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Welcome to Victoria, Canada, a picturesque city where professional headshot photographers capture your unique essence. Whether you need LinkedIn headshots, professional corporate portraits, or affordable male and female headshots, our city boasts a diverse range of talented studios. Discover top-notch headshot photography studios near you, including our company, BetterPic, offering AI-generated headshots. Choose the perfect option for your needs and make a lasting impression with stunning professional portraits.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'PARK PHOTO STUDIO'




Welcome to Park Photo Studio, your go-to destination for all your photography needs. Located at 705 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8W 1G9, Canada, our studio has earned a stellar reputation, boasting an impressive 4.9/5 rating based on 152 reviews.

One of our standout services is our passport/immigration photo experience, which customers rave about. In just under five minutes and for an affordable price of $20, we guarantee the best passport photo you've ever had. Our expert photographer, Matt, not only works quickly but also ensures professionalism and caters to your specific requirements.

Customers appreciate the personalized attention and care they receive during their sessions. Matt goes the extra mile to ensure your photo comes out perfectly, utilizing his vast knowledge of passport and visa requirements. Whether you need a photo for official documents or personal use, our studio will deliver precisely what you need.

Beyond our exceptional service, what sets us apart is our genuine and kind approach. Our customers often comment on Matt's friendly demeanor and professionalism, making their experience at our studio even more pleasant. We take pride in providing fast and efficient service while maintaining the highest quality and attention to detail.

If you're seeking a reliable and skilled photographer in Victoria, don't hesitate to visit Park Photo Studio. With our fast and friendly service, top-notch results, and exceptional customer satisfaction, we guarantee your experience at our studio will be nothing short of perfect. Book an appointment today and let us capture your best moments.

C Ward


The BEST passport/ immigration photo experience in my life. $20 and took under five minutes. And the pic was the best photo someone has ever taken of me, period. Grateful for his speed and professionalism. I HIGHLY recommend this photo studio for any and all photo need.

Vanessa Dingley


This is the best! Matt is always helpful and takes time to make sure that your photo comes as well as possible. He is also very knowledgeable about various passport and visa requirements, so you always get exactly what you need. I always go here when I need a picture!



He is very kind and professional. I was satisfied with his work. Hard to find a place like this in Victoria. Go if you want great pictures



Fast and friendly service ever! I took my
visa photo within 10mins. He even edited my photo as just perfect. If you looking for a good photographer, do not hesitate to reach out to him. It's just PERFECT 👍👍

Kate Bounceback


Matt was polite, efficient and informative. Great service and speedy result. 10/10 would go here again

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Tak'

#2 Photo Tak



Looking for a top-notch headshot studio in Victoria, BC? Look no further than Photo Tak, conveniently located at 623 Broughton St, Victoria, BC V8W 3J2, Canada. With an impressive 4.9/5-star rating based on 118 reviews, this studio is clearly the go-to choice for many.

What sets Photo Tak apart is their exceptional service and blend of friendliness and professionalism. Their well-equipped studio ensures that every client has an outstanding experience. One customer expressed their gratitude for the owner's generosity, as they were provided with a second photoshoot at no charge after a printing mistake. This kind gesture showcases the business's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customers rave about the quick and efficient service at Photo Tak. Whether it's for passport photos or special occasions like gender reveal parties, this studio ensures a stress-free experience. Clients have been delighted with the high-quality pictures and accommodating staff.

If you're in a rush, don't worry! Photo Tak guarantees swift service, with one customer mentioning being in and out in less than 10 minutes.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the highly recommended Photo Tak. With their excellent service, talented staff, and convenient location, they are sure to capture those perfect shots for any occasion.

Tural Mansimov


I highly recommend Photo Tak for their exceptional service. The friendly and professional staff, combined with the well-equipped studio, created an outstanding experience.

Arvind Tirkey


This is a good photo studio. I came here with my two daughters for passport photos for their passports. We did mention the size but did a mistake and got smaller print. The owner graciously did another photoshoot the next day and he did not charge us for the new sets of photos. This was a good business practice and we love the owner and shop for this kind and helpful gesture. The second time I came here for my passport pic and came early at 8:45 am and waited until 9:15 am but the shop did not open. Clearly the owner was late. I tried calling them but there was no response. So I had to run to other studios and all were closed. I was running out of time so tried at the Bay Center studio next to the Canada passport office and it was done. Owner did call me later and apologized for being late, which I understand. Passport pics are expensive everywhere in Victoria or elsewhere it seems.

