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Headshot Photo Studios in Bristol

Discover Professional Headshot Photographers Near Bristol

Welcome to Bristol, Great Britain! Known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, this charming city offers the perfect backdrop for professional headshot photography. Whether you're seeking affordable options or high-quality corporate portraits, our comprehensive list showcases talented photographers near you. BetterPic is not associated with any studio, ensuring unbiased options for your LinkedIn or personal headshots. Discover the best male and female headshot photographers in Bristol, and capture your professional image with confidence.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ZZZONE Photography Studio'

#1 ZZZONE Photography Studio



ZZZONE Photography Studio, located at 23 Zetland Rd, Redland, Bristol BS6 7AH, UK, is a highly acclaimed studio that specializes in professional headshot photography. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 303 reviews, it is evident that this studio has left a lasting impression on its clients.

Clients have praised the super professional, efficient, and friendly service provided by Rhiannon and her team at ZZZONE Photography Studio. They have shown an exceptional understanding of their clients' needs, often delivering results that exceed expectations. With a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of their clients' brand, this studio captures stunning images that beautifully represent the colors and personality of the product or brand.

The team at ZZZONE Photography Studio is highly regarded for their expertise and professionalism. They have worked with clients from various industries, including jewelry and packshot photography, catering to the demands of both small businesses and global brands. The quality of their images and the reasonable pricing makes them a go-to choice for many.

In addition to their remarkable photography skills, the team at ZZZONE Photography Studio is known for their exceptional customer service. Their friendly and easy communication ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. Clients have commended the studio for their willingness to address concerns and answer questions, making each interaction a delight.

All in all, ZZZONE Photography Studio is a highly recommended destination for those seeking headshot photography services in and around Bristol. With their professional approach, top-notch quality, and outstanding customer service, clients can trust that they will receive exceptional results for all their photography needs.

Minerva Wellness


We used ZZZONE Photography studio to take some professional shots of our product. From the beginning, Rhiannon and her team were super professional, efficient and friendly, they also understood perfectly what we wanted before we even knew it ourselves. The results are a host of beautiful images that respect the colours and personality of our brand. We cannot wait for our next product to arrive and will definitely use ZZZONE again. Thank you.

David Field


We can’t thank Rhiannon, Ella and the rest of the team at ZZZONE enough. The service was extremely professional, and the friendly team made it a great all round experience. The product images came out fantastic and we certainly will not be going anywhere else for our imagery. Highly recommend.

Mikaela Lyons


I have used Zzzone for my jewellery photography for a number of years. There are many reason I keep returning:
- The friendly and easy communication from Jonny and his team.
- The quality of the images. Jewellery is hard to capture with its detail and intricate nature. But they always do my pieces justice!
- The reasonable price.
I have had such great customer service from the team and look forward to being a customer for years to come. Thanks so much Mikaela

Tom Stott


Jonny and the team at ZZZONE are our packshot photography partners. We entrust them with the creation of product photography for our clients (some of the biggest brands in the world) and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone and everyone needing photography (we haven't needed to use their videography offering yet). Great people, highly professional yet highly personable and great value as well.

100% recommended.

Caffin8 Coffee


Just mind blowing. We worked with Jonny on our project and honestly can not thank him enough. We were blown away with the quality of the output.

Overall very professional service and always happy to work with us on concerns or questions we might have.

Truly cannot recommend them highly enough - So Very Happy, see example of what they did for us.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Lumosia | Actor Headshots Bristol'

#2 Lumosia | Actor Headshots Bristol



Lumosia | Actor Headshots Bristol is an exceptional photography studio located at 18 Park Row, Bristol BS1 5LJ, UK. With a remarkable rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 98 reviews, it is clear that this studio is highly regarded by its clients.

Customers have praised the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere created by Lumosia, attributing their positive experiences to the helpfulness and professionalism of the studio's staff. From the initial contact, where Helen provided excellent customer service, to the actual photo shoots with Sean, clients have consistently felt supported and knowledgeable about their individual needs.

Sean, the master photographer, has undoubtedly honed his craft, deftly manipulating lighting, backdrops, and positions to capture stunning headshots. His expertise is evident through the meticulous direction he provides during the sessions, ensuring clients achieve their desired looks.

The prompt delivery of high-quality images has further impressed clients, solidifying Lumosia's reputation for exceptional service. The experience of working with Lumosia has been described as a delight and has left clients thrilled with the final results.

