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Welcome to Vaughan, a vibrant city in Canada that is home to a thriving community of professional headshot photographers. Whether you're in need of professional corporate headshots, LinkedIn headshots, or simply looking for cheap yet high-quality headshots near you, Vaughan has got you covered. Our curated list of local studios showcases talented photographers specializing in male and female headshots, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. While we, BetterPic, offer AI-generated headshots, we are not associated with any specific studio. Explore the options and choose the best professional portraits that resonate with your unique style and personality.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Fable Studios'

#1 Fable Studios



Welcome to Fable Studios, the premier headshots studio located at 8201 Weston Rd #3, Vaughan, ON L4L 1A6, Canada. With an outstanding rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 672 reviews, we pride ourselves on providing professional, comfortable, and fun experiences for all our clients.

At Fable Studios, we specialize in boudoir photo shoots and offer exceptional services that will leave you feeling like a superstar. Our team of talented professionals, including our bubbly and outgoing hair and makeup artists, are dedicated to giving you the exact look you desire. They will work closely with you to ensure your vision is brought to life flawlessly.

From the moment you step into our studio, you will feel relaxed and at ease. Our knowledgeable and professional photographers will guide you throughout the entire experience, from beginning to end. Their expertise will ensure that your photos exceed your expectations.

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service, treating each client with respect and kindness. Our friendly and accommodating staff will make your experience with us unforgettable. Whether it is your first time doing a photo shoot or you're a seasoned pro, we guarantee that you will leave our studio feeling over the moon.

If you're searching for photography and fine art needs, look no further than Fable Studios. Our team will meet and exceed your expectations, capturing the essence of your beauty in stunning photographs. Come visit us and see why our clients rave about their experiences with us.

Samantha Hill


My experience with Fable Studios was professional, comfortable, and so much fun. My first time doing a photo shoot Boudoir style, and the experience made me feel like a superstar. The hair and makeup lady (wish I remembered her name) was bubbly, outgoing, and gave you exactly the look you were searching for. The photographer was knowledgeable, professional, and made the entire experience from beginning to end very empowering and comfortable. You do not have to be worried about not knowing how to pose or anything, they got you. They have props for you to borrow and they let you do whatever you are most comfortable with. When going to choose photos I wanted printed, their theatre room gives you a full size photo viewing experience. They were very helpful in helping with the selection. Their communication via phone and email was very good as well. I cannot say enough good things about my experience. Highly recommend!!

Danielle Fulton


I recently did a boudoir photo shoot at Fable Studios, and couldn't be more pleased with how everything went.

When I first got there I was nervous and not really sure what to expect. But after meeting with the staff they made me feel so relaxed. I first got my hair and make-up done, we talked about what look I was going for as I normally don't tend to wear a lot of make-up and she totally nailed it.

The photographer and her assistant were amazing. I had never done anything like this before but they were able to calm my nerves which made being in front of the camera so much easier. She even helped pick out my outfits for the different scenes and took the time to get me into the perfect pose.

The whole experience was amazing. I would highly recommend Fable Studios to my family and friends. It was one of the most empowering things I have ever done, and the photos they look amazing. I believe that every woman needs to a boudoir shoot at least once. The experience has made me feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin. Thank you to the amazing team at Fable Studios.

Sheranda Humphries


I would 100% recommend going to Fable studios for all your photography and fine art needs,. My experience was better than I could have imagined, they met my expectations and beyond. I went and did a boudoir shoot and the team was great from start to finish. I went in nervous and came out feeling over the moon!

The day of the photoshop, The makeup artist and hairstylist Michelle did an amazing job at making me look like a star and truly pampering me.

The photographer Maria was amazing! She was patient and assisted me in poses and continuously boosted my confidence and hyped me up from start to finish

When I went back the following week for the viewing session and to meet with Andrew I was welcomed, and the whole experience viewing the photos was empowering, and such a fun time! I was so happy with the photos and ended up buying 25 of them as I was so in love with the way they captured me!

