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Welcome to Nice, a vibrant city on the French Riviera known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Discover the perfect backdrop for your professional portraits at our top-rated headshot photography studios. Whether you're seeking LinkedIn headshots, professional corporate headshots, or cheap yet high-quality options, our curated list of local businesses near you has got you covered. Find talented photographers specializing in male and female headshots, offering exceptional services that capture your unique essence. Please note that we, BetterPic, are not associated with any studio, but we provide this comprehensive list to help you choose the best option for your needs.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio Photoguy'

#1 Studio Photoguy



Introducing Studio Photoguy, a premier headshots studio located at 47 Bd Gambetta, in the beautiful city of Nice, France. Renowned for its exceptional photography services, Studio Photoguy has garnered an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars rating, based on rave reviews from 344 satisfied customers.

When it comes to passport photos, Studio Photoguy is the go-to place for achieving picture-perfect results. Customers cannot praise the studio enough for producing stunning passport photos that they can be proud to showcase. The added bonus of offering professional retouching through Photoshop ensures that each customer leaves with a flawless image.

Aside from passport photos, Studio Photoguy also excels in capturing the essence and emotions of individuals. Their talented photographers have successfully taken exceptional photographs during important life events such as births and 6-month milestones. It is evident that their expertise extends beyond the realm of headshots, providing great identity pictures that truly capture the uniqueness of each individual.

Efficiency and professionalism are hallmarks of Studio Photoguy. Customers rave about the friendly and accommodating staff who consistently deliver excellent results. The fast service is highly appreciated, and while the prices are not the cheapest, it is emphasized that the quality and level of service justify the investment.

For those in need of professionally taken photos for legal documents, Studio Photoguy comes highly recommended. With its convenient location and exceptional service, Studio Photoguy is a must-visit studio in Nice, France.

Elana Hirsch


Look no further if you want to have the best passport photo ever. I had my photo taken with this studio for my passport and it came out stunning 😍 they even offer photoshop to your image. At the end you walk away with a flawless photo, and can be proud to show your passport.

S Nowlis


We visited the studio to have photos taken for our legal documents. The staff were friendly, very efficient and the photos are great. We highly recommend this business! 👍

Viktoriya Mail


I went to photo guy to get Id photo . I was weary well received by the manager and the price was very attractive. The manager was smiling and professional with good mood . I recommend this shop to everyone

Joseph Elcid


Excellent pictures, captures emotions. Took my son's pictures at his birth and 6 months. Also makes great identity pictures

Adib Rachid


Fast service. Good employees. Not so cheap but very good service

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'aSeed Photo'

#2 aSeed Photo



Are you looking for a top-notch headshots studio in the beautiful city of Nice, France? Look no further than aSeed Photo, located at 10 Av. Antoine Véran. With a stellar reputation and a perfect 5-star rating based on 148 glowing reviews, aSeed Photo is the go-to place for all your photography needs.

One happy customer reached out to Fred, the talented photographer behind aSeed Photo, to plan a surprise proposal in the South of France. Fred's professionalism and attention to detail made the experience unforgettable, from suggesting the perfect proposal spot to capturing the big moment and even providing recommendations for a celebration afterwards.

Another customer raved about Fred's responsiveness and ease of booking, as well as the incredible family photos taken during their stroll through Nice. The quick editing turnaround impressed them, prompting a highly recommended endorsement.

Planning a surprise engagement? Look no further than aSeed Photo. Fred's expertise in coordinating and capturing those special moments in beautiful locations like Nice and Monaco have earned him high praise from satisfied customers.

Fred's professionalism and ethics shine through in his work. He is known for delivering high-quality photos on time, respecting deadlines and appointments. But it's not just about the work; Fred's friendly personality and constant smile make for an enjoyable experience for all his clients.

When it comes to headshots, engagements, or capturing the essence of Nice, aSeed Photo is the studio to choose. Experience the ultimate attention to detail and professionalism at 10 Av. Antoine Véran, where Fred will provide you with stunning photos that exceed your expectations.

Michael Noonan


I had reached out to Fred as I was planning to propose to my now fiancé while on vacation in the South of France. From the moment we had first connected, Fred was a true professional. He provided suggestions on where to propose, how to execute the big surprise, and even suggestions on where to celebrate after the shoot. From start to finish, Fred provided the ultimate attention to detail and also captured the perfect photos for our big moment. He was a pleasure to work with and I can’t thank him enough for his top notch service. If you are considering a photographer along the French Riviera, do yourself a favor and book Fred!

