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Welcome to Essen, Germany, a city bustling with creativity and professional opportunities. Capture your best self with our curated list of professional headshot photographers. Whether you need LinkedIn headshots, professional corporate portraits, or simply want to update your personal profile, our photographers are here to deliver exceptional results. Find the perfect studio near you, offering cheap yet high-quality headshots for both males and females. Embrace the power of a captivating headshot and make a lasting impression in your professional endeavors. Please note that BetterPic, the provider of this local businesses list, is not associated with any specific studio.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'PicturePeople'

#1 PicturePeople



PicturePeople is a renowned headshots studio located at Limbecker Pl. 1a, 45127 Essen, Germany. With an impressive 4.5/5 stars rating based on 481 reviews, PicturePeople has established itself as a trusted destination for exceptional photography services.

While some customers have expressed their disappointment regarding certain aspects of the basic plan, such as the absence of a digital version and teeth whitening, the majority of the reviews highlight the positive aspects of their experience. According to satisfied clients, the staff at PicturePeople is friendly, accommodating, and provides quick service.

With their focus on professionalism, PicturePeople ensures that their customers receive high-quality photos. One reviewer even praised Stefani for her great attitude and making the photoshoot comfortable. Though some reviews expressed frustration over communication issues, it is apparent that PicturePeople aspires to offer excellent service.

Located in the heart of Essen, PicturePeople might benefit from addressing customer concerns regarding digital versions and adding basic features like teeth whitening to their offerings. Nevertheless, this headshots studio continues to attract clients with their expertise, helpful staff, and ability to deliver breathtaking photos.

Dawid Kucia


No digital version in the basic plan? Really?! And I needed to pay €25 extra for that edition version. It's 21st century guys, people don't need pictures in cards anymore, they keep them mostly digitally. And the basic plan don't include such basics as teeth whitening, which is a joke, as well. I'll never come there again!

Sridhar Biswal


Good but need appointment.. and no one responded the call.. so would choose someone else to have it quick.. may be next time

Deepesh Monga


Very helpful staff and quick photo service.

Sharmila Chinnasawmy


Worst experience for booking an appointment itself,I called and speak in English to book an appointment they simply said they don't understand in English cut the call,I tried multiple times they didn't pick up call next few minutes,literally frustrated the way they behave.please don't show these kind of attitude to others

Vencislava Velcheva


Very professional! The photos are amazing! Thanks a lot Stefani for the great attitude! I was feeling so comfortable during the photoshoot! Definitely recommend!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'PicturePeople Fotostudio Essen-Rüttenscheid'

#2 PicturePeople Fotostudio Essen-Rüttenscheid



PicturePeople Fotostudio Essen-Rüttenscheid, located at Rüttenscheider Str. 153, 45131 Essen, Germany, is a renowned headshots studio that has garnered an impressive rating of 4.4/5 stars from an extensive customer base of 456 reviews. With a range of services to cater to different photography needs, PicturePeople Fotostudio Essen-Rüttenscheid strives to provide a memorable and professional experience to all its clients.

While some individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with their experiences, citing concerns about photographers' lack of attention to detail and inability to capture their subjects' true essence, others have praised the studio's friendly staff. Many customers have found their family shoots and resume photos to be of excellent quality, with an abundance of options to choose from. However, it is worth noting that some customers have highlighted the relatively higher cost of additional digital prints.

Despite the mixed feedback, PicturePeople Fotostudio Essen-Rüttenscheid maintains a positive reputation for delivering a pleasant atmosphere and professional photography services. Whether you are in need of passport photos that surpass the limitations of a photo booth or seeking a memorable and high-quality photoshoot experience, this studio aims to meet your requirements.

Velina Bachvarova-Matić


I used to live close by and because of that I used their services twice. And that was too many times. I have the feeling that their photographers don’t care at all what pictures they will make as long as the bill is payed. I couldn’t recognize my son on those pictures. Neither myself. The Drogerie across the street is a better option.

Ruthie Levy


Very friendly staff. I did resume photos and a family shoot with my mother. They take lots of photos in different positions, so you have lots of photos to choose from. The photos came out very well. I do find additional digital prints expensive.

Victoria DeRosa


If you are wanting passport photos because the photo booth just won't do... Don't bother coming here, they are worse!

bond Greece



sid th


Suche nice atmosphere and professional photoshooting

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'STUDIOLINE'




Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Essen, Germany? Look no further than STUDIOLINE located at Limbecker Pl. 1a. With a stellar rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and a whopping 242 positive reviews, this studio is truly a gem.

