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Welcome to Brooklyn, the vibrant city that perfectly captures the essence of professional headshot photography. Whether you're seeking stunning LinkedIn headshots, affordable yet high-quality options, or professional corporate portraits, our city is home to a diverse range of talented photographers. With a multitude of studios specializing in male and female headshots, finding the perfect professional portrait near you has never been easier. BetterPic, your go-to for AI-generated headshots, proudly presents this list of local businesses, ensuring you have the freedom to choose the best option that suits your unique needs. Please note that BetterPic is not associated with any specific studio, allowing you to make an unbiased decision.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'David Noles Photography'

#1 David Noles Photography



Are you in search of a headshot studio that delivers exceptional results with unparalleled professionalism? Look no further than David Noles Photography, located at 33 35th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA. With a perfect rating of 5/5 stars based on 190 reviews, this studio has garnered immense praise for its impeccable service and outstanding photography skills.

Upon entering the studio, you will be greeted by the warm and welcoming duo, David and Anna. The relaxed and comfortable environment sets the perfect tone for a memorable photoshoot experience. David, a meticulous craftsman, pays attention to every detail, from the backgrounds to the lighting, wardrobe, angles, hair, makeup, and even the music. His expertise and collaboration ensure that each photoshoot is executed with absolute perfection.

Clients have raved about their experiences, with many expressing astonishment at the final images that exceeded their expectations. David's ability to sculpt light and color is widely recognized, resulting in breathtaking photographs that require minimal editing. But it's not just the technical aspects that make David Noles Photography exceptional – it's also the laughter-inducing, fun-filled sessions that create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Whether you are an actor looking to capture your essence or an individual seeking professional headshots, David Noles has the talent and skill to bring out your best. His unmatched style, distinct approach, and unmatched results will leave you amazed and wanting to return for more.

Discover the world of extraordinary headshots at David Noles Photography, where professionalism, expertise, and a beautiful spirit combine to create remarkable images. Set up an appointment today and experience the difference for yourself.

Sean Wins


Wow! From the moment I walked into the studio I was greeted by David and Anna with warm welcomes. Such a relaxed and comfortable environment. David is meticulous with his craft. From the backgrounds to the lighting, wardrobe, angles, hair, makeup, music and everything else was discussed in detail and executed with perfection. Such a professional. His direction and collaboration made my photo shoot such a fun and exciting experience! I highly recommend David Noles to anyone trying to take their headshots to the next level. This surpassed all expectations....

Sarah Keyes


I had a wonderful experience working with David. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. The final images exceeded my expectations, and needed very little editing. David is a master at sculpting light and color. I spent most of the shoot laughing hysterically because we were having so much fun. I could not recommend him more highly. A true expert and a beautiful spirit!
Also- Anna, his make-up artist, was wonderful! She made me look flawless, and stayed to make adjustments for the whole four hours that I was in his studio. The only difficult part is choosing which photo is best!

Jeremy Bustin


Yesterday, I had the enormous pleasure of shooting with David Noles (David Noles Photography) in Brooklyn. As I've developed my own photography craft, he is one photographer whose work I've always admired. The shoot was originally scheduled for last year, but COVID persisted and he was cool about rescheduling. Was really special timing given my 40th birthday this week, so it all worked out in the end.

I have always dreaded having my own headshots done, but I immediately felt at home working with David and his HMU artist Anna. David has a gift for connecting with people on an authentic level and has a personality that is immediately disarming. He even had a delicious birthday cupcake for me from One Girl Cookies.
We spent four hours together, and not once did I feel like I was posing for photos. It felt like connecting with an old friend. I took a lot away from his session, on both a technical and personal level.

While I had some thoughts on wardrobe and was absolutely married to two wardrobes, I was invested in his process and guidance. I could have asked to see photos along the way, but I didn't want to interrupt the experience. And frankly, I just trusted him.

Can't wait to see the photos in a couple weeks!

