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Welcome to Rome, the eternal city of captivating beauty and rich history. As you explore this enchanting destination, immerse yourself in the charm and allure that has inspired artists and photographers for centuries. Discover talented professionals specializing in headshot photography studios, offering stunning male and female portraits, professional corporate headshots, and LinkedIn headshots. Whether you seek affordable options or top-notch quality, find the perfect match among the diverse range of studios near you. BetterPic, your reliable source, presents a comprehensive list of local businesses, including our AI-generated headshots service, enabling you to make an informed choice for your unique needs. Please note that we are not associated with any specific studio, ensuring unbiased recommendations for your ultimate satisfaction.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Giuliano Froio | Studio Fotografico'

#1 Giuliano Froio | Studio Fotografico



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Rome? Look no further than Giuliano Froio | Studio Fotografico. Located at Via Carlo Emilio Gadda, 39, 00143 Roma RM, Italy, this studio has received outstanding reviews, boasting a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 149 reviews.

Customers are consistently impressed by the exceptional service and high-quality products provided by Giuliano Froio | Studio Fotografico. Whether it's a family photoshoot, professional headshots, or even a fashion-inspired session, this studio can cater to all your photography needs.

The studio provides a comprehensive consultation process, ensuring that clients receive personalized attention and guidance. This attention to detail results in stunning and well-crafted photographs that perfectly capture each client's unique style and personality.

Giuliano Froio | Studio Fotografico is also known for its well-equipped home studio, complete with professional make-up artists and studio assistants. The team's professionalism and warm, friendly demeanor create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during the entire photoshoot experience.

Clients have also praised the efficiency and convenience of booking, as well as the prompt delivery of edited photos within 24 hours of the session. Giuliano Froio's expertise in photography and his commitment to delivering outstanding results have earned him a reputation as a highly sought-after photographer in the industry.

Whether you're looking to update your professional profile, create beautiful family photographs, or capture unforgettable moments, Giuliano Froio | Studio Fotografico is the go-to choice in Rome.

Peter F.


Again very satisfied in regards to the service & quality of products delivered! It isn't the first time that I am taking a service but this time it was a photo shooting for the full family incl. 2 small kids which i presented to my wife (family pics + CV photos for the wife)

In general people shouldn't expect just to arrive there and do the shooting, first you will have a consultancy by phone where they explain you everything. This is a very professional service and therefore i rather spend more and i am sure i get for what i am paying.

The photo shooting itself is in a very warm environment. They are very friendly and make the customers feel very welcome. this is important specifically when there are small kids.

The photo shooting went fine, the kids did very well, and we completed in time. Already during the photo shooting you can already pre-select photos but also afterwards they send you a link to a website where you can review all photos taken and choose the ones you want. Then based on the quantity they will provide you the price estimate.

Ruth Calleja


I had a shoot with Giuliano at his home studio in Rome which is well equipped and offered a full service including MUA and studio assistant.

Ashwin Kamlani


I contacted Giuliano because I wanted an updated and fresh look for my professional career. I wanted the photos to be on the border between fashion, artistic, yet professional that I could use for LinkedIn and for conference speaking engagements. I showed Giuliano my current photos and also some photos of famous people that I wanted to emulate. He nailed it... The photos came out better than I imagined. During the shoot he gave me clear direction in terms of trying different poses which helped tremendously. It was exactly what I needed since I do not have experience doing photo shoots. I highly recommend him!

Marina Peluffo


it was easy to book, then followed by a phone call to discuss the setting. I brought my own guidance as I found some of the default guidelines a bit old-fashioned. The session took about 30 mins and then I received the pictures within 24 hours from shooting. Both photographer and assistant were very professional and helpful.

Jacqueline Jung


I hired Giuliano's services for a 2 year anniversary photo shoot with my husband in Rome. Giuliano was fantastic from the beginning: flexible with shoot locations and offering suggestions based on what I was looking for (even though I had never been to Rome). He’s both professional and very warm & friendly which made the whole process so much fun. Note my husband hates getting his picture taken and he even enjoyed the photoshoot saying how great it was to work with Giuliano. All in all, very happy with the photos/ professionalism/ timing & promptness/ and kindness.

