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Welcome to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, a vibrant city that showcases the beauty of professional headshot photography. Whether you're in need of stunning LinkedIn headshots, cheap yet high-quality portraits, or professional corporate headshots, this city has it all. With talented photographers and studios offering male and female headshots, you'll easily find the perfect match near you. BetterPic, your trusted source for AI-generated headshots, presents a comprehensive list of local businesses, allowing you to compare and choose the best option for your needs. Please note that BetterPic is not associated with any specific studio, ensuring an unbiased selection process.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Ever Best Photo'

#1 Ever Best Photo



Ever Best Photo is a leading headshots studio located at Lot No. 6, Ground Floor, Block J, Jalan Singgah Mata, Asia City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. With a stellar rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 72 customer reviews, this studio has established itself as a go-to destination for capturing exceptional photographs.

Eugene, the owner and photographer, has proven his professionalism and expertise, leaving clients awestruck with his remarkable skills behind the camera. Clients praise his ability to direct and guide them, ensuring the best possible shots. He not only knows how to position individuals flawlessly but also creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, bringing out the best in each person.

Visitors have raved about their experiences at Ever Best Photo, particularly emphasizing the friendly and enjoyable photoshoot sessions. Families have cherished their time at the studio, with Eugene's guidance, ensuring they capture memorable photos. The studio itself boasts a spacious and comfortable environment, adding to the overall pleasant experience.

Whether it's a family photoshoot, a graduation session, or a wedding, this studio delivers incredible services. The team's attentiveness and support further enhance the overall experience, guaranteeing the best outcomes for every customer. With a passion for storytelling through photography, Ever Best Photo is a highly recommended choice for anyone seeking exceptional and meaningful photographs.

Honovi Ho


From start to finish, Eugene was an absolute professional, and his skills behind the camera are truly exceptional.

One of the things that impressed me the most was his ability to direct us in order to capture the best possible shots. He knew exactly how to position us, how to help us relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera, and how to bring out the best in each of us. The result was a series of stunning photos that we will treasure for years to come.

He is truly a master of his craft, and I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Lyn Lyn


Having the best experience here with my family today for my brother’s graduation photoshoot! We truly never experience such friendly photoshooting session all this while and luckiest to have Eugene to guide us in taking the memorable photo. Genuinely having the good times with Eugene! Highly recommended those who want to take photo to come here, spacious studio with comfortable yet friendly boss

Maxmilliana Fidelis


This is the second time we did a family photoshoot. This time it was for our parent’s 25th Anniversary last year. The photographer is really good and he knows how to get you to pose. Even if you don’t really know how to smile for pictures, he knows how make conversations during shoots and you won’t feel cocky at all. There will be lots of pictures that are hard to choose because they are all excellent! The best part is when our album arrived, the quality is always great.

Ever Best never disappoints and I look forward to your service again in the near future. Maybe for my pre-wedding shoots 😁

Rezaidi Beesie


I got the best photographer taking our wedding photoshoot at Kota Kinabalu. Eugene is the photographer, and he really know how to make us work together in getting best pose and posture. His team also really attentive and supportive during the photoshoot. Highly recommended to anyone who want the best outcome for their wedding pictures. Five stars services..

Jenny Juing


We really enjoying our pre-wed shoot with Ever Best Photo and the photographer was full of joy and happiness. He really know how to tell you how to posing and make you feel comfortable. And his wife was beautiful & very nice to us. Thank you for taking the best photo of me & my fiance..we really love it.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ADORIA BRIDAL'




Are you in search of a professional and reliable headshots studio for your wedding or special event? Look no further than Adoria Bridal, located at SH-3-9, Block A Padimas Point 89500 Penampang, Jalan Pintas, 89500 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

With an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 55 reviews, Adoria Bridal has established itself as a trusted and preferred choice for wedding photography services. Their team of experts possesses an incredible eye for detail, ensuring that they capture the essence and emotions of your special day, creating truly priceless memories that you will treasure forever.

Not only do they offer exquisite photography services, but Adoria Bridal also provides an extensive selection of outfits, making sure you look your absolute best. They are known for being accommodating to your requests and are diligent in their work, ensuring that every aspect of your experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Although a few minor concerns were mentioned in some reviews, such as rusty jewelry selection and poor quality car decorations, Adoria Bridal takes customer feedback seriously and strives to make improvements to enhance their services.

