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Welcome to Laval, Canada's vibrant city known for its stunning landscapes and thriving business community. Discover a range of professional headshot photographers in Laval, offering services such as LinkedIn headshots, cheap yet high-quality portraits, and professional corporate headshots. Whether you're seeking male or female headshots, our list of local studios provides a variety of options near you. BetterPic, a leading provider of AI-generated headshots, presents this comprehensive directory to help you find the perfect photographer for your needs. Please note that BetterPic is not associated with any specific studio, ensuring an unbiased selection for our users.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Magenta Photo'

#1 Magenta Photo



Looking for a top-notch photography studio that will capture your most cherished moments flawlessly? Look no further than Magenta Photo, located at 3035 Boul. le Carrefour Entrée 2, Laval, QC H7T 1C8, Canada. With a stellar reputation and an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 951 reviews, Magenta Photo has become a go-to destination for capturing life's precious memories.

Customers rave about their amazing staff and professional photographers, who go above and beyond to deliver breathtaking pictures. Whether you're looking to capture newborn bliss, family bonding, or the loving bond between you and your furry friend, Magenta Photo will exceed your expectations. They even offer a wide range of services, including the option to order big plexi pictures, ensuring your memories are displayed in all their glory.

What sets Magenta Photo apart is not only their exceptional photography skills, but also their outstanding customer service. Numerous customers have highlighted the staff's professionalism, patience, and kindness, making every session a delightful experience. Whether it's making a toddler feel at ease or understanding the needs of a hungry newborn, the photographers at Magenta Photo have proven time and time again that they truly care about capturing precious moments that will last a lifetime.

With a dedicated studio and phenomenal attention to detail, Magenta Photo ensures a stress-free environment for you and your loved ones. Offering a fun and interactive experience, they will help position you perfectly and provide guidance to make your photoshoot natural and authentic.

If you're searching for a photography studio that delivers excellent results while providing an enjoyable experience, Magenta Photo is the perfect choice. Visit their studio in Laval and let their talented team preserve your most cherished memories in stunning photographs that will take your breath away.

Hilennys Bustamante


Love this place ! The staff is amazing, the photographers are very professional and the pictures are just breathtaking. I did a newborn shoot with my baby and DOG and we loved our experience. After my first shoot I ordered a big plexi picture. Unfortunately it was a little damaged when we unboxed it but I contacted Magenta and they replaced it immediately at no cost! Their team was very helpful and friendly. I then returned two months later for group pictures. We were 15 people and they handled our group VERY well! We can’t wait to get the new pictures. Oh and we are returning again in a couple of months!

Leah Vinci


My experience at magenta was great!
I appreciate the professionalism that the staff showed!
Their patience and kindness helped appease me.
My girls loved the photographer and put my 3 year old in pure confidence mode. I recommend magenta 100%

Mexin Ly


very pleasant session! had a newborn photoshoot and was very satisfied with their service. photograph was very gentle and patient as my newborn was fussing because he was hungry. would take family photo again in the future with them!. the other agent was also very nice to explain everything while choosing our photos.

Dini Abey


We had such a wonderful experience at Magenta Carrefour Laval. The staff was so fun and interacted well with my toddler. The photos turned out beautiful. They helped to position us and make us feel less awkward when posing. It was overall a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend this studio.

Pritesh Patel


Had a amazing experience taking photos for my newborn here. We were well taken care of by both Sky and Zorah. There extremely easy going and were very patient. There's a whole room in the back dedicated for the studio. The photos turned out phenomenal! Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for an easy-going environment with professional photos.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Centre Photo Laval'

#2 Centre Photo Laval



Centre Photo Laval, located at 127 Boulevard des Laurentides, Laval, QC H7G 2T4, Canada, is a highly esteemed headshot studio that has garnered an impressive rating of 4.9/5 stars from 516 delighted customers. Renowned for their exceptional service and attention to detail, Centre Photo Laval is the go-to destination for all your photography needs, whether you require a passport photo, a captivating headshot for your resumé, or any other professional image.