I’d highly recommend to anyone who wants to do a travel photo shoot!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotoricci Roma'

#2 Fotoricci Roma



Looking for a headshots studio in the heart of beautiful Rome? Look no further than Fotoricci Roma, conveniently located at Via della Magliana, 120/a, 00146 Roma RM, Italy. With an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and 147 glowing reviews, Fotoricci Roma has established itself as a trusted and reliable destination for all your photography needs.

Customers rave about the exceptional service provided by the owner, who not only speaks English but also ensures a gentle and personalized experience. The affordability of their professional services is also highly praised, making Fotoricci Roma an excellent choice for those looking for quality headshots on a budget.

What sets Fotoricci Roma apart is their long-standing reputation as a family-run business that has been serving generations of loyal customers. With unparalleled professionalism, countless customers have entrusted Fotoricci Roma with their most precious moments, be it from wedding celebrations or cherished vintage photographs.

One customer was astounded by the level of expertise and beauty showcased in their work, not to mention the thoughtful bonus of extra photos beyond what was requested. Another customer, unfortunately, faced a delay in receiving their order, but this was an isolated incident that does not overshadow the general consensus of Fotoricci Roma's excellence.

In a bustling city like Rome, Fotoricci Roma stands out as a top choice for its outstanding service, exceptional photography skills, and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. Trust Fotoricci Roma to capture your moments with professionalism, precision, and creativity. Contact them today to book an appointment and experience their excellence firsthand.

kinza punjani


the owner is very gentle and speaks english!! excellent service.

Johns Jackman


Professional service. Economical.Love it.



We have been customers of Foto Ricci for a lifetime, since I was in my mother's womb and since their father was... We have always used them and have handed it down from generation to generation...
The professionalism, kindness, above all the quality of their photos has no comparison with anyone. I also entrusted them with the precious photos of my wedding including the blow-ups, which are wonderful, and various photo books.
I will continue to use them as I have always done, I have also involved all my work colleagues who have always satisfied in all respects even with absurd and improbable requests.
Thanks to you, to your availability and immense professionalism that you have always had in helping us and always serving us!

Chiara De Cicco


I went to the shop to enlarge a photograph from the 1950s and was amazed by the professionalism and beauty of the photo. Furthermore, the gentleman was kind enough to give me two additional photos in addition to the vintage original; one in black and white and one in colour. I highly recommend especially if you want to impress someone with a beautiful gift!!

Emanuele Catarci


I delivered a photo taken from a frame to the shop to have a job done, estimated in 3 working days (unfortunately I didn't have it on my phone). The day I had to pick it up (it was a gift to be delivered the same evening) it wasn't ready. And not only was it not ready even in the following days, but I learned (without being warned and, among other things, having to go back to the shop about 20 days later) that the photo had been lost. I don't put a star because I was called back to make up for it and they at least reprinted the photo for me, but by now both the gift and the surprise were compromised. Too bad because it is a well-stocked shop with many choices.

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Mike Kire'

#3 Mike Kire



Welcome to Mike Kire, the premier headshots studio located in the heart of Rome, Italy. With a stellar rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars and 137 rave reviews, it's clear that Mike Kire is a photographer who delivers exceptional results.

Whether you're looking to capture the magic of a special trip to Rome or immortalize your wedding day, Mike is the photographer for you. Clients praise his ability to capture moments in the most beautiful and natural way possible, ensuring that every image tells a unique story. His attention to detail and extensive knowledge of photography are apparent in the final product.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of Rome and its hidden gems, Mike is able to suggest stunning locations for your photoshoot, ensuring that each image truly captures the essence of the city. His professionalism and talent in capturing vivid colors and the joyous spirit of his clients is unparalleled.

Don't miss the opportunity to work with the best photographer in the world. Visit Mike Kire's headshots studio at Via dell'Arco De' Tolomei, 28, 00153 Roma RM, Italy, and witness firsthand the magic he can create. Your trip to Rome will truly be unforgettable with Mike Kire behind the camera.