Étienne Rodrigue


Got my passport pictures taken there. In and out in less than 10 minutes. Great quality pictures. Staff were friendly and professional. Recommended.

Kiana Taatefi


I have taken many passport photos but this one has been my best experience so far. Professional staff and very accommodating. I was satisfied with my photos that I requested photos for my sisters gender reveal party and could no be happier with the results!

Emma Barker Sharp


Great experience getting my passport photo taken here. I walked in both times and picked up the photo with 15 minutes. Quick and helpful service!

BetterPic: Professional Headshots powered by AI



BetterPic offers state-of-the-art AI-generated professional headshots, providing an affordable and convenient solution for individuals and teams. With 10x affordability compared to traditional photoshoots and local alternatives, BetterPic transcends location constraints, optimizes appearance details, and caters to diverse needs including business, acting, modeling, and LinkedIn headshots.

Try it now to enjoy the convenience, affordability, and superior quality offered by our AI headshots technology.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Regina Akhankina Portrait Couture, Portrait & Boudoir Studio'

#3 Regina Akhankina Portrait Couture, Portrait & Boudoir Studio



Looking for a top-notch photography experience in Victoria, BC? Look no further than Regina Akhankina Portrait Couture, Portrait & Boudoir Studio. With a stellar rating of 5/5 stars based on 87 reviews, this studio has garnered glowing praise from clients for its exceptional service and stunning results.

Led by the talented Regina, who is renowned as one of the best professional photographers in the industry, this studio offers a range of photography services, including portraits and boudoir sessions. From the moment you connect with Regina, you'll feel a sense of ease and comfort, as she takes the time to understand your vision and expectations for the shoot.

Clients rave about the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere at Regina's studio, located at 2050 Rivers Xing, Victoria, BC. The spacious and clean studio is well-organized, ensuring a seamless experience for every client. With a team of skilled makeup artists and stylists, everything from makeup to sets is taken care of, leaving you feeling pampered and fully prepared for your session.

Regina's artistry and creativity shine through in every photo, capturing tasteful yet sassy and elegant moments. Clients have praised her ability to capture their true essence, helping them break through self-confidence barriers and embrace their bodies. Whether you're looking for photos for social media, to share with your family, or simply to celebrate yourself, Regina will deliver exceptional results.

With passion, professionalism, and a keen eye for detail, Regina Akhankina Portrait Couture, Portrait & Boudoir Studio offers a photography experience unlike any other. Book your session today and prepare to be amazed by the artistry and creativity this studio has to offer.

Kristine Culig


Regina of Portrait Couture Victoria is one of best professional photographers that I've worked with. We met through connections and also because she left a comment on my instagram, admiring one of my hand-made crowns. Before my shoot, I had a phone consultation with her – we talked about my expectations for my session, she asked me to visualize what I want out of it and to think and bring outfits that make me feel confident. She told me to prepare for a 4-5 hour fun shoot. I showed up with my luggage on the day of my session, not expecting that I'd get a full royal treatment. I had my own room for the day, full of pretty wardrobe and accessories with a full makeover with Natalie Amber Artistry. Before diving into our shoot, she asked me which side is my good angle and from there, I felt relaxed and confident. I was there for the experience but she has given me so much more– I felt comfortable with my own skin all throughout the shoot–she made me feel adventurous knowing that it's a safe space to completely express myself. And if you feel awkward with your poses, no problem! She will help you how to pose or own your poses. It's the most empowering and fun glam shoot that I've done!

Krick McKay


From the minute I booked my shoot Regina made me feel relaxed and comfortable. Everything was taken care of from the makeup to the sets, it was such a wonderful experience. Im ready to do another one!!

Deborah Gruetzman


Relaxing vibe from the moment I stepped into Regina's home. Her makeup artist was fantastic. She listened exactly to what I wanted and that was a natural look. I wanted to look like me. Regina's studio is very clean and spacious. She is very well organized and I knew exactly what to put on next for each shoot. I wanted some photos taken that I could use on social media or share with my family and friends and they were all exceptional. I highly recommend her and I will be back.

Nicole Caskenette


I had a fabulous time with Regina and her team! The photos were tastefully done while also giving a bit of sass and elegance! She was creative and thorough. I felt very comfortable and at ease which allowed me to push through a few self confidence boundaries that I had. If you are looking to do something to that breaks the mold and allows you to claim acceptance of your body, regardless of age or shape, this is it!!