Customers rave about the extraordinary experience they receive at Centre Photo Laval. One reviewer affirms that this studio is unmatched within a 50 km radius, applauding its proficiency and dismissing any competing selection of fancy venues or freelancers. The professionalism and customer service provided at Centre Photo Laval inspire confidence and trust in their clientele.

Another testimonial praises the photographer's outstanding skills, emphasizing the attentive and patient approach taken during a session with their daughter. The reviewer strongly recommends the studio's services, showcasing the photographer's ability to capture the perfect moment effortlessly.

Clients also appreciate the friendly and relaxed atmosphere created by the photographer, ensuring that even the most nervous individuals will have a reason to smile. The reviewer delightfully suggests that the photographer's humorous nature makes the session enjoyable and stress-free.

With a priority placed on delivering the best photographs for websites and professional purposes, Centre Photo Laval offers a meticulous selection process to guarantee the ideal image. This commitment to excellence and attention to detail further solidifies Centre Photo Laval's reputation as a remarkable and trustworthy photography studio.

Not only is Centre Photo Laval known for its exceptional customer service and professionalism, but it also excels in working with children, making it the perfect choice for passport pictures or any immigration-related images.

In conclusion, Centre Photo Laval is highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch headshots in Laval or its surrounding areas. With their unrivaled professionalism, incredible customer experiences, and a welcoming ambiance, Centre Photo Laval

Dan Villeneuve


This is the place if you need a photo taken, either it is for your passport or just a mugshot you need for a resumé or anything. I wouldn't exaggerate if I say this is the best photo center in a 50 km radius, no offence to all the fancy places or the freelancers around, this place just rocks. Professional service, best customer experience ever and the store itself is a time capsule that is worth the detour. I cannot recommend this place more. Jim is a professional and a great human being treating every client with respect. Thank you, I will come back for sure.



Excellent service and photographer! He took the time with our daughter and was super quick and patient! Strongly recommend!

laurine manigat


If you think you're not going to smile because you're nervous, don't worry, the guy is funny.

I recommended them.

Dave Nguyen


Very good service! Take time to choose the best professional picture for website :)

Mix Nmix


Great service and very professional!! Very friendly and understanding with kids. The best place to take passport pictures or any immigration picture

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'FOCUS STUDIO: Studio Photo / Video Montreal'

#3 FOCUS STUDIO: Studio Photo / Video Montreal



Introducing FOCUS STUDIO: Studio Photo / Video Montreal, a renowned headshots studio located at 9494 Boul. Saint-Laurent local 1022, Montréal, QC H2N 1P4, Canada. With an exceptional rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on 164 glowing reviews, this studio has become a go-to destination for those seeking professional and stunning photographs.

One recurring theme in the reviews is the beauty of the studio itself, providing a visually pleasing backdrop for clients. With a clean and spacious environment, FOCUS STUDIO creates an atmosphere that is not only welcoming but also professional. In addition, the affordable pricing and friendly staff enhance the overall experience, making it a standout choice for all your photography needs.

Clients repeatedly praise the expertise and delightful personality of the studio's photographer, Julie. Her kind, funny, and professional demeanor immediately puts clients at ease, resulting in the creation of extraordinary images. The studio is also equipped with essential amenities like mirrors, a changing room, and a bathroom, catering to the specific needs of content creators.

Moreover, the owner of Focus Studio is commended for offering wonderful service and professionalism, promptly addressing any inquiries or concerns. This dedication to customer satisfaction has led to repeat visits and a strong recommendation from clients.

Whether you require headshots for professional purposes or are a content creator in need of a well-equipped space, FOCUS STUDIO provides a remarkable experience. Book your session today, as you won't want to miss out on this exceptional photography studio.

Marbella Carlos


The studio is beautiful and working with Julie was so lovely. She is kind, funny, professional and fast! We felt at ease working with her and can’t wait to do it again.