Monique Rezaei


Fred was incredible to work with! I reached out before our trip to France and he was responsive and easy to book with. We had an amazing time walking Nice with him and capturing photos of our family and he sent and edited requested photos so quickly. Highly recommend!

Nick Banelli


Fred helped me plan a surprise engagement in Nice and was fantastic! He is so easy to work with and has a great eye for detail. He was able to help coordinate where to propose, which direction to face for photos and spent an hour with us in Old Nice. We cannot recommend Fred enough!!

Faizur Rahman


I had an incredible experience working with Fred! He took me around the main areas of Nice and Monaco and knew the best times to shoot at each place. Fred also lent me his paddle board for some paddle board photos which also came out great! I would thoroughly recommend hiring Fred for your photoshoots.

Mohamad Nasser


Fred is a really very professional photographer he merges between professionalism and ethics , he respect deadlines and appointments, he is keen to give you high quality photos and at the same time on time.On the personal level he is really very nice person and always smiling. I highly recommend Fred for anyone who is keen about conducting a successful photo session .

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'STUDIO FL'




Welcome to Studio FL, the premier headshots studio located at 27 Av. Jean Médecin, Nice, France. With a stellar reputation and a perfect 5/5 rating from 109 glowing reviews, Studio FL is the go-to destination for professional photography.

Led by the incredible photographer, Fabien Lipomi, Studio FL is known for capturing stunning headshots that bring out the beauty and character of each individual. With a fantastic creative flair, Fabien has the ability to make you feel beautiful and comfortable, even on your worst day.

What sets Studio FL apart is Fabien's extensive experience and artistic background. Following in the footsteps of his father, an extraordinary photographer himself, Fabien has developed a deep love and passion for photography. His talent and initiative will undoubtedly surprise you, as he is sensitive and respectful of your vision.

Clients rave about Fabien's professionalism, easy-going nature, and the exceptional quality of his work. Whether you're looking for holiday photos, building a modeling portfolio, or simply having a timeless moment captured, Studio FL is the perfect choice. Fabien's ability to understand your requests and put you at ease during the photo shoot is unparalleled.

Don't miss the opportunity to work with this incredibly talented photographer. Book your session at Studio FL and prepare to be blown away by the amazing results.



Amazing photographer with a fantastic creative flair who will make you feel beautiful, and comfortable even on your worse day. His experience goes far back for his father was also an incredible photographer with who Fabien of Studio Fl has developed his love of Photography. His talents and initiative will surprise you. He is sensitive, respectful of your vision and you will be blown away with the results. Extremely great value for money and more. You won't be disappointed.

Natalie Burford


Very professional, very nice and easy-going photographer and great photos! I wanted a few holiday photos of and for myself and would highly recommend studio fl!

Charlotte Trevaskis


I recommend highly Fabien who is the best photographer of south of france! if you'd like to build your portfolio and start your career in modelling go for him !

Robin Duvergé


Fabien is an incredibly talented photographer who managed to bring out the best in me during my photo shoot. He was able to perfectly understand my request and put me at ease as soon as I arrived. Fabien is human-oriented, it is undeniable, and the relationship he managed to establish during our meeting was extremely enriching and fulfilling for what was a first experience for me. The photos are absolutely stunning and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. I highly recommend Fabien for his exceptional work, and his ability to bring out the best in his clients. Thanks again !

Jasmin Weich


It was one of my best having photoshoots with Fabien! He is an incredibly good photographer and tries to explain everything! We felt completely comfortable! Incredible pictures came out! We will be back and will definitely book again! Thanks so much! See you soon!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'My Nice Photo'

#4 My Nice Photo



Introducing My Nice Photo, a premier headshots studio located at Espace Grimaldi 11 rue Maccarani in Nice, France. With a stellar rating of 4.7/5 stars based on 106 glowing reviews, this studio has become a go-to destination for individuals in need of exceptional photography services.

Customers rave about the amazing artistry and high standards showcased by the talented artists at My Nice Photo. One satisfied client, who visited for new passport photos, commended their magnificent work and the magical touch added through Photoshop. Another client praised the professionalism of their photographer, Benoit, who provided proper E-Photo with government identification.