אודליה בודרם


Dear Mike,
Thank you very much for the fabulous photos, you defiantly made our trip so much special!!
You are amazing & professional and made our first visit in Rome so unique and romantic.
I'm so glad that we picked you!!
Mike is an amazing photographer! He captured our romantic trip and our every day life in the most beautiful and natural way possible.
His professionally and his knowledge of photography really showed in the final amazing photos.
He guided us how to pose , and what to do, he was so kind & friendly and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire day.
We had the best time with having Mike take our pictures in beautiful locations around Rome.
Again, thank you, Mike, for giving us such beautiful memories to cherish forever!
Odelia & Yair

Jordan Drummonds


Mike is an amazing photographer! He captured our wedding day in the most beautiful and natural way possible. His attention to detail and knowledge of photography really showed in the final product. He was friendly and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

We had the pleasure of having Mike take our pictures in various locations around Rome, and he truly captured the essence of the city in our photos. We will definitely be using him again in the future for any photography needs we have. Thank you, Mike, for giving us such beautiful memories to cherish forever!

Carson Hight


I cannot adequately express in words how talented Mike is! I have hired photographers all over the world while we were on vacation and his ability to capture the moment and the vivid colors is second to none! The best souvenir you can give yourself during your travels is hiring a local photographer to capture that special moment in time! He is a joy to work with and I will cherish our pictures for a lifetime! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mike for making our trip so special ♥️

Amun Rajania


Absolutely phenomenal photographer! Mike has wonderful knowledge and it absolutely shows with his work! He gives his clients amazing direction and knows how to capture beautiful pictures and for the pictures to tell a story! He is incredible at his job, really kind and really lovely! I would recommend Mike to anyone because he is incredible at his job! Best photographer in the WORLD! Thank you again Mike! We are so grateful!

Allan Ocho


Introducing Mike, a talented photographer with a keen eye for capturing the beauty of Rome. With years of experience in the field, Mike has developed a deep understanding of Rome and its hidden gems. As a result, he is able to provide me and my family with unique and stunning photographs that truly capture the essence of the city.

One of the key strengths of Mike is his ability to suggest beautiful spots for photography sessions. Whether it's a famous landmark or a hidden corner that only locals know about, he always knows the perfect location to capture the perfect shot. His photographs are not only visually stunning but also tell a story, highlighting the unique character of the city.

In addition to his exceptional talent, Mike is also known for being easy to deal with and being responsive. He understands that every client has different needs and preferences. He is always available to answer any questions or concerns and make sure we are comfortable throughout the photography session.

Overall, Mike is a true professional who is passionate about capturing the beauty of Rome through his lens. Whether you're looking for stunning photographs for your wedding, engagement, or just a fun photoshoot, Mike is the perfect choice. With his expertise and easy-going nature, you can trust that you will have a memorable and enjoyable photography experience.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio154'

#4 Studio154



Studio154 is a headshots studio located at Via Sicilia, 154, 00187 Roma RM, Italy. With a stellar rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on 76 reviews, this studio has garnered the admiration of its customers. The team at Studio154 is praised for their superior service and expertise, ensuring a flawless and efficient experience for each client. Whether you are a professional seeking headshots or a family in need of a memorable photo shoot, Studio154 is the perfect choice.

Customers have raved about the exceptional quality of service provided at Studio154, particularly highlighting their responsiveness and warmth. The skilled photographers, Elio and Gabriele, put everyone at ease during the shoot, resulting in a fun and enjoyable experience for all. Not only do they excel in their craft, but they also demonstrate a genuine passion for their work. Their professionalism, friendliness, and love for their jobs shine through in every interaction.

For those in search of a headshots studio or a place to capture heartwarming family moments, Studio154 comes highly recommended. Their expertise, organization, and dedication to their clientele make them a top choice in Rome. Don't miss the opportunity to work with the best - Studio154 will exceed your expectations and provide you with stunning photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

Hugo Palis


Went for professional headshots and it was simply perfect / fast ! The team is absolutely amazing and gave me confidence as not used to the exercise, thanks !

Luca Politi


I really enjoyed my experience at Studio154! As an American I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of service for this price range. Would definitely recommend to anyone. It was a blast!