Julianne May Falbo


Beautiful studio! Very welcoming and professional will definitely go back.

Josie Calica


Clean ,spacious ,affordable and friendly staff

Laeticia Andritiana


Studio focus is one of my favorite place to go for a photoshoot. As a content creator, the place is perfect for me. There is a few equipment such mirrors, changing room, bathroom, and many more that are very useful to plan my content. The owner is super friendly and the place is super clean. 10/10 I would recommend.



Thank you for your wonderful service and professionalism! I was looking for a studio to shoot our campaign and I'm glad I found this one. We were able to complete our project and I went back a 2nd time to shoot additional contents. The owner is really kind, easy to get in touch with. She answers quickly when we contact her. I'm very satisfied of the services provided by Focus Studio. I will be back again! :)

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio Halloum'

#4 Studio Halloum



Introducing Studio Halloum, a renowned headshots studio located at 1215 Bd du Curé-Labelle, Laval, QC H7V 2V8, Canada. With an impressive rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 135 reviews, this studio has captured the hearts of its clients with their exceptional service and impeccable work.

The team at Studio Halloum is highly professional and exceeds expectations, as mentioned in one of the reviews. Led by Arezoo and Assem, their skills and expertise are unparalleled, producing amazing photography that has left clients satisfied and eager to recommend their services. Another review highlights the studio's ability to provide fast service at a great price, ensuring customer happiness.

What sets Studio Halloum apart is their commitment to professionalism and top-notch service. Countless customers have expressed their appreciation for the comfortable and enjoyable experience they had during their photo shoots. Praises are given not only to the beautiful photos but also to the talented and friendly photographers on the team, making the overall experience truly memorable.

Fairly priced and with a reputation for outstanding customer service, Studio Halloum is the go-to choice for headshots in Laval. Their dedication to capturing the essence of their clients shines through in the gorgeous shots they deliver. Whether it's for personal or professional needs, Studio Halloum is here to provide you with exceptional photography, leaving you eager to return.

Majed Farhat


The Service was great and beyond expectation. Highly professional team. Amazing work by Arezoo and Assem.

For Sure I recommend! :)

Ara Ohanian


Very good fast service and very good price .I was very happy .

YouGoo E


Professional photographer with great service I totally recommend it thank you very much for a professional service.

Tina W


Can I just say that everything about Studio Halloum is amazing! From the professionalism to the photos themselves. My boyfriend surprised me with an anniversary photo shoot and it was such an amazing experience. They made me feel comfortable and allowed me to really enjoy myself. Thank you studio Halloum for the beautiful photos and the great service! So talented!

James Wazen


I don't even know where to start. The unbelievable customer service is something I will never forget. All of the photographers on the team are extremely talented and nice...which in these days nice has become a commodity. They are very fairly priced and trust me I know I did the research before hand lol. The shots came out gorgeous. My fiance and I were ecstatic! Can not wait to use them again. Highly recommended!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Yvon Huynh Photography'

#5 Yvon Huynh Photography



Introducing Yvon Huynh Photography, a premier headshots studio located at 1640 Rue Tassé, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 1R3, Canada. With an outstanding 5/5 star rating based on 93 reviews, Yvon Huynh Photography has certainly made a name for itself.

Clients have expressed their delight with Yvon Huynh's skills as a wonderful photographer and an amazing person. Even those who are camera-shy have felt relaxed and comfortable in front of his lens. The quality of his work speaks for itself, leaving clients thoroughly impressed and eager to recommend him to others.

Yvon Huynh is known for his accommodation and flexibility. Whether it's rescheduling due to inclement weather or adapting to clients' needs, he goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Clients have mentioned his kindness, sweetness, and his efforts to coach them on posing and standing, resulting in stunning photographs that capture the special moments beautifully.

His ability to capture both the big moments and the candid, intimate moments sets Yvon Huynh apart. He has an eye for detail and framing, producing shots that look natural yet artistic. Professionalism, creativity, and a caring demeanor are the hallmarks of his work.

