfortable and allowing her to capture the best moments of each family member. Clients commend her for engaging with every member of the family and producing remarkable snapshots.

Miriam Blitzt - Miriam Mehlman Fotografie is known for its outstanding results that align perfectly with clients' wishes and ideas. By incorporating their preferences in a relaxed environment, Miriam creates authentic photos that add a special touch to their websites or personal collections.

Overall, this headshot studio is highly recommended for anyone in search of top-quality photography and exceptional customer service. Miriam's talent, professionalism, and ability to deliver unforgettable moments make her the go-to photographer in the area.

Elena Paschinger


We've recently completed a family shooting with Miriam and loved the passion, enthusiasm and professionalism she demonstrated in attending to us. Not only during the shooting, but also as part of the work and correspondence that came after. Would clearly recommend her to anyone else interested in family photography!

Andy Nathaniel


I absolutely love the pictures she made of me! :)

Sarah Pii


Thanks Miriam! We are so happy with our super beautiful SUN21 team photos and individual portraits of all employees. Every website visitor always goes to our team page and it's finally something to be proud of. We recommend you!

Mutter Kind


We would like to thank Miriam for the professional support and the great family photos! In a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, Miriam engages with everyone in the family and takes great snapshots of all family members. We were allowed to do a family shoot with Miriam twice. It's been a great experience every time! We really enjoyed the photos for a long time and are already looking forward to the next pictures! :)

Lisa Bittermann


The shooting with Miriam was a lot of fun! We were able to contribute our wishes and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere and the result is exactly as we had imagined - authentic photos that will make our homepage special! We can only recommend Miriam and will be in front of her camera again very soon. Thanks Miriam!

Photo of the Headshots Studio '35mm|das|studio - Das Fotomietstudio'

#4 35mm|das|studio - Das Fotomietstudio



Welcome to 35mm|das|studio - Das Fotomietstudio, a premier headshot studio located at Kalvarienberggasse 34/TOP 11, 1170 Wien, Austria. With an exceptional rating of 4.9/5 stars from 121 reviews, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch services and facilities to our valued clients.

At 35mm|das|studio, we offer a plethora of backgrounds, accessories, and professional lighting, ensuring that your headshots capture the essence of your unique personality. Our studio boasts different rooms, each exuding a special atmosphere and distinct appearance, providing a diverse range of settings to suit your individual style and preferences.

Not only can you obtain stunning and one-of-a-kind photos from our skilled photographers, but we also offer the option to rent our facilities, empowering you to realize your own creative projects. Our studio offers a comfortable and spacious environment, equipped with three separate sets that can be booked individually, allowing for versatility in your photography needs.

Providing good service and offering a pleasant atmosphere, we strive to cater to our clients' needs whilst maintaining affordable pricing options. Our private, professional studio experience ensures exceptional value for your investment, and we welcome your return with open arms.

Join us at 35mm|das|studio - Das Fotomietstudio and discover a world of endless possibilities for capturing extraordinary images. Experience the convenience, comfort, and creativity that our studio has to offer.

Michel Nahabedian


Great photo studio with a lot of backgrounds, accessories, professional lighting, different rooms (some with a very special atmosphere and look). Place, where you could not only get a unique photo from the photographer running the studio, but rent the facilities and realise your own projects.

Svetlan Simov


Good service, nice place, very good price.

Andy Willis


Pretty good prices for a private, professional studio experience. Will certainly come back again soon!

Thomas Eisl


A nice photo studio with enough space and settings for various types of photography
The entrance is great and the owner is very helpful.
There are 3 different sets available, each to be booked separately

Savriniso Mansurova


Very comfortable studio with big options!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Schator Do Laura - Kreativagentur Kunstfotografin'

#5 Schator Do Laura - Kreativagentur Kunstfotografin



Schator Do Laura - Kreativagentur Kunstfotografin is a renowned headshots studio located at Achtung 10 Stufen bis zum Lift, Sollingergasse 9, 1190 Wien, Austria. With a stellar reputation, this studio has received a perfect 5/5 star rating from 77 satisfied customers.