Barak Ben-Gal


What a great find! We've done family photo shoots annually, and since we were together in Rome we thought it would be great to do one here but we were getting zero responses from various photographers we tried to reach online for scheduling. Then enter Studio 154, and everything changed. For one, they were incredibly responsive. For another, they were so warm and easy to deal with. And third, they knew exactly what they were doing which made things not only fun and relaxing but also resulted in great photos.

Elio and Gabrielle were so much fun to work with. They put on fun music to put us at ease, suggested fun poses for us to try out, and selected some fun angles that turned out to be our favorite photos. They never cut us off when the contracted time was over, they had the photos ready for us within an incredibly short period of time, and they gave us the entire gallery (but of course color corrected and touched up only the selected highlights). Honestly, we had a hard time choosing our favorite photos because they were all so good.

HIGHLY recommended - great pricing, great service, great results. We will *absolutely* use them again!



Having used professional photographers in both San Francisco and New York, I must admit that Studio154 surpassed the quality of both locales. Elio and Gabriele were super-accommodating for our family photo shoot of 6 people ranging in ages from 6 to 79. They are quick to respond, kind and consumate professionals.

They put everyone at ease and the shoot was fun for all! We ended up taking half the photos in their studio and half outside which allowed us multiple wardrobe changes and resulted in many superb usable photos.

I highly recommend Studio154!

Vivien Kis


I whole-heartedly recommend Studio 154. The photographer and his assistant are very organized, highly professional and extremely friendly!

Most importantly, you can see how much they love their jobs and that they are true experts in their fields!

Thank you for all your hard work! I could not have imagined a better team than yours!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Andrea Matone photography studio'

#5 Andrea Matone photography studio



Looking for a reputable headshots studio in Grottaferrata, Italy? Look no further than Andrea Matone Photography Studio. Located at Via Roma, 46, 00044 Grottaferrata RM, this studio has garnered an impressive 5 out of 5 stars from 74 satisfied customers.

Clients rave about their experience with Andrea Matone and his team. One couple, who had their engagement photos taken by Andrea, expressed their love for his professionalism and innovative ideas for poses and locations. Despite unexpected events on the shoot day, Andrea seamlessly adjusted and captured stunning photos, including their favorites.

Another customer was blown away by their epic engagement shoot in Rome. This couple had initially booked a couples photoshoot but secretly turned it into a surprise engagement shoot. Andrea's discreet nature and photography skills made the experience truly incredible.

Testimonials also highlight Andrea's superb job in planning surprise proposals, making the process easy and stress-free. The high-quality photos and videos produced by Andrea received rave reviews, with clients describing them as stunning and worth every penny.

Andrea Matone Photography Studio stands out for their exceptional service, professionalism, and ability to capture unforgettable moments. With their impeccable track record and satisfied clientele, this studio is a top choice for headshots and special occasion photography in Grottaferrata.

Michelle Curtis [Staff]


My fiance and I had our engagment photos with Andrea and we LOVED it. He was very professional and came with ideas for poses and placement.

On our shoot day, there was a event going on at the Vatican. Andrea was able to smoothly choose a new location and I think the photos we took there are my favourite of the bunch.

Turn around time for photos was one week, which was so fast, and they were in very high quality formats.

Logan Alexander


Working with Andrea was truly an incredible experience! Andrea captured our epic engagement in Rome in December 2022! We originally booked a “couples photoshoot” with Andrea for our vacation to Rome, Italy. However, I was able to contact Andrea in secret in order to make arrangements for this couples photoshoot to turn into a secret engagement photoshoot. Andrea was very discrete and was able to offer good ideas on secret hand signs/cues for us both to be ready for me to pop the big question. It was incredibly easy to communicate with Andrea to plan the photoshoot, despite a 6-hour time difference between the two of us. His photography skills were nothing short of amazing! He was able to make us completely comfortable during the photoshoot and was very helpful in offering suggestions for different poses to try. Andrea was able to help us decide on the perfect locations throughout Rome for our photos. We signed up for the private transportation with Stefano and Andrea. Stefano would drop us off right at our destination, and be ready to pick us up right at the perfect time to move to the next location. Not only was this transportation option incredibly convenient, but Stefano and Andrea were also able to make amazing food and sightseeing recommendations during the short trips. Our overall experience with Andrea was perfect for our engagement! We are currently thinking about going back to Italy for the wedding, in which case, Andrea will be the first photographer we reach out to again.