I was truly shocked to see myself this way as they did an amazing job at making me feel confident and allowed me to see myself in a new light I never thought I would. This has been a truly beautiful and remarkable experience and I can’t wait to pick up my final artwork.

Thank you to the Fable studios team that I worked with, and even those that I didn’t work with as they were all pleasant and welcoming! Thank you for all that you do from start to finish!

I recommend Fable studios, for anyone looking to feel confident, and have beautiful high quality artwork produced! You truly will feel VIP and You won’t regret it :)

Geraldine Cassibo


I recently had the pleasure of working with Fable. And from beginning to end my experience was amazing. I was treated with respect and kindness from the first moment. The makeup artist/hair artist was amazing and did such a great job. The photographer was kind and comforting and made me feel really good and at ease during the session. Everyone I spoke to via email or phone was pleasant and knowledgeable. The boudoir photo shoot was completely out of my comfort zone but everyone involved made me feel super comfortable and relaxed. I recently picked up my pictures and they are absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend Fable to anyone and I look forward to hopefully working with them in the future again

Samantha Seewald


If I could give Fable Studios 10 stars. I would!!! As soon as you walk in, everyone makes you so comfortable and feel so welcomed!
The makeup artists and photographers are absolutely fantastic. I could not have asked for a better experience because it honestly couldn't have been any better!!!!

Everyone should do a boudoir shoot at least once in their life. The team made me feel so comfortable, which is very difficult for someone with a low self-esteem like myself.

I would absolutely do this again and recommend everyone do it!!!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'STUDIObyU - Self Portrait Studio'

#2 STUDIObyU - Self Portrait Studio



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Thornhill, Canada? Look no further than STUDIObyU - Self Portrait Studio! With a perfect 5-star rating and 544 glowing reviews, this studio is the go-to destination for professional photography.

Customers rave about their experiences at STUDIObyU. One reviewer mentioned their fantastic time taking pictures with their dogs, praising the friendly and patient demeanor of owner Ken. Another customer highlighted the owner's expertise and helpfulness during their content photography session, describing it as an amazing experience.

At STUDIObyU, you'll find two photography rooms, including the versatile Soul Room with changeable color backdrops. The owner, Ken, goes above and beyond to ensure that customers have a wonderful time. He accommodates late arrivals and provides ample time for sessions. Customers appreciate his clear instructions and valuable photography tips to maximize their experiences.

Although the studio may be a bit hidden in the mall, Ken and his team are readily available to assist you in finding the location. Along with excellent service, customers also praise the well-propped studio, great lighting, and beautiful prints.

It's clear that STUDIObyU - Self Portrait Studio is the place to go for an outstanding photography experience. Whether you need headshots, content photography, or just want to capture special moments, this studio will exceed your expectations. Make your appointment today and create stunning portraits at 7181 Yonge St Unit 151, Thornhill, ON L3T 0C7, Canada.

Chinnie Wong


We had such a great time taking pictures with our dogs! I loved all the pics we took! It was so nice that they even printed out a few of our favourites. Ken was very friendly, helpful, and patient..he never rushed us when we had to choose 4 of our favourite pictures to print. =) I would definitely recommend this studio and would love to come back to take more pictures!

Trippin Along


I went to this studio a few weeks ago with my girls for some content photography. I cant say enough amazing things about this studio! first of all the owner Ken is simply a God send! He is very knowledgeable about photography, he is incredibly helpful and he made our session so great! This studio feature 2 photography rooms, the soul room, has a variety of changeable colour backdrops and the infinity room has a white infinity wall with white movable pillar.

Each room is equipped with a high end DSLR camera situated on an adjustable desk. There is top of the line lighting so every photo comes out looking top notch. they rooms also both have cute props.

I have such a great experience at STUDIObyU. I recommend this studio and I will definitely be back soon!

Jessica Tanudjaja


We went to celebrate a friend's birthday and we had an absolutely wonderful time! The owner was so kind and accommodating despite us running late for our booking. He gave us ample time to complete our session and also clearly explained how the room works along with some tips and tricks to make the most out of our experience.

