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Welcome to Venice, the enchanting city of canals and gondolas. Discover a myriad of talented headshot photographers specializing in professional portraits, including male and female headshots. Whether you're seeking LinkedIn headshots or professional corporate headshots, our list showcases the best studios near you. While BetterPic offers AI-generated headshots, we're not associated with any specific studio. Compare and choose the perfect option for your needs.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Pietro Volpato'

#1 Pietro Volpato



Introducing Pietro Volpato, the headshots studio located at Santa Croce, 1908, 30135 Venezia VE, Italy. With a remarkable 5/5 star rating and glowing reviews from 168 satisfied customers, this studio is a hidden gem in the heart of Venice.

Pietro Volpato goes beyond the conventional realm of a photographer, providing a unique experience for his clients. Visitors have described their time with Pietro as more than a photoshoot, but rather a friendship formed through exploration. Pietro takes his clients on a captivating journey through the enchanting city, uncovering hidden bridges and secret spots that are not found in your typical guidebooks.

Whether you are a local or a tourist, Pietro ensures that your memories in Venice are captured beautifully. Avoiding the hustle and bustle of crowds, Pietro guides you to the best times for photoshoots, resulting in breathtaking pictures that go beyond the limitations of selfies.

Pietro's expertise extends to photography workshops, where he not only shares his extensive knowledge but also reveals the lesser-known treasures of Venice. His teaching style and passion for his craft have left many in awe of his skills, igniting a newfound love for photography within his students.

Celebrate special occasions or simply immortalize your time in the romantic city of Venice with Pietro Volpato. Book a session with this exceptional photographer and allow him to capture moments that will be cherished forever.

Claudia Homuth


We don't live that far away from Italy and it wasn't the first time we were in Venice, but all the past stays couldn't compare to the fantastic day we spent with Pietro, not to mention all the wonderful pictures! Pietro showed us his Venice, bridges and places we didn't know before, and told us things that aren't in every guidebook. We didn't feel like clients of a photographer, but like friends on a walk. Pietro is super reliable and very kind and kept all his promises - even ahead of time. He had informed us well in advance that rain was forecast for our scheduled appointment and we adjusted the time. He took so much time for us! We can't say thank you enough for this special day and all the beautiful pictures. We had been hesitant beforehand about doing such a photo shoot, actually without a special occasion, and posing in public in a city with so many tourists. But with Pietro it was so easy and we didn't feel uncomfortable at all, we just had a lot fun. We are glad we had the courage to contact Pietro and are now rewarded with so many marvellous, funny, romantic and unique pictures and memories which our friends envy us. Pietro, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Teresa Slyfield Fox


Working with Pietro Volpato was a highlight of our recent trip to Venice. My husband and I wanted to have memories captured beyond taking selfies and relying on the kindness of waiters and strangers to snap our vacation pics. A local travel guide recommended Pietro and luckily for us our schedules aligned.

Pietro suggested the appropriate time for the shoot to avoid crowds and to have the best lighting. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon seeing the sites from an insiders perspective. Not only did we come home to a wonderful collection of photos but we also enjoyed a walking tour with Pietro sharing history and lore with us. He made a phenomenal restaurant recommendation which also happened to be a highlight of our trip!

We recommend him wholeheartedly and can’t say enough kind things about his work ethic, professionalism and enthusiasm for his hometown. We had a fun time together and it shows through in our photos.

Mille grazie, Pietro!

Andy Pittaway


My wife and I recently had a photo workshop in Venice with Pietro and I have to say that it was a fantastic experience. Pietro has not only a tremendous knowledge of photography but he also has a great teaching style and he knows many hidden gems and ‘out of the way’ places in Venice.

Pietro was very enthusiastic and encouraging and went out of his way to not only teach us about photography but also taught us a lot about Venice and it’s rich history. There was a perfect end to the day with a tremendous sunset and Pietro stayed with us throughout giving more teaching and tips as to how to get great images.

We learned a tremendous amount during the day and we and we really enjoyed ourselves in the process.