A huge thank you to Andrea, Stefano, and their entire team for creating a one-of-kind experience!

Michael Mastroianni


Andrea did a wonderful job with our engagement photos and video. He was professional and so helpful in the planning of the surprise proposal. We loved his photos! We highly recommend Andrea.

Taylor White


Andrea did an incredible job, I would 1000% recommend!! They made the proposal so easy for me and were extremely professional, and everything went so smoothly and perfectly! Looking through the pictures now and they are all beautiful. This was worth every penny!



So I just returned from my trip to Italy where I proposed to my girlfriend using Andrea as a photographer. Andrea suggested a planned couple’s photoshoot ending with a surprise proposal which was an amazing idea that just allowed us to have fun and be completely free of stress. I could go on and on about how incredible Andrea was but to try to keep it short I will just say Andrea was absolutely unbelievable to work with in EVERY aspect and made our special moment more memorable than we could have ever imagined. Oh, and that isn’t even getting to the actual photos which also turned out better than I could’ve hoped for. I can honestly say that if you’re looking for a photographer I would highly recommend Andrea, you definitely won’t regret it! Andrea, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did, you were truly a blessing and we can’t thank you enough for creating/capturing such a perfect memory!
-Alex & Mary

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Stefan Blejeru Photography'

#6 Stefan Blejeru Photography



Welcome to Stefan Blejeru Photography, the premier headshots studio located at Largo Silvi, 5, 00132 Roma RM, Italy. With an impeccable reputation, our studio has earned a commendable 5/5 stars from 50 glowing reviews. Our clients have nothing but praise for the remarkable work and exceptional service they have received.

Led by the talented and passionate photographer, Ștefan Blejeru, our studio is known for capturing the most precious moments in life and transforming them into extraordinary memories. Whether it's your daughter's baptism, your wedding day, or any other special occasion, Stefan's discreet and accurate approach ensures that no detail goes unnoticed.

Our clients often describe Stefan as a true professional who has a remarkable attention to detail. They appreciate his ability to capture the essence of their most significant moments and create stunning photographs that tell their unique stories. The dedication and patience of Stefan and his team, including Iulia, have left a lasting impression on our clients.

When you choose Stefan Blejeru Photography, you're not just hiring a photographer. You're welcoming a member of your family who genuinely cares about creating meaningful and captivating photographs. Don't miss out on this exceptional experience. Contact Stefan Blejeru Photography today and let us immortalize your special moments, leaving you with cherished memories for a lifetime.

Viorica Zimbru


Ștefan immortalized all the precious moments of my daughter's baptism.
Discreet, accurate and with a particular attention to detail, Ștefan managed to amaze us and create some extraordinary memories! Highly recommended!

Sorina Ioana Durduc


So where to start? We met Stefan at my nephew's baptism, we remained friends, I began to follow his works which are splendid and when we decided on our wedding day I just had to contact him. Obviously we moved immediately to not lose priority and we weren't wrong: we made an excellent choice by choosing him
to photograph our most beautiful moment, indeed our precious moments on a beautiful day (even if the sun was not there). He put us at ease, he is an exceptional person, serious and professional above all, he has excellent advice that I advise not to ignore. We had a lot of fun during the photo shoot.
He puts passion into everything he does, at the wedding he didn't stop even for a second together with Iulia to shoot the precious and best moments of the evening.
Thank you so much Stefan ☺️❤️

Elena Andreea Constantin


We thank Stefan and Iulia for their patience, dedication and professionalism! Our session after the wedding was a dream experience, we would wake up again and again in the middle of the night to store in the chest of memories such photos and experiences! You can feel the love for this passion moment by moment and they have the gift to make happy and delight the bride and groom with story moments! Keep up the good work you are doing amazingly well!
With much love, Dorin and Elena Moldovan 💜

noemi g96


He was the photographer for my son's Baptism. Indiscreet, professional and never invasive indeed .. courteous, helpful and really very good. I have already received the photos and they are really beautiful!! Super recommended ☺️