One of the standout features of STUDIOLINE is its exceptional team, led by the talented Miss. Marzia. Clients rave about her professionalism and friendly demeanor, which creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during the photoshoot. With her expertise, every session becomes a memorable experience that leaves clients looking forward to more photoshoots at this studio. Miss. Marzia's skill and attention to detail ensure that each customer feels comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process, resulting in stunning and high-quality photos.

Another highlight is the studio's reputation for simplicity and efficiency. No appointments are necessary; you can simply walk in and start clicking away. Clients appreciate the seamless experience provided, allowing them to save time and effort.

Moreover, customers applaud the efficient and helpful team at STUDIOLINE. From fast service to impeccable attention to detail, this studio consistently delivers an outstanding customer experience. Their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident in the numerous positive reviews.

In summary, STUDIOLINE is a must-visit headshots studio in Essen. With Miss. Marzia's expertise, a friendly team, and efficient service, you can expect amazing photos and a delightful experience. Don't wait any longer, book your appointment at STUDIOLINE and capture your best self with confidence.

Prinzessin Nature


I had an awesome photoshoot thanks to Miss. Marzia 🙏🏽. She is professional and friendly..which makes the photoshoot more relaxed and enjoyable! I had fun and am looking forward to many more photoshootings at your studio! Thank you Miss. Marzia. Happy holidays to you all!

Sridhar Biswal


Awesome, it was quick and simple.. no appointment.. just go and click

O. Lopez


The photographer was amazing and I felt so comfortable the whole time.
I loved every second of it and I’ll do it again. So be ready to see me again, again and again.

Ioannis Kostaras


Super helpful and good quality of work. Fast

joan khallo


Great team and amazing photos

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotostudio Nuvisions'

#4 Fotostudio Nuvisions



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio that prioritizes professionalism, friendliness, and a stress-free environment? Look no further than Fotostudio Nuvisions, located on Bocholder Str. 7, Essen, Germany. With an outstanding rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 203 reviews, this studio has garnered glowing praise from satisfied clients.

Clients appreciate the patience and friendliness of the photographer, who goes above and beyond to create a comfortable atmosphere. The studio boasts professional equipment and workflow, ensuring high-quality results. Not only is the photographer accommodating and flexible, but they also provide useful input and advice.

Testimonials rave about the expertise of the photographer, who skillfully stages and captures each individual. With a true artist's touch, the studio excels at boosting clients' self-confidence. Numerous individuals have expressed their sheer delight in the top-quality photos they received, emphasizing the transformative experience of working with Fotostudio Nuvisions.

Whether you're seeking a headshot or an iris shoot, Peter, the talented photographer at Fotostudio Nuvisions, will surpass your expectations. With his calm demeanor and keen understanding of his craft, Peter ensures a delightful experience. Don't miss out on the warm and highly recommended Fotostudio Nuvisions—your go-to destination for exceptional headshots and an exceptional experience.

Abdulrahman Amr


Patient and friendly photographer. Equipment and workflow are professional whilst the atmosphere itself is stress-free and relaxed. The photographer was accommodating and flexible, while offering useful input and advice.

Chioma Iheanachor


Such a friendly and patient photographer
The best I've come across so far😍👍🏾
Great service

Black gift


So friendly and nice 👌😌👍☺😊



A very cozy photo studio to feel good in. Even though it was my first shoot, Peter handled everything very sensitively and understandably. He knows how to stage everything and everyone. A true artist and expert in his work.

I don't think I have to say anything about the photos. Just top top top. Walking in there with a queasy feeling and walking out with such a bomb of self-confidence is an experience that I will never regret. I can only recommend to everyone.

Maria Mattheus


I've wanted an iris shoot for a long time and then found this studio and I have to say: I'm thrilled. Peter is super super nice and understands what he's doing. He is very calm and explains exactly what he has in mind and is doing. And let's not even talk about the result, I was completely blown away. Just fine!

So warmest recommendation from me 🥰 And maybe I'll come back again ;)

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'STUDIOLINE'




Welcome to STUDIOline, a leading headshot studio located at Altenessener Str. 411, Essen, Germany. With an impressive rating of 4.3/5 stars based on 198 reviews, our studio aims to capture beautiful photos that surpass your expectations.

While some have expressed dissatisfaction with their passport photographs, we continuously strive to improve our services and customer experiences. At STUDIOline, our team of skilled professionals understands the value of taking our time to deliver exceptional results. However, we acknowledge that there is room for improvement in ensuring consistent lighting and attention to clients' hair. Rest assured, we value your feedback and will work diligently to rectify these concerns.