Customers have praised Ms. Schator for her exceptional skills as a broker, commending her for being incredibly friendly and helpful during viewings. They have appreciated her prompt responses, valuable information, and successful collaboration.

Aside from broker services, Schator Do Laura specializes in capturing passport photos of the highest quality. Customers have shared their delight in waiting for their passport to expire just to have their photos taken by Do Laura. They were impressed by the ease of appointment scheduling and the outstanding results of their EU passport photos.

Schator Do Laura is also highly regarded for their portrait photography. Customers have expressed their gratitude for the personalized and relaxed atmosphere during their sessions. Ms. Schator's empathetic approach allows even the most camera-shy individuals to feel comfortable, resulting in authentic and captivating images.

Furthermore, Do Laura Schator's professionalism, competence, and attention to detail have earned her a stellar reputation. Working with her is described as a pleasure, with clients consistently thrilled by the unique and outstanding results that exceed their expectations.

In conclusion, Schator Do Laura - Kreativagentur Kunstfotografin is an exceptional headshots studio known for their top-notch broker services, high-quality passport photos, and remarkable portrait photography. With Ms. Schator's expertise and dedication, clients can expect an unforgettable experience and impeccable results.

Raluca Chisalita


Great work as a broker. Ms. Schator was super nice and helpful with the viewings, which unfortunately is not the case with many brokers in my experience. Fast answers, helpful information and successful cooperation!

Birgit Vlk


About a year ago I saw the first EU passport photo made by Do Laura. And since then I've been waiting for my passport to expire.
Now it was time. My appointment was easily made over the phone. I drank the recommended 3 liters of water the day before and the photo op became the highlight. The result (EU passport photo) a complete success.
I'll be back for sure and have already recommended you, dear Do Laura, to others!

Elisabeth Jungmayer-Kögler, Bakk art


Portraits of me, photos taken by a really special photographer who really understands her art, takes time for each of her customers like probably no other photographer... - this shooting is an unforgettable experience and only the photographic results! Excellent!
A shoot at Do Laura Schator doesn't just happen in between. She carefully prepares her customers for the special appointment, she knows what is important if you want to look good on that particular day, and communicates precisely and comprehensively what needs to be done in advance or better left unattended. She also explains what clothing - style, colors, etc. - is good for taking pictures or what would be detrimental to a perfect portrait. Make-up is also a topic that is discussed in advance, and of course a timely visit to the hairdresser.
I prepared myself conscientiously for the special day according to the advice of the art photographer Do Laura Schator. In the end, I packed up a whole lot of clothes, accessories and make-up and, incredibly curious, I went to her. I was received with great warmth in the invitingly furnished studio, which was flooded with wonderful music, and an absolutely believable and refreshing compliment for my appearance. The photographer was genuinely pleased with my extensive luggage and together we went - with all the time in the world - to inspecting the clothes etc. and choosing the ideal outfit. Then get your make-up in top form again in peace and quiet, clean your glasses - the photographer provides the best means for really clean glasses. And don't forget: the photographer keeps you in the best of moods, I feel like a queen, it's all incredibly fun!
It's time to take pictures - not one or maybe three to five photo attempts - no, the art photographer Do Laura Schator shoots countless pictures! First umpteen photos to warm up, keep readjusting the lighting until it really fits perfectly, I can and should adopt and try out a wide variety of postures, get a lot of humorous and constructive input for the very specific laugh that she wants to elicit from me.
A total of 3 hours flew by, hundreds of photos were taken of me - a few of them will be carefully selected and processed by the photographer in the coming days / a few weeks...
I leave the studio in a good mood, excited to see the photo results. And when they are there, I can only say: great, never been there, I'm thrilled!

Photos at kunstfotografin.at

Anna Holcapek


I have had photos taken by Laura Schator on various occasions. Ms. Schator always succeeds in creating a completely relaxed, personal, warm atmosphere in which you really feel comfortable and where authentic pictures are created without any stress and with a lot of empathy (even with people who might otherwise be camera shy) .