Alexander Tortora


David Noles has an absolute talent for photography and capturing the essence of an actor but more importantly a person with his camera. the amount of professionalism mixed with a relaxed attitude and approach to the work makes you feel welcome, comfortable and excited to have your picture taken again and again. His style is unmatched and truly distinct and the results will have your friends screaming. I know this sounds cliched but It's true. When I got my shots back my friends were amazed at the different angles of my personality David was able to catch and gave me incredible options for head shots. 110% worth the time and money for working with such a great photographer. And a shout out to his assistant Anna who does hair and make-up. She is an extremely skilled make-up artist who understands color and complexion to make you looking your best without over-stepping and applying too much product. Also the two of them together leads to great conversation. Five star rating all the way, you will be very pleased with David's shots and probably gushing about him just as I am now.

Kiera Jefferson


This was my first time having head shots done, really having any type of professional pictures taken and I found David through a google search fro New York Head Shot Photographers. I could not have had a better experience. It was easy to set up the appointment, David and I spoke on the phone before my shoot and he made me feel extremely comfortable and he was easy to talk to about what I was looking for. On the day of my shoot I showed up, thanks to his easily followed directions I found the studio and met David for the first time. David was no professional and great to work with, I immediately felt at ease and we jumped right into hair and make up with Anna, who is also a genius by the way!! David asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to, we were laughing and having a good time while working. He emailed the photos to me exactly the day he said he would and they were absolutely amazing! I had such a fantastic experience I won't go to any one else for professional pictures after working with him!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Todd Estrin Photography'

#2 Todd Estrin Photography



Looking for a top-notch headshot studio in Brooklyn, NY? Look no further than Todd Estrin Photography. Located at 68 Jay St, this renowned studio has earned a stellar reputation, boasting an impressive 5/5 star rating with a whopping 165 reviews.

Todd Estrin, the genius behind the lens, is a magician when it comes to capturing that perfect shot. With a seamless and effortless style, he puts his clients at ease and brings out their authentic selves. Whether you're an experienced actor or stepping in front of the camera for the first time since the pandemic, Todd's expertise will ensure you shine.

Clients rave about Todd's ability to fully understand and capture their unique essence. He takes the time to get to know you, guiding you through the entire shoot and asking the right questions to ensure the best possible outcome. The resulting photos are not only technically and artistically impeccable but also a genuine reflection of you and your brand.

Professionalism is paramount at Todd Estrin Photography. Clients commend Todd's professionalism and his uncanny ability to bring out the best in them. With a fun-filled and fully present approach, he creates an enjoyable experience that yields a wide range of stunning photos to choose from.

If you're in search of an exceptional headshot experience, Todd Estrin Photography is the place to go. Clients consistently praise Todd's dedication to making them feel comfortable and ensuring their specific needs are met. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with the best—highly recommend a visit to Todd Estrin Photography.

Ryan James Genualdi


Todd is a magician. He has such an ease to his style. I've taken headshots since I was young, but my first time since the pandemic, so was a little nervous how I'd show up. Todd made me feel as if I hadn't taken a break at all. He works with you throughout the whole shoot, asks questions, gets to know you so he can best capture who YOU are. This is so critical for an actor, to appear authentic. That's Todd's focus, to pull out something of you, that would pull a director/casting associate in. Cannot recommend him enough. I have so much versatility to choose from, and photos that really capture who I am as an artist.

Michele Demaree


Todd made me feel like I was a human being. He captured me. Todd gives 200% in his photo sessions. It was an amazing experience, worth every single penny and the trip all the way up to Brooklyn. I am looking forward to the next time already!

Thomas Henke


Todd was a dream! My team and I are very happy.

Not only are the photos undeniably stunning in both their technical and artistic execution, they are a true reflection of myself and my brands. Todd more than just took photos; he was a helpful, gentle guide.

Valence Thomas


Todd is a consummate professional and brings out the best in you during the shoot - working with him was truly a pleasure. Our moment to moment connection made for a fully present fun-filled photoshoot that resulted in a number of options to choose from … At any rate, I’m very much pleased with the final product and look forward to working with him again.