On the other hand, numerous positive reviews highlight our stellar staff and their ability to create a comfortable environment, particularly for children. With boundless patience and understanding, we ensure that even the little ones feel at ease during their sessions. From family photoshoots, such as our successful Christmas shoot, to capturing precious memories, we exert utmost effort to provide outstanding service.

Despite a negative experience shared by one customer, we genuinely appreciate all feedback and continually strive to enhance our offerings. Our goal is to provide a relaxed atmosphere and produce stunning photographs, even in challenging situations like having an excited dog or a newborn. The positive reviews of our work are a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

In summary, STUDIOline is a headshots studio dedicated to creating beautiful images. We acknowledge areas where improvements can be made and are constantly working to better our services. With our talented team and welcoming environment, we invite you to experience memorable photos that you will cherish forever.

g k


Worst passport photographs we had done ever. Staff did not take enough time, background light is stronger than the strobe, there's a shiny white halo all over the hair and face from behind. Very unprofessional, did not pay attention to the client's hair either. Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone at all.

tarik günther


Very, very nice staff and very understanding for children even if the children whine a bit. I will recommend it to anyone who needs beautiful photos.

Marie-Claire Küppers


We had a Christmas shoot at Sandra's with two small children (almost 3 years and 11 months old). She was super friendly and patient, especially because it's not always easy with two small children. She mastered it perfectly and we felt very comfortable. Fantastically beautiful photos were taken! Gladly again! :)

Klaus B.


Today was my first and last visit to this studio.
I've never had such bad passport photos in my life. (4 for 22.99 EUR), Well, I'm not a model, but every JVA would have made better ones. Unfortunately, this visit was a grip on ...

Juliane Rebekka


Super pleasant photographer and relaxed atmosphere. We got really nice photos - despite the excited dog and small baby :-)! We will be back definitely.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fotostudio Basso'

#6 Fotostudio Basso



Looking for the perfect place to capture your special moments? Look no further than Fotostudio Basso, located at Gutenbergstraße 17, Essen, Germany. With an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 172 reviews, this headshots studio is undoubtedly a treasure trove for all your photography needs.

Customers rave about the exceptional service provided by the gentlemen at Fotostudio Basso, who are not only helpful but also incredibly kind. With their expertise, they ensure a seamless and fast photo session, making your experience a breeze. Don't just take our word for it; these satisfied customers highly recommend Fotostudio Basso for any and all types of photography requirements.

The photographer at Fotostudio Basso is not only skilled but also known for their kindness and professionalism. They excel at capturing excellent photos that truly reflect your personality. Moreover, the prices at Fotostudio Basso are günstig, making it a cost-effective choice for everyone.

Whether you're in need of professional headshots or wish to have a memorable couples' shoot, Fotostudio Basso guarantees a wonderful experience. English-speaking visitors need not worry, as the photographer can expertly explain the process in English, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout your session.

Take it from the numerous satisfied customers: Fotostudio Basso is the perfect place to capture your unforgettable memories. Don't miss out on this gem of a studio – visit them today!

Lahiru Peramune


Best place to take all kind of photos. Really helpful and kind gentlemen. Super fast service. Highly recommend for your any photo needs.

Velina Bachvarova-Matić


The photographer is very kind person and makes excellent photos. Highly recommended!

clear lee


The photographer was so kind, friendly and professional! He positively reflects customer's opinion. Price is also günstig! You should visit here definitely

Sudheer Garapati


Very nice experience we had. Me and my wife were here for a professional photoshoot, the photographer kept us at ease and he explained us the process completely and calmly in English.

krishna Gogu


Good one . Strongly recommend!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Alpha Fotostudio - Michael Rüter'

#7 Alpha Fotostudio - Michael Rüter



Welcome to Alpha Fotostudio - Michael Rüter, a renowned headshots studio located at Akazienallee 12, 45127 Essen, Germany. With an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 170 delighted customer reviews, our reputation speaks for itself.

At Alpha Fotostudio, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide the best possible experience for our clients. While some reviewers mentioned that we currently do not accept card payments, we assure you that our friendly and accommodating owner, Mr. Rüter, will make your visit a pleasant one.

Our professional team excels in capturing stunning photos that leave a lasting impression. While the cost may be slightly higher at 20 euros for six photos, the quality is undeniable. Mr. Rüter's expertise in highlighting your best features and ensuring the perfect lighting creates exceptional headshots that truly stand out.

