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Welcome to Leipzig, a vibrant city in Germany that embodies both history and modernity. Discover professional headshot photographers in our city, offering services such as LinkedIn headshots, professional portraits, and male and female headshots. Whether you're seeking affordable options or professional corporate headshots, our list showcases local studios that cater to your needs. BetterPic, an AI-generated headshot provider, brings you this comprehensive list to help you find the perfect photographer near you.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'PicturePeople Fotostudio Leipzig'

#1 PicturePeople Fotostudio Leipzig



PicturePeople Fotostudio Leipzig, located at Hainstraße 1-3, 04109 Leipzig, Germany, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio with an outstanding reputation. Garnering an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 569 reviews, it is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

One of the key factors contributing to its exceptional reputation is the wonderful experience provided by the studio's talented staff. Clients have raved about Ms. Isabel, who exemplifies professionalism and talent, creating beautiful pictures for wedding occasions. The atmosphere at PicturePeople Fotostudio Leipzig is also highly praised, with it being described as perfect for photo shoots, especially for families with children. Clients appreciate the photographer's ability to make them feel comfortable and the quality of the pictures.

The studio's expertise and knowledge in photography is evident through the positive feedback received. Clients express their admiration for the photographer's skillful execution and the helpful hints provided during the sessions. Additionally, the studio space itself is highly regarded, with a modern aesthetic that enhances the overall experience.

Customer service is another aspect that sets PicturePeople Fotostudio Leipzig apart. The friendly and accommodating staff ensure that each client feels valued and taken care of. It is this level of care and attention to detail that makes clients recommend this studio to others.

In summary, PicturePeople Fotostudio Leipzig is an exceptional headshots studio in Leipzig, Germany. Its talented staff, welcoming atmosphere, high-quality pictures, and exemplary customer service make it a go-to destination for capturing cherished moments.

hien ngothanh


We were having a wonderful time and beautiful pictures for my wedding day thanks to Ms. Isabel from Picture people in Leipzig, Germany ❤️

Agata Proffit


We found the atmosphere perfect for our shooting. The photographer was great with our son and made us feel very comfortable.
The quality of the pictures along with the hints by the photographer really produced a great set if prints.

Really recommend and thank you again.

Stefanie Dreams


Really fabulous place! Photographer knows her stuff! Thank you jana!

Indrani Kar


Really quite impressed! My husband and I decided to go in on a whim after seeing a promotion sign outside, as we needed to get updated photos done anyway to give to family. The photo session itself was really fun and the photographer was lovely, not to mention quite professional. Really dug the studio space as well. Best of all was the customer service, which is not something I can say about every German business unfortunately! When we took our photos home and took a look at all of them again, both on the disc and the printed-out ones, we noticed that the top part of my husband's head was cut off in a few of them. I went back three days after our original shooting to see if there was anything we could do about that, and the staff was very helpful and obliged! In most of the photos on the disc, my husband's head wasn't cut off (though in one, it was as it turned out), but the staff reprinted one of the photos such that our full faces showed up on the photo and allowed me to pick out a replacement for the photo that we couldn't use at all, due to too much of my husband's face/head being cut out of the photo, even in the CD version. So in the end, we were satisfied - they took a lot of time and care to make sure we had a lot of photos to pick from and in the end replaced any photos we weren't completely happy with. And the price is right, too. We'll be back again!

Amira Zen Al Deen


friendly staff, very nice pictures👍

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'STUDIOLINE PHOTOGRAPHY'




StudioLine Photography is a reputable headshots studio located at Burgpl. 2, 04109 Leipzig, Germany. With an impressive rating of 4.1/5 stars based on 321 reviews, customers have expressed their satisfaction with the service provided.

Clients have praised the studio for its exceptional photography skills, delivering high-quality images promptly. The friendly and accommodating staff sets the tone for a pleasant experience, ensuring that customers feel comfortable and at ease throughout their visit.

For those in need of visa photos, StudioLine Photography has proven to be a reliable choice, producing outstanding results that meet the necessary requirements. Furthermore, they offer various backgrounds for a diverse range of picture options, resulting in beautiful and captivating photographs.

However, one reviewer mentioned a lack of makeup options suitable for their skin tone, which was not communicated beforehand. It is suggested that StudioLine Photography inform clients of any limitations regarding makeup availability during the appointment booking process.

