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Welcome to Espoo, Finland's vibrant city known for its natural beauty and thriving business community. Discover professional headshot photographers in Espoo, offering top-notch services for professional portraits, LinkedIn headshots, and corporate needs. Whether you're seeking male or female headshots, our curated list showcases local studios providing high-quality and affordable options. BetterPic, an AI-generated headshot provider, is here to help you find the perfect fit, as we are not associated with any specific studio. Explore our directory and choose the best option for your headshot needs in Espoo.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Niki Strbian Valokuvaus'

#1 Niki Strbian Valokuvaus



Niki Strbian Valokuvaus is a highly acclaimed headshots studio located in Espoo, Finland. With a stellar 5/5 star rating based on 121 reviews, Niki Strbian Valokuvaus is the go-to destination for those seeking exceptional photography services.

Niki, the talented photographer behind this studio, has garnered immense praise for her ability to make clients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire experience. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing beautiful moments, Niki has been hailed as a baby whisperer when it comes to working with newborns. Numerous clients have raved about her ability to elicit stunning images of their little ones, even managing to have them sleep peacefully throughout the session.

Aside from her expertise in newborn photography, Niki's skills extend to various other genres as well. Whether it's a family photoshoot or a special event like a wedding, Niki's relaxed and fun approach combined with her elegant style have consistently produced exceptional results. Clients have expressed their satisfaction with her ability to capture the warmth and joy in their special moments.

With glowing reviews emphasizing Niki's professionalism and remarkable talent, it's no wonder why Niki Strbian Valokuvaus is the preferred choice for many. From start to finish, Niki ensures a truly pleasant and enjoyable experience, leaving her clients in awe of her beautiful photographs. If you want to preserve your cherished memories in a breathtakingly elegant manner, Niki Strbian Valokuvaus is the perfect choice.

Laura Valo


We had the best experience working with Niki! She made our whole family feel relaxed and comfortable from the very beginning and was truly a ”baby whisperer” with our 4 week old twins. 😊 They slept for the entire session and we were able to get amazing pictures of them. It was truly a lovely session from start to finish and we absolutely loved all the pictures she took - so much so, that we ended up purchasing the entire gallery of pictures, as we could not choose just 10 and now we have the most beautiful memories of our little babies and new family. I have nothing but good things to say about Niki and would absolutely recommend her for your newborn/family pictures. We already look forward to working with her again. ☺️

Sofia Nyberg


I love working with Niki! She makes sure you are feeling good while being photographed, is fun and efficient, and most importantly, her photos are simply beautiful. Could not recommend her more!

Mia Gröhn


Niki is an amazing photographer, I would definitely recommend her! I really like her style, it's both relaxed and fun, and elegant at the same time. Before the session, I mostly worried about if my son will sleep just when the photo shoot should take place, but Niki was very flexible when I asked her if we could start the session a few hours later. Niki took beautiful photos of our son at our home, and despite we booked a mini session, she also photographed me in some photos, which was a nice surprise. I quickly got the photos and was very happy with them! Niki is a really nice person, and it is nice to work and be in contact with her.

Jenni Mäkelä


I had seen Niki’s style through photos on social media and in addition my friend had Niki to take familyphotos. So, it was easy decision to ask her to take also our wedding day photos. Niki created warm athmosphere with lots of laughs. End result was perfect, photos are totally beautiful. Niki delivered more than we expected. I highly recommend you to take Niki to capture your special day or event ❤️

Ivana Adamcová


We couldn't find better photographer to capture our wedding than Niki. She is so lovely, professional and photoshooting went so easy with her. And result ? stunning ! she has captured everything in those pictures and we could look at them daily 100times ♥♥♥

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Bisher Sawan Photography'

#2 Bisher Sawan Photography



Bisher Sawan Photography, located in Helsinki, Finland, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has garnered an impressive 5/5 stars from 97 reviews. Led by the talented photographer, Bisher, this studio is known for its exceptional ability to capture unforgettable moments.