Whether you are an actor seeking headshots to enhance your casting opportunities or an individual looking for professional images, Lumosia | Actor Headshots Bristol has proven itself as a top choice in the industry. This studio's dedication to creating a supportive and enjoyable experience, coupled with their expertise and attention to detail, makes them a highly recommended option for all your headshot needs.



I recently had a superb shoot at Lumosia. Sean was so helpful and relaxed, which created a perfect atmosphere.

During the lead up to the shoot, they emailed loads of great tips and then continued to be communicative afterwards, helping me choose between shots when I struggled to narrow it down (because there were too many good ones to choose from!)

I’m absolutely delighted with my headshots and will definitely be coming back when I need to update my portfolio. Thanks again Sean!

Elouise Warboys


Had the most amazing headshot experience with Lumosia, Bristol!

Helen was fantastic on the phone when it came to booking headshots in; she answered all of my questions and even opened up a slot for me on my only available day.

Sean was brilliantly supportive, knowledgeable and detailed on the shoot. He has absolutely mastered his craft and was constantly tweaking lights, backdrops and positions throughout the hour. I was very impressed by how diverse the photos looked (poses, outfits, backdrops, lighting, hair changes) even though we only had an hour to do them.

So happy that I chose to go with this awesome bunch- thank you so much :)

Taila Halford


I loved my shoot with Lumosia! Sean made me feel comfortable and at ease straight away, he is amazing and really knows what he is talking about. It was so interesting to talk about my casting as an actor during the session and he explained which looks would be perfect for different types of work. I got to see my pictures throughout which was so helpful as well as getting specific direction from Sean to ensure that I got a range of pictures that I could then choose from. I got my pictures back the night of the shoot and got my edited pictures a week later! I’m so happy with them! Couldn’t recommend enough!

Blayke Wood


I had my first professional headshots taken a few months ago with Lumosia and I’m absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. Such a great experience as a whole, Sean was very friendly, kind and great with helping me get the looks nailed for my headshots.

Nina Jay


I had new actors headshots taken in June and love the final images. It was quite hard choosing the final ones as I liked them all! Sean was really professional and made me feel comfortable. I received the images quite quickly and had no problems with the service. I’d definitely recommend!

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Jefferson Studios'

#3 Jefferson Studios



Introducing Jefferson Studios, your go-to headshot studio conveniently located at 80 West St, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 3LL, UK. With an outstanding rating of 4.8/5 stars from 83 glowing reviews, this studio is a true gem in the photography industry.

Customers adore Jefferson Studios for their friendly and efficient service. Not only do they offer hassle-free passport photo services, but they also provide you with a code to conveniently upload your pictures online. The studio is well-known for capturing memories for various occasions, making it a must-visit for all your photography needs.

Previous customers have raved about Jefferson Studios' exceptional service. One visitor expressed their gratitude for the photographer's assistance in obtaining their Thai Visa photos, going above and beyond to ensure they had exactly what was required. Another customer marveled at the studio's prompt response, receiving a reply within a stunning six hours, even on a Sunday morning! They commended the company's efficiency in providing them with a code to order photos from years ago. The dedication to customer service is truly impressive.

While Jefferson Studios is renowned for its quality work, some mention that the prices are on the higher side. However, the exceptional results justify the cost, as customers note the excellent quality of the photos. Moreover, the studio's professionalism shines through in their ability to accommodate customers with special needs, such as assisting a father in a wheelchair to obtain his passport photos promptly and with kindness.

In summary, Jefferson Studios is an unrivaled headshot studio in the heart of Bedminster, Bristol. With an impeccable reputation, they offer a wide range of photography services, including passport photos and capturing cherished moments for various occasions. From their friendly and efficient service to their prompt responses and attention to detail, Jefferson Studios goes above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. Give your memories the attention they deserve and visit Jefferson Studios, where your photography needs are in the hands of true professionals.

emma beresford


Always friendly, we get our passport photos done here, you even get a code so you can upload online. He does lots of other occasions photography, well worth a visit or email

Dom Inic


Got Thai Visa photos done here a few years ago, the photographer was very helpful and took the time to make sure I had what I needed. Highly recommended.

Ess Emm


Can’t recommend them enough, emailed at stupid o’clock on a Sunday morning not expecting a reply for the usual 3-5 working days, received a reply in under 6 hours with the code I needed to order photos from 3 years ago. Easiest company I have ever dealt with. Amazed at the speed and more amazed that they still had them!
I can’t wait to get the missing photos on my wall where they belong

Chandrasekhar Ghosh


He is good but expensive. Quality of photos are very good.

