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Welcome to Munich, Germany, a city renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. Discover a myriad of professional headshot photographers in Munich, offering expert services such as LinkedIn headshots, professional portraits, and high-quality male and female headshots. Whether you're seeking affordable options or professional corporate headshots, our comprehensive list showcases local studios near you. Please note that BetterPic, the provider of this list, is not associated with any specific studio.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'blende11 Fotografen'

#1 blende11 Fotografen



Blende11 Fotografen is a reputable headshots studio located at Weißenburger Pl. 2, 81667 München, Germany. With a remarkable rating of 4.9/5 stars out of 392 reviews, this studio has established itself as a go-to place for exceptional headshot photography.

Customers rave about their positive experiences at Blende11 Fotografen. One client mentioned arriving 20 minutes late due to public transportation issues, but was greeted with kindness and offered refreshing beverages to cool down. The patient photographer guided them through various background options and provided clear instructions while capturing their best angles. Another satisfied customer highlighted the studio's efforts to understand their personality and capture their best side for their CV picture, ultimately boosting their profile and employability.

Blende11 Fotografen's location near Rosenheimer Platz adds to the studio's convenience, making it easily accessible for clients. The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere helped ease anxious feelings often associated with being photographed. Clients also appreciate the intuitive web interface for selecting their favorite photos for post-processing/print.

Overall, Blende11 Fotografen has gained a solid reputation for their quality work, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. From the initial consultation to the final results, clients leave with not only stunning photos but also a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Philipp Cerny


I was late by 20 minutes to my appointment because public transportation was having troubles. When I arrived the photographer was calm and kind and offered me drinks to cool down. She then patiently showed me different backgrounds that would fit my type, and during the shooting she gave me clear instructions for different positions and took the necessary time until we found a nice set of photos to choose from. I had a lot of fun at the shooting although I'm usually self-conscious when taking solo pictures. But the photographer basically erased that anxiety when I stepped in the studio. I'm very satisfied with my new CV photos and therefore I highly recommend the photographers at blende11.

For the ones interested in the selection process: After the shooting you'll get a code and a link where you can view your pictures at home. So you can comfortably select your favorite picture(s) and even ask your friends and family for their opinion. In my case, I chose two pictures in the evening and received the finalized ones the next morning.

Ervin Ndoka


Got my CV picture taken here and I was very satisfied. The Photographer really made the effort to get to know me and to capture my best side for the picture, which is a great help in boosting my profile and employability. They were also very friendly and understanding with helping me fill out some documents.
The location is very practical, a few steps from Rosenheimer Platz. Also, plenty of options to shoot great pictures, even with natural light.
I had plenty of time to pick the perfect picture and order easily through their online system. After my order was placed, they very quickly provided the finished/final picture.
What else to say, for just 75 euros I received quite the service and would greatly advise you to invest in a great/professional picture which will show your best side.

B Rodríguez


The quality is nice, but you need to correct the light of the photoshop that is reflected in your eyes because maybe they think that is good?



Definitely recommend!

We very much enjoy the shooting- were given a few moments to relax and have some drinks. Vera’s manner during the shooting was very positive and encouraging! ❤️

The outcome was brilliant! We love the photos and really appreciate the pleasant experience. 😊

Daniel Pl


The photo shoot was a great experience! I usually feel very anxious when being photographed, but the staff was very friendly and kind, creating a relaxed atmosphere. After the shoot, you can select your favorite photos for post-processing/print using an intuitive web interface. I am very happy with the photos and the overall experience!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photogenika Fotostudio am Ostbahnhof'

#2 Photogenika Fotostudio am Ostbahnhof



Photogenika Fotostudio am Ostbahnhof, located at Orleansstraße 39 in München, Germany, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has gained a stellar reputation among its clients. With an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 385 reviews, this photo studio is undoubtedly a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

The studio is known for its super talented team, with staff members who are not only friendly but also highly helpful. Customers have expressed their gratitude for the exceptional service provided and specifically praised Barbara for her remarkable photography skills. The professionalism demonstrated at Photogenika Fotostudio am Ostbahnhof ensures that every aspect of their services is carried out with excellence.

One aspect that stands out is the efficiency and swiftness with which the team operates. Many clients have commended the quick service, emphasizing the promptness and quality of the photos. The welcoming atmosphere and comfortable seating further contribute to a pleasant experience, making customers feel at ease throughout their session.