Do Laura Schator is an outstanding photographer with a great sensitivity for details. She combines professionalism and competence with charm and friendliness. The results are always unique and always meet all expectations with pinpoint accuracy. Always a pleasure to work with her. Thanks very much.
Michel Kroell Carrere, Producer & Director

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotostudio Meidling'

#6 Fotostudio Meidling



Are you looking for professional headshots that perfectly capture your true essence? Look no further than Fotostudio Meidling, located at Grieshofgasse 5, 1120 Wien, Austria. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 74 reviews, this studio has solidified its reputation as a top-notch choice for photography needs.

Clients have praised the exceptional skills of the experienced photographer, Fabian Skala. One satisfied customer commends Fabian for delivering outstanding application photos and guiding them through the process with professionalism and ease. Another client appreciates the relaxed atmosphere and Fabian's patience, along with his valuable posing and outfit tips that come from years of expertise.

At Fotostudio Meidling, you will have the unique opportunity to view your photos in real-time on a screen, ensuring your complete satisfaction. With Fabian's support, you can choose your favorite shots, resulting in stunning and personalized images that truly capture your best self.

The positive experiences shared by clients reflect the studio's commitment to creating a comfortable environment. Fabian's friendly demeanor and efficient appointment scheduling further contribute to the overall satisfaction of customers.

Don't miss the chance to have your photos taken by the fantastic team at Fotostudio Meidling. Whether it's for professional applications, personal branding, or any other purpose, their exceptional quality and attention to detail guarantee outstanding results. Book your appointment today and experience the expertise and excellence of Fotostudio Meidling firsthand.

Thomas Redolfi


Thank you very much to the professional Photographer Fabian Skala! The application photos turned out great! It was a pleasant experience to be lead through the process of getting the perfect Photos for my next Job! I can sincerely recommend the Fotostudio Meidling!

Bakr Anass


Very bad

Julia Petter


I felt really good all around, the atmosphere was very relaxed :)
Fabian was super patient and gave helpful tips on posing and outfits! You can tell he's been shooting portraits for many years! You always see the photos taken directly on a screen and can see if you like it or what you would like to do differently. At the end you choose your favorite pictures yourself, but of course you get support. All in all 100% recommendation!

Jelly G


Am thrilled!!! My photos turned out really fantastic. Great photographer who takes his time with his clients. Can only recommend this photo studio!

Burcu Demir


I had made an appointment for application photos with Fabian Skala. Fabian left a positive impression in advance with his friendly manner and the quick processing of an appointment. The time flew by in the studio thanks to the great atmosphere and Fabian's competence. Fabian gave me a lot of great tips during the shoot. The pictures turned out really super professional and beautiful.
I can join the crowd. A great studio and a very good photographer. I can warmly recommend it!
I will gladly come again.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Foto Wilke'

#7 Foto Wilke



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Vienna, Austria? Look no further than Foto Wilke, located at Werdertorgasse 12 in the heart of the city. Boasting an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars with 71 rave reviews, Foto Wilke is the go-to destination for professional and exceptional headshots.

Customers have consistently praised Foto Wilke for their outstanding service and friendly approach. With their expertise, they capture perfect shots that leave clients thrilled. Many have expressed their satisfaction with the level of professionalism and the fast turnaround time. Furthermore, the studio's attention to detail and personalized advice ensures that clients receive high-quality photos that exceed expectations.

Beyond traditional headshot services, Foto Wilke also offers passport photo services that stand out from the rest. Customers appreciate the elevated experience of having their passport photos taken at Foto Wilke, avoiding the prison photos often found at regular shops.

In addition to his extraordinary talent as a photographer, Mr. Wilke has been commended for his ability to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during the photoshoot. This not only ensures great pictures but also contributes to the overall positive experience at the studio.

If you're looking for more than just headshots, Foto Wilke provides opportunities to explore photography through workshops. Clients have praised Mr. Wilke's teaching abilities, encouraging everyone to book a workshop for a truly enriching experience.