Christine Pollnow


Working with Todd was by far the best headshot experience I've had. He worked hard to make me feel comfortable and make sure we got the right shots for my needs. Highly recommend!

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Nechama Photography'

#3 Nechama Photography



Welcome to Nechama Photography, the premier headshots studio located on Lefferts Ave in Brooklyn, NY. With an impeccable 5/5 star rating and glowing reviews from 112 satisfied clients, Nechama Photography truly stands out as a leader in the industry.

One of the remarkable aspects of Nechama Photography is their ability to capture skin tones correctly and flawlessly. Many clients have praised Nechama for being the only photographer who truly understood their unique complexion. This level of attention to detail and inclusivity sets Nechama Photography apart from the rest.

Beyond their technical expertise, Nechama is renowned for creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during each shoot. From playing music to cracking jokes, Nechama knows how to make clients feel relaxed and at ease, resulting in capturing the perfect photo. This personalized approach is highly valued by clients, as it allows their genuine personality to shine through.

Nechama's talent and professionalism have catapulted many careers. Clients have experienced a significant difference in their modeling and acting careers after receiving headshots from Nechama Photography. The quality of their work has opened doors to multiple commercials and unimaginable opportunities.

Nechama's guidance throughout the process is unparalleled. From advising on clothing, hair, and makeup choices to providing detailed instructions on posing and expressions, Nechama ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience. The end result is a stunning collection of high-quality headshots that exceed expectations.

In addition to being incredibly talented, Nechama radiates warmth and friendliness. Many clients have remarked that their interactions with Nechama felt like catching up with an old friend. The cozy studio environment immediately put clients at ease, resulting in exceptional photos and a truly memorable experience.

With top-notch equipment and a commitment to quality, Nechama Photography guarantees stunning results. Whether you need to update your business or actors headshots, Nechama Photography is the go-to choice.

Don't hesitate to choose Nechama Photography for your headshots needs. Experience the excellence and artistry of Nechama and join the hundreds of satisfied clients who have reshaped their careers with captivating headshots.

Holly Lewis


Nechama is an excellent photographer! I've had so many bad experiences with photographers not capturing my skin tone correctly but this wasn't even a discussion that was needed with Nechama. Not only that but she also made be feel comfortable during the shoot by playing music and cracking jokes to capture the perfect photo. Thank you so much Nechama, keep doing what you do.

Mark Lefler


About a week ago I had the pleasure of shooting with @nechamaphotography for the second time. The first time we shot together in 2018, I was just starting out my career in modeling & acting. I never thought that a single headshot could make such a big difference, but it absolutely did just that! From that point on I started booking gigs I never thought was possible. Multiple commercials, plenty of print work and it also helped me to land my first lead role in a short film. / This time around I really needed a great aesthetic shot that I could use as standard to apply for modeling gigs. What can I say? @nechamaphotography did exactly what I had in mind! 😊 With that said, if you are in a need of professional photographer who will make you look your best in your headshots, look no further! 😎 @nechamaphotography is the absolute best to get the job done for you! 📸👏🏻

Jennifer Ungar


Nechama guided me before the shoot with advice about best clothing to wear, hair, makeup, and posing. She told me exactly what to do during the shoot - where to stand, move my head, facial expressions, etc. The photos came out great and the experience was easy and fun. I would definitely recommend Nechama if you’re looking for high quality headshots.

KC Muñoz


Nechama is AMAZING!! She is super friendly and professional. Talking to her feels like catching up with an old friend. I immediately felt at home in her studio. I updated my business and actors headshots and I highly recommend Nechama Photography for anyone looking to update both or either. I got my photos back today and they are stunning, I'm SO HAPPY with the results!

M.R. D.