Thank you very much Pietro for such a brilliant day. We will be back!

Claire Smith


Pietro is a fantastic photographer! We were lucky to come accross Pietro's details online and booked him to take photos of us on our honeymoon. Wow wow wow! We had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with Pietro and he took lots of fabulous photos. We saw parts of Venice we wouldnt have if we didnt book Pietro. I now have the difficult job of choosing which of the wonderful photos to print and display at home. Thank you again Pietro for taking so many amazing photos, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you!

Cin Widjaja van der Meer


It was October 23rd and it was our 10th Wedding anniversary day, we’d like to celebrate it in the most romantic city in the world and thought we don’t want to miss this precious moment just like that. That’s how it started the idea and we’ve found Pietro Volpato thru Google search.
The communication was very clear and all information was very straight and easy to understand, Pietro answer our email within a day or two, always communicative and clear.
Pietro met us on the Hotel right on time, took us around Venice and arranged our gondola ride, for us it was not only a photoshoot he brought us walked around and gave us an insight how to see the city from a local and not as a touristic insight. It was a very special moment to be with someone artistic as Pietro in the most romantic city as Venice.
The photoshoot went so naturally, we don't feel like we have to pose but it turned into a picture as we were so pro. Pietro is not only a professional photographer but he has an eye of detail and very dedicated to his profession, he knows exactly when the gondola came behind us and in a very short time he jumped to the other side to get a perfect angle. Though we were so tired, Pietro encouraged us to walk to the most beautiful place under the St. Mark’s Basilica, and it was worthed!
My husband and I were really happy with how the pictures turns out, so natural and artistic.
We’ve got so many compliment from our friends and relatives about our pictures.This is not our first time to Venice but the most unforgettable moment of our Love story.
If you’d like to have a professional photographer in Venice, we absolutely recommend Pietro Volpato.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Bressan'

#2 Photo Bressan



Photo Bressan, located at Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 12, 30173 Venezia VE, Italy, is a renowned headshots studio that has garnered an impressive reputation among its customers. With an outstanding rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 120 reviews, this studio has solidified itself as a go-to destination for exceptional photography services.

Customers consistently praise Photo Bressan for their unparalleled expertise in capturing the perfect photos for documents. It's no wonder that visitors often return, as one reviewer expressed, This was not my first visit to this photo studio. They're making absolutely the best photos for documents I've ever had!

While the majority of reviews showcase satisfaction with Photo Bressan's services, there is always room for improvement. One customer expressed discontent regarding the payment process and photo selection options. However, the studio's positive reputation outweighs this isolated incident.

In just a few words, reviewers highlight their positive experiences at Photo Bressan, using phrases such as Nice and Top. These simple yet powerful statements reflect the studio's commitment to delivering exceptional results.

With its prime location in the heart of Venezia, Photo Bressan is an ideal choice for anyone seeking professional headshots or document photos. The studio's ability to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations positions it as a leader in the photography industry. Whether you require photos for official documents or simply want fabulous shots to cherish, Photo Bressan is undoubtedly the studio to entrust with capturing your best moments.



This was not my first visit to this photo studio. They're making absolutely the best fotos for documents I've ever had!

Qiang Wang


Very bad, I took a document photo, I can't select which one to use and more, the lady asked me 15 euro, in which 5 euro for sending the photo to my email without telling me that is for payment. Very angry about that, the photo they took I even can't accept.. The skill is bad

Mustak Mohammed



Paola Ponzio



Lucia Taibba



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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'ISO Fotografia'

#3 ISO Fotografia



If you are in search of a professional and reliable headshots studio in Sarmeola PD, Italy, look no further than ISO Fotografia. Located at Viale Po, 27, this studio has garnered an impressive rating of 4.6/5 stars based on 68 reviews, a testament to their exceptional services.

ISO Fotografia is a place where professionalism and expertise meet creativity and passion. With an owner who is described as a skilled and talented photographer, you can trust that your headshots will be nothing short of excellent. The owner, a 40-year-old man, not only possesses great technical skills but also has an eye for capturing the essence of his subjects.