My Nice Photo goes above and beyond to capture beautiful memories for families as well. While parasailing in Nice, they took stunning photographs of families, allowing them to order the pictures if desired. Though there was a slight mishap with the office being closed upon visitation, the owner, Benoit, promptly addressed the issue and apologized for the inconvenience.

This studio prides itself on delivering exceptional service. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the nice quality of their passport pictures and the personalized recommendations for local beaches. Additionally, My Nice Photo is hailed for its outstanding customer service, particularly when working with children and dads.

For all your photography needs in Nice, My Nice Photo promises a remarkable experience. Their artistic expertise, professionalism, and friendly approach make them the ideal choice for capturing your precious moments. Experience the magic at My Nice Photo and trust them to deliver beautiful photographs that exceed your expectations.

V Lu


Amazing artist with high standard for photos! I went there for new passport photos, he made great photos for me plus his magical photoshop touch. Recommended!🌟



Benoit was very professional and supplied proper E-Photo with government ID ...Would recommend anyone wanting their photos taken to come here

Matt Austin


My family had photos taken by this company in June when we went parasailing in Nice (we didn't arrange that, they just take photos of everyone and people can order them if they like). I went to the office the next day to see the photos but at least half an hour after they were supposed to have opened there was no one there. I called later and talked to the owner Benoit who said someone had not shown up on time. I was unable to go back because we were leaving that day. I have contacted him by phone since then and he asked me to send him an email which I did. I have never received a reply after numerous attempts including calling him back and being told that he sent the email to the office and they would deal with it in a few days (that was about a month ago). I guess I will give up now.

Martina Marcinova


Absolutely perfect service, my passport pictures look really nice. Even got a recomendarion for nice local beach. Thank you.

Al Pesh


Great service, very friendly and understanding of your needs. Ben had great skills with kids and dads.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Lucie Werner Photography'

#5 Lucie Werner Photography



Looking for a professional and talented headshots studio in Nice, France? Look no further than Lucie Werner Photography located at Banana Studio, 133 Av. Sainte-Marguerite. With an impressive 5/5 star rating based on 103 reviews, Lucie Werner Photography is highly recommended by satisfied clients.

Lucie's dedication and friendly disposition ensure that every client feels comfortable and at ease during their sessions. She goes above and beyond to understand her clients' needs and delivers exceptional work tailored to their specific requirements and market, consistently exceeding expectations. Lucie's ability to adapt her photography style and provide a unique touch sets her apart from the competition.

The studio itself is impeccable, tidy, and clean, boasting a range of colorful backgrounds for clients to choose from. Clients have expressed their delight with the remarkable quality of the photos and the professional rendering of the final results. Lucie's swift delivery of the photos further adds to the overall customer satisfaction.

Whether it's a wedding, a studio shoot, or a special occasion, Lucie's talent shines through, capturing every moment with precision and creativity. Her ability to put clients at ease creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, ensuring a top-quality result every time.

Don't hesitate to choose Lucie Werner Photography for your next photography session; her exceptional skills and warm personality make her the perfect choice. Visit Lucie Werner Photography today and experience the magic she creates through her lens.

Zainab Rahimi


Lucie is super friendly, patient and put efforts in her work which makes her work valuable and unique.
And she speaks English, highly recommended.

Chloe Martinez


I met Lucie few years ago. She is very professional and available. She has been able to adapt her work to our needs and market by providing all the time a better work. I highly recommend her.



A wonderful studio session with Lucie. The photos are of remarkable quality, I was immediately put at ease which allowed me to have a very, very fun time!!

The studio is impeccable, tidy, clean with backgrounds of different colors.

I am really happy with the result! The photos are delivered quickly and the rendering is very professional.

Thank you for everything I will come back !!!

Lisa Carvin


Lucie is a wonderful photographer! She photographed us at our wedding, then we did a studio shoot and a Christmas shoot. The photos are always wonderful. She is attentive, smiling, she knows how to put us at ease for a top result. You can go there with your eyes closed!!



I met Lucie during the research to find the photographer for my wedding and we immediately hooked with her personality, her energy and her photo style that we had already spotted through her social networks. She was awesome on D-Day and our wedding photos were perfect! Since then, she has been our official photographer for all the photos we wanted to take afterwards to mark the beautiful moments of our lives (pregnancy, Christmas photos, family photos, etc.), and that's not about to change!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Marion Puichaffray Photographe'

#6 Marion Puichaffray Photographe



Welcome to Marion Puichaffray Photographe, a headshots studio located at 5 Rue Vernier, 06000 Nice, France. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from 59 reviews, our studio is known for providing exceptional services and capturing timeless moments.