Zoe Trinder


Very professional and helped dad in a wheelchair to get his passport photos...quick friendly and reasonable

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Stewart Clarke Photography'

#4 Stewart Clarke Photography



Stewart Clarke Photography, located at 23 Batten's Ln, Bristol BS5 8TG, UK, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has garnered a stellar reputation for their exceptional photography services. With a perfect 5/5 stars and 64 glowing reviews, it is evident that Stewart Clarke Photography offers an unparalleled experience for couples looking to capture their special day.

Clients have praised Stewart's talent for taking beautiful pictures and capturing every moment that mattered during their wedding and pre-wedding shoots. His easy-going demeanor and ability to put both couples and guests at ease ensures a relaxed and enjoyable photography experience. Stewart's professionalism shines through in his ability to ask the right questions and listen to his clients' desires, providing them with exactly what they envision.

Apart from weddings, Stewart Clarke Photography also offers headshot sessions, producing stunning photographs that capture the essence of individuals, whether for professional or personal purposes. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for making his subjects feel comfortable, Stewart creates images that are both visually striking and reflective of the unique personality of the individual.

With a portfolio that astounds and packages that provide excellent value, Stewart Clarke Photography comes highly recommended by past clients, who commend his dedication, quality of work, and the personal touch he brings to every project. Whether you are getting married in Bristol or in need of captivating headshots, Stewart Clarke Photography is the studio of choice for unforgettable images.

mandy van Hoek


Stewart has done an absolutely great job doing our wedding (and pre-wedding) photo shoot. He is very easy going, and takes beautiful pictures and has captured every moment that mattered (and more!) As the wedding photographer is the person you spend most of your time with on the day, Stewart definitely makes sure that time is spend relaxed and in great company. The packages he offers are great value for money and give you exactly what you need for you wedding day.

Hollie Davies


Stewart's photos were beautiful and he captured everything we had wanted from our day. He also put us and our guests at ease throughout the day and ensured we could focus on enjoying ourselves! We will recommend Stewart to any family and friends getting married in Bristol.

Laura Humphries


Our venue recommended Stewart when we attended their wedding fayre in 2022, we found his website to have a peek at his work and we loved his portfolio. We then find out that Stewart actually got married himself at the same venue which made his job easier!

Stewart was an absolutely amazing and has captured so many stunning photos of our day even with the typical British weather. You can really see how talented he is with his creativity with the camera and his editing which is reflected in some wonderful, unique photos of our day and engagement photos.

For my husband and I being quite a private people, Stewart quickly made us feel very comfortable and we really enjoyed the experience. Stewart has always been very friendly, quick to respond, extremely professional and provided an exceptional service even after the wedding.

Lots of our family and friends have commented about how brilliant Stewart was, for example blending in amongst our wedding guests, being very patient with their many requests or just waiting for them!

He is very organised and just a great person in general. We highly recommend Stewart to anyone who is looking for a photographer!

Thank you Stewart!

The Farrells 🤍

James Brown


Stewart is the definition of the professional photographer. He is ever present and never in the way. He asks the right questions and listens to what the customer wants.

The pre-wedding shoot not only gave us a whole other set of beautiful photographs, but also prepared us perfectly for our wedding day, meaning we knew exactly what to expect.

On the day, Stewart was polite, helpful and extremely generous with his time.
His work is outstanding, and we would recommend him to anyone who is looking for incredible quality and value in a wedding photographer.

Rachel Everett


Stewart captured our wonderful day with some beautiful photos. My wife and I were put at ease from our first phone call through to the actual day, with Stewarts relaxed yet professional manner. We've had so many compliments from our guests about how hard he worked making sure he captured everything that was happening. The quality of photos are amazing and the usb comes with cute packaging and feels really personal. Stewart completely brought our whole day together and we are super appreciative of his hard work. We’d Highly recommend!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Future Proof Creative 📷 Photography'

#5 Future Proof Creative 📷 Photography



Are you in need of outstanding headshots that will truly capture your unique personality and leave a lasting impression? Look no further than Future Proof Creative 📷 Photography, a top-notch headshots studio located in Unit 200, Central Park, Petherton Rd, Hengrove, Bristol BS14 9BZ, UK.