Gisele Morrow


Highly recommend. Regina was very welcoming and encouraging. She is clearly a skilled photographer and her artistry is evident. Loved the whole experience.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Jon-Mark Photography'

#4 Jon-Mark Photography



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Victoria, BC? Look no further than Jon-Mark Photography, located at 798 Fairview Rd #4. With a stellar perfect 5/5 star rating from 78 rave reviews, it's clear that Jon-Mark Photography is a true gem in the industry.

Clients gush about their experience working with Jon-Mark, praising his phenomenal energy and expertise that instantly puts them at ease. Whether capturing engagement photos or wedding day moments, Jon-Mark goes above and beyond to accommodate his clients' needs. Additionally, his recommendations on timelines and other vendors have proven invaluable.

Jon-Mark's skill, experience, and personable nature shine through in every interaction. From winning a contest for graduation photos to entrusting him with their wedding day, clients become lifelong fans. His ability to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera ensures that each photo session is a joyous and memorable occasion.

Moreover, Jon-Mark's passion, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile set him apart. Clients appreciate his creativity and humor, as well as his dedication to capturing the perfect shot. Whether for professional or personal photography needs, Jon-Mark Photography comes highly recommended.

Don't miss out on the exceptional services provided by Jon-Mark Photography. Book your session today and let Jon-Mark work his magic to create stunning and timeless headshots that will exceed your expectations.

Sam Anderson


Jon-Mark was so phenomenal to work with! His energy and expertise made us feel so at ease with our engagement photos and then our wedding day! He was so accommodating (rescheduling our engagement photos multiple times due to less than ideal weather), and so helpful with recommendations regarding our timeline and other vendors! Family and friends all commented on how amazing he and his partner were during the day. Our photos came out BEAUTIFUL!! We wanted to have candid photos of our wedding day, and the moments and reactions that Jon-Mark captured were incredible! We cannot thank him enough!

Lindsay Kolke


When I was 17 I won a contest on Instagram to get free graduation photos taken by Jon-Mark. After that shoot I knew that I wanted Jon-Mark to shoot my future wedding photos. When planning my wedding 5 years later, I was adamant that Jon-Mark had to shoot my photos. He did not disappoint!
Jon-Mark is not only skilled and experienced in his craft, but he is also extremely personable as well. My husband does not like photos being taken of him, however he felt at ease and more comfortable with Jon-Marks guidance and suggestions.
There really is no other photographer who I would suggest to take your wedding photos; Jon-Mark is just the best.

Andy Renton


I have had the privilege of working with Jon-Mark Photography on many projects, including multiple weddings where I have been the officiant or in the wedding party, and many family photoshoots. We always recommend him and keep coming back to him ourselves. Jon-Mark has always had the capacity to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, and helps add to your special day with his fun and helpful direction. I have also been continually impressed by his constant need to learn more about photography equipment and improve his craft.

I honestly couldn't recommend Jon-Mark any higher. He will be one of the best decisions you make for your special day.

Daniel Salas


Jon-Mark is a great photographer and highly recommended. He is passionate, professional, and personable. He is creative and humourous and will climb things or get down and dirty to capture the perfect angle for that special shot. Jon-Mark has his clients' best interests at heart and goes above and beyond to ensure every photo session is quality time well spent. The greatest thing about working with Jon-Mark is his contagious passion and enthusiasm for photographing the real moments which puts his clients at ease. Jon-Mark takes on a holistic approach to his photography to capture the whole story, from minute details to the main event - he gets it all!

For our engagement and wedding he was super informative, helpful and offered great advice to make sure our day went as smooth as possible. His wonderful personality and sheer excitement for photography makes for a fun and memorable experience with him. Just the time spent taking photos with Jon-Mark is awesome! Add on a myriad of memorable moments captured in crisp vivid colours and/or stylish black and white and you get Jon-Mark, photographer extraordinaire!