Marion, our talented and professional photographer, specializes in a wide range of photography genres, including pregnancy photo shoots. Clients rave about Marion's attentiveness, expertise, and ability to understand and meet their expectations. With her wealth of knowledge, she guides you through your photo shoot, ensuring your desires are respected while providing valuable advice.

At Marion Puichaffray Photographe, we go above and beyond to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both you and your loved ones. Our dedicated team understands the importance of capturing the emotions and connections between family members, particularly during newborn and baby photo sessions. Clients commend Marion for her exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to create a welcoming environment for both the parents and little ones.

In addition to our outstanding photography services, our studio collaborates with professional makeup artist Salomé to provide top-notch make-up and hairstyling. Together, they strive to make your experience truly memorable, unveiling the beauty of photography and the arts.

Whether you're looking for captivating headshots, beautiful pregnancy portraits, or heartwarming family photographs, Marion Puichaffray Photographe is the perfect choice. Come and experience our superb services, as recommended by our delighted clients. Book your session today and let us capture the moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Julie Giacobbe


I had the chance to do a pregnancy photo shoot with Marion.
He is a very professional person, attentive to your expectations, with a lot of good advice. She will guide you in your photo shoot, trying to respect your wishes as much as possible.
I recommend it 100% you will not be disappointed!

Alison Roffino


In the top ! Marion is kind, passionate, patient. Listening to everything and very professional in what she does! I had a nice time with her. Salomé, the pro makeup artist is great! Quality make-up and hairstyling. I sincerely highly recommend. They know how to put you at ease and make us discover this beautiful world that is the world of photography and the arts!

jean-rené Broyer


Everything is done so that both baby and parents are comfortable. Marion was able to lead the session to the rhythm of our little doll. The technical result is only the reflection of the attention paid to the human level, which is magnificent. The photos are superb.

Morganina BD


Great moment with Marion during a pregnancy shoot. She knows how to put you at ease, she is smiling, pleasant and above all VERY professional. The rendering is already magnificent while we have not yet received the final result.

Pauline Lorenzini


Many thanks again to Marion for the great birth photo shoot for my son. And for the photos, one more beautiful than the other!
First experience in a studio. Very sweet, patient, professional and with a lot of talent! I recommend it to you ❤️

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Atelier Photo - THB Concept'

#7 Atelier Photo - THB Concept



Atelier Photo - THB Concept is a renowned headshots studio located at 12 Rue de Russie, 06000 Nice, France. With an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and 47 glowing reviews, this studio has certainly made a name for itself in the industry.

Visitors to Atelier Photo - THB Concept have raved about its convenient location, reasonable prices, and fast film processing. One customer expressed their delight at the exceptional quality of their film scans, making it their favorite batch of films to date.

Not only does Atelier Photo - THB Concept excel in delivering top-notch film development, but their owner also goes above and beyond to ensure exceptional customer service. The owner is praised for being highly responsive through both Google chat and WhatsApp, providing customers with reassurance and guidance throughout the process.

The studio is highly regarded for its quick turnaround time, offering reliable and quality development for both black and white and color 35mm films. Customers have been thrilled to receive their developed films in under an hour, making it a convenient and efficient choice.

In addition to their prompt service, Atelier Photo - THB Concept offers competitive prices that are more appealing than most places. Customers appreciate the affordability without compromising on the quality of the service provided.

It is worth mentioning that the studio's staff is described as helpful and accommodating. Even when faced with a late arrival on a Friday, the owner kindly developed a customer's film with a quick turnaround time, demonstrating their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Overall, Atelier Photo - THB Concept is the go-to headshots studio in Nice, France, offering exceptional film development, high-quality scans, and outstanding customer service. With its convenient location, reasonable prices, and rave reviews, it is a highly recommended choice for all photography enthusiasts.

Zi Yee Teoh



It's my first time developing film during a trip and the location really is super convenient + price was very reasonable as well considering how fast they process my films

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the scans were of
AMAZINGGG quality, it's my favourite batch of films thus far :))

The owner is SUPER responsive on their google chat + WhatsApp listed on their website so it was very assuring

The owner was also super genuine - before I left he said keep taking good film photos! and that is honestly such a heartwarming thing to hear as a beginner in film

Thank you for the lovely film developing experience in Nice!