It took us a bit of time to get comfortable with the unique situation but after a bit of time, we got the hang of it and had a lot of fun coming up with poses and compositions for our photos.

The customer service here is beyond amazing! After our session, the owner allowed us to peek and look at the other studio option and clearly explained the differences of the room. Honestly it was a fantastic experience to begin with but the customer service really pushed it over the edge - Highly recommend!

Claire Santos


This was such a fun experience. Came here with my boyfriend to take some photos.

We had some trouble locating the studio since it is a bit hidden in the back of the mall. However, we called the studio and the owner Ken helped us find the place.

Ken was super kind and informative about the whole process. It was easy to take photos here especially with the provided remote. We paid for room infinity and we got to take unlimited photos during our booked session. At the end of the shoot, we got a copy of all of our original photos as well as a two 4 photo collages and some individual photos to take home.

Overall a great experience and I’m so happy we were able to visit this place! Definitely a unique experience worth trying!



my best friend and i visited the studio today and everything about our experience was nothing short of amazing. the studio was well propped, the lighting was great, our prints came out beautiful, and ken was super accommodating. the photoshoot was a special event for my friend and i and ken's kindness and service made it all the more special. thank you ken, for making our experience 100x better. i'm sure i'll remember this experience for years to come. definitely coming back!

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'GSR Studio Inc'

#3 GSR Studio Inc



GSR Studio Inc, located at 41 Asner Ave, Maple, ON L6A 0W6, Canada, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has garnered a stellar reputation in the industry. Boasting a remarkable 5/5 stars with 509 glowing reviews, GSR Studio has become a go-to destination for capturing memorable moments.

Elina and Greg, the masterminds behind GSR Studio, are a dynamic team renowned for their exceptional talent, professionalism, and patience. Their expertise in newborn photography, along with their meticulous attention to detail, ensures that every cherished moment is beautifully preserved. Clients have expressed their awe upon seeing their stunning pictures displayed in their homes, a testament to the unmatched quality delivered by GSR Studio.

What sets GSR Studio apart is their commitment to meeting the unique needs of each family. They go above and beyond to capture the essence of their clients, ensuring that every individual and loved one is portrayed in the best possible way. The studio's creativity, effectiveness, and accommodation have left customers amazed and grateful.

Clients have appreciated the variety of props, backgrounds, and costumes available at GSR Studio, making every photoshoot a truly exceptional experience. From newborns to family portraits, GSR Studio offers a range of services that cater to various photographic needs.

If you're tired of being disappointed with generic family portraits, GSR Studio is the solution for you. With their professional and welcoming approach, clients feel right at home during the photoshoot. The result? Captivating and breathtaking pictures that surpass expectations.

In a market saturated by mediocre studios, GSR Studio promises an unparalleled experience. They have not only transformed the photography landscape in Maple but have also reimagined the way families capture their most precious moments. Choose GSR Studio for a truly unforgettable photography experience that will leave you in awe.

Sabby G


This review has been a year coming but finally, it's here.

After much online research, we decided to go with GSR studio for our newborn photo and there has been no regrets. Elina and Greg, what a team! The professionalism, patience, and talent on the duo is unmatched. Our pictures came out perfect. Our visitors are awed by them when they see them in our home. The 2hr drive to get there with a newborn seemed crazy at the time, but it was well worth it. Thank you both.

Swaathy K


Elina and Gregory are phenomenal in their craft and catered to my family’s needs tremendously. They are both meticulous and go above and beyond to capture you and your loved ones in the best way possible.

Shelly ke


GSR studio is incredible. For our firstborn, I did a cake smash with a different studio in the area and I was not happy with it. For my second child, I went with GSR and the difference between the studios blew my mind. I got a lot more props, backgrounds and photos from GSR than from the other place. They were very creative, effective pleasant and accommodating. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional photographers.

Lauren MacCallum


So happy we chose GSR for our newborn photos! I looked at a lot of different options, and liked the variety here the best. My husband and I couldn't have been happier with how professional the experience was and all of the different costume and prop choices. A total 'wow!!' and big thank you from us!