I had a fabulous experience working with Nechama. She's not only incredibly talented, but very easy to work with as well, so I was able to relax and take great photos. Her equipment is top notch and the quality shows. Don't hesitate!
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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Edshots'

#4 Edshots



Looking for a top-notch headshot studio in Brooklyn? Look no further than Edshots, conveniently located at 521 Maple St #3F, Brooklyn, NY 11225, USA. With a stellar 5/5 star rating based on 98 glowing reviews, Edshots has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

Clients rave about the seamless experience provided by Eddie, the talented photographer behind Edshots. Known for his exceptional skills and attention to detail, Eddie creates a supportive and comfortable environment during the shoot, ensuring that every client feels at ease. The results speak for themselves, with clients consistently impressed by the quality of their headshots.

Aside from Eddie's professionalism and great customer service, the studio also takes pride in its timely communication and reasonable prices. Clients appreciate the fact that Eddie goes the extra mile to ensure they are fully satisfied with their photos, making any necessary adjustments until they are completely happy.

Whether you're in need of headshots for ERAS or any other professional application, Edshots is your go-to destination. Book an appointment today and experience the fantastic service and outstanding expertise that have made Edshots the premier choice for headshots in Brooklyn.

Junea Augustus


I had the pleasure of having my ERAS photos taken by Eddie and I was impressed by how seamless the process was. He genuinely wants his clients to feel comfortable during the shoot and creates a space that is supportive. I was very pleased with how my photos turned out and I would highly recommend booking him!

Fatima Talavera


I traveled from Jersey to Brooklyn to get my ERAS headshots done after seeing his previous work he had done. Eddie was very professional, great customer service, had great timely communication throughout our entire interaction from prior to booking until getting my photos edited and back to me, has reasonable prices, and has great energy interacting with the people he photographs (saw this because a few of my classmates and I got our photos taken the same day). I was extremely satisfied and loved my photos that I ended up getting extra edited because I couldn't decide on just one. Would definitely recommend him 10/10 and would go back if I needed any other photos taken.

Justin Ingram


I found EdShots when I was searching for someone to take my ERAS photos. I had a friend who went to him and was very pleased with the results which prompted me to book an appointment. I am extremely happy with how the photos turned out. Eddie was extremely professional during the shoot and wasn't satisfied with the photos until I was satisfied and very communicative with giving me the photos . I highly recommend him for any ERAS photos or other photos you need!

Rashi Kumar


I had a fantastic experience getting my ERAS headshots with edshotsnyc! Eddie was incredibly nice and friendly and made the whole experience as comfortable as possible for me. All of my pics turned out really great and professional. I will be back for my future needs! I definitely recommend edshotsnyc for any of your headshot needs!

Zain Qureshi


The most professional photographer I have ever met. He truly knows what he is doing and goes the extra mile to make sure the client is satisfied. Super friendly guy who is a master at what he does. I can not emphasize how great he is. 10/10.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Rex Lott Photography'

#5 Rex Lott Photography



Are you in need of stunning headshots that truly capture your essence? Look no further than Rex Lott Photography, a top-notch studio located at 565 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11238 in the USA. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and glowing reviews from 85 satisfied customers, Rex Lott Photography stands out as a true gem.

Clients rave about the unparalleled professionalism and comfort provided by Rex and his talented team. From the moment you step into the studio, you'll be greeted with warmth and expertise, making your photo shoot experience truly enjoyable. Whether it's your first time or the tenth, Rex and his crew ensure that you feel at ease, bringing out the best in you during the shoot.

The attention to detail and personalized approach at Rex Lott Photography are widely appreciated. Each shot is carefully crafted, taking into consideration your unique qualities and requirements. The result? Stunning headshots that effortlessly captivate and impress. With Rex's expert retouching skills, your natural beauty is enhanced without compromising authenticity.

It's no wonder that working with Rex Lott Photography has led to increased auditions and successful submissions for many clients. The studio manager, Shawn, and the entire team are applauded for their thoughtfulness, kindness, and exceptional work.

For a transformative experience and breathtaking headshots, Rex Lott Photography is the ultimate destination. Book your session today and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential in the entertainment industry.