Very quick development (I got mine back in under an hour)! Reliable and quality development for both black and white and color 35mm film. Reasonable prices as well, considering the fast turnaround time!

Future 47


Films developed very well and the scans are also very good! Prices are much more appealing than most places. Recommend!

Isobel Gledhill


The owner was very helpful and kindly developed my film with a quick turnaround when I turned up late in the day on a Friday, thank you!

Ashleigh Hammond


very helpful and very quick 35mm film develop and scan! back in under an hour!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Le Studio Photo - Marina Canossa Photographie'

#8 Le Studio Photo - Marina Canossa Photographie



Le Studio Photo - Marina Canossa Photographie is a renowned headshots studio located at 31 Av. Jean Médecin, 06000 Nice, France. Boasting an exceptional average rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 34 reviews, this studio has certainly left a lasting impression on its clients.

From luxury high-end clientele to food styling events and family photo sessions, Marina Canossa, the talented photographer behind the lens, has consistently delighted her clients with her professionalism, fast turnaround, and ability to capture a wide range of stunning images.

Clients have praised her for her ability to quickly understand their vision and deliver crisp, natural, creative, and beautiful shots. Whether it's capturing unforgettable moments of complicity between loved ones during a family photoshoot or highlighting the beauty of pregnancy, Marina's expertise shines through in every image she creates.

What sets Le Studio Photo apart is not just Marina's exceptional photography skills, but also her passion, patience, and attention to detail. Clients have described their experience as unique, magical, and an incredible affair that they will cherish forever.

With a diverse range of outfits available on-site to accentuate the pregnant form and make the experience even more memorable, Le Studio Photo - Marina Canossa Photographie offers an unrivaled experience for individuals and families alike.

If you're in Nice, France, and looking to capture a special moment in your life, Le Studio Photo - Marina Canossa Photographie comes highly recommended. Trust Marina to turn your vision into beautiful, timeless images that you will treasure for years to come.

Amanda V


Fantastic photographer in the South of France who I have used on numerous occasions for a luxury high end client. Professional, fast turnover and always provides a great variety of pictures. Highly recommended.

Samira Kazan


One of the most talented photographers I have worked with. Marina did an amazing job capturing the most beautiful shots during one of my Cannes alphafoodie food styling Duty Free events. The photos are crisp, natural, creative and beautiful. She quickly understood what I wanted and was so flexible. I am so lucky to have worked with Marina and I look forward to working again with her in the future.

natacha bradier


Family photo session with my 2 daughters. It was a first for us and we had a great time! Marina is very professional, she knows how to put us at ease, gives us good advice. The photos are superb, it was very difficult to make a choice! And a beautiful moment of complicity with my daughters. A repeat without hesitation.

Yusuf Yildirim


We had an excellent pregnancy photo session with my wife.
Throughout, we were comfortable and able to let go under Marina's lens.
There are several outfits available on site that allow you to highlight the pregnant woman.
The resulting photos are superb.

Krystel Palomino


Incredible experience, she is incredibly patient and passionate, she is very attentive and has art in her eyes, I highly recommend if you want to keep a unique experience forever on a stage of your life, I'm not the only one to have had a photo shoot, there are several of us in my family and we all agree it's unique and magical. Frankly I do not have the words to say how incredible it is and the rendering of the photos just Excellent !!
Thanks again Marina ☺️

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Banana Studio'

#9 Banana Studio



Welcome to Banana Studio, a renowned headshot studio located at 133 Avenue Sainte Marguerite, Rés Sainte-Marguerite, in the vibrant city of Nice, France. With a stellar 5 out of 5 stars rating and 32 rave reviews, Banana Studio is widely recognized for its exceptional services and customer satisfaction.

Clients commend the studio for its superb family Christmas sessions, expertly captured by the talented photographer, Lucie. Her kindness, professionalism, and patience with babies put clients at ease, making every session a delightful experience. In fact, many clients have entrusted Lucie with their most precious moments, including weddings and other important family events.

Visitors also appreciate Banana Studio for their stress-free and relaxed ID photo sessions, particularly for babies. The studio's cozy atmosphere, coupled with Lucie's patient and humorous approach, ensures a serene experience for both children and parents.