If you're searching for a skilled photographer to immortalize your special moments, Yvon Huynh Photography is the perfect choice. Trust in his talent, and you'll have photographs that you'll cherish forever.

Chyntia A.


Wonderful photographer and an amazing person. My husband hates being in front of the camera and Yvon made him feel relaxed. The quality of the pictures also says for itself. I definitely won't stop recommending him!

Toni Stanley


Yvon captured our one year anniversary beautifully during our stay in Montreal. From the beginning, Yvon was very accommodating and flexible during booking, even though we had to reschedule due to bad weather. To say that my husband and I are happy with our photos would be a massive understatement. Not only did Yvon make us feel comfortable during our session, but we also had a lot of fun! He provided excellent ideas for poses and locations while considering our vision. We received a sneak peak of our photos the same day, and the rest of them is less than a week. I would highly recommend Yvon Huynh for his professionalism, exceptional quality, and talent!

J. Wong


Yvon was very kind and sweet with us, we really appreciated his attention and his efforts to coach us on how to stand and pose. His thoughtfulness throughout our wedding day will always stick with us, he has a creative eye and vision to capture the moments.
The photos are absolutely amazing and we are very happy about his work!
We highly recommend Yvon, you will not go wrong with picking him to capture your important moments!

Taz S.


My wife and I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Yvon at both our pre-wedding events as well as the wedding itself.

Being camera shy and constantly having what do I do with all of these limbs moments when the time comes for photos, I valued the time Yvon took in showing me how to position myself for photos while keeping them looking natural. The framing of his shots is excellent, and he has a true talent in his ability to capture both larger spectacles and smaller, intimate moments alike whether indoor or outdoor. His efficient communication and timely delivery of our gallery was also greatly appreciated.

Excellent in every way, we cannot recommend him enough. Thank you Yvon!

Valerie Bergeron


When I was looking for a wedding photographer for my husband and I’s special day I wanted someone who had an eye for capturing the big moments as well as the special moments we had when we thought no one was watching, Yvon captured everything so beautifully and artistically! He truly has such an eye for making you and the surroundings look best! He is so sweet and professional and I honestly couldn’t recommend him enough! I look forward to having another special event for him to capture! 😊

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Studio 8'

#6 Studio 8



Looking for an exceptional photography experience? Look no further than Studio 8, the premier headshots studio located at 2420 Rue des Patriotes, Laval, QC H7L 3V5, Canada. With a perfect 5-star rating based on 59 glowing reviews, Studio 8 is renowned for its professionalism, affordability, and extraordinary photography.

Led by the talented Lucie, Studio 8 offers a wide range of photography services that cater to all your needs. From headshots to personal photography, Lucie's expertise shines through in every shot. Clients rave about her ability to capture the essence of every special moment, be it tears, smiles, or laughter. With an impeccable attention to detail, Lucie ensures that every photo is a work of art.

What sets Studio 8 apart is their dedication to making your experience truly memorable. Whether it's a newborn photoshoot, a baptism, a birthday, or an annual Christmas portrait, Lucie's incredible talent promises to create lifelong memories. Moreover, Studio 8 goes above and beyond to make every occasion special, as exemplified by their efforts to make a grade six graduation extra memorable during the challenging time of COVID-19.

Not only does Studio 8 excel in personal photography, but their daycare pictures are also reminiscent of professional modeling shoots. With their attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of your child's personality, these photos are sure to be cherished for a lifetime.

For those embarking on the exciting journey of marriage, Studio 8 guarantees extraordinary wedding photos, capturing the joy and love that radiate on your special day. Even couples who are not fond of being photographed find themselves pleasantly surprised by the enjoyable process and stunning results.