Rose Ferrante


Rex is the best! I just love him . I had such an amazing experience. I highly recommend you to get your headshots with Rex. Totally professional made me feel so comfortable. It was my first time ever doing a photo shoot. I had so much fun and enjoy working with Rex and his crew.. I look forward to doing more Headshots with Rex. Thank you for a great time.!

Nikki MacCallum


I could not recommend Rex more! Absolutely loved the specificity in the approach taken with each shot. And since these shots have gone live my submission to audition hit ratio has increased dramatically. This team is also so nice, so funny, so smart, and made me feel like a million bucks!

gabriel sayegh


Rex and Shawn (the studio manager) are *fantastic*. I wish I could give them ten stars instead of only five. They are thoughtful, kind, fun, and very, very good in their work. They immediately put me at ease, made the whole experience truly enjoyable, and my headshots came out great! If you need headshots, this is the place to go. Thank you Rex and Shawn!

Pilar Gonzalez


No matter if it's your first or 10th time taking new headshots, do yourself a favor and shoot with Rex!! He, Shawn, and Bridie are an AMAZING team that will make you feel comfortable, beautiful in your own way, and you will leave with intentional, gorgeous shots that will definitely get you in the room! Also, his retouches are subtle and don't make you look like a different person. Rex is also super responsive, funny, and honest, and I more than highly recommend you to go to him and his team for your next round of headshots!

Sharon Leigh


Had my headshots done yesterday. This is the only place to go if you need a photographer! Rex is awesome! Felt very comfortable and everything went very well. Gina's makeup was beautiful and natural. Finally got to meet Shawn in person. His workshops are great! Can't say enough about Rex Lott. For any occasion please use him!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Matt Simpkins Photography'

#6 Matt Simpkins Photography



Matt Simpkins Photography is a headshots studio located at 68 35th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA. With an impressive rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 82 reviews, this studio has established a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Clients rave about their experiences with Matt, praising his ability to capture their unique personalities and incorporate their individuality into their headshots. Many appreciate his attention to detail and how he takes the time to understand their needs before the shoot. Matt's quick communication and responsiveness also earn him high praise from clients.

The studio itself is described as warm and inviting, contributing to a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during the shoot. Located at Industry City, it offers a cool and cozy vibe that helps clients feel at ease and fully express themselves.

Furthermore, clients commend Matt for his professionalism and expertise in the industry. He provides guidance throughout the session, ensuring clients achieve their desired looks and outcomes. Whether it's for college auditions, professional engagements, or personal branding, clients agree that Matt's work is top-notch.

Overall, Matt Simpkins Photography is highly recommended for anyone seeking headshots in the city. With Matt's friendly demeanor, expertise, and the outstanding quality of his work, clients can trust that their headshots will accurately represent them and make a lasting impression.

Sarah Kay


I absolutely loved my experience with Matt! He not only took time to get to know me as an artist prior to shooting, but he actively incorporated who I am into the headshots. I feel like I can accurately represent myself with these photos. He’s also very quick and communicative!

Haley Moreland


Working with Matt is a fantastic experience. His disarming and pleasant demeanor made the headshot process stress-free. We appreciated his suggestions throughout the shoot and his responsiveness to emails...Not to mention, the final product is spot-on for the college-audition headshot we were looking for!

George Fearing


Matt’s the best!

He’s friendly, laid back, & great to work with.
He understands the industry, and helped guide me through our session to achieve several distinct looks.

We spoke before the shoot about the type of parts I audition for, and what I need out of my new pictures. We chose 2 specific contrasting looks.

I had a wonderful time during our session.
His studio is very warm, inviting, and easy to get to. Music of my choice & espresso to get in the mood.

Gia took care of everything else: hair & makeup. So I could feel free & present when the camera was rolling.

He sent me my new headshots literally 3 days after our session.

I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to get new headshots!