With their exceptional service, expertise, and accessible location, Foto Wilke is the perfect choice for professional headshots and passport photos that truly shine. Don't miss out on this outstanding photography studio in Vienna, Austria.

Beatrix Liebisch


Very good service, friendly and perfect shots :D

Marcus Fleischmann


I needed new passport photos for ID card and passport. 50€ for the small set with 4 pictures didn't seem cheap to me, but I just didn't want any more prison photos that you get in the usual 0815 shops or from the vending machines.

Was it worth it? Definitive! Fast, professional, friendly and great advice including photos. Gladly again.

Easily accessible to the public.

Christine Unger


After a long time I needed passport photos again - taken at WILKE, of course!
As always, highly professional and within 15 minutes I had my very good pictures...
Mr. Wilke always takes enough time for his (regular) customers and ensures a good mood, so that the photos can only be good! Thanks for that!

Only the best experiences with WILKE -
In addition to excellent quality (if not the best studio for portrait photography in Vienna!), there is also a very pleasant atmosphere and warm, charming personal advice and support. top!

Peter Graff


Photo booked with make-up artist. One of the best experiences I've ever had with a photographer. Mr. Wilke has an extraordinary talent to make you look good. I am really very satisfied and can only warmly recommend Mr. Wilke. Thank you for the great experience!

Stefan Rapf


Mr. Wilke is not only a great photographer but also a good teacher, can only advise everyone to book a photo workshop with him!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Maria Gaspar Photography'

#8 Maria Gaspar Photography



If you are looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Vienna, Austria, look no further than Maria Gaspar Photography. Located at Lorystraße 3/7, this studio has gained an impeccable reputation and boasts an impressive 5/5 stars rating based on 61 reviews.

Maria Gaspar, the talented photographer behind this studio, is highly regarded for her exceptional skills in capturing precious moments and creating stunning portraits. Clients trust her expertise not just once, but time and time again. One happy customer shared their experience of entrusting Maria with their second newborn baby's pictures, and she certainly did not disappoint. Another client praised her for making their toddler feel special and comfortable during a newborn photoshoot, despite the overwhelming changes happening in their lives.

Maria's genuine ability to connect with children is applauded by many. Her clients express gratitude for her soft tone, sweet voice, and gentle approach, as she beautifully captures photos of their little ones. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and talented eye are all evident, making the photo sessions smooth and enjoyable.

If you are searching for a skilled and caring photographer who can create timeless and heartwarming memories, Maria Gaspar Photography is the perfect choice. Entrust your moments to Maria, and she will exceed your expectations, just as she has for countless others.

Emilia Ruiz


We trusted Maria again for the pictures of our second baby, and she didn't disappoint. She took photos of our newborn baby at the hospital and days later we went to her studio with the baby and our 2-year-old for a family photo session. She was wonderful with the baby and our son. She really knows how to treat and interact with kids and win them over. In no time she became best friends with our son, and everything went very smoothly. The pictures are wonderful, high quality and just perfect. Maria really understood what we wanted, and we even didn't need to make changes to her suggestions. It is a pleasure having Maria as a photographer, she is highly professional and very kind as a person. Thanks for the amazing pictures and work you do, Maria! We have a lovely memory for life.

Quinn Ferguson


Maria came to our home for newborn shots with our family. She made our toddler feel so special and comfortable st a time that her world had just changed. She helped us capture these precious moments when we were not sure up from down with lack of sleep. Recommend so highly and forever thankful. Photos outstanding.