The studio itself exudes a cozy ambiance, ensuring a comfortable environment for clients. Customers have praised the owner for his kindness and promptness. He readily shows the results of the passport photos and promptly prints them, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free. Moreover, the price of their services is deemed reasonable, providing excellent value for money.

One satisfied client even mentioned their utmost satisfaction with the framing of photos for their 15-year-old daughter. This further attests to the studio's ability to transform photographs into cherished memories.

While ISO Fotografia generally receives glowing reviews, it is important to address any negative feedback constructively. One reviewer expressed disappointment with the handling of their newborn son's passport photo, claiming a lack of patience from the owner and dissatisfaction with the final result. It is crucial for the studio to ensure that all clients receive equal attention and patience to guarantee their utmost satisfaction.

In conclusion, ISO Fotografia stands out as an exceptional headshots studio in Sarmeola PD, Italy. With a highly skilled and passionate owner, a welcoming environment, and reasonable prices, this studio is a top choice for capturing significant moments in your life. Trust in their expertise, and you won't be disappointed.

Ayman Allo





The owner is a 40-year-old man, very nice and I would say very, very good, seeing his work.
It deserves and I indicate as an excellent phtographer🤗

maria sconziano


Very cozy studio. The owner is kind and professional. Immediately available to show us the result of the passport photos and to print them. The price is also good.

maurizio franceschetti


I would say excellent I am very satisfied with what I was looking for to have framed photos of my 15 year old daughter

Fabiana Bering


I had to take a passport photo of my newborn son, the owner has no patience and after a single attempt with 4 shots he chose the worst of the 4 photos to print. Paid 12 euros for bad service.

Since I can't find an answer to your comment, I make my observations here:
In a single attempt he took these 4 photos which he showed me and I told you they weren't right (the baby is crooked, there's a shadow behind it, the mouth is open) and you replied that you thought they were right. After you tried a second time with 1 shot but it didn't even show me. All this in less than 1 minute (and that's no way to say), which we know when there are young children (mine is almost 3 months old, so you see) a little patience would go a long way. I'm not a precise mother who would like to try a thousand times, I understand the limitations but I can definitely say that we could do better, since I have another child and his photos were done well by another. Too bad it's out of the ordinary and in this period we can't go out and we have to be subjected to precarious services like yours. I remind you that a photographer is not just the one who pushes the camera button.
I went out and didn't plan to come back, but the more I saw the photo you took the more bad I felt with the service received and so I went back. At this moment he treated me with irony and this was the only reason I didn't want to continue with you.
Earlier, when you asked how many photos would be needed and I said they were for a passport and you said you'd never taken a passport, you can see it very well. Decadent photo. Shadow, child crooked and with mouth open, areas with blur that looks like the autofocus didn't work. I don't put the photo here for a matter of privacy of my son but it deserves to illustrate everything that words have not been able to describe.
If there are hundreds of positive comments, lucky those who found you on a good day because today you were really in a bad mood!
And you NEVER asked me if I wanted me to take more pictures. The only thing you asked me is if I had any photos taken by me that you would arrange to print.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Digital Photo S.G.'

#4 Digital Photo S.G.



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Jesolo, Italy? Look no further than Digital Photo S.G. Located at Via Ippolito Pindemonte, 9, this exceptional studio is the go-to destination for capturing stunning photographs that will leave you feeling touched beyond words.

With an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 60 reviews, Digital Photo S.G. has quickly established itself as a leading photography studio in the area. Customers rave about the incredible work produced by the talented team, with one reviewer exclaiming, All I can say is wow! Amazing work. The studio's professionalism and courtesy have also been commended, making it a unique and highly sought-after establishment.

Even those who stumbled upon Digital Photo S.G. by chance have been blown away by their exceptional service. One client, who had a beach photoshoot while pregnant, described the experience as one that remained in my heart. They praised the photographer for being punctual, available, patient, and professional. The extraordinary photos, partially available on the studio's website, exceeded all expectations, leaving the client eager to return for future needs.