Moreover, the studio's expertise in passport photos has been highly regarded by customers. The staff's professionalism ensures that even non-German passport photos are provided without any hassle, and additional attention to detail is evident in including location and date on the back of every photo.

In conclusion, Photogenika Fotostudio am Ostbahnhof lives up to its reputation as a leading headshots studio in München. With their talented and friendly staff, quick service, and attention to detail, this photo studio is highly recommended for anyone seeking professional and high-quality photography.

Thushara Weeraparakrama


Super talented team. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would like to thank everyone for the great service and specially Barbara for the amazing pics. I highly recommend this photo studio. Very professional.

Oleksii Bezuhlyi


Very quick and efficient, friendly stuff. Very nice

Silvio Tollo


Quick service and nice photos.
Also: very comfy seats!

Lisa F


Super friendly staff and very good passport picture. Done in 15 mins.

Natalie L


Very professional and fast; I needed photos for a non-German passport, and there was no problem. Put the location and date on the back of all the photos as well without me having to ask!

BetterPic: Professional Headshots powered by AI



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Try it now to enjoy the convenience, affordability, and superior quality offered by our AI headshots technology.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'PicturePeople Fotostudio München Georgenstraße'

#3 PicturePeople Fotostudio München Georgenstraße



Introducing PicturePeople Fotostudio München Georgenstraße, your go-to destination for professional headshots and visa photos in Munich, Germany. With a stellar rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 381 reviews, this studio is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Customers rave about the exceptional service they received during their visits. The efficient and proficient staff members ensure a quick and hassle-free experience, as one satisfied customer mentioned, Booking the appointment was quick, and the whole process was done in 5-10 minutes. Additionally, the studio's English-speaking staff creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

PicturePeople Fotostudio München Georgenstraße is also known for their expertise in capturing precious moments. They excel in capturing biometric photos, even for newborn babies, as one delighted customer shared, We were able to get the biometric photo immediately for our 2-month-old baby.

Furthermore, the studio offers an enjoyable and memorable photoshoot experience for special occasions. Whether it's a Christmas gift or a family gathering, customers have expressed their surprise and satisfaction with the outcome. We all had a blast and are extremely happy with how the photos turned out! expressed one customer.

The studio's photographer, Justin, has been praised for his friendliness and professionalism. Another customer commented, Raphael made my photographs very professionally. He is very friendly, efficient and makes high-quality photographs.

While PicturePeople Fotostudio München Georgenstraße has received glowing reviews, one challenge customers have mentioned is feeling pressured to make quick decisions on the number of images to order. It is recommended to decide on a package beforehand to avoid overordering.

In summary, PicturePeople Fotostudio München Georgenstraße on Georgenstraße 136A in Munich, Germany, is a highly reputable studio that delivers exceptional headshots, visa photos, and memorable photoshoot experiences. With their talented staff, efficient service, and focus on customer satisfaction, they

Lana Husagic


I used their services for visa photo and it was super professional and on point. Booking the appointment was quick (same day) and the whole process was done in 5-10 minutes. Staff is proficient in English and ensure a relaxed atmosphere.

dilara akpınar


She was very kind and caring. We were able to get the biometric photo immediately for our 2-month-old baby. :)

Wayne Sun


We booked a photoshoot as a Christmas gift to my parents who were visiting Munich to see their 2 month old granddaughter for the first time. I knew my parents and wife would like it but I did not expect to have any fun as I normally do not enjoy posing for pictures. Surprisingly, we all had a blast and are extremely happy with how the photos turned out! Our photographer, Justin, was very friendly and accommodating, letting us take breaks to feed and change our daughter. I did not expect to enjoy the experience as much as I did and will definitely try to organize another shoot with the in-laws when they visit.

Gareth Davies


I turned up on the day for urgent passport photos and they were very quick and accommodating. The process was very simple and they made me feel totally at ease. I was in and out within 10-15 mins.

Sergey Georgiev


Raphael made my photographs very professionally. He is very friendly, efficient and makes high quality photographs - thumbs up!

One challenge of pictuire people is, that you somehow feel urged to make a fast decision upon the number of images you want to order. At the end you order more than you need. But this seems to be the strategy of the company. So decide upfront which package you want to pay and inform the photographer about your decision right at the beginning

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'heidi-foto GmbH'

#4 heidi-foto GmbH



Looking for a headshots studio in München that delivers both passport photos and stunning individual portraits? Look no further! Heidi-foto GmbH, conveniently located at Fürstenrieder Str. 63, is the perfect place to capture your unique personality and meet your ID photo needs. With an outstanding rating of 4.6/5 stars based on 318 reviews, it's clear that this studio has won the hearts of its customers.