Lisha Miller


Jon-Mark is not only an exceptional photographer, he is incredibly friendly, helpful and professional. We recently used him for our team photos, and the only issue we had was picking which ones we wanted to keep, and it was a hard decision! They were all fantastic! I would highly recommend Jon-Mark Photography for both professional and personal photography, you will not be disappointed. We can't wait to work with him again!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Derek Ford Studios'

#5 Derek Ford Studios



Located at 1271 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8V 3R3, Canada, Derek Ford Studios is a headshots studio that has garnered an impeccable reputation, boasting a perfect 5/5 stars with 77 glowing reviews. Derek Ford, the creative genius behind the studio, is praised for his outstanding skills in visual storytelling and brand building. Whether it's professional photoshoots, custom videography projects, or the creation of content assets, Derek understands the essence of a brand and the art of refining, growing, or pivoting it. One reviewer, a marketer, confidently endorses Derek, stating, I would never hesitate to recommend Der. Clients appreciate Derek's professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to capture the energy and tone of their businesses effortlessly. From scouting locations to providing wardrobe recommendations and setting poses, every step of the process is expertly guided. The resulting photographs are not only visually stunning but also reflect the character and essence of the individuals. Derek's friendly and calm demeanor puts clients at ease, making the whole experience enjoyable. Clients also praise the reasonable pricing, with the only downside being limited parking options. With Derek Ford Studios, clients are promised an overall awesome experience and fantastic results that exceed expectations.

Hilary Scott


Derek Ford is an incredible visual storyteller. I’ve worked with Derek in a number of different capacities including professional photoshoots and custom videography projects to an annual contract to build and support the creation of assets for a content library. Derek understands brand and what it takes to build, refine, grow, or pivot a brand. As a marketer I would never hesitate to recommend Derek Ford Studios to anyone who wants a true professional to support their corporate brand, their personal brand, their team, or their content strategy.

Jeffrey Jakobsen


Derek Ford is an absolute pro. Working with Derek to visually capture the energy and tone of my Portfolio Management business was effortless. He guided the process every step of the way. He scouted and booked the location, provided wardrobe recommendations for myself and my team, was quick to set poses, and got quality shots without taking too much time. Derek provided a wide range of proofs to select from for final images and created a repository to pull from in the future. I definitely, and highly, recommend Derek Ford Studios.

Lois Harder


Derek is an outstanding professional who creates beautiful photographs. He ensured that I was well prepared for the session, put me at ease, and communicated promptly and helpfully from start to finish. If you're after a photograph that reflects your character as well as your appearance, Derek delivers.

Nicholas Hein


My experience with Derek was overall awesome.

Derek is nice, friendly, efficient, professional and calm.
The photo that he took are very nice. His retouched photos looks amazing.
The pricing is acceptable.

The only downside is having very limited option to park.

Claire Sarginson, B.A. Realtor


Derek Ford is professional, friendly & and the results of our photo shoot were amazing. Within just a few minutes, I knew we had what we needed for the look I wanted for my branding. Derek is a true talent! I highly recommend him to anyone looking to upgrade their headshot or any other type of photography / portraiture. It was a great experience working with Derek!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Naomi Maya Photography'

#6 Naomi Maya Photography



Naomi Maya Photography is a renowned headshots studio located at #3, 2631 Quadra St #46028, Victoria, BC V8T 5G7, Canada. With an exceptional rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on 74 reviews, Naomi Maya Photography has established itself as a top choice for capturing timeless memories and creating stunning photographs.

Clients rave about Naomi's exceptional communication skills, as she ensures that their expectations are met by providing clear information on what is possible and what is not. In addition to her friendly and approachable nature, Naomi's ability to make her clients feel comfortable during their sessions is highly praised.

One standout feature of Naomi Maya Photography is their quick turnaround time. Many clients were in need of urgent headshots, and Naomi was able to fit them in promptly and deliver the edited photos within just a couple of days. The resulting images perfectly captured the individual essence of each person, as well as the overall group dynamic.

Naomi's talent extends beyond headshots, as she also excels at capturing special moments in various contexts. From surprise proposals to family photoshoots and weddings, Naomi consistently produces amazing work that garners numerous compliments. Her dedication to fulfilling her clients' visions and her commitment to professionalism make Naomi Maya Photography a highly recommended choice for any photography needs.

By choosing Naomi Maya Photography, you can expect nothing short of perfection. With her inviting website and exceptional skills, Naomi is not only an incredible photographer but also a reliable partner in creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Fay Hoefer


My friends and I loved working with Naomi. She was great at communicating and was able to let me know if certain things were possible or not. She is a great and super friendly person and we all felt really comfortable with her. The pictures turned out more than amazing as they will help us always cherish this memory. Thank you so much Naomi.