With a brilliant reputation and an incredible five-star rating based on 46 rave reviews, this studio is the go-to destination for exceptional photography services. Clients have consistently praised the attentive and detail-oriented approach of Paolo, the talented photographer behind Future Proof Creative. From the moment you step foot in the studio, you will feel welcomed and at ease, making the entire experience an absolute pleasure.

The team at Future Proof Creative is not only friendly but also highly professional, ensuring that every request is met with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. Whether you require headshots, photos, or videos, they will deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

What sets Future Proof Creative apart is their ability to create stunning images in any setting. Their expertise extends beyond traditional headshots, as they have proven their capabilities in location shoots for private dental clinics and capturing action shots of animals and children. Their versatility and dedication to delivering the best possible shots truly make them stand out among the rest.

Countless clients have praised Future Proof Creative for their attention to detail, clear communication, and innovative ideas. Whether you need headshots for your business or personal branding projects, you can trust that these experts will bring their expertise and creativity to the table, providing you with images that are nothing short of amazing.

Don't settle for mediocrity when it comes to your headshots. Choose Future Proof Creative 📷 Photography and let their exceptional skills leave you with photographs that are truly future-proof. Contact them today to schedule your session and witness their unparalleled talent firsthand.

Cindy J


Fantastic! Paolo was very attentive, detail-oriented and easy to work with. I felt very welcomed in the studio from the moment I walked. The photos were superb! We will definitely be using this company again for more photos and/or videos :)

Sav Elk


Absolutely amazing working with Future Proof Creative. The team are so lovely and just an amazing bunch of people to work with, that it doesn’t feel like work. They’re so professional and nothing you ask is a problem for them. Highly recommended.

Emilie Giotti


We recently worked with Ben for a location shoot for our private dental clinic and we could not be happier with the results, he absolutely smashed the brief, he created a very calming atmosphere and was so patient with us.

Communication throughout the process was so easy and clear from anyone we spoke to from Future Proof, we felt confident the whole way through.

The photos are perfect for what we needed, crisp, clear and relaxed which isn't easy with a clinical environment!

100% won't be the only photoshoot we'll be requesting! Thank you to everyone :D

Bath Preservation Trust


We have worked with Future Proof Photography on a number of occasions and have always been very pleased with the quality of the images. A very friendly team of photographers who always go the extra mile to get the best possible shots, including engaging with visitors to get action photos! Also extremely good at working with animals and children when needed

Evie Smith


I've worked with Futureproof on a few occasions over the years and I cannot praise them enough. I've been lucky enough have worked with them to get images for my business and on personal branding projects too. Their attention to detail and care really shows through in their communication and the ideas they bring to the table. They really know their stuff and it makes me feel confident in their ability to deliver the best images for my brand. Thanks Futureproof!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Marcus Ahmad Photography'

#6 Marcus Ahmad Photography



Welcome to Marcus Ahmad Photography, a renowned headshots studio located at 18 Montgomery St, Bristol BS3 4SE, UK. With an outstanding 5/5-star rating based on 38 reviews, Marcus Ahmad Photography has built a stellar reputation for delivering exceptional images and an unforgettable experience.

Clients rave about Marcus's ability to capture the intensity in his photos, showcasing his talent for bringing out the best in every individual. What sets Marcus apart is his authentic communication, making the process of working with him easy, enjoyable, and truly personalized.

Whether you need office headshots, group photos, or branding photography, Marcus Ahmad is the master of his craft. He takes the time to understand his clients and their businesses, ensuring that the final images perfectly reflect their desired look and feel.

From professionals who are camera shy to those seeking to capture the essence of their events, Marcus has consistently delivered remarkable results. Clients commend his warm and welcoming studio, where shoots become a fun and relaxed experience.

The A+ shots produced by Marcus Ahmad Photography are not only perfect for websites, LinkedIn profiles, and email signatures but also help individuals and businesses make a lasting impression. If you're looking for exceptional headshots that truly capture your essence, Marcus Ahmad Photography is the studio for you. Book today and experience the magic for yourself.

Massage Chris Briggs


I was looking forward to working with Marcus. He has done great images for other people, so I was keen to see what he could do for me.
I really like the intensity of the pictures he has created. The main benefit of working with Marcus Ahmad is the authentic communication he gave me. The process was easy and enjoyable, and Marcus made the shoot entertaining.
I would highly recommend using his services to transform your brand and provide you with images you can use everywhere.