The leaders and staff at Adoria Bridal are praised for their humility, kindness, and excellent customer service. They provide valuable suggestions and ideas to make your wedding day even more exciting and memorable.

Whether it's a pre-wedding photoshoot or your big day, Adoria Bridal is dedicated to providing a pleasant and seamless experience. They are renowned for their last-minute planning abilities, ensuring that they accommodate all your needs and preferences.

Visit Adoria Bridal today and allow their professional team to capture the beauty and joy of your special moments, leaving you with stunning photographs that will truly take your breath away.

Gg ng


I highly recommend this company's wedding photography services. They have an incredible eye for detail and really captured the essence of our wedding. The photos are truly priceless and we will treasure them forever.

Luv yina


This company wedding photography package was worth every penny. The photos are stunning and really capture the emotions and special moments of our wedding day. tq for the free gift 😂😁



Felt happy for the pre-wedding photos outcomes.but in terms of certain aspects:

-we felt very disappointed due to rusty jewelries selection.Please make regularly checking & buy a new jewelry accessories to replace the rusty one.

*Car decorations*
-we taught every client can get a new car decorations.unfortunately,only reusable car decorations & we get the poor quality.
U need to return back the car decorations and if one of the decorations lost,u need to pay penalty.

*Outdoor photoshoot*
Kokol considered as outside Kota Kinabalu?it ridiculous Kokol considered outside KK.
u need to pay extra for outside KK photoshoot unless within KK no extra fee.
(This is acceptable if the place outside KK) but why Kokol consider outside KK??

Too many hidden charges.bear in mind everyone,please ensure to make wise survey before decided to choose bridal to avoid unpleasant cost.

Kenneth Devan


Highly recommend this bridal as they are very accomodative on request. Their selection of outfits is huge and they are diligent in their work. Not only that, the leaders in the shop and the workers are so humble and kind. They give you ideas and tell you whats the best. I seriously highly recommend them. Pls go visit their store and i can assure you they will make you feel excited of your wedding.

Fanca Angel


We would like to give great review for this bridal, 1st of all, its was easy to deal and they can agree with our last minute planning even requesting this and that. The day of the photoshoot also went well and smoothly, thanks to the photographer everythings done smoothly. the make up, photoshoot and even all those outfits everythings was a Pleasant experiences with Adoria Bridal.

BetterPic: Professional Headshots powered by AI



BetterPic offers state-of-the-art AI-generated professional headshots, providing an affordable and convenient solution for individuals and teams. With 10x affordability compared to traditional photoshoots and local alternatives, BetterPic transcends location constraints, optimizes appearance details, and caters to diverse needs including business, acting, modeling, and LinkedIn headshots.

Try it now to enjoy the convenience, affordability, and superior quality offered by our AI headshots technology.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Jonyehsi Studio'

#3 Jonyehsi Studio



Jonyehsi Studio, located at Lot 9-1 Block E, Lintas Plaza 3, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3, Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, is a headshots studio that has garnered an outstanding reputation among its clients. With a remarkable rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and 19 positive reviews, it is evident that Jonyehsi Studio excels in providing top-notch services.

Clients commend the studio for its professionalism and friendliness. Jonyehsi, the skilled photographer, is recognized for his ability to guide individuals during photo shoots, instantly putting them at ease. In less than 30 minutes, clients can complete their professional photo sessions along with editing, ensuring a quick and efficient service.

Another aspect that sets Jonyehsi Studio apart is the exceptional rapport the photographer builds with clients. Shyness or uncertainty about posing is not a problem as Jon is known for his friendly nature and ability to make everyone comfortable. This makes family photography sessions an enjoyable experience, especially for children who tend to adore him.

Furthermore, Jonyehsi Studio's talent and personable approach have impressed clients. They appreciate the studio's communication skills and the overall amazing results of the photographs. Additionally, there are claims that Jonyehsi is a champion photographer in Asia and Europe competitions, showcasing his remarkable skills and dedication.

In summary, Jonyehsi Studio in Kota Kinabalu is highly recommended for its professionalism, friendly atmosphere, quick service, and exceptional photography skills. Whether one needs professional headshots or family portraits, this studio guarantees a pleasant experience and outstanding results.