Alison Love


We needed headshots for several people and needed them stat! Naomi was able to fit us in quickly and had the edited photos in our hands within a couple days. Not only was she super efficient, but the photos turned out perfectly and captured the spirit of each individual and the group. Big thanks to Naomi for her professionalism and for making this process so fun and easy for us. Highly recommend her if you need photos done for any occasion!

Anonymous Anonymous


I'm really not sure where to start because Naomi did such an amazing part in my surprise proposal. She even brought her kids and husband along so that it would look like she was just a regular mom taking pictures of her children. She knew exactly when to give me time to process my thoughts and compose myself. I did not feel rushed at all in our photoshoot and she listened to our visions for the images. We got our pictures so quickly in a couple of days to share with out friends and family. The pictures she took are so natural and beautiful they were not over edited. The pictures reflected the perfection of golden hour. She was the one who recommended we do different scenes. She really went above and beyond. She is a soft spoken and very genuine human being and I really found that our energies matched. I am a very private person so I will only share a few of our pictures just to show you how amazing Naomi's work is. If you need a photographer for a hidden photographer for a proposal like my man did or any other special event, do not hesitate to book this woman! Naomi is a professional and very thoughtful photographer.

Heather W


We have gotten photos through Naomi for a family photoshoot, a fall mini, and our wedding. She is so lovely to work with and produces amazing work. We have gotten so many compliments on our photos! I would highly recommend using Naomi.



Perfection. That’s my hook to keep you reading my review of photographer Naomi Maya. She’s a truly incredible photographer.

Through a series of blunders done by my ‘reluctant to be photographed’ graduating daughter (twice missed appointments with the photography studio hired by her high school, giggle), I needed to find a photographer and through a Google search, I found Naomi’s inviting website.

I sent her a very hopeful message and she responded immediately and with such kindness to my query. Almost immediately a date was booked! As a mum of three, I will always regret not having Naomi photograph my two other children, because the photographs we have of our daughter are breathtaking.

The attention to detail, the consideration given to poses and props and the ease and comfort my daughter felt while being photographed speaks so highly of Naomi’s skill.

I am babbling and I haven’t even described the photos!

Photos were taken both inside and outside and I don’t think I could pick a favourite. As an aside, I showed the outside photos to our hairstylist. Our stylist has been involved in countless photo shoots and she said, hands-down, my daughter’s photos were the best grad photos she had ever seen.

I know that the photos Naomi sent us after the shoot were chosen with such care and the value that we received is incredible. I have already repeatedly recommended her to friends and we would return to Naomi without hesitation.

Apart from being an incredibly talented photographer, she’s just a genuinely warm and kind person that you’re happy to chat with. Thank you, Naomi . What a gift to have these beautiful photos.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Helene Cyr Photography'

#7 Helene Cyr Photography



Helene Cyr Photography is a renowned headshots studio located at 648 Herald St, Studio 303, Victoria, BC V8W 1S7, Canada. With a remarkable 5/5 star rating based on 44 glowing reviews, it is clear that Helene Cyr Photography is a trusted and highly regarded choice for all your photography needs.

Helene Cyr, the talented and experienced photographer, not only possesses immense skill but also exudes a warm and friendly demeanor that puts clients at ease. She goes above and beyond to ensure that every moment is captured in an artistic and genuine way, her work reflecting a perfect blend of creativity and authenticity.

Customers have sung praises for Helene's ability to make even the most camera-shy individuals feel comfortable, resulting in stunning solo portraits that capture their true essence. Her attention to detail, punctuality, and ability to let the images speak for themselves are all attributes that have set Helene apart in her field.

Whether it be your wedding day or any other special occasion, Helene is there to capture the magical and intimate moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. She is known for her ability to tailor her work to meet clients' unique visions and consistently delivers outstanding results.

For those seeking a headshots studio that not only meets but exceeds expectations, Helene Cyr Photography comes highly recommended. Trust Helene to bring your photography visions to life and provide you with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Diego Narvaez


Look no further, Helene is not only an amazingly talented photographer but a lovely human being. We had the great opportunity to share our wedding day with Helene and she captured the day in such a beautifully artistic and genuine way. She blended in with the party and became like a family member. We could not recommend Helene more, wonderful in so many ways! Gracias Helene :)

Hannah Coffey


Hélène was everything we could have asked for from a wedding photographer and much, much more. She was able to capture every moment, in the moment and as a result we have the most wonderful selection of wedding photos.