Clients rave about their experience with Bisher, highlighting his excellent communication skills and ability to create stunning photos. One satisfied customer praised Bisher for capturing beautiful moments during their wedding, both in a Villa and in nature. Another client commended his customer-oriented approach and talent in tailoring sessions to their individual needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Bisher's versatility shines through in the various projects he undertakes. One customer had the pleasure of participating in a 3-hour aerial shoot, praising Bisher's open-mindedness and attention to detail, even enduring the rain to capture the perfect shot. Another client commended his punctuality and professionalism when hired to photograph a restaurant, providing excellent results.

What truly sets Bisher apart is his ability to capture intimate and emotional moments. As a wedding photographer, he is revered for his intricate approach, making clients feel extremely comfortable and ensuring a fun and memorable experience.

Bisher Sawan Photography is the go-to studio in Helsinki, Finland for those seeking remarkable headshots, breathtaking wedding photos, or any other special moment worth preserving. With countless positive reviews and a proven talent for capturing the essence of each occasion, Bisher Sawan Photography is a name you can trust.

Marzieh Hosseini


Bisher photographed my wedding. He was easy to communicate with, and took lovely photos from the party. We did photography in a Villa (with our bridesmaids and bestmen), and then in the nature. All in all, we got some very nice photos from all occassions. Thank you Bisher for capturing so many nice moments during the party that we can cherish them forever.

taoufikul islam


As a person, I found Bisher Swan very friendly, understanding and always customer oriented. I am a camera shy person. However, when I explained to him what I was looking for and what kind of person I am, he custom tailored my session such a way that for a single moment I did not feel alienated and tensed seeing camera aimed at me. Would like to mention that his skills on photography is what anyone shall expect from a top class professional photographer.

Victoria Tran


I had the pleasure to attend a 3 hour aerial photo shoot Bisher photographed at.

He was open to the vision we wanted to convey but also provided critical details that really pushed the quality of the picture. He was absolutely pleasant and even endured the rain for our shoot. Not once did I think it bothered him.

Afterwards the photos we received were clear and capturing subtle motion. Thanks so much Bisher! I’ll cherish the memories forever.



Used Bisher for restaurant photos.Found him Punctual & professional.He provided great service with excellent results.Higly recommended.

Avnee Garg


We are glad to have Bisher as our wedding photographer. He is so intricate and passionate in capturing those intimate moments during our wedding that we never thought we would see in the actual photographs. He made us feel extremely comfortable during the shoot and we actually had a lot of fun as well! Highly recommended to have him capture your great moments that turn into long lasting memories! Biggest thank you to you Bisher💖
Avnee & Tomi

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Alejandro Lorenzo - Photography'

#3 Alejandro Lorenzo - Photography



Welcome to Alejandro Lorenzo - Photography, a premier headshots studio located at Eläintarhantie 18, 00530 Helsinki, Finland. With an impressive 5 out of 5 stars rating from 36 glowing reviews, Alejandro Lorenzo is undoubtedly a master of his craft.

Clients have been amazed by Alejandro's exquisite portfolio, which led them to choose him for their shoot. They were left in awe of the unforgettable experience and the beyond beautiful shots that Alejandro captured. Having worked with numerous photographers worldwide, clients acknowledged Alejandro's exceptional talent and passion for his work, even suggesting that he should plan for exhibits.

Aside from his extraordinary skills, Alejandro's people skills have also impressed his clients. He knows how to create the perfect shot and makes the entire process enjoyable and educational. From wedding portraits to special events, Alejandro's professionalism, warmth, and easy communication make him the perfect choice.

Clients have expressed their gratitude for Alejandro's excellent work, prompt delivery of photos, and convenient service. They appreciated his kindness, creativity, and patience, which allowed them to have a seamless and pleasant experience. Alejandro's studio is also noteworthy, providing a unique and inviting atmosphere for clients.