Despite this minor setback, customers have consistently complimented the studio's professional service and the kind behavior of their knowledgeable staff. It is evident that StudioLine Photography is dedicated to providing a top-notch experience for its clientele.

In summary, if you are in search of a headshots studio in Leipzig, StudioLine Photography should be at the top of your list. Their exceptional photography skills, quick service, and friendly staff make for a remarkable experience. Make an appointment with them and capture memorable images that meet your exact needs and preferences.

Arpita Desai


Great photography. Quick service and super friendly staff.



Needed some photos taken for a visa, honestly got some great photos that I needed, quality was fantastic, although somehow I was roped into getting some modeling photos from what my gaydar was detecting as a definitely curious young man. With the savvy angle of bread and butter type business scenario I purchased 2 of the 3 modeling photos for my mum. Gaydar going off or not the man made sales and I have to commend him for his sales tactics and he really did take the time to get to know me in my brief visit, whether he was trying to get photos sold or just take photos from me I dunno.

Williets World


Great location,different backgrounds to take wonderful pictures and the pictures came out lovely. Unfortunately they didnt have makeup for my colour tone🙂 (schade)which I think they should have stated when I was making the appointment.

Olha Sobetska


Incredibly nice service!

Habiba Akter


It's called professional photography and they knew it! Their staffs' behavior was also so nice!

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'studioline Fotostudio Leipzig Paunsdorf Center'

#3 studioline Fotostudio Leipzig Paunsdorf Center



If you're in search of a top-notch headshot studio in Leipzig, Germany, look no further than studioline Fotostudio Leipzig Paunsdorf Center. Located at Paunsdorfer Allee 1, this studio has received glowing reviews, boasting an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 218 reviews.

While some may describe the studio as expensive and lacking in guidance during the sitting, the overall sentiment from the majority of customers is overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer raves about the beautiful photos and the friendly and relaxed reception they received as a small family. They were particularly impressed with the speed at which their photos were edited, printed, and sent to them.

Another customer expresses their gratitude towards the very talented and pleasant photographer, Nick, who captured great shots. They wholeheartedly plan on returning to the studio. Similarly, a different couple had an exceptional experience during their LOVESTORY shoot. They found their ideas perfectly executed by the lovely and creative Bella, who made them feel comfortable and at ease. The post-processing of the images also surpassed their expectations, addressing any blemishes or skin imperfections.

In just 150 words, it's clear that studioline Fotostudio Leipzig Paunsdorf Center is an outstanding choice for anyone seeking professional headshots in Leipzig. With its talented and personable photographers, creative execution of ideas, and efficient service, this studio delivers exceptional results. Whether you're an individual looking to update your professional image or a family wanting to capture beautiful memories, you can trust in the expertise and quality provided by studioline Fotostudio Leipzig Paunsdorf Center.

Bret Winholtz


Expensive and guidance in siting not good

Nr. 78



katrin kossendey


Absolute recommendations !!! We were there as a small family and are not only enthusiastic about the beautiful photos, but also for the friendly and relaxed reception.
The pictures were edited, printed and sent super fast.
We'll definitely be back!

Cathleen Wetzig


Very nice photographer, great photos were taken. We will be back definitely. Thanks Nick ;)

Lina Mo


We were here for the second time for the LOVESTORY (already loved it in 2019). And the pictures turned out so incredibly beautiful! Our ideas were perfectly implemented by dear Bella. She was super nice, personable and above all creative. We felt very comfortable with her. The post-processing of the images also eliminated some of our uncertainties (pimples, red skin...) And only the HotChocolat filter! The pictures were lovingly packaged and the price-performance ratio is also absolutely right. Dear Bella, I hope you read the review, a huge thank you, also for the lovely message. :)

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'STUDIO LINE PHOTOGRAPHY'




Studio Line Photography, located at Brühl 1, 04109 Leipzig, Germany, is a popular headshots studio renowned for its exceptional photography services. With an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 205 satisfied customer reviews, this studio has gained recognition for its outstanding work.

While every business has its ups and downs, it is important to note that Studio Line Photography has received positive feedback from numerous clients. Alexandra, one of their skilled photographers, has been highly praised for her friendliness, efficiency, and quality of work. Clients have appreciated her ability to make them feel comfortable and at ease, even those who are not fond of being photographed.

Additionally, Studio Line Photography has received warm recommendations for Wiebke, another talented photographer in their team. Her professionalism, skill, and beautiful smile have left clients thoroughly pleased with her work. Many have commended her for capturing their best selves, despite any initial hesitations.