When it comes to headshots and capturing moments that resonate, Digital Photo S.G. is the studio to trust. Don't hesitate to contact them for extraordinary, unforgettable photographs that will wow both you and your loved ones.

Bryan Disanayaka


I’m touched beyond words. All I can say is wow! Amazing work❤️🥳🥳🥳

Richard Kelly


Excellent printing and value

Elisabetta Ferro


Professionalism and courtesy make it unique

Matteo Depicolzuane


Courtesy and skill of the past, in today's world.



I did a photo shoot (almost a year ago) while pregnant by the sea with this randomly chosen photographer as I was on vacation and didn't know anyone. An experience that has remained in my heart. Punctual available very good patient and professional. I advise. Extraordinary photos partially visible on the studio's website. If I need it again I know who to contact. Thank you. Sylvia.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Kim Magnago Photo'

#5 Kim Magnago Photo



Introducing Kim Magnago Photo, a headshots studio located at Vicolo Sagraeto, 8, 30015 Chioggia VE, Italy. With a perfect 5/5 star rating based on 59 reviews, this studio offers exceptional photography services that have left clients raving about their experiences.

Clients describe their sessions with Kim as truly special and unique. Whether it's a maternity shoot or a family session with a young child, Kim's guidance and natural approach allow for breathtaking photos and unforgettable moments. Her ability to make those who are camera-shy feel at ease is remarkable, resulting in captures that beautifully reflect emotions and magical moments.

Kim's positive and down-to-earth personality shines through, creating a comfortable atmosphere for all. Her professionalism, patience, and ability to connect with clients have left a lasting impression. Even those who were skeptical about being photographed have been pleasantly surprised by Kim's talents. Her services extend beyond photography, as she becomes a fantastic person to be around during the shoot.

Furthermore, Kim's responsiveness and efficiency have also received high praise. Clients can expect a quick turnaround time in receiving their photographs, ensuring that cherished memories are promptly delivered.

If you're in search of a talented photographer who can effortlessly capture the essence of special moments, Kim Magnago Photo comes highly recommended. With a passion for creating unforgettable experiences and a knack for producing stunning shots, Kim is the go-to professional for all your photography needs. Contact Kim Magnago Photo today and let her work her magic.

Anna Ferrara


Great photos. We received a maternity service as a gift. It was our first photo shoot and I have to say really special. Kim managed to make it special by guiding us in being as natural as possible and making the photos unique. During the service he made us feel at ease and made us have a lot of fun and the result was magnificent. We can't wait to do the next one with our baby 😍

Eleonora Pontello


We received a family photo shoot with a one and a half year old boy as a gift. We let ourselves be carried away by Kim who was able to guide us with some tips and passed on her spontaneity to us. He was able to transform a flowering meadow into an idyllic setting and enhance our shots. She was able to enter into a relationship with our baby with sweetness and managed to capture unique expressions!
We were thrilled when we saw the photos! And what speed in delivering digital shots to us 😉
Thanks Kim 😘 it was a pleasure

Genny Ballarin


It is difficult to describe the lived experience. Kim manages to put even those who don't like being in front of the camera at ease, she entertains you and makes you experience unforgettable moments that she then manages to capture in a shot that is nothing short of wonderful. She is a photographer, but above all a fantastic person, super professional and patient. I'm in love with his services and will definitely make another one because it helps you capture your most precious memories! ❤️

valentina toffanin


I met Kim through social media, I was so curious about her ability to capture magical moments and people's emotions through her shots.
I did the maternity service with her and I have no words to describe the positive experience!
Sunny girl, nice, simple, puts you at ease for the photo shoot (even those who don't like being photographed, which is not a given!) and the result of the shots speaks for itself ... Pure emotions!

Erika Buzzarello


We were given a smash cake service for my daughter's 1st year. Kim made us feel comfortable and the time flew by. The little girl can't talk yet, but I'm sure she really enjoyed the cake and the tub bath at the end. She was also very fast in delivering the photos! Beautiful experience that

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotoricordi di Svegliàti Massimo'

#6 Fotoricordi di Svegliàti Massimo



Introducing Fotoricordi di Svegliàti Massimo, a renowned headshots studio located at Via Felice Polanzani, 26, Noale VE, Italy. With an outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 46 reviews, this studio has certainly made its mark on the photography scene.