Nick Edgar


We have worked with Marcus on a couple of occasions for our office headshots and group photos! The images he produces are unbelievably good - he also provides a fun and relaxed environment to get the best out of his clients - we have so much fun when shooting with him. Will 100% be using Marcus again and would 100% recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Marcus!

Jo Richings


Marcus is an absolutely brilliant branding photographer! He really took the time to understand me and my business and what I was looking to achieve. The 'look' he achieved with my photos was perfect.

Like many I really don't like having my photograph taken but he made the whole experience easy, - from the initial 'recce' and discussing wardrobe choices through to the actual photo shoot. Apart from being a real pro, he's great fun to work with and made the whole experience pleasurable.
Most importantly, I am super happy with my images! Thanks Marcus
Highly recommended!

Nick Elston


I booked Marcus to shoot my 'Find Your Voice - LIVE!' flagship event which helps people to speak publicly & to find their voices when it comes to presenting & sharing stories in front of audiences. I wanted to engage Marcus to shoot how the event 'feels' - to capture the essence of what I try to achieve in the 'transformation through speaking' that all attendees experience. He did that & then some! Professional, warm, engaging & with excellent results - I have no hesitation in recommending him for your event. In fact, I will now be bringing him in for all future events! Top notch.

Marc Dungey


Our team of 3 had a shoot with Marcus in his studio as part of an upcoming re-branding. Marcus was incredibly welcoming and warm. The shoot itself was a lot of fun, we had an amazing experience doing it, but it was equally professional and the results are PERFECT. We'll be using Marcus' A+ shots on our website, LinkedIn, email signatures and whatever else we can! Highly recommend Marcus as an amazing photographer and branding expert!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Ferla Paolo Photography'

#7 Ferla Paolo Photography



Looking for a talented photographer in Bristol? Look no further than Ferla Paolo Photography, located at 56 Hill Ave, Bristol BS3 4SU, UK. With an impressive 5 out of 5 stars rating and glowing reviews from 38 satisfied customers, this studio is sure to capture your special moments with expertise and creativity.

Paolo, the mastermind behind the lens, has a remarkable ability to bring out the best in his subjects, whether it's capturing the joy and emotion of a wedding day or showcasing products and events in a captivating manner. Clients consistently praise his professionalism, friendliness, and unique perspective.

Ferla Paolo Photography is known for exceeding expectations and delivering top-notch results. Paolo's effervescent, personality-filled images truly stand out, showcasing his eye for detail and knack for capturing the atmosphere of any event. He works seamlessly, independently, and unobtrusively, ensuring that every moment is beautifully preserved.

Beyond his technical prowess, Paolo's genuine and respectful demeanor make him a pleasure to work with. Clients appreciate his reliability and timely turnaround, letting you relive your special occasion with stunning photographs.

Whether it's a wedding, a PR shoot, or a grand celebration, Ferla Paolo Photography guarantees exceptional service and breathtaking imagery. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with this brilliant photographer – 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Zoe Alexander


Paolo photographed our wedding last weekend and I just can’t recommend him enough. He was absolutely wonderful, calm, easy going and great with all the guests. We have already had our photos back and are absolutely thrilled with them. Thank you SO much Paolo for capturing our day so brilliantly!

Ben Veal


Paolo is a truly excellent photographer. I've worked with him on a number of PR shoots over the past 2 years for various clients, and he always delivers great results. On top of which, he's always very friendly, professional, and thinks creatively. Highly recommended.

Lyndsey Mayhew


Paolo is in a class of his own. His photography is effervescent, full of personality and he knows how to bring the best out of people he is photographing. Paolo offers professionalism and expertise beyond his years and is very reliable and always turns up with a smile and turns projects round in excellent time. I have worked with Paolo on products shot, people and events and I would highly recommend.

Moss of Bath


Paolo is a superb photographer with an eye for detail and the ability to capture the atmosphere of your event with his excellent images. He provided a 'brief' of how he intended to cover our party and worked independently and unobtrusively which, when you are hosting, is an absolute godsend. I would highly recommend Paolo and look forward to working with him in the future.

Anna Alexander


Paolo is brilliant. Not only does he produce really lovely pictures, but he is also a delight to be around. He is professional, respectful and generally lovely. Hugely talented. I would 100% recommend!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Hacker Photography'

#8 Hacker Photography



Looking for a headshots studio in Bristol that captures your true essence and leaves you with stunning photos? Look no further than Hacker Photography. Located at 6 Spalding Cl, Bristol BS7 9NQ, UK, this studio has garnered a stellar reputation with a perfect 5/5 star rating based on 34 reviews.