Sharley Hipp


I cannot tell you how much I am thankful for GSR Studio. I’ve always gone to Walmart to do family portraits which most of the time I was disappointed of how the came out, till I found Elina. Such professionalism, she made me and my family feel right at home. The shoot was so fun, I felt like I could do this forever. I was so happy with the pictures I couldn’t even believe I was looking at the same people in them. Highly recommend her to anyone. Will definitely be going back .😊

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'STUDIO 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY'




Looking for a top-notch photography studio that will capture your best moments with utmost professionalism? Look no further than STUDIO 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY, located at 8740 Jane St #7, Concord, ON L4K 0E7, Canada. With an exceptional rating of 5 out of 5 stars from a total of 333 reviews, this studio has proven to be a customer favorite.

When you step into STUDIO 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY, you'll be warmly greeted by Shawn, a dedicated professional who goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether it's selecting the perfect shot or providing professional retouching services, Shawn's attention to detail never disappoints.

Clients have raved about their experiences, highlighting the studio's modern and well-equipped setting. They have praised Sean's patience and ability to bring out the best in each individual, be it for graduation photos, passport shots, or family portraits. Parents of young children in particular have commended Sean's sincere and patient approach, making family sessions a breeze.

Not only does STUDIO 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY provide exceptional service, but it also offers a comfortable and creative environment that keeps clients coming back for more. Whether you're in need of professional headshots, family portraits, or specialized shots like baby passport photos, this studio has got you covered. Don't miss the opportunity to capture beautiful memories at STUDIO 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY.

njveet nj


I recently had the pleasure of visiting STUDIO 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY, a remarkable photo studio. I was warmly greeted by Shawn, who provided exceptional assistance throughout my visit. His dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in the outstanding service I received. Shawn even offered me the opportunity to select the best shot from my session to have it professionally retouched for an enhanced result.

Overall, my experience at the studio was delightful, and I highly recommend it to others. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service and the quality of the photographs. Please do consider visiting STUDIO 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY for a memorable and satisfying photography experience. Navi

Hang Tang


We just had a wonderful experience with Sean in his modern and well equipped studio to take the grad photos for my son. Sean is a very professional photographer who pays a lot of attention to details. He worked nicely and patiently with all of us to make sure we had high quality pictures. My family has been a loyal customer of Sean for years and he has been always perfect.

Haiyan Li


To take passport photos for my son, I was lucky enough to meet Sean through a friend's recommendation. He is a very professional photographer. He was nice and patient, and soon had a common topic with my son, and the effect of the photos exceeded my expectations. His studio is warm, comfortable, creative, and I had a wonderful experience during the 20 minute wait. In the end, he also gave a calendar of a basketball star with the same name as my son. My son was very pleasantly surprised! I will come again next time and recommend it to my friends.

Tayfun Suren


Sean was great! Very patient and sincere especially with a toddler. We had a great family photo session with Sean highly recommend him.

Jason Rivarola


In short, amazing! Needed a baby passport photo for our newborn, which is almost difficult to find any place who will want to do it, let alone have any equipment to support. Sean was able to book me in same day, at a reasonable rate and capture the perfect shotfor our child's first passport photo. The space was clean, quiet and just the perfect setting for family photos. Will definitely be coming back for some family photos.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Justine Apple Photography'

#5 Justine Apple Photography



Located at 8777 Dufferin St #41, Thornhill, ON L4J 8W3, Canada, Justine Apple Photography is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has garnered a stellar reputation for its exceptional services. With an impressive rating of 5 out of 5 stars from 160 reviews, it is evident that Justine Apple Photography goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients' needs.

Justine, the talented photographer behind the lens, is known for her perfect blend of professionalism and an easy-going nature. Clients appreciate her ability to connect with subjects, making the photography session both enjoyable and relaxed. Whether it's capturing candid moments or posed shots, Justine's incredible eye for detail ensures each photograph is a true work of art.