David Campbell


The shoot with Matt was a very cool experience from start to finish. Starting with a very cool studio location at Industry City, and with great conversations when we wrapped. The studio has a cozy vibe making it easy to get relaxed before shooting. Matt is nothing short of a pro! He focuses on your desired outcomes from the shoot and puts great effort to help you achieve them. He gives excellent direction and encouragement throughout out the process. I would definitely recommend this experience!

allison masulis


My experience with headshots with Matt Simpkins was incredible! He made the experience completely our own. He was very helpful in choosing looks and ways to pose. I am so happy with the outcome of the headshots and definitely recommend to anyone look for headshots in the city.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Shine by O Portraits'

#7 Shine by O Portraits



Looking for a headshots studio that truly brings out your best? Look no further than Shine by O Portraits, located at 23 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA. With an impressive 5/5 stars and 77 glowing reviews, Shine by O Portraits has established itself as the go-to destination for exceptional headshot photography.

At Shine by O Portraits, O, the talented photographer behind the lens, goes above and beyond to ensure an unforgettable photo shoot experience. Clients rave about O's meticulous attention to detail and extensive preparation, which sets the stage for stunning results. O's friendly and enthusiastic demeanor creates a comfortable atmosphere during the session, allowing individuals to truly shine. In fact, some clients were astounded at how O's creativity brought out their best selves, leaving them initially unrecognizable in their portraits.

With technical proficiency and a commitment to capturing the essence of each client, O's skills shine through in every photograph. Clients appreciate the personalized touch and reasonable prices that Shine by O Portraits offers. O's expertise extends beyond headshots, as many clients plan to return for family portraits.

Whether you are in need of professional headshots or want to capture cherished family moments, Shine by O Portraits is the ideal choice. Experience photography that makes you shine—book your session with Shine by O Portraits today.

Minal Joshi Jaeckli


O is amazing!! I was so blown away by how much she had prepared for my photo shoot - wow the amount of attention to details! If you are considering getting your photos done, O is the perfect choice to help you shine.

Anna Novoselova


I really enjoyed working with O! She is very friendly and enthusiastic, and she made me feel comfortable during the photoshoot. The edited photos exceeded my expectation!

Nigel DeFreitas


O from Shine By O is so good at bringing your best portrait to life that I didn’t recognize myself initially.

She makes you feel completely comfortable which lets your best self shine through.

I highly recommend O for your next headshot portrait!

Roth Wilkofsky


O is creative, technically proficient, doesn't rush, puts you at ease, and gets great results. All that plus she is a pleasure to work with, and her prices are reasonable. Very highly recommended!!!

Jennifer Sun


Love the headshots O took for me!! I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera but she was so patience and worked with me to get the most natural friendly smile. She also took time to adjust the lighting to highlight my best angles. I plan to reach out to her for family portraits. Highly recommend!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Le Studio NYC'

#8 Le Studio NYC



Looking for the perfect studio to capture your precious moments? Look no further than Le Studio NYC, located at 196 Prospect Park West #1R, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA. With an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars and 77 glowing reviews, this studio is a hidden gem in the heart of Brooklyn.

Lea, the talented photographer, and her staff are highly professional, friendly, and patient, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed environment for you and your baby. Their expertise in handling newborns is unparalleled, as they know exactly how to pose and soothe your little one to capture the most adorable shots.

Whether you're searching for a maternity photoshoot or a cake smash session for your little one, Le Studio NYC is the place to go. Their extensive portfolio showcases various styles, leaving no doubt that your pictures will turn out extraordinary. From African themed shoots to newborn sessions in Carroll Gardens, they can bring any vision to life.

The studio's set-up is truly incredible, with adorable props and backdrops that perfectly match your desired theme. You can trust the friendly and accommodating team to ensure your baby's comfort throughout the entire process, from selecting the perfect outfit to choosing the right cake.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your own model-like experience at Le Studio NYC. Book your session today and create timeless memories that will be cherished for years to come. Highly recommended by satisfied customers, this is a photography studio you can trust.