Veronica Dragomir


There are those who tell a love story with a song or a poem. Stefan tells it, extraordinarily, through his photos.
Photos that bring back the same emotions you felt on your wedding day. Nothing escapes his photographic lens. On your wedding day, and in the following days, he will no longer be your photographer, but will become part of your family. If you don't want to go wrong… choose it…

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Workshops - Roma'

#7 Photo Workshops - Roma



Photo Workshops - Roma is a renowned headshots studio situated at Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1, 00154 Roma RM, Italy. With an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 41 reviews, it is clear that this studio provides top-notch services and experiences to its customers.

The studio offers an array of photography courses that have garnered high praise from participants. The teachers at Photo Workshops - Roma are not only professionals but also friendly and highly skilled, ensuring a seamless and immersive learning experience. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the fundamentals of photography or an aspiring photographer seeking to specialize in a specific area, this studio has got you covered.

Moreover, Photo Workshops - Roma is not just a photography school; it serves as a hub for photographers, fostering cultural exchanges and ideas. Beyond courses, the studio hosts exhibitions, seminars, and even concerts by renowned artists. This unique combination of photography education and an aggregation center makes Photo Workshops - Roma a go-to destination for all aspiring photographers.

Visiting the studio is a serene experience, as it offers a peaceful environment dissociated from the hustle and bustle of the city. Once you step inside, silence reigns supreme, enabling you to focus on your craft. The current exhibition on display further enhances the experience, projecting captivating sensations through its stunning photos.

In summary, Photo Workshops - Roma is an exceptional headshots studio that provides professional photography courses, acts as a cultural exchange center for photographers, and offers a tranquil environment for creative pursuits. With its expert teachers, impressive exhibitions, and highly-rated services, Photo Workshops - Roma comes highly recommended for anyone passionate about photography and looking to hone their skills.

MD PARTh (Parth)


Good 👍

Davide Emili


I attended three photography courses between 2017 and 2019, discovered by chance while doing online research, I was really satisfied. The teachers are professionals, very competent and friendly. The school is well organized, lessons fluid and immersive. I recommend it for those who want to learn the first steps in photography and then slowly specialize.

Damiano Sordi


I met Officine Fotografiche almost by chance. Officine Fotografiche, in my opinion, was born as a meeting point for ideas and cultural exchanges regarding the world of photography and beyond. I have seen concerts by great artists accompanying reportage and photo shoots. Thus, four years ago, I started my first photography course and I found myself spoiled for choice due to the complexity of the training offer. Studying and comparing myself with the various teachers during the reading of the photographic portfolios (free activity) I found myself at ease and was able to concentrate on my shortcomings and curiosities. I like the dynamism and availability that I have always found. The place is really beautiful and also the idea of ​​the Photobistrò which makes available many books, many of which cannot be found outside, for free consultation is a great opportunity. More than a school, I already perceived it after the first course as a photographic pole, in which to meet, get to know each other and compare notes. The preparation of the teachers, the many initiatives, the workshops of famous photographers in the world is definitely a nice plus. I would recommend it to anyone looking for, beyond the simple course of photography, to experience and share the art and passion for photography.

Agnese Zaroli


Very good photography school with expert teachers
It is also an aggregation center for photographers
Exhibitions and seminars on the subject are held in the school
Recommended for all aspiring photographers

Stefano Di Matteo


Nice place inside the city. As soon as you enter, silence reigns supreme and the noises remain outside.
The exhibition on display these days is also beautiful. Many sensations projected in the photos.
The realm of photography.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Tricia Anne Photography | Photographer in Rome, Italy'

#8 Tricia Anne Photography | Photographer in Rome, Italy



Are you looking for a talented and experienced photographer to capture your special moments in Rome, Italy? Look no further than Tricia Anne Photography, located at Via Aldo Manuzio, 42, 00153 Roma RM, Italy. With a stellar rating of 5 out of 5 stars and glowing reviews from 38 satisfied customers, Tricia Anne Photography is the go-to studio for exceptional headshots and professional photography.