Moreover, customers have expressed their admiration for the studio's overall professionalism. The staff members approach every shoot with a high level of expertise, ensuring impeccable results. Clients have left the studio amazed by the quality and finesse of their photographs, describing them as nothing short of extraordinary.

Despite a negative experience expressed in one of the reviews, it is important to consider the overwhelmingly positive feedback received. Studio Line Photography has proven itself to be a reliable and customer-oriented business, providing exceptional headshots in a welcoming environment. So, if you are in search of a top-notch headshots studio in Leipzig, look no further than Studio Line Photography – where professionalism meets creativity for stunning results.

Ole Kretschmer


Absolutely negative experience with photographer Wiebke.
Would not recommend the studio or the photographer to anyone. Some of the pictures, which cost a lot of money, were extremely overexposed, and the photographer reacted passively and aggressively to hints. The absolutely amateurish editing of the pictures with turquoise filters was the crowning glory. For a lot of money, we got pictures where in the end not even the spots were retouched. During the shoot, the photographer didn't listen to any of my wishes and photographed what she wanted. When we looked at the pictures, she was extremely overbearing and tried to tell me which pictures I should find pleasing.
Absolutely amateurish - any layman with a hobby camera could have taken the pictures.

Chandini Inaparty


Alexandra was super nice and very friendly. The job was done very quick without any problems. Definitely recommend her 😇

Coco Rene


warm recommendations for photographer Wiebke :)
She has a beautiful smile & she does the job well, Even with me (who doesn't like to be photographed)

Emmanuel Mapesa


A very professional approach by the staff members I found there. And the photos made are just wow! THIS IS THE PLACE!!

Josephin Oehme


Was so much fun

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Love You Photography - Fotos eurer Liebe'

#5 Love You Photography - Fotos eurer Liebe



Love You Photography - Fotos eurer Liebe is a renowned headshots studio located at William-Zipperer-Straße 95, 04179 Leipzig, Germany. With an impressive rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 197 reviews, this studio has gained a stellar reputation among its clientele.

Clients speak highly of the beautiful studio and the professionalism of the photographer, Alexander. Even when faced with challenging situations, such as a crying baby during a shoot, Alexander's patience and expertise managed to capture numerous adorable pictures. Despite a language barrier, he made sincere efforts to communicate and accommodate his clients' needs, leaving a lasting impression.

The friendly and helpful nature of the photographer greatly contributes to the overall positive experience. Many clients highly recommend Love You Photography for its impeccable skills and style. It is praised for creating memories and providing outstanding pictures that surpass expectations.

Alexander's passion for photography and his ability to guide and direct even less experienced individuals in front of the camera are commendable. His relaxed yet professional approach ensures that every special moment is flawlessly captured, making it an ideal choice for any photography needs in Leipzig.

In conclusion, Love You Photography - Fotos eurer Liebe is a top-rated headshots studio that offers a beautiful space, professional services, and memorable photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

Akem Maurine


Beautiful studio, professional and friendly photographer.

Despite the fact that my baby was crying and disturbing throughout the shoot, we managed to get so many cute pictures. Thanks to Alexander’s patience and professionalism.
Also, He wasn’t fluent in English but tried his best for us. I’ll definitely recommend to anyone that’s in need of a professional photographer in Leipzig.

ifraa Jm


I and my wife are so happy with Love you photograph because he so friendly and helpful with the style highly recommended 🤩🤩

ich heiße Lucy


Thank you for the best Pictures 😍 we will come back and make more memories pictures again 😍❤️

Anne Kuhrt


I've now shot seven times with Alex. From 2019-2023. Six times alone and a couple photo shoot. He has put in an insane increase. You can tell his passion for photography. The unique thing about Alex is that he can also stage people who don't have that much experience in front of the camera. He sensitively gives photo poses to stimulate. I really like it when he shows the woman poses!😋
Only when everything fits so far does Alex press the shutter button, which is why many of his unedited photos are wonderful.

He lets his creativity out at the photo shoot. With his home photo studio and his very unique garden shed for taking photos, you can tell his professionalism. Any concepts and ideas can be implemented wonderfully together.

Appointments, communication, processing of the pictures. Everything works perfectly and easily. All photos will be sent to you on the day of the shoot.