Customers repeatedly commend Justine for her exceptional work and dependability. She has the remarkable talent to capture moments that even go unnoticed by clients, further attesting to her remarkable skills as a photographer. Moreover, Justine's ability to calm nerves and make clients feel at ease during the photoshoot has received high praise. Many individuals who typically feel camera shy have commended her for making them feel comfortable, resulting in natural and spontaneous smiles.

If you are seeking a headshots studio that combines professionalism, exceptional skills, and a comfortable environment, Justine Apple Photography is the perfect choice. Whether it's for a bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, or any other event, Justine will produce incredible photos that will exceed your expectations. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Justine Apple Photography – your go-to studio for capturing those special moments.

Rachel Silver


We had a wonderful experience with Justine. She is the perfect combination of easy going and professional. My kids really responded to her cues, and she made a marathon bat mitzvah photo session fun! Of course, the photos speak for themselves.

marilyn sinclair


I have hired Justine Apple many times and she always delivers exceptional work! She is 100% dependable and a pleasure to work with. Moreover, with a simple briefing she jumps into action, capturing moments that I didn’t even know occurred. I recommend her without reservation!

Iris Fischer


We had an amazing experience working with Justine for our son's bar mitzvah. Not only did she produce incredible photos, both posed and candids, but the whole process was smooth from start to finish. Justine was a pleasure to work with on an emotional and sometimes stressful day, and made all of our family and friends feel comfortable too. I can't wait to work with her for our next event!

Doan Tran


Justine took amazing photos! And she totally helped calm my nerves which were spiked sky high with the anxiety I have being in front of a camera for a photoshoot. I would totally recommend Justine Apple Photography. The photos she took turned out great!

Fi Ana


I really enjoyed my experience at Justine apple photography. As someone who normally feels camera shy and uncomfortable during photoshoots, Justine really helped me feel at ease which made my smile look spontaneous and natural. Highly recommend.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'F10 Studio'

#6 F10 Studio



Welcome to F10 Studio, a top-rated headshots studio located at 167 Applewood Crescent Unit 15, Vaughan, ON L4K 4K7, Canada. With an impressive 5/5 star rating based on 154 reviews, F10 Studio has gained a well-deserved reputation for excellence in their field.

Customers rave about the exceptional quality and professionalism they experienced at F10 Studio. From weddings to birthday parties and maternity shoots, their team goes above and beyond to create a memorable and outstanding experience for every client. The F10 Studio staff are praised for their attention to detail, patience, and ability to bring out the best in every individual.

Clients particularly admire F10 Studio's ability to provide a whole production experience, complete with assistants and behind-the-scenes videos. The team's friendly and inspiring vibes help create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during each session.

Not only does F10 Studio excel in customer service, but they also deliver outstanding photographic results. Customers have been thrilled with the beautiful photos, excellent quality, and meticulous editing provided by the studio.

If you're looking for a headshots studio that offers an unparalleled experience and stunning results, look no further than F10 Studio. Their outstanding customer reviews and dedication to excellence make them a top choice in Vaughan. Book your session with F10 Studio and discover the difference for yourself.

K Stephenson


I know first hand that F10 isn't the cheapest of there but you CERTAINLY get what you pay for! They are amazing! A whole production even with assistants!! I would use them again if I could do it all over again! We hired F10 for our wedding, even though we haven't received our pics/videos yet because it's only been a couple days, we are beyond happy with everything! So many of our guests have asked who they were because they were so impressed!

To F10...All of you were so professional, kind, everywhere but not in the way at the same time lol, you guys definitely knew what you were doing! Thank you for being patient with drunk people, thank you for pivoting and doing everything for us to have beautiful pictures even though we didn't get to go to the park, thank you for making people laugh and helping us to be comfortable in front of the camera. Just thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

You took 2 people who don't like the spot light, put us in the spot light and helped us to feel comfortable the entire time! You guys are truly amazing!!! 😍

Ogehenekevwe Omologe


I had opportunity to shoot with F10 studios for my birthday party. The session was amazing! Such an outstanding team with great vibes and inspirations. From shooting beautiful photos, to capturing behind the scenes videos, to the music on vibes etc everything was great! They were also very responsive, patient and understanding. I look forward to future sessions with the team! Thank you F10 studios team!