Sudiksha Regmi


Lea, the photographer, and the staff were friendly, patient, and highly professional. They created a comfortable and relaxed environment for my baby and me, ensuring we felt at ease throughout the session. Their expertise in handling newborns was impressive, and they knew exactly how to pose and soothe my little one to capture the most adorable shots.
Highly recommended.

Kim Blackman


I was searching for a studio or a maternity photographer in Brooklyn and I came across Le Studio by Lea Cartier on Google. Her portfolio was exactly the style I was looking for, although I was a little nervous that my pictures wouldn't turn out as good since the people on her website look like actual models.

It turns out that she made me feel like an actual model (no small feat at 34 weeks pregnant). On the day of my maternity photoshoot, she made me feel so glamorous on set from the moment I walked in until the moment I left. She also gave me and my husband both a lot of good instruction throughout the entire shoot, resulting in pictures that look like they're from a magazine. I highly definitely recommend Le Studio NYC for anyone looking for a quality maternity photographer.

Sam Patel


I guess all new moms or majority would agree that the moment we gave birth to our kids, we were already thinking about taking a photo of them and showing them to the world. I had a friend whose kid is already 1 year old who recommended this studio in NY. I brought my kid who was 2 weeks-old at the time and our experience was fantastic. We had a sweet newborn session in Carroll Gardens and the whole time we spent there was great. Now looking at my baby's album, I kept asking myself, how sweet are these Brooklyn baby shots? Since I had a 10/10 experience, I would recommend Le Studio by Lea Cartier to all soon-to-be moms.

Marina Charny


I had a cake smash photoshoot with Le Studio NYC and I must say it was an incredible experience. The team at the photography studio were so friendly, accommodating, and professional. They ensured that my baby was comfortable throughout the entire process, from selecting the perfect outfit to choosing the right cake.

The set up was amazing, with adorable props and backdrops that perfectly matched my vision for the shoot. The photographer was so talented, capturing every moment in great detail without being intrusive or overbearing. The photos turned out absolutely stunning, with vibrant colors and exquisite clarity.

Overall, I would highly recommend a cake smash photoshoot in NYC to anyone looking to capture some beautiful memories. The team at Le Studio NYC photography studio did an outstanding job and I can't wait to work with them again in the future!

Jakita Yearwood


My husband gifted me a maternity/30th birthday photoshoot with Lea and I had such a great experience!

Firstly, I wanted an African themed shoot which I noticed was not the usual the style of her work. I expressed to Lea beforehand the vision I had for the shoot and on the day she surpassed my expectations. She was photographer and creative director, picking out and combining all the fabrics and props for me and directing my poses. Her personality allowed me to just relax and have fun in the moment and not think too much about if it was doing a good job as the subject.

Secondly, I arrived at the studio feeling a little frazzled and nauseous being in my 4th month of pregnancy. Lea was patient and understanding which contributed significantly to my overall positive experience. By the time the shoot was over, I left with an apple and feeling so much better that when I had come in :)

I must also mention her assistant, Denmark. They seem to have a good professional relationship and he worked seamlessly on set.

The hardest part of the entire process was choosing from among so many amazing photos. My husband and I are looking forward to doing a family shoot with her when our sweet baby boy arrives. No hesitation in recommending Lea as a top quality photographer!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Vivid Studio'

#9 Vivid Studio



Are you in need of high-quality headshots or passport pictures? Look no further than Vivid Studio, located at 2215 Avenue U in Brooklyn, NY 11229, USA. With a remarkable rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 74 reviews, this studio is a top choice for individuals seeking exceptional photography services.

Customers rave about the efficiency and affordability at Vivid Studio. One reviewer mentioned being in and out in less than 10 minutes with multiple copies of their passport picture, all at a reasonable price. The friendly and professional staff consistently delivers excellent results, ensuring that customers receive top-notch quality photographs in a timely manner. Additionally, this establishment proves versatile, offering services such as video conversion to CD and Flashdrive with impressive speed and accuracy.