Tricia Anne, the talented photographer behind the lens, goes above and beyond to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for her clients. From answering all your questions about what to wear and transportation options to providing valuable recommendations for food and attractions in Rome, Tricia Anne's warm and friendly approach sets her apart. She is a true professional who knows how to capture intimate shots in iconic locations like the Trevi Fountain, leaving her clients amazed at the final results.

Whether you're celebrating a special anniversary, wanting to capture precious family moments, or simply seeking beautiful photographs to commemorate your trip to Rome, Tricia Anne will make your experience unforgettable. Her expertise in timing, angles, and guiding poses will result in stunning photographs that perfectly capture your unique story.

Don't miss the opportunity to work with Tricia Anne Photography during your visit to Rome. Book your session today and let her talent and expertise transform your cherished moments into lifelong memories.

Mary Meeson


Tricia Anne was a 5/5. She answered our Qs on what to wear, when to arrive, which is the best transportation way to arrive beforehand. In person she's warm, friendly and personable. It really is not her first rodeo with this - I thought the Trevi fountain would be impossible to get such intimate shots, but nope! Tricia Anne is great with timing and angles. We are so lucky to have found her to take our babymoon photos! She also has a list of recommended spots around town for dining which is nice. It was so nice to also have a photographer who speaks English and has lived in the states. Thank you so much Tricia!

Richard Parr


I complained but my wife insisted we take some professional family photos on our Italy trip. She found Tricia Anne online and arranged a short photo shoot in Rome for us and our extended family. On the morning of the shoot I also whined about having to get up early in the morning (to beat the tourists to the best spots) but my wife didn't listen. We met Tricia at the meeting spot and she immediately got to work. She knew the best photo spots, down the narrow side streets and in front of the Colosseum. She was flexible and created portraits for our group and individual couples. She had a great attitude and managed our brood well. The results are some amazing photos that everyone will treasure. I strongly recommend her for private photo shoots in Italy.

Jennifer Soria


Tricia was fantastic! She was friendly, professional and extremely helpful, in multiple ways! She provided recommendations for food and gelato all over the city and also really helped us with the poses by guiding us in the right direction with what to do. We were over the moon with our photos from her that helped capture our Italian honeymoon. We would highly recommend her to anyone visiting Rome.

Roslyn Price


I booked Tricia for our 10 yr anniversary, and my husband and I loved working with her. She knew where to take photos and how to make our moment special. I would definitely book her again when we visit Rome with our kids next time.

Anitha Daniel


Working with Tricia was such a pleasure! My husband and I brought our 7-month old to Rome for vacation and wanted to capture family pictures! She knew the perfect spots and the pictures came out gorgeous! Highly recommend her services!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'PROIETTI PRODUCTION'




Proietti Production is a renowned headshots studio located at Largo Luigi Cossa, 36, 00148 Roma RM, Italy. With an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 29 reviews, this studio has established itself as a go-to destination for anyone seeking top-notch photography services.

The studio is led by Marco, a true professional who excels in making clients feel comfortable and at ease throughout their entire experience. His immense passion and talent shine through in every aspect of his work, ensuring that every client's dream is meticulously captured and brought to life. Marco is supported by a team of equally talented collaborators, who consistently deliver excellence.

Previous clients are full of praise for Proietti Production. They commend the studio for its exceptional service and the breathtaking quality of their albums. Whether it's for a milestone event like an 18th birthday or any other special occasion, clients have experienced nothing but the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and dedication from Marco and his team.

In addition to their exceptional photography services, Proietti Production offers video services as well. Clients have noted that the studio's operators, such as Francesco, are not only skilled and professional, but also kind, punctual, and patient. This attention to detail and genuine care for each client sets Proietti Production apart from the competition.

If you are seeking an unforgettable photography experience that will capture the magic of your special moments, Proietti Production comes highly recommended. With their skill, professionalism, and kindness, Marco and his team will ensure that your photography needs are immaculately met. Trust in Proietti Production to bring your vision to life and create timeless memories that will be cherished forever.