Whether you're booking a business photo shoot or seeking a relaxed atmosphere for your portraits, Alpha Fotostudio is the place to go. It's worth noting that our studio has now transitioned to outdoor photography, utilizing the neighboring office building as a modern backdrop. This change allows for increased creativity while maintaining the exceptional quality our customers have come to expect.

We proudly welcome you to Alpha Fotostudio - Michael Rüter, where our passion for photography, professional ambiance, and dedication to providing remarkable results make us the premier choice for your headshot needs. Book an appointment with us today and experience the excellence that our team and services have to offer.

Kais Azzam


The owner was nice, but unfortunately there is no possibility for card payment.



Good photo but very costly. 6 photo 20 euro

Niko Burela


I had booked a business photo shoot with Mr. Rüter and can only praise him. He is highly motivated to take the best possible photo and knows how to put the person in the right light. The decision as to which pictures should be taken was accordingly difficult.

I definitely had a lot of fun and felt I was in good hands, gladly again!



This is the third time I have done a photo shoot with photographer Michael Rüter and I am always impressed by the quality - really great, thank you very much!
This time for the first time not in the studio (that doesn't exist anymore), but outside (neighboring office building): The quality of the recordings is still first class.

dragonfire stormfly


A professional photographer. Calm and relaxed atmosphere. However, there is no longer a studio, the photos are taken outside. But with the good modern variety you get great results

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Digitale Fotografien - Foto & Film Produktion mit Fotostudio in Essen'

#8 Digitale Fotografien - Foto & Film Produktion mit Fotostudio in Essen



Digitale Fotografien is a renowned headshots studio located in Essen, Germany, at Kerckhoffstraße 187d. With a remarkable reputation and an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars from 114 reviews, this studio is highly recommended by its satisfied customers.

What sets Digitale Fotografien apart is its extremely friendly and professional staff, ensuring that every client feels comfortable and well taken care of. Their expertise in photography and film production makes them a top choice for capturing stunning headshots.

Clients rave about the exceptional quality of the photos produced by Digitale Fotografien, often praising the photographer's attention to detail and dedication. Even for something as simple as passport photos, the studio goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding results.

Another commendable aspect of this headshots studio is their speedy and reliable service. Customers appreciate the quick turnaround time, with one reviewer mentioning that their order was delivered the very next day. Such efficiency ensures a seamless experience for their clientele.

However, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of Digitale Fotografien's values, and they aim to provide a top-notch experience to each individual. Despite one negative review regarding delayed delivery and lack of communication, the studio strives to enhance their services and improve customer engagement.

If you are in need of headshots or any photographic services, Digitale Fotografien is a highly recommended choice. Their professional staff, top-quality photos, fair pricing, and dedication to customer satisfaction make them an excellent option for all your photography needs.



Extremely friendly and professional staff! Also great photos ;)

Stefan Kirchheim


Top 🤙

K. G.


Exceptionally nice photographer. It was only about passport photos, but she tried very hard. And the result is really good compared to other photos. The price is absolutely reasonable! Definitely recommended!

Robert Besserer


Ordered yesterday - delivered today

As always, super fast and reliable service. Thanks.

Johannes Rampp


I've been waiting for my order for over 4 months now and then I have to check the order status myself. If you can't even independently inform your customers that the order will not be delivered... then I find that quite unprofessional. Customer satisfaction is very important here ;D

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'bildwerkeins'

#9 bildwerkeins



Looking for top-notch headshots in Essen, Germany? Look no further than bildwerkeins, conveniently located at Brunnenstraße 42. With an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 78 reviews, this headshots studio has garnered a stellar reputation for their exceptional service and impressive results.

Customers rave about the friendly and professional staff at bildwerkeins. Whether you need passport photos for the whole family or application photos for professional platforms like LinkedIn, this studio has you covered. Clients appreciate the individual approach taken during the preliminary discussion, ensuring that their specific desires are met and implemented flawlessly.

One recurring theme in reviews is the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at bildwerkeins. Even those who typically shy away from being photographed find the experience enjoyable and stress-free. The talented photographers not only capture stunning shots but also make the entire process entertaining.

In addition to the positive feedback on customer service, the quality of the photos themselves receives high praise. Customers are thrilled with the results, describing them as the best images they have ever had. The expert post-processing and attention to detail ensure that each photo represents the client in the best possible light.

To sum it up, bildwerkeins is a professional headshots studio that offers a warm and inviting environment, personalized service, and exceptional results. Whether you need passport photos or application pictures, you can trust this studio to provide you with outstanding images that exceed your expectations. Don't miss out on this top-tier photography experience in Essen – book your session at bildwerkeins today!