One happy customer, Alessandro, had the pleasure of experiencing a truly exceptional service. Not only did he obtain the required passport photos, but he also had the opportunity to indulge in a personalized and artistic portrait. This uplifting encounter left him thanking the studio warmly and strongly recommending it to all. Another satisfied client, who opted for their business photos package, was thoroughly impressed by the excellent and friendly service, resulting in amazing photos.

Heidi-foto GmbH values your time, offering the convenience of booking appointments online. The staff, as mentioned by multiple reviewers, consistently exhibit professionalism and friendliness. In fact, they pride themselves on providing prompt passport and visa photos, ready for pick-up within a mere 10 minutes.

While some customers believe the service could be improved, particularly in terms of the speed and price, many agree that the overall quality and value for money provided by Heidi-foto GmbH is exceptional. They appreciate the valuable advice offered and consider themselves lucky to have found a photo studio that surpasses their expectations.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to have your passport and visa photos effortlessly taken while also embracing creative portrait sessions. Book your appointment with Heidi-foto GmbH today and join the ranks of the immensely satisfied clientele.

Mark'O Bruni


It was not promising to become smth unique to come to this photo studio and process the stupid new photos for ID. Meanwhile, Alessandro made my experience very unique providing both: the boring passport stuff and fancy portrait individual photo. He made my day. My huge thanks and sincere recommendation to all here to visit this place.

Anđela Zarić Fonseca


I did business fotos package, the service was excellent and very friendly. Photos turned out amazing! You need to book your slot in advance.

Nune Yavryan


Appointments can be booked online, employees are always friendly and professional, photos for passports and visas are ready and printed in 10 minutes.

Nimrod Gans


Good overall for a passport photo if you're in need of a passport photo and don't have much time (took 10 minutes for the whole process). The service was not the best though, the man who took the pic was a bit in a rush, and the price is quite high 17.80€ I think, for 4 pictures.

Alexander Sokolov-von Rozen


Super advice and great value for money! I wished all the photo shops were like this . Very happy client.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Bewerbungsfotos München - ECONOMY BUSINESS FOTOGRAFIE München'

#5 Bewerbungsfotos München - ECONOMY BUSINESS FOTOGRAFIE München



Introducing Bewerbungsfotos München - ECONOMY BUSINESS FOTOGRAFIE München, a renowned headshots studio located at Tulbeckstraße 22, 80339 München, Germany. With an impressive 4.9/5 star rating and an astonishing 268 reviews, this studio has captured the hearts of many clients.

One of the reasons behind their success is the exceptional service provided by their talented photographer, Viktor. Clients have praised Viktor for his attention to detail and dedication in capturing fantastic photos. Not only does he possess a friendly and fun personality, but he also approaches each session with a professional attitude.

What truly sets Bewerbungsfotos München apart is their ability to transform what may seem like a mundane task into a memorable and enjoyable experience. Clients have expressed their satisfaction with the personalized service offered by Viktor, as he takes into account all their inputs and provides explanations for his techniques.

The studio's professionalism shines through in their ability to accommodate even the most demanding requests, leaving clients pleasantly surprised by the outstanding outcome. Moreover, the team's friendly and empathetic nature ensures that clients feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

If you're in need of high-quality, professional photos that reflect your unique personality and style, Bewerbungsfotos München - ECONOMY BUSINESS FOTOGRAFIE München is the place to go. With their exceptional talent, commitment to excellence, and outstanding customer service, this headshots studio is highly recommended by those who have experienced their services.

Ron Clouse


Viktor is wonderful. He pays attention to lots of important details and really puts n the effort to take fantastic photos. And he's friendly and fun! Thank you for a great experience!

Alp Akkus


Both friendly and professional attitude by the photographer. 100% recommended

Samed Bodur


I am very satisfied with the service I received. Photographer is very professional, he took into account all my inputs and provided explanation for everything he has done. Taking my photos taken is not the best activity for me, but here it turned into a fun activity. Definitely recommend to anyone in need of professional photos.

Emma H.


Very professional photographer, did a great job explaining everything and engaging me into a positive mood for the shoot. I was so positively surprised by the outcome! Did everything I asked for (even the very demanding ones) and made the photos look fantastic. I would totally recommend! Vielen Dank!