Clients are consistently impressed by the professionalism and kindness exhibited by Massimo and his team. Lucy Festas commends their ability to blend professionalism and kindness seamlessly. Sara from Rovigo expresses her gratitude to Massimo and Giorgio for their excellent work during her daughter's baptism, leaving a lasting impression on her and her guests.

Not only does Fotoricordi di Svegliàti Massimo excel in event photography, but they also offer impressive services for weddings. A couple who entrusted them with their wedding album was extremely satisfied with the outcome, praising their attention to detail, patience, and ability to meet their requests promptly.

The studio also caters to individuals looking for photo prints. One customer had a great experience with Massimo, who not only delivered exceptional results quickly but also unexpectedly ventured into a professional photoshoot, leaving the customer pleased with the amazing pictures, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service.

Fotoricordi di Svegliàti Massimo is a reliable and highly recommended headshots studio, offering a range of services, including event photography, wedding albums, and photo prints, all delivered with utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Contact them today and experience their exceptional artistry firsthand!

Luziane Pereira


I had the pleasure of meeting professionalism and kindness
together. Well done, congratulations! Lucy Festas

Angela Bortolato


Kind, helpful, attentive and professional.
I entrusted Massimo to make a family gift and he was able to advise me in the best possible way by offering me a beautiful canvas with a frame printed with the family photo. All already wrapped with a gift box. It was super super appreciated! Thanks Max

Sara Montagnolo


I am Sara from Rovigo, I wanted to thank Massimo and his colleague Giorgio for the baptism of my daughter Anastasia. For the photos and the video that I was very excited to have seen it again, even the people I invited were all happy, they are nice, polite people and know how to cheer you up. I had a wonderful day and I will thank them for what they did and I will keep them in mind for any other event, and recommend them to anyone who is looking for a keepsake that stays forever. Many thanks to Massimo and Giorgio di fotoricordi.

Fiore 1


We entrusted Massimo to make the wedding album. We could not have made a better choice!! He did a beautiful job! He was professional, attentive to detail, very patient and available in listening to our requests and realizing them. Very precise and fast in his work. Really excellent price quality. We recommend it to all future spouses and not only 😉 !!!! Thank you so much 😀😀

Ronnye Finotto


I met Massimo by chance, I simply needed to print photos, he did the job quickly and with excellent results, making the gift I had to give exceptional.
Looking around that day and admiring the photos in the studio, I decided to ask him to take some shots in the following days and I must say that the photos came out crazy, at a great price and with a slap-up customer service! Professionalism and passion. Congratulations Max

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Luca Fazzolari'

#7 Luca Fazzolari



Welcome to Luca Fazzolari's Headshots Studio, located at Cannaregio, 2819b, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy. With a remarkable 5/5-star rating and glowing reviews from 43 satisfied customers, Luca is undoubtedly the go-to photographer in Venice for capturing memorable moments.

Luca's exceptional photography skills and extensive knowledge of natural light enable him to produce stunning images that resemble magazine spreads. Whether you are seeking a romantic couple shoot or a fun-filled family session, Luca's expertise ensures an unforgettable experience.

Clients have praised Luca's excellent communication throughout the entire process, which includes suggesting the perfect locations for your shoot. Moreover, the fast turnaround time for editing and delivery of the photos ensures your precious memories are beautifully preserved.

From capturing the love between couples exploring Venice's enchanting streets to showcasing the bond of families against picturesque backgrounds, Luca's talent shines through in every shot. With a friendly and professional approach, he is adept at making even the most camera-shy individuals feel at ease, resulting in both candid and posed shots that exceed expectations.

Take advantage of Luca Fazzolari's Headshots Studio to create lasting memories in one of the world's most captivating cities. Allow Luca to immortalize your special moments with his exceptional photography skills and artistic vision. Book your session today and embark on a truly magical photographic journey in Venice.