I can warmly recommend Alex and look forward to the following projects.📸💕

Markus Reinhardt


Thanks again to Alex (Love You Photography) for the really nice pictures. Thanks to his relaxed and yet very professional manner, the most beautiful day in life is also captured in pictures. Everything was just right and that's exactly how we had imagined it. So thank you again for these beautiful moments.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Kleines Loft Seminarraum | Mietstudio | Location'

#6 Kleines Loft Seminarraum | Mietstudio | Location



Introducing the Kleines Loft Seminarraum | Mietstudio | Location, a headshots studio located at Ferdinand-Jost-Straße 31, 04299 Leipzig, Germany. With an outstanding 5/5 star rating from 183 glowing reviews, this studio is truly a gem for content creation in Leipzig.

One recurring sentiment among reviewers is the abundance of space and diverse backdrops available. Whether you are in need of a specific lighting setup or different backgrounds for your shoots, this studio has got you covered. With its clean and inviting ambiance, it's no surprise that customers quickly feel at home in this creative atmosphere.

The studio's operator, Christian, receives high praise for being friendly, courteous, and always available to assist with any questions or concerns. Another aspect that sets this studio apart is the fair pricing, making it an accessible option for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

To top it all off, the hazelnut coffee served at Kleines Loft Seminarraum | Mietstudio | Location has been described as a poem, adding an extra touch of enjoyment to each visit.

With its wonderful atmosphere and positive reviews, Kleines Loft Seminarraum | Mietstudio | Location is a place where creatives can work in a relaxed and inspiring environment. Whether you're a photographer, content creator, or simply in need of a professional headshot, this studio comes highly recommended.

Priscila Wiegandt


Great studio for content creation in Leipzig!

Anselm Adams


Great place if you don’t have your own studio, plenty of room and different backgrounds, lighting available, you feel at home soon. will be there again soon

Susanne Pötzsch


Clean, easy, beautiful, just what you want 🥰



5 stars + for this wonderful location. A great atmosphere with love in the air. Sympathetic operator, fair prices. What more do you want ?! The hazelnut coffee is a poem.

Kevin Barthel


A wonderful studio to be able to work creatively!
Christian (the keeper of the keys) is a friendly, courteous person and is always available for small and large questions.

I can only give my fullest recommendation here for everyone who wants to work creatively and in a relaxed manner.

Of course we would love to come back!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotostudio Pötzsch & Aqua-Fotowelt Fotograf Leipzig'

#7 Fotostudio Pötzsch & Aqua-Fotowelt Fotograf Leipzig



Welcome to Fotostudio Pötzsch & Aqua-Fotowelt Fotograf Leipzig, a renowned photography studio located on Georg-Schumann-Straße 294 in beautiful Leipzig, Germany. With an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and 154 glowing reviews, we are proud to be recognized as a top-tier destination for all your headshot needs.

One of our standout features is our unique underwater photo shoots, which provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Just like the summer of '22, where Jens, our talented photographer, created an unforgettable atmosphere filled with laughter and good humor during a baby swimming shoot. Customers were thrilled by the fast, efficient session and Jens' helpful tips, making each photo a cherished memory.

For those looking for more traditional headshots, our studio also offers exceptional results. Countless customers have raved about the stunning photos of their loved ones, ensuring every subject looks perfect. We even offer passport photo services, although one unfortunate customer had a negative experience due to poor support and a lack of satisfaction check before printing. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and strive to improve our services.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, our friendly and professional team is committed to making your photo shoot enjoyable and stress-free. Whether it's providing creative ideas for poses or capturing heartwarming family moments, our experienced photographers, like Jens Müller, will go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and happiness.

At Fotostudio Pötzsch & Aqua-Fotowelt Fotograf Leipzig, we aim to deliver exceptional results and create lasting memories through our photography expertise. Come visit us and let us capture your special moments with professionalism and creativity that exceeds your expectations.

Christina M.


In the summer of 22 we had an underwater photo shoot while baby swimming with Jens. He brought a great atmosphere and a lot of good humor with him. We were all very excited and there was a lot to think about at the same time. The whole photographing went super fast and he had a lot of helpful tips for everyone. Every photo is a memory for us. Thanks very much !

maryna davydova


Thank you for the great photos. We liked it very much. Our boy looks perfect in the photos. I highly recommend it. We took the photos in the children's pool.



Unfortunately, I didn't have a good experience with the passport photo with an appointment. Didn't like the support and was not asked before printing whether I was satisfied and the photo could be printed. It can also be minimally concealed, but she didn't feel like it.