Verena Rottmaier


Super friendly, empathetic and professional. Great experience!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photogenika'

#6 Photogenika



Photogenika, located at Guldeinstraße 28, 80339 München, Germany, is a highly reputable headshot studio that has garnered an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 245 satisfied customers. Renowned for their top-notch services and stunning photography, Photogenika has established itself as a go-to destination for capturing exquisite headshots.

One customer shared their experience, mentioning that the studio successfully captured passport photos of their two young children effortlessly, despite their constant movements. The photographer's professionalism and swift execution left a lasting impression.

Another client visited Photogenika for a boudoir shoot and spoke highly of the experience. The photographer, Nicole, ensured a comfortable environment and provided excellent guidance throughout the session. The client expressed their satisfaction with the final results, as the photographer flawlessly brought their vision to life.

The studio also impresses with its efficient and accommodating service. One customer required diploma pictures of specific dimensions and poses, and Photogenika readily assisted without hesitation. The fast turnaround and friendly staff left a positive impression.

Affordability is another aspect that sets Photogenika apart. Multiple reviews mention that their services are reasonably priced for the quality and professionalism provided. Clients admire the excellent pictures without feeling burdened by exorbitant costs.

Lastly, the studio is also experienced in capturing memorable passport photos for babies. Customers appreciate the outstanding results achieved for these crucial identification images.

In conclusion, Photogenika is a highly-regarded headshot studio in München, Germany, offering exceptional services that have delighted numerous customers. With a talented team, comfortable atmosphere, efficient service, and exceptional results, Photogenika continues to earn high praise and stands as a leader in the photography industry.

Eva Shahverdyan


The lady took pass fotos of my 2 kids and me (2 years and 6 years old). She was rather profesaioabl and fast. The fotos turned to be very successful (which is really hard consideri g the instantly moving kids).
Thanks for the great job.

Babsi Bauer


I went there for a boudoir shoot and it was my first time so I was pretty inexperienced. We started on time and from beginning until end I felt super comfortable in the room and with my nice Photographer Nicole. She made me feel super confident and directed me throughout the whole shooting. I've showed her three pics before which I wanted and I got exactly these three as I wanted them. She was listening to my preferences but gave super advice and tips for the shoot so that I've got 130 pics in an hour shoot and two different stages. After only 5 hours the pics were uploaded online and I can choose which i want to purchase. It's 20eur per pic for digital and print which I think I very fair. The pics came out great and it was really hard to choose the best ones! I'm more than impressed and the result is much better than I Could have ever imagine! I really look like in a magazine
Also I was super under Time pressure and they were super understanding and got the pics super super fast for me done !!!
So thanks again, I can highly recommend this studio and will definitely come back if I want nice and professional photos again!

Dagmara Garolis


Nice and fast service! I had to order diploma pictures of special dimensions and with exact pose. There was no problem to help me with that!

Agnieszka Domanska


Fast, efficient, nice staff, good pictures. In my opinion not too expensive, too.

Maja Korajčević


We love our baby photos for passport which we made here.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Pix 4u Photo Studio Munich'

#7 Pix 4u Photo Studio Munich



Welcome to Pix 4u Photo Studio Munich, located at Gudrunstraße 3, Munich, Germany. With an exceptional rating of 4.7/5 stars from 139 reviews, our studio has gained a reputation for providing an outstanding photography experience.

At Pix 4u, we specialize in capturing beautiful and memorable moments for couples, families, and individuals. Our team of experienced photographers, led by Cem, ensures that each client feels comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. Whether you're looking for a couple's shoot, family portraits, or a personal photoshoot, we have you covered.

Our studio offers a wide range of options to cater to your preferences. From intimate and sensual boudoir photography to stunning and heartwarming family portraits, we can bring your vision to life. We understand that details matter, which is why we provide professional hairstyling and makeup services to enhance your look and create stunning contrasts in our photographs.

Our clients have praised us for our flexible booking process, easy appointment scheduling, and welcoming atmosphere. They have commended Cem's expertise, relaxed manner, and ability to make the photoshoot experience enjoyable and fun. We are proud to have helped numerous couples and families capture their cherished moments, creating lasting memories that will be treasured for years to come.

Experience the professionalism and creativity of Pix 4u Photo Studio Munich for yourself. Consult with us to discuss your ideas and let our team of experts turn them into timeless works of art. Book your session today and discover why we are highly recommended by our satisfied clients.

Laurent Liou


We booked a Paarshooting with my wife.