If you are in need of captivating headshots or memorable photographs for your wedding or event, choose Alejandro Lorenzo - Photography. With his exceptional talent, professionalism, and passion, Alejandro will capture those special moments, leaving you astounded by the final result. Book your shoot today to experience the magic firsthand.

Wayne Huang


We were amazed at Alejandro’s portfolio and reached out to him for a shoot. It was an unforgettable experience and the shots were beyond beautiful.

Having worked with more than a dozen photographers worldwide, we found Alejandro to be very talented, and very passionate about his work. We feel he should plan for exhibits.

His talents are further supported by his people skills.

He knows the shots he wants, and then he has a very pleasant way to make you get into the pose or mood he wants. It’s quite a unique skill, and it makes the whole shooting a very enjoyable experience.

We plan to work with Alejandro again.

Lena Nymark-Akerele


Alejandro took our wedding portraits and we were really pleased with the outcome. Would definitely choose him again.

Katrina Amber-Monta


From the initial contact to the delivery of our photos, Alejandro was warm, professional, and easy to work with. On top of that, his work is excellent! He was really the perfect photographer for our wedding. I cannot recommend him enough!

anna amber


Alejandro did an amazing job at our wedding. He is very kind, creative, patient and very easy to communicate with. Our wedding photos were delivered to us very fast and in a very convienent way. It was a pleasure to work with you, Alejandro. Thank you so much! 😊

Viivi Pitkänen


Alejandro did a beautiful job. The normally painful process of getting my picture taken was fun, and I also learned a lot about being in front of a camera. And most importantly the end result was really good, I am really pleased. The studio is also special, all in all a great experience!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Shanshan Gong | Your Higest Self | Healing, Coaching, Portrait Photography'

#4 Shanshan Gong | Your Higest Self | Healing, Coaching, Portrait Photography



Shanshan Gong | Your Highest Self | Healing, Coaching, Portrait Photography is a renowned headshots studio located at Eerinkinkatu 16, in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. With an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 29 reviews, this studio has gained a strong reputation for its exceptional services and professionalism.

Shanshan Gong, the talented photographer behind this studio, is known for her concept of craftsmanship. She goes beyond simply capturing perfect memories; she transforms them into captivating works of art. With immense patience and creativity, Shanshan ensures that every moment is beautifully portrayed.

Clients have raved about Shanshan's remarkable skills and professionalism. Whether it is for a personal photoshoot, a small wedding ceremony, or a branding package, she consistently exceeds expectations. Her ability to understand her clients' personalities and desires is praised, resulting in unique and creative photographs that truly reflect the individual.

In addition to her exceptional photography skills, Shanshan is admired for her welcoming and personal approach. Clients feel at ease in her studio and appreciate her dedication to making them feel confident and beautiful. She consistently adapts to challenges and explores new ideas, making every session with her a memorable experience.

With Shanshan Gong | Your Highest Self | Healing, Coaching, Portrait Photography, you can rest assured that your special moments will be captured with the utmost professionalism and creativity. Don't miss the opportunity to work with this talented photographer and create lasting memories that reflect your highest self.

Panpan LI


I knew Shanshan via a friend´s recommendation. And now, after receiving her masterpieces, I am confident with my honesty here, to recommend Shanshan to any of you who wants your beautiful moment to be pictured.

What I can tell from her professions are of concept of CRAFTSMANSHIP. She is not only photographing your prefect memories with enormous patience, but she is indeed making her own art happen. Shanshan is bold to push her pressure limit because she simply wants her work better than your imagination. More importantly, she respects our needs of privacy, although I am sorry that I had to deny sharing our pictures publicly. Nevertheless, this does not compromise her high work ethic by offering us kind and warm Post-Photoshop work, enthusiastically.

All the best, Shanshan.
We appreciate your great effort.