Additionally, Banana Studio offers nail and makeup services by the talented professional, Pauline. Clients describe Pauline's work as meticulous and commend her passion and attention to detail. Whether it's for regular nail maintenance or for special occasions like weddings, Pauline's expertise never fails to deliver stunning results.

Conveniently located on Nice West with easy access and ample parking, Banana Studio offers a warm and welcoming environment for all. With a team dedicated to excellence and a commitment to exceeding expectations, Banana Studio is the go-to destination for headshots, photography, nails, and makeup in Nice.

Marion Couzi


As always, a mini family Christmas session at the top with Lucie!! The photos are beautiful. Her kindness, her professionalism, and her patience with babies put you at ease. Lucie was our wedding photographer and now for the next family events. You can trust him 200%.



Came to the studio to take my baby's ID photos to apply for his first ID card, everything went really well! Much simpler and more relaxed than in a photo booth with a toddler, small accessories and toys to attract the baby's gaze and concentration on the objective, it was very serene thanks to Lucie's patience and good humor :)
Very nice and cozy place, it feels good!

Konan Julie


A super warm place where I have been doing my nails regularly for two years! Delighted with Pauline's work, always very professional and welcoming, she knows how to take care of her clients and I always leave with beautiful nails. A passionate, attentive and meticulous professional: the best!

Sonia Boujardine


Studio located on Nice West with easy access and easy parking. A warm and cozy place just like Lucie and Pauline, who excel in their respective fields. I have been entrusting my nails to Pauline for a while now and they have never looked so beautiful and resistant. Neat and meticulous work. Pauline also offers makeup services to highlight us. The rendering is just stunning. A good time for yourself.
On the photo side, Lucie has her space that she arranges and decorates with care to carry out solo or family shoots. She knows how to put us at ease in front of the lens for quality photos. Good memories shared with the family.
In short, a place to discover at all costs! ☺️

alizee ferry


I entrusted Pauline from Banana studio with my make-up and nails beauty for my wedding last September!! The result exceeded all my expectations! Thanks to her, I was able to be a superb bride! She is there for a lot! thank you very much again

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio Malau'

#10 Studio Malau



Studio Malau is a professional headshots studio located at 24 Av. de Saint-Sylvestre, 06100 Nice, France. With a stellar reputation backed by 5/5 stars and 32 glowing reviews, Studio Malau is a go-to destination for capturing lasting memories.

Clients rave about their experience working with Malau, the talented photographer behind the lens. They appreciate Malau's professionalism, investment, benevolence, and kindness. Clients feel at ease during their sessions, thanks to Malau's ability to quickly put them at ease and create a relaxed atmosphere. His infectious joy and enthusiasm create a joyful and unforgettable experience.

Malau's attention to detail and dedication to his craft ensure that every shot is perfect. Reviews mention the impressive turnaround time, with clients receiving stunning photos quickly. The studio offers a variety of locations in Nice, allowing for the perfect backdrop for family photos.

With Studio Malau, clients not only receive exceptional photos but also a memorable and enjoyable photoshoot experience. Malau's passion and desire to create successful photo shoots make him a highly recommended photographer.

Experience the magic of Studio Malau and capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Pierre de Fay


A pleasure to work with Malau, a very nice contact and awesome pictures !
Thank you for everything !

JULIEN Sheryne


I can only recommend Malau for his professionalism, his investment, his benevolence and his kindness. He will know how to put you at ease and capture lasting memories.
Thank you Malau, you made our day even more special.

Amandine Nasser


Malau is super professional and knew how to put us at ease right away! A great experience from A to Z that I recommend: Malau is very involved and takes his time to catch the right shot! In addition to a really great (and fast!) rendering, it was a very pleasant moment! Thank you very much Malau for everything, and especially for your infectious joie de vivre!!

Remi Poncin


Very good photo shooting experience with Malau.
Tip top family photos in different places in Nice.
Malau is very warm and quickly puts us at ease with the camera.
We forget a little that we are there to take pictures and we are more in a walk. Which makes things easier.
Thank you Malau for this beautiful work.

Yoann Sabathier


A great meeting and a great exchange with Malau, a photographer who knows how to put you at ease in front of the lens, who takes the time to share his passion with you, all in joy and good humor. I can only recommend Malau, a super nice photographer for a very successful photo shoot.

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