Elaine Yoon


Very professional & super friendly too! You don't need to worry about posing in front of the camera because Jon will guide you! I've took my professional photos with Jon & it only took less than 30 minutes to complete all photo shooting along with editing. Very recommended!

Priscelia Joyce


Very professional, quick and amazing result! The photographer Jon is very friendly too so if you are shy and don't know how to pose, don't worry, he got you covered!

Alvin Chong


Nice feel in the studio for my family photography. Jon is friendly and kids like him so much hahaha. A photographer that nice to communicate and won't be awkward during the photo session. Keep it up man!

Mavis Luk


Jonyehsi is a super personable and very talented at his craft. He made sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying the experience. Love his photography skills! 👍🏼

Esther Tan


Best photographer with most professional skills,gives 100% in his work,he does wonderful video too! I also heard he is the champion photographer in Asia and Europe competition!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Glory Studio'

#4 Glory Studio



Welcome to Glory Studio, the ultimate destination for all your headshot needs in Donggongon, Sabah, Malaysia. With a stellar rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 12 reviews, our studio has gained a reputation for providing exceptional services that are loved by customers.

Located at 89500 Donggongon, our studio offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that every customer feels comfortable and at ease throughout their photoshoot session. Our team of experts is not only professional but also fast and funny, guaranteeing a fun-filled experience while capturing your best angles.

Customers have commended our services, highlighting our reasonable prices as one of the many reasons to choose Glory Studio. With a focus on delivering value to our clients, we strive to offer top-quality services that exceed expectations. Whether you are looking for headshots for professional purposes or a family photoshoot, we are the go-to studio in Kota Kinabalu.

While some reviewers mentioned that our studio is a bit far from their location, they still rave about the service, quality, and affordability we provide. At Glory Studio, we believe that everyone deserves to have access to high-quality headshots at an affordable price.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your headshots taken by the best. Visit Glory Studio today and experience our exceptional services firsthand. Book your session now and let us capture your best moments with a touch of Glory.

Judy B


Reasonable $, Friendly, Fast & Funny Glory 😊

Dorothy George


Very recommended. Friendly service by the owner. worth the value.



i think only this place around kota Kinabalu doing family photo shoot the studio is nice but the price is a bit high and the location is far from my place so far so good lah



Service n quanlity n price very good

Max Malinoh


Affordable! Work fast and friendly

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Karpet Merah Production'

#5 Karpet Merah Production



Karpet Merah Production, located at Unit B-G-13, Ground Floor, Riverson The Walk, Jln Riverson, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, is a premier headshots studio that has garnered a stellar reputation, boasting a remarkable 5/5 stars rating based on 6 glowing reviews.

Clients have raved about Karpet Merah Production's outstanding services, hailing them as the indisputable best in the industry. Their work undeniably stands out, as they possess a unique ability to capture the essence of their subjects, elevating their portraits to extraordinary levels. As renowned physicist Albert Einstein once said, A picture holds a thousand words, and this statement is indeed validated by the remarkable work produced by Karpet Merah Production.

The owner and his staff are not only friendly and cooperative, but they are also highly experienced in the field of photography and digital marketing. They have collaborated with various reputable companies in Sabah, cementing their expertise and credibility. Furthermore, their photo editing skills are unparalleled, resulting in stunning images that are perfect for various occasions, especially weddings.

Karpet Merah Production offers the finest service in the industry, which explains why many customers have been loyal to them since the beginning. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, their attention to detail and commitment to excellence are evident in every step of the process.

This studio is not only a reliable choice for headshots but also serves as a solution for online marketing and brand elevation. With an extensive track record in assisting numerous brands in their online endeavors, Karpet Merah Production is well-equipped to provide exceptional services tailored to their client's specific needs.

In summary, Karpet Merah Production is an exceptional headshots studio, with an exceptional team, unparalleled photo editing skills, and an impressive client satisfaction rate. Whether it's for personal or professional purposes, clients can trust this business to deliver outstanding results.

Joshua Joisin


We had the privilege of utilizing their services and they undeniably stand out as the best, pindik kata terbaik la bha. In the words of Albert Einstein, A picture holds a thousand words, and their work is a testament to that. Their exceptional abilities truly work wonders, surpassing our expectations with magical results. Without a doubt, we will eagerly seek their services again in the future. Once again, mantap, terbaik & totally berbaloii!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

jane able


The owner and his staffs are friendly and cooperative. He's experienced with photography and digital marketing, and also he's been working with other companies in Sabah. Photo editing skill is superb! Paling ngam mau ambil untuk kawin2

Tomato Joshé


Their service is the best!. Been using their service from beginning until now. Terbaik lah!! Next time boleh repeat.