Di Zhou


We have chosen Shanshan to do some photo shooting before and during our small wedding ceremony in Helsinki. She was very professional, meanwhile having many very creative ideas. We've now got some great photos to keep the very nice memory of the special moment of our life.

Acha Memorial Foundation


She is an absolutely amazing photographer. She did a branding photo package for our co-founder and the outcomes were amazing. During the consultation process, she was professional, flexible and came up with creative ideas. Her pictures were helpful for us to create website images, branding materials and personal branding marketing assets. Our team would gladly work with her again.



Shanshan always makes anyone feel welcome in her studio and home, making any visit feel very personal. She goes out of her way for her clients to feel confident and beautiful. She's ready for any challenge thrown her way and happy to try new things. Having known her for years I only have good things to say and I can reccomend her wholeheartedly. Keep up the good work Shanshan, you make the world a better place with everything you do.

Veronica Deac


Shanshan is a real professional and her style is definetelly unique and creative. She observes how is your personality and what do you expect from those photos and she makes the best of them. I am so happy to have her as my photographer! 🤩🤩

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Valokuvaaja JyriLaitinen.fi'

#5 Valokuvaaja JyriLaitinen.fi



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Espoo, Finland? Look no further than Valokuvaaja JyriLaitinen.fi, located at Tillinmäentie 3 A 105. With an impressive 5/5 stars rating based on 23 rave reviews, this studio is the go-to destination for all your professional photo shooting needs.

Clients praise JyriLaitinen.fi for not only producing excellent photos but also for the exceptional service provided. One reviewer even mentioned that Jyri, the talented photographer behind the studio, delivered the digital photos on the same day they were taken – an incredibly quick turnaround that left them amazed. Another reviewer highlighted Jyri's service-minded approach, quick responses, thoughtful suggestions, and a well-equipped studio that exceeded their expectations for company photos.

Jyri's professionalism and skill in capturing special moments extend beyond headshots. He has been entrusted with immortalizing Villa Smeds' incredible themed party ensembles for years, showcasing his flexibility and expertise in photography.

Clients also appreciate Jyri's friendliness and ability to make them feel comfortable during the shoot. One reviewer highlighted how Jyri understood their needs and produced a photograph that encapsulated their essence perfectly.

With years of experience and a multitude of satisfied clients, Jyri is a trusted and highly recommended professional photographer. Whether you're in need of headshots or any other photography service, Valokuvaaja JyriLaitinen.fi is the studio to visit in Espoo. Contact Jyri today and experience the exceptional service and outstanding photography that have made him a popular choice among discerning clients.

Pia Mikkola


Such a great guy and photographer; I can warmly recommend to contact Jyri when you need professional photo shooting. Photos are excellent, but the service goes above expectations. He delivered the digital photos during the same day they were taken - just amazing! A big thank you Jyri!

Jens Lindahl


We needed some photos for company purposes, and found Jyri, who is a service minded professional! Very quick response to enquiries, we’ll thought and proactive suggestions and a good studio gave us more than what was expected. Warm recommendations.

Villa Smeds


Jyri is a service professional, responsible for immortalizing Villa Smeds' amazing themed party ensembles for years. Jyri is a friendly person, and a flexible specialist in photography.

Johanna Paronen


I went to Jyr's studio for a photo shoot, the goal was to capture the presence, friendliness and youthfulness of my image, which I think are my strengths. I hadn't met Jyri before and I told him my wishes and the fact that I'm not used to being filmed.

Jyri handled the shooting situation very nicely and professionally. He made me understand what is really essential in a photograph. The result was what I hoped for, a natural image that exuded the qualities I had wanted. It was a pleasure to put a new picture on my website.

A strong recommendation for Jyri's services, he has a wonderful studio that is easy to come to. As a bonus, you will be photographed by the friendly, cheerful and present Jyri.