Priska Alex


Its always a great time working with Michael. From my pre-wedding shoot to my wedding and now my maternity shoot. Michael makes session personable and pays attention to details. I will recommend f10 anytime any day.

Olabimpe Tejuoso


I had a fantastic picture session experience with the f10 team, it was thrilling and I had a great time while working with them. They helped me with my poses, provided excellent customer service right from start and even assisted me with getting the makeup artist booked as well. The photos turned out so beautifully, with excellent quality and editing. I would definitely book again and also recommend because they truly care about their clients ❤️.

Tolu O


We had an amazing experience. Every staff we encountered were professional. Cynthia was really sweet. Micheal was patient with us (didn't charge the late fee lol). Our pictures also came out beautiful. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'LBL Studio'

#7 LBL Studio



Introducing LBL Studio, the premier headshots studio located at 150 Connie Crescent Unit 8, Concord, ON L4K 1L7, Canada. With a stellar reputation, this studio has received a remarkable 5 out of 5 stars from a whopping 99 reviews.

Clients rave about the fantastic work and incredible friendliness of the team at LBL Studio. They make every individual feel like family, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Whether they captured wedding photos or family portraits, customers have been delighted with the final product. With over 10 years of experience, Tony and his team are experts in their field.

Professionalism, fun, intelligence, and skill are just a few words that clients use to describe Tony and his team. Highly recommended, LBL Studio provides top-notch service and support to their customers.

With a portfolio that speaks for itself, LBL Studio has become a favored vendor for weddings and other special occasions. Their ability to capture moments and personalities flawlessly has earned them a reputation as the dream team of photographers.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with LBL Studio. Visit their website and discover why they are the go-to studio for all your headshot needs.

Rebecca MacBride


Fantastic work!! Incredibly friendly, they make you feel like family. Little Blue Lemon did our wedding photos back in 2013, we loved them then and 10 years later we had them take our family photos with all our kiddos. Tony and his team are just a dream to work with, very comfortable and kind to work with and the final product is just outstanding!! They will forever be our photographers!

Pino Addesa


Tony and his team are professional, fun, intelligent and simply put they are great at what they do. Highly recommended. Thank you for your help and support Tony.

Leah Schwartz


I had a family photo shoot done with Tony and the little blue lemon team. They were extremely professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. We loved the pictures and would definitely use them again in the future!

Elissa Meleca


Little Blue Lemon has been such a great vendor to have on our wedding roster. We met them at a wedding a show and they also came highly recommended. They had my family in tears laughing at the wedding show and I knew right there, these were the type of people we wanted around on our special day. Their portfolio and experience speaks for itself! Check out their website!

Meeting with Tony and learning about the packages was a breeze and the engagement shoot was so much fun! When the pandemic hit and we needed to reschedule our wedding, they were understanding and so accommodating! These are the types of people you want on your team! We have no idea what is going to happen going forward, but we know that Little Blue Lemon will do whatever they can to work with us.

If you are looking to be around great people with tons of experience, look no further. We can't wait to have them capture our special day, whenever that will be!

Avigayil Basser


Tony and Danielle are talented photographers and your dream team to knock it out of the park every time. From our wedding to family photos years later we're incredibly thankful for how well they capture the moments and personalities so perfectly.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Mark Lupescu Photography'

#8 Mark Lupescu Photography



Are you in need of professional headshots that truly capture your personality and highlight your best features? Look no further than Mark Lupescu Photography, located at 601 Magnetic Dr #6 in Toronto, ON. With a stellar reputation and a 5-star rating from 40 satisfied customers, Mark Lupescu Photography is the go-to studio for all your headshot needs.

Customers rave about Mark's exceptional photography skills and his ability to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience. He is praised for being professional, polite, and easy to work with. Many clients also appreciate his affordable pricing and the quick and reliable turnaround service he provides.