My husband hated the idea of having his photograph taken, Hélène made him feel at ease and he ended up enjoying his solo photos so much, I think he forgot I was there!

I would highly recommend the very talented and wonderful Hélène!!

Ian Collett


Detail oriented, talented, punctual, and an excellent eye behind the lens. Helene's use of light, her sense of movement, her unobtrusive kind presence on every shoot, her willingness to let the images speak, all make Helene's work catch moments we want to remember.

Marie Franklin


Hélène is an amazingly talented photographer and being a gem of a human is icing on the cake. Hélène photographed our wedding and we could not be more pleased with the special moments she captured. My husband and I travelled from out of the country for our wedding and Hélène was ever so accommodating during the planning. She was absorbed into our big day as one of our guests all while capturing our beautiful day, even making a life long friend with my grandfather. A pleasure to work with, talented photographer and all around wonderful person!

Quantum Yoga Club


Helene is amazing. She consistently provides us with exactly our vision for our shoots. Highly recommended.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Greg Samborski Photography'

#8 Greg Samborski Photography



Welcome to Greg Samborski Photography, a professional headshots studio located at 313 Bessborough Ave, Victoria, BC, Canada. With an outstanding rating of 5/5 stars based on 41 glowing reviews, our studio has established a reputation for excellence and creativity.

At Greg Samborski Photography, we prioritize effective communication and exceptional customer service. From the initial inquiry to the final product, Greg ensures that all your questions are promptly and thoroughly answered. His meticulous planning and attention to detail make the entire process seamless and stress-free.

During your photoshoot, Greg's friendly and approachable demeanor instantly puts you at ease, creating a comfortable atmosphere where you can truly be yourself. His guidance and expertise result in stunning headshots that capture your unique personality and professional image.

Clients have raved about Greg's ability to exceed expectations. Not only does he capture the shots you envision, but he also brings forth creative ideas that you may not have thought of. After the shoot, you have the opportunity to select your favorite images, which Greg skillfully processes and promptly delivers to create beautiful, everlasting memories.

Aside from being a talented photographer and true artist, Greg is known for his friendly and easygoing nature. He ensures that every client feels comfortable throughout the session, making the experience enjoyable and relaxed.

Whether you need a headshot for your business, personal branding, or any other purpose, Greg Samborski Photography is the trusted choice. Contact us now to schedule your session and let us capture your best self.

Kalvin Lim


From the very beginning, Greg demonstrated excellent communication skills, ensuring that all our questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. His meticulous planning and attention to detail made the entire process seamless and stress-free.
During the shoot, Greg's friendly and approachable demeanor instantly put us at ease, creating a comfortable atmosphere where we could be ourselves. His guidance and creative vision were invaluable, resulting in stunning photographs that captured the true essence of our love and the captivating charm of Seoul.

The final images exceeded all our expectations. Each photo was a masterpiece, showcasing not only the beauty of the surroundings but also the genuine emotions we shared. Greg's talent for capturing the perfect lighting, angles, and compositions truly brought our love story to life.

I highly recommend Greg's photography services to anyone in search of a talented and dedicated photographer in Seoul. His passion for his craft, attention to detail, and ability to capture precious moments are truly exceptional. Thank you, Greg, for providing us with timeless memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.



Greg was absolutely amazing to work with. He made sure to get the shots we knew we wanted while also coming up with great ideas we hadn't thought of. We got to choose our favorites from what he took, then he processed and sent them to us. We have some of the most beautiful memories that we can hold onto forever and we couldn't be more grateful for the care he took.

Anna Sterloff


Greg is a very talented photographer and a true artist! I came across his photo studio as a recommendation of my friend who was also very satisfied with Greg’s work. I was looking to have my business headshot. I ended up with a lot of great options I had hard time to pick from. Greg is not only a great professional, but he is also a very friendly and easygoing person. He made sure I feel comfortable and look very natural on all the photos. He built a pretty easy and a user friendly process to prepare you for a photo session, by giving a lot of good tips and explanations ahead of time. I would strongly recommend Greg to my friends and colleagues and will be back myself for a social media content.

Craig Wonders


Greg was extremely professional and easy to work with. I needed a headshot done for work (with a white background and some other specifications) which Greg was easily able to accommodate at his home studio. He replied to my first email quickly and fit me in on Sunday (I first contacted him on Wednesday) before he was flying out of town on Monday.