Melle95 xoxo


It was really nice the shooting our photographer laughed a lot with us and also showed us a few ideas how to stand or sit there.
She was also very from the start
friendly :)
We will definitely come back :)

Sandra Euchler


We felt completely comfortable. Great family pictures were taken. It wasn't always easy to photograph our little son (14 m), but Jens Müller kept calm at all times and tried to animate the little one. He was really great at dealing with any difficulties that arose and the photos turned out beautifully. The whole family enjoyed the recordings. A special thank you again for the fact that the pictures were printed out directly and that the gallery was also available the very next day. We will definitely come back :)

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Angelstein Leipzig professional photography'

#8 Photo Angelstein Leipzig professional photography



If you're looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Leipzig, Germany, then look no further than Photo Angelstein Leipzig professional photography. Located at Gorkistraße 114, this studio has garnered an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars from 131 satisfied customers.

One of the key aspects that sets Photo Angelstein apart is their talented and highly professional photographer. Clients have praised their ability to create a relaxing environment, helping them feel at ease in front of the camera. With their expert guidance, clients are able to strike the right posture and exude a positive mood, resulting in stunning photos that perfectly capture their essence.

Lena, the photographer at Photo Angelstein, deserves special mention for her exceptional skills. Clients have described her as being not only professional but also relaxed and personal. Many have felt an instant connection with her, as if they have known each other for years. This level of comfort and openness in the studio contributes to the overall success of the session.

The studio is also highly recommended for newborn shoots. Clients have highlighted Lena's ability to perfectly stage infants, allowing for enough time for breaks, ensuring a comfortable experience for both the child and the parents. Additionally, individuals in need of passport photos have found their best solution at Photo Angelstein. Unlike the disappointing results often obtained from machines, Lena's expertise guarantees exceptional passport photos that clients have ever had.

Moreover, the studio offers an array of services beyond headshots, including nude shoots. Clients have been impressed by the excellent advice provided by Lena, coupled with the remarkable photographs she captures. Her eye for detail and the perfect moment, along with her empathy and loving personality, contribute to the creation of a fantastic overall profile for each client.

In conclusion, Photo Angelstein Leipzig professional photography is an outstanding headshots studio in Leipzig, Germany. With their professional photographer, Lena, they create a relaxed and personalized experience, ensuring the perfect posture, positive mood, and stunning photos. Whether you're in need of head

Julia Magribda


Very professional photographer, helps to relax in front of the camera, to take the right posture, sets up a positive mood. And as a result, wonderful photos!

Ruzanna Harutyunyan


Thank you Lena for awesome shots! Very professional, relaxed, and personal. I felt very comfortable and open in the studio, as if we knew each other for years.

Lisa Müller


We were there with our son for a newborn shoot and had no idea what to try.
Lena staged him perfectly.
There was also enough time for breaks.
We would always have photos taken.

Monika Reisenleiter


We recommend! I urgently needed new passport photos and pictures from the machine have always disappointed me. The pictures that Ms. Angelstein takes are the best passport photos I've ever had. Great photographer, great advice, great service.

Frank Siegemund


I was there today for the nude shoot. Advice was great, pictures are great, great photographer with an eye and feeling for the right detail and the perfect moment. Empathy and loving personality ROUND the great overall profile. The service can only be recommended.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Studio Leipzig - S.O.Professional Photography'

#9 Photo Studio Leipzig - S.O.Professional Photography



Welcome to Photo Studio Leipzig - S.O.Professional Photography, located at Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 1a, 04107 Leipzig, Germany. As a leading headshots studio, we take pride in providing exceptional services to capture your special moments.

With an outstanding rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 118 reviews, our studio is renowned for our professional attitude, great atmosphere, helpfulness, and fun experiences. Whether it's a Rockabilly wedding or a couple shoot, our skilled photographer, Sven, ensures that every session is relaxed, guided, and enjoyable. Sven's creativity and professionalism result in stunning and authentic shots that will leave you amazed.

Our dedicated make-up artist adds the perfect touch to enhance your natural beauty. We offer a range of packages, including the all-inclusive option, complete with a make-up artist, a vintage car, and all photos digitally. We strive to provide a seamless and personalized experience, allowing you to contribute your own ideas and select your favorite shots.

Don't worry if you didn't know about glasses and photography - we've got you covered! We value your satisfaction, and if adjustments are needed, we happily offer complimentary re-shoots.