Mark's expertise in capturing the essence of each individual is truly remarkable. He is known for his patience, perfectionism, and his keen eye for the perfect shot. Whether you're a professional looking to update your corporate headshots or an aspiring actor in need of headshots that will help you stand out in auditions, Mark Lupescu Photography is sure to deliver outstanding results.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Mark Lupescu Photography is your trusted partner in creating high-quality headshots that will propel your career to new heights. Contact Mark today to schedule your session and experience the difference for yourself.

Gita Kandel


Mark is the best photographer I have ever worked with! Professional, polite, affordable, fun to work with, reasonably priced..will definitely be using his services again.

Hassan Tariq


Mark is an excellent photographer that knows the world as it truly is. He is a professional for every shot and every edit made. My first time taking headshots and mark was very patient with me. I Would recommend him to anyone I know. Thanks Mark for being so hospitable.

sheliza jetha


Working with Mark has been fantastic. He was able to accommodate my needs and attended one of my team meetings where we arranged for a professional headshot of each employee in my team. Mark was extremely patient with each person and provided quick and reliable turn around service. Many times I have asked Mark to meet individual employees on a rush basis. He has always tried his best to accommodate to their schedule. He provides an extremely fair rate and delivers every time. I highly recommend him. Thanks Mark!!!

Harrish Sinnadurai


Mark is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he extremely professional, he is also down to earth and ensures that his clients needs are met. He takes his time to ensure that he gets the perfect results. I personally consider Mark the best in the industry and I would recommend Mark to anyone.

Alex Fedortsov


Recently have used Mark's services for headshot pictures.
Absolutely loved the result, it has come out exactly as I wanted.

Mark has a great eye for that perfect shot and endless desire for perfection.

I have really enjoyed working with him on my headshot.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'David Amoils'

#9 David Amoils



Are you looking for a top-notch headshots studio that captures your best angles and showcases your personality? Look no further than David Amoils Photography, conveniently located at 72 Doncaster Ave, Thornhill, ON L3T 1L3, Canada. With an impressive 4.6/5 stars rating based on 34 reviews, this studio is known for their exceptional service and stunning photography.

David Amoils, an incredibly talented photographer, has garnered praise from numerous clients for his amazing skill set and ability to capture unforgettable moments. Whether you're seeking headshots, newborn photos, or a family portrait, David's expertise and patience are guaranteed to leave you in awe.

Despite his exceptional talent, some clients have mentioned concerns about pricing, particularly the additional cost for high-resolution digital pictures. However, the majority of reviews highlight David's professionalism, outstanding customer service, and ability to work with high-spirited children and newborns.

David's familiarity with capturing precious moments of babies is also highly praised, highlighting his commitment to quality and his expertise in bringing out the best in every photo. Even during a pandemic, he goes above and beyond to accommodate his clients, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, David Amoils Photography is a delightfully exceptional choice for your photography needs. Whether you're seeking professional headshots, newborn photos, or family portraits, David's talent, professionalism, and ability to capture beautiful moments make him the perfect choice. Don't hesitate to visit his studio and experience the magic firsthand.

Atifa Mahmoodi


Sweet couple. Excellent sellers and sales strategy. I was initially signed up for 30 minutes free photography with one printed picture included and I ended up paying over 350$ for some more pictures. Quite overpriced. Don’t like the idea of paying separately for high resolution digital pictures 😩

Ravjot Sandhu


David is an amazing photographer. Cannot write but good things about him. Went to do my new born photo shoot with him and he blew us away. His skill set and patience and ability to catch the moments the way he does is excellent.

Emily Aloi


Very impressed with David’s work! He was amazing with my high spirited 2 year old and newborn. Even during a pandemic, he was accommodating and patient. He did everything he could to get our daughter to smile. He cracked jokes which made us comfortable and didn’t rush! We are definitely coming back again and recommending him to family and friends! His photos are amazing and his customer service is phenomenal!

zoya zahedpakzad


It has been over 2 years that we met these nice and kind couple, I wrote a review 2 years ago with my business account and I closed my account last month so all my reviews were deleted, I want to take a moment and re-write my review again for DAVID AMOLIS Photography,
David is so wonderful to work with. he is VERY professional with his baby communication skills from the first session. our new born babies are not quiet ones, my husband and I are always nervous and anxious about the poses but David and Zen are very patient and trying to make everyone calm and comfortable in front of camera. I had maternity session for my both babies with him and he captured so many beautiful pictures. now we started 12 months plan for my second baby. thank you so much David for capturing the best moments in our life! you are awesome!
would highly recommend David to all Mom to be!