Clients rave about their experiences with Hacker Photography, highlighting the expertise and creativity of the talented photographer, Hacker. Known for his exceptional eye for angles, light, and finding the perfect shots, Hacker ensures that every session is a fun and comfortable experience. Whether you're looking for professional headshots or unique wedding photography, you can trust Hacker to deliver outstanding results.

Not only does Hacker possess immense skills, but he also establishes a friendly and personable rapport with his clients. His professionalism and ability to make clients feel at ease during shoots are highly appreciated.

Hacker Photography stands out from the crowd with its alternative and creative approach to traditional photography. Whether it's capturing your love for the city or providing a fresh perspective on wedding photography, Hacker's stunning shots are captivating and memorable.

Don't miss the opportunity to work with the best in the industry. Contact Hacker Photography today to book your next photoshoot and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Olivia Heyworth


Best photoshoot I've ever had and I've had quite a few for my job. Hacker is very experienced, knowledgeable and has a great eye for finding the best angles, light, etc. He's a very talented photographer and a lovely guy to boot. I had loads of fun on the shoot. I would absolutely recommend him.

nicky robertson


We've had Hacker in our Bristol photography studio on numerous occasions now, and each time has been an absolute pleasure. He is professional, very personable and is highly skilled at what he does. Would highly recommend!

Krystal Scott


James was the most amazing wedding photographer. He made me feel really relaxed and comfortable, he is such a lovely, down to earth guy.
The shots that he took were amazing from beginning to end, we were looking for something a bot different, not your traditional wedding photography, and we got it with James. I can't express how over the moon I am with what James did for us, wonderful memories captured perfectly.
If you are after something out of the ordinary from a thoroughly nice bloke, James is your man.

Amy Harris


From his enthusiasm to creative shots to efficient turn around on the finished pics, every part of Hacker’s service is outstanding. James has an amazing eye for shots which beautifully captured us and our love for the city where we live and got married. He is a superb alternative to the usual “men in black” regimented photographers you get at most weddings. We cannot recommend Hacker Wedding Photography enough, fun, professional; the cool cherry on an already very special wedding cake.

Jayne Rees


After our first meeting with James we felt like we had know him for always, which really helped us to relax when having our engagement shoot. We were both very unsure about having our picture taken but with James it was fun and we actually enjoyed the experience in the end, despite the rain and wind.
Having James there on our wedding day was a pleasure and we have been so pleased with both sets of photos he took. Our photos are relaxed and totally capture our personalities as well as documenting our special day. We love them and have had so many compliments about the pictures. Thank you so much!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Shaun Henry Photography'

#9 Shaun Henry Photography



Shaun Henry Photography, located on 9 Buckleys Rd, Patchway, Bristol BS34 5BJ, UK, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has earned a remarkable 5/5 stars rating from 34 satisfied customers. With a reputation for excellence and exceptional customer service, this photography studio provides a range of services designed to capture special moments and create beautiful memories.

Customers have raved about Shaun Henry Photography, praising the professional yet friendly approach of Shaun himself. Shaun's accommodating nature shines through as he goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless photography experience. One customer was particularly impressed with his flexibility, allowing their family of 11 to change the date and time of the shoot twice.

Communication is key at Shaun Henry Photography, with Shaun being commended for his excellent communication skills. He ensures that every detail, including accommodating specific needs like nap times, are taken into consideration. Customers appreciate having their photoshoot carried out in a location of their choice, making the experience even more personal and comfortable.

The quality of the photos produced by Shaun Henry Photography is consistently praised, with customers expressing their joy and gratitude for the treasured memories captured. Shaun's expertise extends beyond headshots, as he also provides top-notch drone photography services for businesses. His ability to capture stunning images swiftly and at excellent value for money has earned him high recommendations.

Overall, Shaun Henry Photography is a true gem in the Bristol photography scene. With his professionalism, patience, and impeccable skills, Shaun leaves a lasting impression on every client. Whether it's for headshots, family portraits, or drone photography, Shaun Henry Photography is the go-to studio that guarantees outstanding results and an enjoyable experience.

Kerry Conradie


Shaun was a wonderful photographer to work with! He accommodated our family of 11 by allowing us to change date and time twice! Extremely kind, patient and reliable. The photos are lovely and we will treasure them for many years to come! Thank you Shaun for capturing these special moments.