Luciana D'Abramo


We had the great luck to enjoy 2 photo shooting sessions with the highly talented and kind Maria.
The first one was at the Clinic when our baby was only 3 days old. Maria came in with her soft tone and sweet voice and explained about the session. She was really accommodating to find the perfect moment when our baby was asleep and she maneuvered her and the space with high talent. We were just getting used to our new reality so it was great to lay back for a moment and enjoy her doing her work being extremely caring and careful with our little one. The result was fantastic and after less than an hour she had captured the most amazing snaps and gestures of our newborn!
The second session was a longer session as a family at her study which was just magic! The studio is comfortable and cozy, we were there with my mother and my husband. We enjoyed seeing Maria work, guide us mindfully and caring through different poses while making sure that our baby was calmed and feeling contained and safe. We enjoyed also a great talk and exchange and it was a moment we will always cherish. We were able to even capture some pictures with my mother and my baby. All was simply perfect and the pictures will always stay with us as a symbol of these great first days of getting closer as a family. We highly recommend Maria for anyone wanting to capture beautiful moments in a great environment. We will always stay impressed by her ability to bond with babies and make these sessions so special!

Maya Rois


We took a photography session with Maria for our newborn baby and we were delighted with how incredibly gifted she is both with babies and at what she does! She treated the baby with amazing care throughout the session, she is very talented, highly professional, listens to what you want, she is very attentive and a pleasure to watch doing her job. The session went very smoothly, nice and easy, and the photos turned out perfect and gorgeous! I would definitively repeat and highly recommend this loving and talented photographer. It was a pleasure, thank you!

L Winiger


Maria took photos of our daughter at birth, at 4 months old, at a year old and now, at two. There is a reason we keep going back to her. She has an eye for delicate moments and timelessness. Thank you for these happy memories, dear Maria, that keep us smiling and that will help our little one build up a sense of self when she grows up.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Agi Kormos Photography'

#9 Agi Kormos Photography



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Vienna, Austria? Look no further than Agi Kormos Photography, conveniently located at Dreyhausenstraße 40, 1140 Wien. With an outstanding 5-star rating and glowing reviews from 53 satisfied clients, Agi Kormos Photography has established itself as a go-to destination for capturing stunning and professional photographs.

Clients praise Agi for her exceptional talent, professionalism, and friendly demeanor. Even for those with no prior experience in photoshoots, Agi's expert guidance and approachable nature make the whole process enjoyable and stress-free. She not only specializes in headshots but also offers a wide range of photography services, including newborn shoots and cake smash sessions. She has a remarkable ability to capture precious moments and bring out the best in her subjects.

Agi's attention to detail and dedication to creating beautifully crafted photographs is highly commendable. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients' satisfaction, even accommodating unforeseen challenges during photoshoots. With a keen eye for detail, Agi recreates clients' visions while adding her unique touch, resulting in breathtaking images that surpass expectations.

Moreover, Agi's studio is easily accessible and boasts impressive scenes for various photography needs. Whether it's a special profile photo session or a family shoot, Agi provides valuable tips for posing and continuously improving photographs.

Make no mistake, Agi Kormos Photography is the ultimate destination to capture timeless and remarkable images. Book a session today and experience the magic of Agi's expertise firsthand.

Alessandra Kemper Kümmel


Agi is super friendly and extremely professional! We have zero experience with photoshoots, but she guided us through the whole process and it was so fun! The photos are incredible and I can't wait to have them printed. Looking forward to the next photoshoot!

Maegan Hendow


Agi took beautiful professional newborn photos for us at home that we’re really happy with. She was so great to work with - worked wonders getting our older daughter with the camera as well! When we had an oversight during the photoshoot, she was also really flexible and helpful about resolving it. Overall a great experience!

Shirel Gértan


AMAZING AMAZING photographer and person. Our cake smash session was so lovely. Agi recreated my Pinterest inspo pics 1:1, and somehow her setup still looked more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined.

Our boy was a little upset, and I was worried that we wouldn’t get enough good pics, but Agi created magic. We had so many beautiful pictures in the end, that it was hard to pick our favorites.

100% recommend. We will definitely be back!

Rachael Lloyd-Pötscher


I had the pleasure to come here for a special profile photo session and she did an amazing job.
The studio was very easy to find and was impressive to see all the other scenes that she has. After a short chat about expectations, we got started and I was given some great tips on how to continuously improve my poses and the photos. It was a great experience and she regularly showed me the photos so I could see how they were.
The photos were sent very fast to review and the final quality is outstanding. I’ve already received great feedback from friends and family and cannot wait to start using them.
Definitely worth the investment! Thank you!