Mari Niittymaa


Jyri is a very skilled and professional photographer who knows how to take the customer's needs and wishes into account. Over the years, I have already used his services in three shoots and I will certainly continue to use them when the need arises. I can warmly recommend!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Anna Sofia Levander | Photographer & Designer'

#6 Anna Sofia Levander | Photographer & Designer



Looking for the perfect headshot? Look no further than Anna Sofia Levander | Photographer & Designer! Located at Jousenpuistonkatu 8 B 57 in Helsinki, Finland, this headshots studio has garnered an impressive 4.9/5 stars with 17 rave reviews.

When it comes to capturing your best self, Anna Sofia Levander is an expert at making even the most camera-shy individuals feel comfortable and confident. Clients have described their experience as the best they've ever had, as Anna creates a welcoming environment where you can truly enjoy being in the center of attention. Her minimalistic photography style produces authentic, natural, and unique pictures that will surely impress.

Anna's work is not only fresh and inviting; it's also incredibly professional and flexible. She has a knack for understanding her clients' needs, surpassing their expectations, and delivering outstanding results. Her warm and friendly approach ensures that every photoshoot is a pleasant and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

If you're in search of a photographer who will go above and beyond to make you feel great and deliver exceptional work, look no further than Anna Sofia Levander | Photographer & Designer. With a track record of exceeding expectations, this studio is highly recommended by clients who have experienced Anna's talent firsthand. Don't hesitate to book your session and witness the top-notch service and quality that Anna Sofia provides.

Kathrin Boehlke


The best experience I ever had! I usually feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera and Anna made it so easy to really actually enjoy it to be in the center of attention. It was so much fun and the pictures turned out so authentic, natural and unique. I love her minimal photographer style and the way how takes the pictures just at the right moment. I had so much fun that I have done two more shootings with her - one for memories and one for business. I am so happy with my business images that don't look like the typical serious ones you always see, they look like yourself! I cannot recommend her enough! BOOK YOUR SHOOT with her, you will be so in love with the pictures!

Mindy Phillips


Anna's work is fresh, honest, inviting, joyous!



Very professional, flexible and warm, I got exactly what I was looking for. I like how easy she understood what I needed, the results were beyond expected. Thank you! Excellent work, highly recommended

Alicia Elo


Friendly and warmly photographer who showed great interest in making us feel great during the photo shoot highly recommend and will definitely book time again.

Eva Loimukoski


The service, quality of work and results exceeded expectations! I can highly recommend Anna Sofia.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Levin Photography'

#7 Levin Photography



Levin Photography, located conveniently at Unioninkatu 10, 00101 Helsinki, Finland, is a renowned headshots studio that has gained a stellar reputation for its exceptional services. With a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on 10 reviews, Levin Photography is widely praised for its unparalleled professionalism and efficiency.

Levin himself, the talented photographer behind the lens, is lauded for his ability to make every photo session a positive and energizing experience. Clients remark on his proficiency in capturing their best angles and bringing out their natural charm, resulting in high-quality portraits that exceed expectations.

But Levin Photography isn't just limited to headshots; the studio also offers its charming space as a venue for various events. Customers have rented the studio for birthday parties, appreciating the cozy ambiance and unique decorations that lend a special touch to their celebrations.

The outstanding skill and speed of Levin, combined with his ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, have left a profound impact on clients. Many have expressed that their experience at Levin Photography was the best they had ever witnessed, highlighting the unparalleled outcomes and the sheer pleasure of working with an incredibly talented photographer.

Whether you are in need of professional headshots or a remarkable venue for your next gathering, Levin Photography promises an exceptional experience that will exceed your expectations.

Tadios Bosompem Manu


Levin himself handle the process very professionally. It is super efficient and positively energetic especially during the scenes.

Jaakko Ranne


I received an excellent service and high quality portraits! I have never felt that natural being in front of the camera.

Tuomas Jalkanen


Rented the place for a birthday party. Great venue with cozy and unique decoration👍🏼

Jussi Klemetti


Best photographing experience and outcome of the photos I’ve ever witnessed.

