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Welcome to Kumamoto, Japan's hidden gem for professional headshot photography. Discover top-notch studios offering LinkedIn headshots, cheap yet high-quality professional portraits, and convenient headshot locations near you. Whether you need male or female headshots or professional corporate headshots, Kumamoto has it all. BetterPic provides this local businesses list for your convenience, offering AI-generated headshots that stand out from the rest. Please note that BetterPic is not associated with any specific studio, allowing you to make an unbiased choice for your perfect headshot experience.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ロイヤルスタジオ新南部店'

#1 ロイヤルスタジオ新南部店



ロイヤルスタジオ新南部店 is a highly reputed headshots studio located in Kumamoto, Japan. With a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 550 reviews, this studio has garnered enormous praise from its satisfied customers. One customer expressed gratitude for the staff's exceptional kindness towards children, while another raved about the fun and enjoyable experience they had during the photo shoot, costume selection, and air makeup session. The team's friendly and approachable nature played a significant role in creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for patrons.

Visitors also appreciated the wide variety of costumes available for selection, finding them abundant and cute. The studio efficiently handled the costume fittings and other procedures, ensuring a smooth flow of work. Additionally, customers were impressed by the team's ability to capture natural expressions and create a soft and pleasant atmosphere in the final photos.

Another customer highlighted their annual tradition of taking pictures to commemorate their children's birthdays, praising the studio's quick and efficient preparation, especially when dealing with fussy children. The positive experience compelled them to consider returning for future photo shoots, including anniversaries and visits to the shrine.

The staff's expertise helped customers who lacked a sense of style in choosing outfits, offering valuable advice and guidance with confidence. The end result was always a collection of adorable photos featuring children in captivating costumes.

In conclusion, ロイヤルスタジオ新南部店 is a highly recommended headshots studio, attracting praise for its kind and friendly staff, diverse range of costumes, efficient procedures, and the ability to capture wonderful expressions and natural atmospheres in photographs. Whether it's a birthday celebration, an anniversary, or a visit to the shrine, this studio is guaranteed to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience.



Thank you very much for your help the other day.
The staff's response to children is very kind.
I think it was good.
At the time of the costume meeting and other procedures, there is a slight flow work
I was curious, but what caught me more than that was...

I made a data purchase plan,
There were a few photos that made me say, This... do you usually deliver?
As an example
I want you to lower the camera and tilt it up a little.
When I requested
It's just that the camera position is low,
I don't dare to be stylish
Half of the screen is a picture of the floor,
Two of these were delivered (the child is crying)

If it is a normal studio, it will be repelled at the selection stage ... or rather,
In the first place, I don't think a photographer would shoot like this.
Keeping the camera position as it is, if you raise the angle a little
I think it turned out to be a decent picture with the children and the set.
(I got a picture of a crying child and half of it was on the floor, what can I use it for...)

As another example, present a photo like the 4th one as a sample,
A third photo was taken.
It's similar, but the third one has too much white space on the screen.
And the tree is not reflected in Matomo...

It was explained that Because there is also the height of the child ~,
The point of this photo is how to cut it from the side,
I don't think height matters.
I had a problem with the 3rd one, so I retaken the 4th one.
It's a little bit that it's been delivered to the 3th one...
(Also, the more I take pictures, the more I get in a bad mood.
The expression on the 4th photo is subtle (T-T))

I wanted the third photo to be flipped and the other photos to be included in the delivery.
(Even if you close your eyes and get rejected, a good shot is
Because there is, I wanted you to put that)

Thank you very much to all the staff,
I appreciate that, but
The important thing is the quality of the photos...there are many that are good.
Because there were also mixed things like This is not for a while
That point was disappointing (even though the image and price are high-end).

Addendum: In response to your reply
Assuming that 400 cuts were taken and 90 cuts were selected,
The process is complicated and troublesome.
If I were the customer,
Would you be happy to receive a photo that should have been discarded or a photo with half the floor?
Not only the photographer, but also the person in charge of selection
I want you to think, Is this a photo that should be delivered?



I had a photo shoot with my siblings! We use it every time! I had a lot of fun during the shooting, choosing the costumes, and doing the air makeup! ! The staff were easy to talk to and it was a lot of fun! I will be using this again! thank you very much!



For the second year in a row, I took pictures to commemorate the children's birthdays.
The costumes were abundant and cute, and on the day of the event, they prepared quickly, soothing the fussy children while taking pictures of their wonderful expressions.
I would like to come back for a photo shoot on my anniversary.



I used it for a picture of my child's visit to the shrine! I asked for it when I was an older child, and the costumes, atmosphere, and photos were all good, so I'm repeating it!
The photos brought out the natural expressions of the child, and the finished photos have a soft atmosphere. Thank you again!