We had brought a few example pictures collected from the internet to align with Cem on what we had in mind : some naked pictures, but mostly lingery. This was our first shooting ever.
My wife had some hairstyling and makup beforhand and I highly recommend it as the contrasts and the light are part of the shooting.
Cem put us at ease, offered us some wine to relax. He was very professional, passionate about his job and neither my wife nor I felt awkward during the shooting.
The pictures were really beautiful and we felt part of the scene creation all along.
We are still a bit stupefied to see that it is us on the pictures. They look to great!

Thank you Cem!

Ludi Thomas


Hello everyone, we wanted to do a photoshooting as a couple for a long time (few years already) and after some research we found this studio on Google. We decided to give it a try due to the numerous positive critics.

The appointment process was easy going and flexible. We could reserve for a combined styling and photoshooting .

I can recommend to reserve the styling as the make-up was/haircut was awesome and co-driven by the make-up artist and the photograph Cem. We would not have achieved this result without this step.

I was quite nervous before the photoshooting (as I am quite shy/reserved/self-conscious) but the professionality of Cem help a lot and there was no awkward moment. On the contrary, the more we were collaborating, the easier/fun it was. He has been so patient with guidance/recommendations - which is so helpful so you never feel lost.The time just went by so quickly.

The studio is versatile, it offers a lot of possibilities of background/atmosphere. The fact that we were the only ones present with Cem is very helpful.

After our experience, we can only say that these evaluations are more than well-deserved and I think we do the same again in a heartbeat.

Thank you cem for this experience!

Matthias H.


When we arrived at the studio, we were welcomed very nicely to our family photo shoot. After a short discussion about the process, we started right away. After the first test photo, we saw that the photographer knew something about his job. Very nice studio, relaxed atmosphere and lots of fun made our day an experience! Gladly again and can only be recommended... It's a shame that you can only give 5 stars... We're already looking forward to the next time! ;-)

Rainer Ley


We went to Cem's for the family shoot.
After a short conversation about the process and the recommendation for a beauty styling, since the pictures all look good without post-processing, the make-up artist gave us the finishing touches.
The studio is great and offers many possibilities.
Thanks to Cem's relaxed and funny manner, we quickly relaxed, had a lot of fun and many great pictures were taken thanks to three different outfits and his ideas.
Thank you for this experience and the beautiful photos.

Renn Ente


We chose the partner photo shoot. It was a very relaxed, cozy atmosphere, we immediately felt comfortable and in good hands. The shooting was very good and professional. The finished edited pictures turned out great, we are very satisfied and happy about this result. Highly recommended, we will definitely be back :-)

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotostudio Loske'

#8 Fotostudio Loske



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Munich, Germany? Look no further than Fotostudio Loske! Located at Riem Arcaden, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5, this studio has been capturing stunning photos for clients for years. With a remarkable rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 124 reviews, Fotostudio Loske has garnered a reputation for excellence.

While one reviewer mentioned a slight language barrier with the photographer, it is important to note that Fotostudio Loske prides itself on not only delivering outstanding photos but also providing exceptional service. The professional and friendly staff go the extra mile to ensure that every client feels comfortable and satisfied.

Whether you need headshots for your upcoming book or a portrait photo on short notice, Fotostudio Loske is here to meet your needs. Clients have praised the studio for their professionalism, customer orientation, and high-quality work. It is worth mentioning that Fotostudio Loske even exceeded expectations by providing clients more photos than requested, all at a reasonable price.

If you're in search of a headshots studio that offers both competence and exceptional customer service, Fotostudio Loske is the perfect choice. They are dedicated to capturing the perfect shot and delivering an experience that will leave you impressed. Don't hesitate to book your appointment and discover the outstanding work of Fotostudio Loske!

Daniel Virasack


I've been there a year ago roughly. Photo are good but the guy who took them was not so friendly and look very annoyed as I didn't speak good german. I'm not german and for me service is as important as competence.



Very nice and professional staff. I needed photos for my upcoming book. They gave me more photos than requested at a very reasonable price. The photos came out to be excellent. I would love to go back if I need more photos.

Harald Battran


Needed a portrait photo on very short notice. Very professional and highly customer oriented! Can recommend fully!

Naema Aldaqsha



Dr. Hardik Shah


Very professional work. They offered me more than what I paid for which helped me greatly.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Thomas Wieland Headshot & Portraitfotograf'

#9 Thomas Wieland Headshot & Portraitfotograf



Looking for an exceptional headshot and portrait photography experience in Munich, Germany? Look no further than Thomas Wieland Headshot & Portraitfotograf, located at Wilhelmine-Reichard-Str. 7 Münchner Gewerbehof Nord, 2. Stock, 80935 München. With a stellar reputation backed by a flawless 5/5 star rating from 95 satisfied customers, this studio is the go-to destination for capturing your best self.