Siobhan Brennan


Shaun showed excellent communication when arranging our photoshoot, even accommodating the session around my son's nap time! He turned up on time, with a very friendly attitude, putting myself and family at ease and carried out the session in a location of our choice. Shaun was professional & offered a quick turnaround with our images. I would definitely use his service again in the future & recommend to others!

Oluwadolapo Olaniyan


Shaun is a great guy! He went all out to make me happy and make my photos fantastic, plus we had fun during the shoot too!! Thanks once again 😁😁✨✨ I’d gladly recommend him again and again! 😎🤩

Rob Ansell


Shaun has provided some fantastic drone images for our Bristol based property auction house.

The images are top quality and are always provided swiftly and at excellent value for money.

I would highly recommend him to anyone needing drone photography.

V Dawson


Shaun was brilliant from start to finish
we would definitely recommend him he was very professional and patient and we have lots of great pictures of our wedding

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'West 70 Photography'

#10 West 70 Photography



Located on 9 Cleeve Wood Rd, Downend, Bristol BS16 2SF, UK, West 70 Photography is a top-rated headshots studio that offers exceptional photography services. With an impressive 5/5 star rating based on 24 reviews, it is clear that this studio has captivated the hearts of its clientele.

Clients rave about their experiences with the talented photographer, Adam, who has a unique ability to make everyone feel at ease. Whether it's a family photoshoot, a personal portrait, or capturing the heartfelt moments of a wedding, Adam's skills shine through in every photograph he captures.

One of the standout features at West 70 Photography is their transparent pricing structure. There are no hidden fees or surprises when it comes to the cost of your photos, as everything is clearly stated on their website. This commitment to honesty and customer satisfaction is what sets them apart from other studios.

Clients also appreciate Adam's attentiveness and thoughtful approach. He takes the time to listen and understand their vision, providing valuable suggestions that complement their desires. This personalized service leads to stunning and memorable photographs that truly reflect the client's individuality.

For those seeking a professional and friendly photography service, West 70 Photography is a clear choice. With a reputation for excellence and a passion for capturing those special moments, Adam and his team are undoubtedly experts in their field. Book your session today and experience the magic of West 70 Photography firsthand.

Sarah Gooding


We had a family photoshoot with Adam in the Downend studio. Taking our newborn along was nerve-wracking but Adam put us at ease and that showed in the photos - we could see ourselves getting more relaxed as the shoot went on! He captured beautiful images and put no pressure on us to purchase them, which I really appreciated. The photo prices were all clear on the website, with no hidden extras. I would definitely recommend West 70 Photography!

Rachel Lockley


I wanted a professional photo of my floral tribute after my dad's funeral. Adam was so kind and thoughtful in his response to my email query. I actually made excuses to another studio and went with West 70 and I am very glad I did. Adam was so kind on the day and produced some wonderful shots that will allow me to see the flowers I gave to my dad every day.

Kerri Thomas


Adam really listened to what we wanted from our photos and made suggestions that complimented our choices. He made our day so relaxed and at ease. Would definitely recommend!! Thank you Adam.

Frostie Pi


My husband and I booked Adam for our wedding, which was this weekend just gone. From the first time meeting him at a wedding fair, to the meeting to discuss what we wanted, we both had a good feeling about Adam and West 70 Photography. He was instantly on board with the type of photos we wanted. On the day itself, Adam was a big part of what made the day as stress free as it was. During our couple photos, he had some very nice ideas, and made both of us feel very comfortable. Which is rare as neither of us like having our photos taken. For the most part, Adam melded into the background during the reception, which lead to all of our guests feeling very comfortable even as he walked around taking photos.

I would (And will be) recommending Adam for all Photographic needs from now on. We could not have asked for better service or humour on the day, and are both grateful to Adam and his team. All of this of course, is without taking into account the very reasonable prices of products to remember the day.

Thank you very much Adam and team. Our day would have been a little less bright without you.

Abi Rose


We booked Adam as he'd done several of our friend's weddings, and we loved the natural style of his photos. The service was professional and friendly from start to finish with the planning meeting being especially useful. Adam's communication in the run-up to the event (the week that 'The Beast from the East' hit us) was appreciated, as this helped calm my nerves about the logistics of the day! He was very flexible when we needed to change the plan slightly at short notice due to stranded relatives and extra travel time. We have just had our photos back and love them. Would not hesitate to recommend West 70!!!

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