We take pictures every year. I don't have any sense at all, so I always get lost in choosing clothes, but the staff gives me advice, so I can choose with confidence. Children in costumes are always so cute. We hope to see you again next year!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'トータルスタジオフォセット イオンタウン西熊本店'

#2 トータルスタジオフォセット イオンタウン西熊本店



Total Studio Fossette Aeon Town Nishi-Kumamoto is a renowned headshot studio located at 2-chōme−16−1 Aeon Town Nishi-Kumamoto in Kumamoto, Japan. With a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 61 reviews, this studio has established itself as a reliable and popular choice for capturing special moments.

Customers commend the professional and friendly staff who create a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for both children and adults. One review highlights the staff's expertise in capturing adorable pictures, especially for special occasions such as Shichi-Go-San. Another customer appreciates the opportunity to dress up in a kimono for their coming-of-age ceremony and praised the studio's warm environment.

The studio offers a wide range of costumes and has a reasonable price point. The all-female staff members are knowledgeable and adept at handling children, ensuring a pleasant experience for families. However, some customers have expressed disappointment with the quality of the photos and an unexpected deviation from their expectations when ordering online.

In summary, Total Studio Fossette Aeon Town Nishi-Kumamoto is a renowned headshot studio that provides a delightful and enjoyable photo-taking experience. With a plethora of costumes, talented staff, and a warm atmosphere, this studio is an excellent choice for capturing cherished memories.

i ma


I asked for a picture of my daughter's Shichi-Go-San 😊 This is the third time!
I'm very happy that you took a picture of it so cute ❣️
I once again felt that a professional is amazing!
I was very happy because the staff were bright, easy to talk to, and funny, and the kids were having fun with it 😆💕
Thank you 🧡
We hope to see you again ☺️



Coupon range is fine.
I made a plan to get all the data of about 30,000, but they didn't show me much data at the store. Even with a 30,000 plan, shipping costs 550 yen.
It would be nice if it was just a coupon.

I received the product, but it was completely different from what I expected. The explanation is too much and I was really deceived because I ordered online by myself.


I was able to dress up in a kimono for the coming-of-age ceremony and take a picture before, but it was a lot of fun! All the staff were very smiling and wonderful studio 🥰 I look forward to seeing you on the day of the coming-of-age ceremony!



I think the price is reasonable, it is not formal, and there are many costumes. The staff are all female, kind and bright, and they are very good at handling children, so I repeated this time when I visited the shrine. I will continue to use it in the future.



I used it for my child's Seven-Five-Three Festival
The costumes, the studio, the make-up are cute, and the staff are nice, but...there is a fundamental problem. The photos are too bad.
I'm sorry but I don't have any sense, and I wonder if everything is a beginner's finish...
If you're not good at it, you can shoot a lot and get a good number of photos, but there are only about 60 shots. .
I honestly regret that I should have chosen the cheapest plan. .
To be honest, I thought it was a waste to have a studio and it was cute.
A bit disappointing...

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Nakagawa Photography'

#3 Nakagawa Photography



Are you looking for a photography studio that captures the essence of your special moments with creativity and professionalism? Look no further than Nakagawa Photography in Kumamoto, Japan. Located at 4-chōme-6-72 Kawashiri, Minami Ward, this studio has garnered a remarkable reputation, boasting an impressive 4.7/5 stars rating based on 30 enthusiastic customer reviews.

Nakagawa Photography specializes in a wide range of photography services, including children's coming-of-age ceremonies, pre-wedding shoots, and weddings. Customers repeatedly express their gratitude and admiration for the studio's ability to create a fun and uplifting atmosphere during their photo sessions. The team's dedication is truly remarkable as they strive to ensure every client is satisfied with the final result, capturing the most wonderful and memorable shots.

Clients have described Nakagawa Photography as a bright and friendly shop, with an owner who goes above and beyond to make each customer comfortable and at ease. The team's genuine friendliness and expertise are especially evident in their interactions, leaving customers grateful for the attention to detail and helpful guidance provided during consultations.

Whether you're planning a coming-of-age ceremony, a wedding, or simply seeking to capture precious memories, Nakagawa Photography is the studio you can trust. The skilled photographers, along with their pleasant and homely ambiance, create an environment where natural smiles and authentic moments are effortlessly captured. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Nakagawa Photography—for they not only have the talent, but also the passion to create timeless photographs that will capture the essence of your most cherished moments.



Children's coming-of-age ceremonies, pre-wedding shoots, I'm always indebted to you! The atmosphere is fun, the mood is uplifting, and the wonderful photos are taken. I want you to stay healthy forever and take pictures of your grandchildren.


A wedding 25 years ago, this time I was indebted to my daughter's coming-of-age ceremony and parent and child.
It was a beautiful Coming-of-Age Ceremony to commemorate the coming-of-age ceremony.
I put my favorite photo in a photo frame and received it as a gift from the store.
It's a very nice and bright shop, and the owner is friendly, so I'm very satisfied with the shooting. I would like to ask for my daughter's wedding next time.



I went to take pictures that I couldn't take at school. When I contacted them that I would be arriving earlier than the reservation time, they were kind enough to respond and took pictures smoothly, which was smooth. The owner was also friendly and talked to me and it felt good!