Victoria Tran


I was lucky to enough to experience Agi via an Ikea event: Muttertag Fotos. She completely blew me away with how lovely the photos were! In no less than 10 mins, she created photos which I will cherish for a lifetime.

I've had a few family photographers and have never been as pleased as I am with Agi's work. She will definitely serve as my go-to for any photography needs I have in the future.

Thank you again Agi!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Karin Ahamer Photography'

#10 Karin Ahamer Photography



Welcome to Karin Ahamer Photography, a renowned headshots studio located at Oesterleingasse 4, 1150 Wien, Austria. With a stellar rating of 5/5 stars from 42 enthusiastic reviews, it's clear that Karin Ahamer is an expert in capturing stunning photographs that accentuate the beauty and confidence of her clients.

Clients rave about their experience with Karin, who possesses an exceptional talent for transforming even those who claim to be less photogenic. Her insightful tips and clear instructions make every shot a work of art, leaving clients thrilled with the results. Many express how comfortable they felt in front of Karin's camera, a testament to her warm and friendly approach.

Karin's ability to perfectly stage her models and provide invaluable advice on posing and positioning is another aspect that sets her apart. Clients consistently mention feeling at ease and well taken care of during their sessions, allowing them to showcase their best selves.

Whether you need professional business headshots or personal portraits, Karin Ahamer excels in both areas. Her authentic and energy-filled photographs capture the true essence of her subjects, resulting in timeless and remarkable images. The unique quality of her work is frequently highlighted, and clients commend her for making them feel genuinely beautiful and confident.

Furthermore, Karin's talent extends to children's photography, earning her praise for capturing precious moments between parents and their little ones. Her ability to photograph even the most active and unpredictable subjects, such as one-year-olds, is commendable and speaks to her skill and dedication.

If you are seeking a photographer in Vienna, look no further than Karin Ahamer Photography. With her exceptional skills, warm demeanor, and the ability to make every client look and feel their best, Karin is the perfect choice for your headshot or portrait needs.

Judith Spangl


Right at the beginning I said to Karin that unfortunately I wasn't very photogenic. But thanks to her tips, every photo turned out beautiful. She gave clear instructions that were easy to implement. I felt very comfortable in front of her camera and have never had so much joy with such beautiful photos of me! A heartfelt recommendation from me!

Bianca Wurzenberger


The shooting with Karin was an absolutely great experience! She manages to stage her model perfectly and gives great tips on where/how to behave or change your position to get the absolute best result!! You just feel super comfortable and in good hands in front of her camera! Thanks for that!!

Anne Koch


2023: After seven years I was with Karin again and what can I say: another great experience and the pictures turned out just great! I needed up-to-date business photos and this time we also took private photos - both of which were wonderfully successful. I don't know any other photographer in Vienna who takes such great pictures of women - authentic and full of energy. Thanks!

I've had professional business photos taken a few times, I wasn't always really happy with the result afterwards, but this time I'm simply completely satisfied. The pictures Karin took not only turned out really beautiful, but, and that was the most important thing for me: that's really me (just the most beautiful version of me currently available)! That's my personality, my smile, yes, even my laugh lines - nothing retouched or artificial, just how I feel when I'm doing well. And she also captured the different sides of me in my professional life: tough but sensitive, empathetic but with bite! Thank you Karin - it's a shame that I can't do this more often, it was really good for me and I've only received very positive feedback so far.

Stefanie Heinermann


That's the word that best describes Karin's work!
I have never felt so comfortable and confident in front of a camera. The shooting was a wonderful experience and I am more than satisfied with the pictures!
Thank you dear Karin for showing me that I can feel really beautiful!!!

Jeanette Duh


Karin Ahamer photographed my little one and I last year for Christmas. The photos still bring a smile to my face every day as they adorn my anteroom. Karin captured such beautiful moments between my daughter and me and also caught my little one really well.
I can also really recommend them for children's photos - not every photographer manages to photograph a 1-year-old so well!

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