Radagast Il bruno


What can I say ... Top service ... Marco is a true professional, from the first moment he manages to put you at ease, throughout the service his enormous passion and talent shine through. We have been followed in every step of our dream..
His collaborators are also very good! The albums made are wonderful. Highly recommended
Sami and Julius

Fabrizio Ruggiero


Marco and his team did the photo shoot of my daughter's 18th in a serious, courteous and professional way with a high-level result that left us really happy. I thank the friend who gave me the contact, I would use them again without hesitation. Thank you!!!

sabrina verre


3 years ago for my daughter's 18th I found their page on Instagram and I trusted/entrusted Marco who immortalized the evening. On August 31st of this year we chose them again for the 18th of the second child, this time Francesco, the operator for the video, was also present.
What to say?? Good, professional, punctual, kind.
Impeccable in everything!!
Marco is truly a great photographer!!
Francesco's willingness to settle for editing the video is invaluable!!
We recommend them to everyone!!!

Nadia Finistauri


I wanted to thank Marco for his availability, professionalism but above all Francesco who took care of my daughter's photo shoot for her 18th birthday, very kind, helpful and ... patient! Thankseeeeee

martina bernabei


I chose the proietti production for my 18th birthday and the result was of great satisfaction for the skill, the beauty of the photos, the professionalism and kindness of Marco and his staff, thank you very much for immortalizing the magical moments.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Emmepi Photo Studio'

#10 Emmepi Photo Studio



Looking for a professional and highly-rated photo studio in Rome? Look no further than Emmepi Photo Studio! Located at Via Livio Andronico, 40, 00136 Roma RM, Italy, this studio has garnered an impressive 4.8/5 stars with 27 reviews.

One of the standout features of Emmepi Photo Studio is their exceptional photographer, Marco. Clients praise Marco for his professionalism, kindness, and patience, particularly when working with young children. He has a remarkable ability to capture and immortalize precious moments, ensuring that you have beautiful memories to cherish forever.

Furthermore, Marco is renowned for his collaborative and empathetic nature. Having worked on various projects, from audiovisual to training, he is always attentive, friendly, and eager to work as part of a team. This level of dedication and professionalism sets Emmepi Photo Studio apart from the rest.

Clients also commend the studio's comfortable atmosphere. The bright space, complete with a lovely terrace, instantly puts visitors at ease. Furthermore, the quality of the photos is consistently mentioned as being exceptional, delivering truly memorable results.

If you're in search of a remarkable photography experience in Rome, don't hesitate to choose Emmepi Photo Studio. With their talented photographer, comfortable setting, and outstanding customer service, you are guaranteed beautiful memories that will truly last a lifetime.

Mark Re


We received this photo shoot with Marco as a wedding gift, who was very professional, kind and patient. He was able to respect the times of our 1 year old son, managing to capture and immortalize the most beautiful moments together. We thank you again for the work, we are super satisfied with the photos that will be a beautiful memory that we will cherish forever.

Armando Di Lillo


Marco is an empathetic and collaborative professional. We have worked together on various audiovisual, photographic and training projects and he has always been attentive, friendly and inclined to work in a team. Advised!

Ylenia Bovalino


I gave my sister, for my nephew, a photo shoot.
Marco, the photographer, did a splendid service and above all thanks to his professionalism in handling an 18-month-old baby, he really made the difference! I advise anyone to rely on him if you want beautiful photos, taken in a studio that puts you at ease and above all delivered quickly! Above all, Marco's availability and availability made everything faster and easier!


Alessia Pinto


My sister had the idea of ​​giving me a photo shoot for Matteo, my 18-month-old little boy. I was initially a bit skeptical of the idea (how do you hold such a small brat in front of a lens?!?!) and instead great success! Marco, the photographer, immediately put us at ease. The studio is bright, with a nice terrace, super cute and professional! Matteo, very intrigued by the camera, collaborated almost immediately. We brought trains, soft toys, extrawashable markers and I had so much fun playing with him in that situation. Some crazy photos came out and it was just a good experience!!! I was also lucky with the delivery times for the photos: marco told me it would take a month or so and instead it was much quicker. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all ages!
Time passes so fast that every now and then it's worth having it immortalized by the attentive eye of a true professional!

Elena Bilokur


Beautiful experience. Thanks to the photographer Marco. Excellent quality photo. Memories that will stay forever. Thank you

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