Stefanus Able


Solution for online marketing & elevating brands online

Eugene Frazier


Nice owner very cool

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Lunamo Self-Photo Shoot Studio @ Riverson'

#6 Lunamo Self-Photo Shoot Studio @ Riverson



Welcome to Lunamo Self-Photo Shoot Studio @ Riverson, the ultimate destination for capturing stunning headshots and boosting your confidence in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Located at Riverson Soho, Ground Floor, Unit B-G, 11, Jln Riverson, our studio has garnered a stellar reputation, boasting an impressive 5-star rating based on 6 reviews.

At Lunamo, we believe that everyone deserves to have their perfect moment captured, which is why our self-photo shoot experience is like no other. Step into our studio, and you'll find yourself in your very own happy place. Whether you're alone, with friends, or family, the room is all yours. This allows you complete freedom to explore and experiment, ensuring that you achieve the desired look before the shutter clicks.

Our customers have hailed Lunamo as a total confidence booster that enhances self-esteem. With full control over angles and adjustments, you can find your most flattering pose and showcase your best features. Our customers have expressed their satisfaction, eagerly planning their return visits.

Lunamo Self-Photo Shoot Studio @ Riverson prides itself on delivering a clean and organized environment, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience. We cater to individuals who appreciate unique and interesting pictures of themselves. Our studio's versatility allows for customization, making it ideal for individuals, groups, or even special occasions.

And let's not forget our inspirational owner, who is none other than a taekwondo inspiration. Drawing from this energy and dedication, our studio exudes an aura of motivation and determination.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram page for some seasonal inspiration. So come and visit Lunamo Self-Photo Shoot Studio @ Riverson, and discover the power of capturing your best self.

Xenia Cordelia


My happy place cuz it's just you (/friends/family) in the room, we can do anything and see for ourselves how it'll look before the button goes off (cuz you'll be clicking it) -so, we can adjust and find the right, most flattering angle first hehe

A total confidence booster that helps with self-esteem. I'll be back soon ;)
P.S: dont forget to check out their ig page too ✨️ there may be some seasonal promos going on

katherine Olivia


Nice experience, clean and organised. I will be back when I return to KK again.



the perfect place for those who love interesting pictures of them



The owner is the inspiration for taekwondo 🗿🤚

Gwendoline Rogers


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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Tecnie.colors Photo Studio'

#7 Tecnie.colors Photo Studio



Tecnie.colors Photo Studio, located at Lot 41, 2nd Floor, Megalong Mall, Jalan Taipakkung Donggongon, Penampang, 89500 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, is a highly regarded headshots studio that has garnered an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from five reviews. With a team of copywriting experts at your service, let us delve into what makes Tecnie.colors Photo Studio stand out.

Clients have praised Tecnie.colors for their exceptional efficiency and quick service, ensuring a seamless experience. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is further displayed through their commitment to fulfilling unique customer requests. One reviewer expressed their satisfaction with Tecnie.colors' ability to provide a rare battery when needed, offering a convenient one-stop-shop experience.

Tecnie.colors Photo Studio's location within Megalong Mall provides added convenience for customers, making it easily accessible in the heart of Kota Kinabalu. The studio's friendly and accommodating staff have also been commended, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for clients.

In conclusion, Tecnie.colors Photo Studio offers outstanding headshots services, recognized for their efficiency, quick turnaround time, and availability of uncommon resources. With a convenient location and a team of friendly professionals, Tecnie.colors is sure to deliver a top-notch photo session experience. Don't miss the opportunity to capture your best moments at Tecnie.colors Photo Studio.

Rechard Lau


Efficient and fast. Would do it again 10/10

Kay Kastum


Needed a rare battery and they have it. So thumbs up! Nice people too.

Carlz Bz


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Fdelius Anthony


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Elevate your personal brand with BetterPic's AI-generated professional headshots, perfect for business individuals and teams. Skip expensive photoshoots and let our AI-photographer create stunning portraits, profile pictures, and pfps using artificial intelligence. Experience the convenience of our pictures generator and images generator for a standout online presence.

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