Shary/Lan Ding


David is very familiar with taking baby photos and cares about the quality of his pictures.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Zodiac Photography'

#10 Zodiac Photography



Zodiac Photography, located at 133 Newport Square, Thornhill, ON L4J 7N6, Canada, is an exceptional headshots studio that has garnered a fantastic reputation for its outstanding services. With an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 30 glowing reviews, Zodiac Photography truly stands out as a go-to destination for capturing professional and striking headshots.

One of the standout features of Zodiac Photography is the expertise of its photographer, Gilbert. Clients have praised his punctuality, friendliness, and willingness to guide them through the decision-making process. From assisting with wardrobe choices to providing expert advice on posing and positioning, Gilbert ensures that each client feels comfortable and confident throughout the entire shoot.

But it's not just Gilbert's exceptional skills that impress clients; it's also his outstanding customer service. Clients have raved about the quick turnaround time, receiving their digital copies within a single day. This level of service is truly remarkable and sets Zodiac Photography apart from the competition.

Moreover, clients have expressed their delight with the remarkable quality of the headshots. Many have found themselves struggling to choose among the excellent photos, a testament to Gilbert's talent in capturing the hidden beauty and essence of each individual.

Another aspect that clients appreciate is the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere provided by Zodiac Photography. From a warm greeting to offering tea and water, Gilbert ensures that clients feel at ease during the entire experience. He even incorporates fun poses to help clients loosen up and get comfortable in front of the camera.

In summary, Zodiac Photography, led by the skilled photographer Gilbert, offers a top-notch headshots experience. With exceptional customer service, remarkable quality, and a comfortable atmosphere, this studio is highly recommended for anyone seeking professional headshots that truly capture their unique personality and style.

Evan E


I did head shots with Gilbert from ZodiacPix, and was very pleased with the result! The photographer was on time, and very friendly to work. Gilbert helped me make decisions as far as my wardrobe, as well as posing and positioning for the photos.

The photos turned out great, and I had my digital copies within one day!
That kind of service from a photographer is incredible, and I would definitely recommend Gilbert to others.

Ellen Lai


Gilbert was great to work with! I appreciate the tip sheet he sends ahead of time to better prepare his clients. He makes the experience comfortable and fun. I had corporate headshots taken, and they turned out better than what I expected! He delivered them in a format that is easy for me to download and also delivered them in a timely manner. Very professional and personable. I highly recommend Gilbert!

Eugene Furman


My experience with Gilbert was excellent. Many photos turned out to be very good, so that it was challenging to choose among them. Although I was nervous at first, Gilbert managed to make the photoshoot relaxing and fun. I would highly recommend this service.

Joe Bustos


WOW! I am definitely not a professional model but thanks to the amazing talents of top photographer Gilbert Chan he sure made me look and feel like one in many incredible shots! If you need an artist that knows how to capture the hidden gem in you and bring it out in portraits then I highly recommend Gilbert. His customer service is impeccable and his cost is very affordable but whatever you pay, it's worth it!

T Wong


This was my first time having my photo taken professionally and Gilbert made the experience fun and phenomenal.

I was greeted warmly and was offered tea and water while I got settled in. I was quite nervous in front of the camera, so Gilbert had me do a few fun poses to get me comfortable while he set up the lighting. He took the time to walk me through the process, was specific when instructing me on poses, and kept me in the loop the entire time. His patience was especially helpful in keeping my anxiety levels low.

All in all, he took 115 photos in our 30 minute appointment. I received my photos by the next day, along with one photo already touched up and ready to use.

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