Brian Ray San Juan


Got passport photos for my family and service was great. Friendly folks in their studio.

Ninja Robin


I had three application photos taken here and I am very enthusiastic. In a preliminary talk, we will discuss individually what is desired and how it can be implemented. The atmosphere is directly pleasant personal but at the same time professional. The same goes for the entire shoot. I tend not to like to be photographed, but everything was very relaxed here. We talked and (for me) the pictures were taken at the same time.
Then you decide together on a choice. Smaller corrections are applied directly, after which the photos are already in the email inbox.
My Xing profile has already changed :-)
I can recommend Bildwerk eins to everyone, the photos are amazing and the entire team is just very friendly!



An absolute professional! I had application pictures and pictures taken for LinkedIn. The result was the best images I have ever had. Also, the photo shoot (although I don't really like situations like this) was very entertaining! We recommend! :)

Major Majoran


I had an application photo taken and am very happy with the result.
First of all, there was a little conversation/advice to decide on the right outfit etc., which definitely helped me. I left with a good feeling, the pictures on the website and in the store speak for themselves.



Great photographer & person! I've already come to bildwerkeins for the second time for application photos and I'm coming for a third and fourth...! A cozy feel-good atmosphere, help in choosing the clothes from Marla & Paul and the professional post-processing of the images from a diverse 'shooting' make the result perfect. The address for photos in Essen - unreserved recommendation!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'LICHTSCHACHT - Studio für Fotografie'

#10 LICHTSCHACHT - Studio für Fotografie



LICHTSCHACHT - Studio für Fotografie is a renowned headshots studio located at Witteringstraße 20-22, 45130 Essen, Germany. With an impressive rating of 4.7/5 stars from 37 reviews, this studio has established itself as a top choice for capturing professional and memorable photographs.

Many customers have chosen LICHTSCHACHT over other studios for their application photos, realizing the dissatisfaction they had previously faced elsewhere. At LICHTSCHACHT, the team is known for their meticulous attention to detail and the ability to produce stunning results. They understand the significance of capturing the perfect shot, dedicating ample time and expertise to ensure client satisfaction.

Besides application photos, LICHTSCHACHT excels in various other photographic styles, including children's portraits, wedding photography, nudes, and much more. Over the last 15 years, numerous customers have not been disappointed with their exceptional services. The team's professionalism, combined with a friendly and welcoming environment akin to a family atmosphere, creates an enjoyable experience for clients.

Customers have expressed their comfort and satisfaction with LICHTSCHACHT's services, praising the studio for making them feel at ease throughout the photography process. The talented photographers, such as Sabine, make every client feel valued and understood, resulting in outstanding photos that exceed expectations.

Notably, LICHTSCHACHT goes the extra mile even for simple passport photos, demonstrating their commitment to providing excellent service and creating a pleasant atmosphere. By choosing LICHTSCHACHT, clients can be sure that their headshots will be captured professionally and beautifully, truly reflecting their personality and style.

Philipp Ott


I was previously at PP for my application photos. But it was only afterwards that I realized that I was totally dissatisfied with the result. Somehow understandable if you go through the shooting quickly, only have a short time for a selection from over 40 photos and in the end, out of sheer overwhelm, you make a selection that cannot be satisfactory.
And then my girlfriend drew my attention to LICHTSCHACHT. The shooting and the whole process was WORLDS better than with PP. Arrive first, get to know each other, no wild banging away at photos instead, rather less, but instead each picture is properly staged. And the sad (or maybe good) thing is, I ended up paying almost the same as PP. Chain does not always mean good quality.
Olaf Schwickerath is a super pleasant photographer who adapts to the customer and creates a great feel-good atmosphere during the shoot.
Better save the money for a real photographer like Olaf Schwickerath and the LICHTSCHACHT team!!
Many thanks again !!

Kathrin Schmidt


Lichtschacht has accompanied us photographically since the wedding. The style is unmistakable. The team in a family atmosphere always highly professional. Children's photos, application photos, nudes/dessou... we have never been disappointed in the last 15 years.

A. Richa


I usually dread photoshoots. But I am very grateful for this (application photo). I am very satisfied and felt that I was in good hands. I can only recommend the studio in Rüttenscheid!

Tim Glapa


I felt comfortable there and got along very well with Sabine straight away. It was a great afternoon and I'm super happy with the photos. Thanks a lot for this :)

Alicia Gerber


I have seldom been surprised that so much effort was put into simple passport photos.
Nice atmosphere and great studio!

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