Since the headshot was fairly quick/easy we also played around and did some other fun shots which he provided to me too without any extra charges.

It was a great experience working with Greg! I'd definitely work with him again and highly recommend him to anyone who needs their own professional photos!

Kelsey Hotle


The most important thing to share about my experience with Greg is that the pictures he took are absolutely gorgeous. He does his research and has really fun and original ideas regardless of the location. Another important detail to know about Greg is that he is outgoing and manages to joins in to the party. Thanks to this, you forget that photos are being taken and enjoy yourself while he is nonchalantly capturing the most special moments. Finally, I must mention that my brother's wedding was 5 years ago and despite this, he was able to fulfill my request to access the photos digitally. If only I would have known about Greg when I was getting married. His photos are top notch.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'KGOODPHOTO'




Looking for the perfect headshots studio in Victoria, BC? Look no further than KGOODPHOTO! With a stellar reputation and a 5/5 star rating from 34 reviews, KGOODPHOTO is the go-to destination for exceptional photography services.

Led by the talented and personable photographer, Kelsey, this studio excels in capturing unforgettable moments. Visitors rave about Kelsey's ability to guide and direct them, ensuring stunning poses and a relaxed environment throughout the entire process. Not only does Kelsey help with choosing the perfect location, but she also goes above and beyond to deliver breathtaking images.

Clients particularly appreciate Kelsey's commitment to providing a lifetime experience. She has been described as the best photographer ever, offering impeccable service and creating magic in every shot. From weddings to branding shoots, Kelsey's expertise shines through in every project.

But KGOODPHOTO isn't just about capturing moments; it's also about teaching others to capture their own magic. Kelsey offers exciting Lens Lessons, where she shares her skills and knowledge, turning ordinary photos into works of art. Students rave about Kelsey's infectious enthusiasm and hands-on learning experience.

If you're in Victoria, BC or planning a visit, make sure to visit KGOODPHOTO at their conveniently located studio on 1322 Broad St d. Whether you're in need of headshots, wedding photography, or an incredible learning opportunity, KGOODPHOTO is the place to be. Book your session today and experience the artistry and professionalism that makes KGOODPHOTO truly exceptional.

Melissa Dwyer


Kelsey was great! We visited the BC area and she was able to capture some of our moments. I would recommend her to anyone. She helps with poses, gave us direction, and helped with picking a place since we aren’t from the area. It was a very relaxing environment with her taking the pictures. The pictures came out lovely. If you ever come to the states, we would love to get pictures done again.

Tiffany Hill


Kelsey is the best photographer we've ever worked with. She's personable, kind, reliable, and deeply committed to creating a life time experience. She went above and beyond and was of absolute service to us on our wedding day (and weeks thereafter). Thank you Kelsey!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND-there's actually no one we would recommend more.

Nikki P


By far the best photographer I've ever seen. Kelsey and her team shot my sister's wedding and all three were such a delight, they made everyone comfortable while getting their photo taken and made sure to get all the unexpected shots as well. Kelsey was able to capture the magic of the day so the whole family can enjoy it for years to come. She has a talent for turning any moment into a piece of Art you will want to hang on your wall. She is the only photographer anyone in our family will hire.

Daphne Patterson


Kelsey is an all-star! I had the pleasure of working with her on my branding shoot and I could not have been more impressed. I knew she was great, but having her actually direct me while I was in front of the camera, making me feel confident and beautiful and elegant, was a different thing altogether. She truly created an experience. An experience where I was made to feel completely at ease and comfortable. She was highly professional while also fun, witty and made me laugh all through the shoot. Her communication and support prior to, and following the shoot were and have been of the highest calibre. I couldn't be happier with my images, with the experience of working with her, and I look forward to doing it again when the time comes! Thank you Kelsey, you've taken my brand to all kinds of next levels :)

Most recently, Kelsey and her wonderful team shot my sisters wedding and WOW! Hire her for your wedding! The shots are absolutely out of this world and they were such a delight to have at the wedding. I literally couldn’t be more impressed. So much talent!!

Anna Braunizer


Participating in Kelsey's Lens Lessons is a joy - her enthusiasm is infectious and the hands-on learning and missions make learning fun! She has tons of knowledge and shares skills with you for turning your photos into magic. The fact that she deeply cares about what her students learn comes through in her lessons. I highly recommend taking courses from Kelsey to develop your skills and grow. I can't wait for future courses

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