At Thomas Wieland Headshot & Portraitfotograf, Thomas himself is praised for his dedication and passion for photography. He takes the time to understand each client's desires and personal brand, ensuring that the end result perfectly matches their expectations. With a keen eye for detail, he skillfully captures the essence of his subjects, effortlessly transforming ordinary individuals into supermodels.

What sets Thomas apart is not only his exceptional photography skills but also his empathetic nature. Clients raved about his ability to delve beyond the surface and capture what lies beneath the facade. Thomas creates a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, making the entire photography session a memorable experience. With his warm and engaging personality, he combines professionalism with fun effortlessly.

Whether you're seeking headshots for professional purposes or stunning portraits that reveal your true self, Thomas Wieland Headshot & Portraitfotograf is the studio you can trust. With meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Thomas guarantees incredible results. Don't miss the opportunity to work with this renowned photographer and create timeless images that reflect your unique personality.

Tereza Scheffel


Thomas did an excellent job! He took as much time as needed to understand what I want and how I want to see myself and then he took as many pictures as needed until we get a perfect outcome.

Anne Startup


I would absolutely recommend Thomas! He is passionate about photography but also fun and easy to work with. He really dedicates time to getting the perfect photo, also coaching with helpful suggestions, so that you are 100% happy with the result!

Volker Heins


Thomas is such an incredible photographer. He makes ordinary people instantly feel (if not look) like supermodels. I truly loved the session.

Annegret Junker


I've got wonderful headshots from Thomas. He is not only a wonderful photographer, he is even an empathic human. Probably that's why he is able to shoot what is behind the facade. Thank you Thomas!

Gerald Mahlknecht (Knecht)


I have rarely seen someone with so much professionalism and at the same time with so much fun in his work.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotostudio München vogelwild und andres'

#10 Fotostudio München vogelwild und andres



Fotostudio München vogelwild und andres is a renowned headshots studio located at Schleißheimer Str. 38, 80333 München, Germany. With an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 80 reviews, this studio has garnered a reputation for providing exceptional photography services.

Primarily specializing in professional headshot photography, Fotostudio München vogelwild und andres is also equipped to handle various other photography needs. Clients have lauded the studio for its pleasant and kind photographers who create a welcoming atmosphere, making every individual feel at ease from the moment they step through the door.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the remarkable quality of the photography. The studio offers not only stunning headshots but also application photos, tailored to social media platforms. Each image is crafted to be natural, authentic, and even suitable as a heartfelt gift for loved ones.

Fotostudio München vogelwild und andres operates in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere, ensuring that every client feels comfortable throughout the shooting process. The studio's convenient location and prompt appointment scheduling have also been commended by customers.

With their expertise in capturing professional shots and their commitment to customer satisfaction, Fotostudio München vogelwild und andres comes highly recommended by all who have experienced their exceptional services. Discover the magic of vogelwild und andres and entrust your photography needs to this esteemed studio.

Miyako Y


I had my professional headshot taken here, although I believe they do all kinds of photography. The photographer was extremely pleasant and kind and she made me feel at ease the moment I walked in. Thank you!

Sebastian Freitag (Inbrainsane)



evelyn gruber


Am thrilled. Appointment for application photos of the niece (photo-shy) - the result is star photos! Fast appointments, warm and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect pre-selection, adapted to social media. The photos are natural, authentic and even suitable as a gift for the family.
Photography wild birds - I can recommend with conviction.
Thank you Mrs Andres!

Natalie H


Professional shooting, relaxed atmosphere, pleasant location! When I called to request an appointment for a professional business photo, I experienced a very cordial conversation. I was able to get an appointment that was convenient for me without a long wait. After a short consultation/agreement after my arrival on site, I was given time to get ready in peace. The shooting took place in a professional, pleasant atmosphere, the photographer treated me professionally and empathetically. Even the hurdle of not showing the reflection of my glasses on the photos was not a problem for Ms. Andres. In any case, I recommend the photo studio or the photographer in every respect (quality, price, personal) 100%!

Andrea Drexl


Professional shooting in a relaxed atmosphere! We are completely satisfied with the new application pictures and will definitely recommend Barbara Andres :) Thank you very much!

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