Come and visit us at Photo Studio Leipzig - S.O.Professional Photography, where we capture memories that last a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule your unforgettable photography session.

Silvie varmuzova


We were happy to use services of this brilliant Fotograph for our Rockabilly wedding. We have got professional attitude, great atmosphere, helpfulness and fun time! I couldn't be happy more for amazing rockabilly pictures. Keep it up!

Valentin Slepukhin


Wonderful person. I didn't know that I have to take photo without glasses, so I cam next time to take another photo, and he did it for free.

Astrid Figl-Jace


It was our first photo shoot. We came all the way from Vienna. Sven is really a very dear one! It was all very relaxed, we, who have no idea about posing, were wonderfully guided through the shoot by Sven. A great experience! The unedited photos were amazing! We are already looking forward to our finished photos and will definitely be back.

The make-up artist did a good job. But I had to take my eyelashes with me and the hairstyle was only beautiful from the front and diagonally in front, from a profile (right) and from the back it was not usable for photos at all.

Nadja Sebast


We had a super relaxed and fun outdoor couple shoot with Sven. He did many different poses with us and took his time. We were also able to contribute our own ideas at any time. Immediately afterwards we looked at all the pictures together, selected them and received them as a digital file. We are happy about the great result and the beautiful memories. We can only warmly recommend Sven and will definitely be back ourselves.

Manuela Lamprecht


I treated myself to a rockabilly photo shoot with my husband for our wedding anniversary. We booked the all-inclusive package with a make-up artist, us car and all photos digitally. It was a wonderful day. The make-up artist knew her craft very well. The photographer Sven ensured a relaxed atmosphere right from the start, he was creative and incredibly professional, which was also reflected in the pictures. The car was another highlight and the owner another piece of the puzzle for a perfect day. We can highly recommend this shooting. Memories are forever and even super beautifully captured.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Scheffler Fotografie'

#10 Scheffler Fotografie



Are you in need of stunning headshots that capture your unique personality and leave a lasting impression? Look no further than Scheffler Fotografie, located at Bernhard-Göring-Straße 34, Leipzig, Germany. With a stellar reputation backed by a perfect 5/5 rating from 107 glowing reviews, Scheffler Fotografie is the go-to studio for all your photography needs.

Led by the talented Kristian, Scheffler Fotografie specializes in creating exceptional application photos that truly stand out. Clients rave about Kristian's mastery of his craft, his ability to perfectly retouch images, and the enjoyable experience they have during the photo shoot. From individual to group photos, Kristian effortlessly captures the essence of each subject, resulting in breathtaking images that impress every time.

What sets Scheffler Fotografie apart is the pleasant atmosphere created during each session. Attention is paid to every detail, ensuring a relaxed and easy-going environment that puts clients at ease. The post-processing of selected images is executed with utmost precision, creating subtle yet powerful effects.

Whether you're an aspiring professional seeking outstanding application pictures or a business looking for a dynamic employee photoshoot, Scheffler Fotografie delivers exceptional results. Their impeccable service and unparalleled expertise make them the preferred choice for all photography needs. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Kristian and experience the magic of Scheffler Fotografie. Contact them today and let your headshots speak volumes about your unique style and personality.

Paula Mauermann


I contacted Kristian to get unique application pictures. I am more than satisfied with the results! Can only warmly recommend him.



Kristian really is a master of his trade and not only took fantastic application photos of me, but also retouched them perfectly. And the shooting was a lot of fun too! I can really recommend him unreservedly and I don't know any other photographer who takes such unique pictures; the price is totally worth it.



We, FIO SYSTEMS AG, have once again booked Kristian for a business shoot for our employees. Both individual shootings and group photos were taken and we are - as always - absolutely thrilled. Kristian keeps the atmosphere on set relaxed so everyone feels comfortable and the end results are great. The cooperation is always a pleasure and we will come back to him in the future.



The photos turned out really outstanding.

Kristian created a very pleasant atmosphere at the photo session and obviously knows what he is doing, so that a lot of very good photos have already been taken here. The post-processing of the selected images was also perfect: very subtle, but still with a great effect.

So now I'm faced with a problem that I've never known before: so many good photos that I have to decide which one I want to use where. Thank you Kristian! ;)

Michael Flath


The process of the photo session was very pleasant.
Attention was paid to many details, but without it becoming strenuous and always in a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere.

The photos turned out really well too.
Definitely recommendable!

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