Vivid Studio is renowned for its expertise in headshot photography as well. Their experienced team understands the importance of capturing a professional image and guarantees that the price and quality of their photos will meet and exceed expectations.

With satisfied customers expressing their happiness with the photo results, affordability, and pleasant customer service, Vivid Studio is the go-to place for all your photography needs. Join the numerous individuals who have experienced and recommended the exceptional services provided by this thriving headshot studio. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Vivid Studio for an outstanding photography experience!

Roberto Franco


Went for a passport picture last minute, and I was done in less than 10 minutes with one digital and two hard copies. Very reasonable prices and very efficient establishment.

Nushie Garjarian


Friendly, professional
and fast. The pictures
we're good quality and the prices are right. I recommend the place for passport pictures.
Me and my husband got our passport pictures for total of 15 minutes. At first I thought that my picture
is a little orange, but it was from the light in the store. When I checked outside, it was fine.

Koren Stone


I got a 20 yr old home video turned into a CD and Flashdrive. It was done the next morning and I ran to get it. The quality was perfect and they are super fast with the service. Saw someone get passport pictures here too and it was done very very fast. I love live live this place and would absolutely recommend.

Leizhi Lao


I had my professional headshot done at Vivid Studio. They are very professional and have lots of experience. The price and quality of the photos both meet my expectations. Recommend!

chun ming wu


I am happy with the photo results. The people are nice and the price is good. I have no regrets coming here and I would definitely come back again.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Joe Loper Photography'

#10 Joe Loper Photography



Welcome to Joe Loper Photography, a premier headshots studio located at 136 Erasmus St, Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA. With a stellar reputation and a perfect 5/5 star rating based on 47 authentic reviews, Joe Loper Photography is the go-to destination for actors and professionals seeking exceptional headshots.

Renowned for his innate ability to capture the inner essence of each individual he photographs, Joe Loper is highly regarded for his deep understanding of people. His clients rave about how he makes them feel confident and ready to take on the world. His work truly speaks for itself, as his headshots consistently receive compliments and high praise.

Clients also appreciate Joe's unique insights and ability to bring out their best looks. Aiming to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience, Joe provides excellent advice and maintains a lighthearted atmosphere during the session. His professionalism and adaptability make each shoot a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Joe Loper Photography is known for delivering exactly what clients desire, and their exceptional quality work is well worth the investment. Whether you're an aspiring actor or a professional in need of captivating headshots, Joe Loper Photography is the ultimate choice. With his creative talents, Joe ensures that your headshots will exceed your expectations and propel your career forward.

Book your session with Joe Loper Photography today and experience the expert guidance, professionalism, and impressive results that have made Joe Loper a highly recommended choice among actors and professionals in Brooklyn and beyond.

Libby Lindsey


I've been lucky enough to work with Joe Loper three different times at three different stages of my acting career, and I've been so grateful for his headshots. Joe has a deep understanding of people and is able to capture the inner essence of each person he photographs. He always makes me feel confident and ready to take on the world. His work truly speaks for itself. I get compliments on my headshots in every class and audition room I walk into. I would highly recommend him to other actors.

Christina G


Joe was super fun to work with! He made me feel comfortable & had a great insight into what specific looks I needed to convey for my type. Very impressed by the images & the experience overall!

Ryan Long


gives amazing advice and has a good laugh with you during the session, and above all the photos he produces are amazing. I would highly recommend booking a session with Joe.



Joe is a consummate professional. He adapts his style to the wishes of his client while creating a peaceful and relaxing session. He delivered exactly as promised, well worth it. I'll be leveraging his creative talents going forward throughout my career. 100% recommend.

Edward Dealecio


Joe was incredibly professional and exceeded all my needs for a first professional photo shoot. He was also able to bring me out of my shell and made me feel safe to explore. He was also very good at giving direction to get my best look. My photos were highly well received when posted on social media. I highly recommend him and I look forward to working with him again!

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