Emmi Koskenvesa


I have trusted Omer's handprint in many, many shoots. It's always great and it's always fun to go to the studio. An incredibly skilled, fast and, above all, natural photographer.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Kätlin Kask Photography - Studio'

#8 Kätlin Kask Photography - Studio



Looking for a headshots studio that captures the essence of your personality and brings out your best features? Look no further than Kätlin Kask Photography - Studio, located at Maapallonkuja 2 in Espoo, Finland. With a stellar rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews, this studio has proven itself as a trusted and remarkable choice for professional photography.

Kätlin Kask, a highly talented and skilled photographer, has received overwhelming praise for her work. One satisfied client appreciates the exceptional pictures Kätlin captured at her son's birthday, showcasing her undeniable talent. Another client loved Kätlin's work so much that they expressed their desire to return for more sessions. It's evident that Kätlin knows how to put her clients at ease, especially those who may feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Her friendly and jovial approach, combined with her ability to guide individuals into finding their best angles and expressions, creates a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during the shoot.

Clients have described Kätlin as sympathetic, highly skilled in guiding, and able to produce incredibly successful photos, even for those who are not confident in front of the camera. The positive feedback and accolades continue to pour in, with one client referring to Kätlin as their favorite photographer and expressing their utmost happiness.

Whether you are seeking professional headshots, family portraits, or capturing cherished moments, Kätlin Kask Photography - Studio is ready to exceed your expectations. This remarkable studio comes highly recommended for its exceptional talent, friendly atmosphere, and remarkable results. Don't hesitate to book an appointment and experience the magic for yourself.



She have a very good talent, my sons birthday she have taken a very good pictures, thanks



Nice work, go back again

Vivian Tobreluts


I, for whom it is uncomfortable to be in front of the camera. After the first time, I wanted to go a second time as well. I went again a second time and it wasn't as uncomfortable and I will definitely go again.
Very nice, friendly and jokes to make you smile more😄 shows you all the positions, how to be and where to look. Can guide and communicate with people very well!

Sofia 123


Sympathetic photographer. Good at guiding. I'm not in my comfort zone in front of the camera, but with Kätlin's guidance, my photos turned out to be very successful. I would love to go again :)

sigrid maisla


Favorite photographer! I'm so happy!:)

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Joonas Pöytäniemi'

#9 Joonas Pöytäniemi



Looking to capture your best side? Look no further than Joonas Pöytäniemi's Headshots Studio, an exceptional photography studio located at Meteorinkatu 8 c 37, 02100 Espoo, Finland. With a remarkable rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 7 satisfied customers, Joonas Pöytäniemi is undoubtedly a master of his craft.

Renowned for his professional service and ability to produce incredible photos, Joonas Pöytäniemi guarantees an experience that surpasses expectations. Clients rave about the fantastic value and outstanding customer service that Joonas provides. His expertise in capturing the essence of individuals through his lens is truly extraordinary.

With a strong reputation for delivering excellent photos, Joonas Pöytäniemi's Headshots Studio is the go-to place for anyone seeking high-quality headshots. Whether you are an aspiring professional, actor, model, or simply want to refresh your online profiles, Joonas can perfectly capture your unique personality, making you stand out in a crowd.

Known for his professionalism and artistic vision, Joonas Pöytäniemi works tirelessly to ensure that each client's vision becomes a reality. With his expertise and skill, Joonas creates captivating images that leave a lasting impression.

Don't settle for mediocre headshots; choose Joonas Pöytäniemi's Headshots Studio for an unparalleled photography experience. Book your session today and discover why Joonas continues to receive rave reviews for his craft.

Eero N


Professional service and great photos!

Antti Eriksson


Extremely good value and excellent customer service!

Tuomas Haikonen


Excellent photos from Joonas, cheers.

Tomas Gergov


Professional photos



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