I asked him to photograph my wedding. The personality of the photographer was very good, and the finished photos were also very good. During the meeting, I was very grateful that you taught me various things in detail.



In a friendly and homely atmosphere, a photographer with a nice smile took a picture, and I got a natural smile 🤗

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Feel Kumamototen Studio'

#4 Feel Kumamototen Studio



Are you looking for a headshots studio in Kumamoto, Japan that guarantees an exceptional experience? Look no further than Feel Kumamototen Studio! Located at 12-21 2F, Shinshigai, Chuo Ward, in the heart of Kumamoto, this studio has garnered a perfect 5-star rating from six satisfied customers.

Despite the language barrier, Feel Kumamototen Studio goes above and beyond to ensure your happiness. With a plethora of choices to select from, you'll have no shortage of options when it comes to capturing the perfect headshot. Whether you're seeking a classic, professional look or a more creative and unique image, this studio has you covered.

Past customers rave about their experiences at Feel Kumamototen Studio. One client praised the wonderful makeup artists and sweet translators who made their photoshoot in traditional Japanese wedding gowns a fabulous experience. The patient staff even guided them to the famous Kumamoto Castle, teaching them basic etiquette while wearing the wedding gown.

Another customer expressed their gratitude for the staff's assistance on their wedding day at Kengun Shrine. From dressing to the photography session, the supportive and helpful staff ensured that it was a memorable day they would cherish forever.

Feel Kumamototen Studio truly stands out as a top-notch headshots studio in Kumamoto. Don't miss the opportunity to have a fantastic experience and capture stunning headshots at this exceptional establishment.

Kerensa Erickson


It was a great experience. They cannot speak English, but they take special care to make sure you're happy. They have a lot of choices to choose from as well.

CY Mak


Took pictures with this shop in 2015, right before the earthquake. Wonderful makeup artist sweet translator. It was a fabulous experience. We wore the tradition Japanese wedding gown for the photoshoot. The ladies are very patient. We even went to the Kumamoto Castle. The staff was so kind in guiding us, and teaching us some basic etiquette while wearing the wedding gown. Wonderful time with their team.

Yuuki suyama


Thank you for your help at the Kengun Shrine wedding today. From dressing to taking photos, the staff was very helpful and made it a memorable day.
thank you very much.

mayuna tateishi


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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Kay Enu Photo Studio'

#5 Kay Enu Photo Studio



Are you searching for the perfect headshot studio in Kumamoto, Japan? Look no further than Kay Enu Photo Studio, conveniently located at 22-16 Shimizuhonmachi, Kita Ward, with a zip code of 861-8074. With an outstanding rating of 4.7/5 stars based on three glowing reviews, this studio is sure to exceed your expectations.

One satisfied customer shared their experience of having their wedding anniversary picture taken at Kay Enu Photo Studio, praising the kind and polite staff. Although they haven't received their final photos yet, they eagerly await their arrival. Another highlight mentioned in the reviews is the affordability of Kay Enu's services compared to other studios.

At Kay Enu Photo Studio, you will find a team of expert photographers who specialize in capturing the essence of individuals through stunning headshots. Whether you need a headshot for professional purposes or for personal use, their friendly and skilled staff is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

With their exceptional reputation and affordable prices, Kay Enu Photo Studio is the go-to choice for anyone in need of headshots in Kumamoto. Don't miss the opportunity to capture your best self - contact Kay Enu Photo Studio today and get ready to be amazed by their expertise and outstanding service.



I took a picture for my wedding anniversary.
I was kind and polite.
I haven't finished the photos yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
I think the price is cheaper than other stores.

saori ohama


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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'anu'

#6 anu



Are you looking for a headshots studio that provides outstanding services and captures memorable moments? Look no further than Anu, a renowned studio located at 1897-9 Takigawa, Mifune, Kamimashiki District, Kumamoto, Japan. With a perfect 5/5 star rating based on two reviews, Anu has earned its reputation for excellence.

Customers have praised Anu for their professionalism and exceptional customer service. One delighted customer recently shared their experience of having their daughter's coming-of-age ceremony photographed. They expressed their gratitude for the attentive staff who listened to their concerns, making the entire experience enjoyable and stress-free. Another satisfied customer complimented the studio's tranquil ambiance, describing it as a special place to take stunning pictures.

At Anu, you can expect nothing short of perfection. Headed by Mr. Arakawa, whose gentle demeanor and expertise ensure every session is comfortable and enjoyable, the studio creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for clients. Whether you need headshots for professional purposes or simply want to capture precious memories, Anu is the place for you. Book your session today and let the talented team at Anu deliver exceptional results in a serene and welcoming environment.



Today I had my daughter's coming-of-age ceremony taken!
Thank you for listening to my daughter's concerns. It was nice because the staff was nice and I was able to leave it to you with peace of mind!
I'm really thankful to you



A special place where you can take wonderful pictures in a calm space✨

Mr. Arakawa is a man, but his demeanor is soft, and his three children enjoyed it😊

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