Mohamed Khalil


I recently had the pleasure of working with photographer Luca for a photo shoot with my girlfriend in Venice and we were blown away by the resulting photos! Luca's photography skills are nothing short of amazing - he has an incredible knowledge of natural light and the most stunning locations around the city, making our photos look like they came straight out of a magazine. Not only is he highly skilled, he is also very personable and made us feel completely at ease in front of the camera. The way he captured our interactions with each other was truly magical. We highly recommend Luca to anyone looking for a professional photographer in Venice. Thank you again Luca for an unforgettable experience, we will see you again next year!

Abby Knowles


We had Luca do a family photo session during our trip to Venice and it was amazing! We had so much fun and Luca knew all the perfect spots for photos! He had great communication during the whole process! Fast turnaround for photos, they are beautiful and the perfect souvenir of our trip!



Photos are always the best souvenir!
Venice is one of my favorite city that I ever been, it’s my third time here. But it’s the first time being here with my boyfriend!
I saw someone recommended Luca, and hired him to capture some moments of us.
Luca is really professional and nice, all of his work are amazing! We love every images that he took, really romantic.
The color, the light, the composition..all of them are perfect!
Highly recommend👍🏻



Woww What a Beautiful experience my wife & I had with Luca in Venice ....So I booked Luca from the U.S. ( He came highly recommended & now I see why 😊 ) because my wife were coming to italy 🇮🇹 via a cruise , So I wanted to surprise my wife a beautiful & scenic photoshoot while in Italy and I can confidentially say Luca delivered as promised on all levels..He was very Friendly & Professional , He interacted with us and made us feel very comfortable making for very Creative & enjoyable shoot But when the images came back we were both blown away by how beautiful & amazing they were ..He had truly captured the vibe of day and the love between my wife and I 😊💯❤️📸🔥👏🏽 So yes Mr Luca Fazzolari I would most definitely book him again for a Gorgeous shoot in Italy 🇮🇹.

TNT Collins


I hired Luca to capture some romantic moments in Venice, Italy for our 9 year wedding anniversary. We are from North Carolina, USA. My husband, while very photogenic, hates having his picture taken. Luca did a wonderful job being conversational, keeping it light and fun while we walked the streets and captured some amazing candid and posed shots. His correspondence was personable and he met all the timelines he promised. I am so pleased and cannot wait to frame some of them!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Atipica Photography'

#8 Atipica Photography



Looking for a headshots studio that offers exceptional quality and a comfortable environment? Look no further than Atipica Photography, located at Via Istria, 5, 35126 Padova PD, Italy. With a stellar rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 32 reviews, Atipica Photography has proven to be a reliable and highly recommended choice.

Led by the talented photographer Alessia, Atipica Photography stands out from the competition. Alessia's technical expertise is evident in her stunning images, but what truly sets her apart is her ability to make even the most camera-shy individuals feel at ease. Clients have praised her for creating a truly unique and pleasant shooting experience while maintaining professionalism and delivering high-quality results.

The new headquarters of Atipica Photography are bright and spacious, providing the ideal backdrop for your headshots. Alessia's exceptional empathy and guidance have impressed clients who previously found being photographed uncomfortable. Her ability to put her heart into her work and create a positive energy during the shoot is what makes her truly stand out.

Atipica Photography offers ease in payment methods and communication, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Whether you need professional shots or simply want to capture special moments, Atipica Photography guarantees an unforgettable experience. Trust Alessia and her team to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Sarah Dabbagh


She waas reaallluyy nice

Micòl G


Alessia is a very good photographer, who in addition to having her technical knowledge, really knows how to put even those who are a little shy in front of the lens at ease. The new headquarters is really bright and spacious!
Highly recommended!

Giovanni De Matteis


Really pleasant shooting experience.
Alessia managed to be professional with lightness making the experience truly unique.
The photos he took of me, in addition to being really high quality, were delivered on time.
I also found ease in the methods of payment and communication.
I will stay there again.

Francesca Potena


Having myself photographed has never been pleasant for me: it generated anxiety and made me uncomfortable. When I met Alessia, I realized that being photographed by her would be a different experience and that's why I didn't rely on Atipica Photography for my professional shots. His empathy, understanding and ability to guide me were certainly the aspects that I most appreciated. The photos he returned to me far exceeded expectations and I was fully satisfied!

Dede Sonya Agbodan


The meeting with Alessia was a magical and unexpected encounter as she is too. A talented, professional woman who knows how to do her job and puts her heart into it. Once you get in touch with her, take the Magic and do the magic as well as do it with her camera on she creates also during the set thanks to the positive energy that is breathed in her studio. With her I bring great memories of great deep moments and joy. Among my favorite photos I have his great masterpieces that will remain indelible forever. Thanks Alessia for what you do and how you do it. I recommend everyone to try a photographic experience with her, trust that then a love will be born for which you cannot help but entrust your projects.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotografo Matrimoni Pro'

#9 Fotografo Matrimoni Pro



Looking for a top-notch photography studio in Venice, Italy? Look no further than Fotografo Matrimoni Pro! Located at Via Francesco Maria Malvolti, 12/L, 30174 Venezia VE, this studio offers exceptional services for weddings and other special occasions. With a stellar rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 16 satisfied customers, Fotografo Matrimoni Pro is the go-to choice for capturing your most precious moments.

Customers rave about the team's professionalism and skill in creating stunning photographs. Whether it's for a wedding, newborn photo shoot, or any other event, Carlo and Lisa, the talented photographers behind Fotografo Matrimoni Pro, deliver exceptional results. Their ability to capture natural and spontaneous shots is highly praised by customers, making the experience unforgettable.

With a keen eye for composition, lighting, and overall aesthetics, Fotografo Matrimoni Pro produces crisp and beautifully composed photos that will leave you in awe. The friendly and helpful nature of Carlo and Lisa ensures a comfortable and enjoyable photo shoot experience. Their dedication to punctuality, professionalism, and efficiency further adds to their reputation as a reliable studio.

If you're searching for a photography studio to capture the essence of your special day, look no further than Fotografo Matrimoni Pro. Their exceptional service and stunning photographs come highly recommended by their satisfied customers. Trust Carlo and Lisa to provide you with a memorable photography experience that will preserve your cherished memories for a lifetime.

astrid muller


My wedding photos looked amazing ! Great team. Highly recommended!

Silvia Rigato


I contacted Carlo and Lisa for a newborn photo shoot as a gift for the birth of my little nephew; they were very kind and helpful right away. The service lasted about an hour and a half. I really appreciated the tones, the lights, the framing, etc. For the entire duration of the service, Carlo and Lisa were present even in non-studied moments, the result: a series of very natural and spontaneous photos. The parents were very satisfied with the ways and times with which they took care of the little one. Surely in the future I will contact Carlo and Lisa for other services.

Grafiche Trevigi


Serious and professional studio. Crisp, beautifully composed photos. Highly recommended!

Marta Toffaloni


Carlo and Lisa were outstanding photographers.
I couldn't ask for a better way to capture all the moments of my wedding.
Punctuality, professionalism, friendliness and efficiency are just the beginning to describe them.
The photo shoot was an unforgettable moment and we had a lot of fun posing for the shots that turned out to be natural thanks to their skill.
The incredible ability to find the perfect views for impeccable photos.
I will never stop thanking them ... so if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding do not hesitate to choose them ...
After all, the photos on their site speak volumes…
Once again many thanks
Martha and Daniel

Luca Di Girolamo


Luke and Adriana.
We chose Carlo Bettuolo and Lisa Semenzato for the photo and makeup service of our wedding in Venice because their professionalism and creativity immediately struck us!
Finding such an excitingly engaging photograph is rare!
Their sympathy and helpfulness immediately put us at ease. Every shot makes us relive that very special day of our lives...
We sincerely thank Carlo and Lisa and highly recommend them to everyone!

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