In a competitive industry, Studio 8 has carved a niche for itself by offering exceptional photography that is both affordable and of the highest quality. Don't miss the chance to have your pictures taken by Lucie at Studio 8. Book your session today and discover the warmth,

Daniel Molettieri


Lucie puts you at ease, is professional , accommodating and gets your pictures to you in a timely fashion all the while offering a great price point. Your pictures will be amazing and I highly recommend her, for headshots as well as for your personal photography needs.

Tania Lanni


Lucie is such a talented photographer that captures every special moment you sure don’t want to miss. Tears, smiles, laughs.. you name it, she captured it! Our family used her services quite a few times… From newborn pictures, to baptism, to birthdays (she has an awesome 1st year old smash cake set up) and lastly our yearly Christmas portraits! She’s fantastic, trust worthy and open to any wishes you may have for your special event. Highly recommend her!

Lee-Ann Sacks


Lucie from studio 8 made my daughter’s grade six « COVID » grad extra special, extra memorable.

Thank you Studio 8

melissa cote


My child's daycare pictures turned out to look like a professional modeling shoot. Very nice photographer

Karaté Dorval


Extraordinary wedding photos and crazy pleasure during the couple session. Me and my husband are not very photos but we could have continued so much it was pleasant. The result is perfect and for once I love myself in photos.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Mr.Montreal Photobooth'

#7 Mr.Montreal Photobooth



Looking for the perfect headshot? Look no further than Mr. Montreal Photobooth, located at 1400 Rue Lucien-Paiement #1205, Laval, QC H7N 0B5, Canada. With a stellar 5/5 rating from 46 reviews, this studio is sure to impress.

From the moment you contact Mr. Montreal Photobooth, their staff exemplifies professionalism, friendliness, and efficiency. They are always ready to answer your questions and ensure a smooth experience.

On the day of your event, you can expect the photobooth to be set up well in advance, giving you peace of mind. And once the booth is up and running, it's guaranteed to be a huge hit with your guests. The quality of the photos captured is truly outstanding, leaving you with memories to cherish.

Not only does Mr. Montreal Photobooth deliver amazing photos, but they also provide a wide selection of props that will elevate your event to the next level. Their state-of-the-art equipment only adds to the professionalism and enjoyment of the experience.

This studio has gained a reputation as the best photo booth service out there. Customers have raved about the attentive and caring nature of the team, making it an absolute must-have at any event.

Don't settle for mediocre headshots. Choose Mr. Montreal Photobooth and enjoy their incredible service, innovative props, and unmatchable customer care. Book now for an exceptional experience that will exceed your expectations.

Lavaneya Nadarajah


I recently had an event, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with their service. From the moment I contacted them, the staff was professional, friendly, and efficient in answering all my questions.

On the day of the event, the photobooth was set up well in advance of our guests' arrival, and it was a huge hit! The quality of the photos was outstanding, and there were plenty of props to choose from, making for some really fun and memorable shots.



I engaged the services of Mr. Montreal Photobooth for a corporate event and was thoroughly impressed by their exceptional service. Their state-of-the-art equipment, incredible props and stunning photos exceeded my expectations. From beginning to end, the team demonstrated the utmost professionalism and made everything run seamlessly. I have already booked them for two more corporate events and a wedding, and I highly recommend Mr. Montreal Photobooth to anyone seeking a top-notch photography experience.

Angelin Edwin


THE BEST PHOTO BOOTH SERVICE OUT THERE! I had a spectacular experience with them! Lovely people providing the utmost attention, and care to their customers! A must have at any event!

Mohamed Anani


Highly recommended! They are very courteous and professional. But most importantly they are true innovators, the props they provided us made for an incredible experience nothing like I have seen before.

Joerex Thambaiah


Quality pictures and fun equipments available at the booth. Amazing customer service. Definitely recommended them for your events!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Tandem Photographie'

#8 Tandem Photographie



Introducing Tandem Photographie, a highly acclaimed headshots studio located at 2076 Boul. Gouin E, Montréal, QC H2B 1W9, Canada. With an impressive 5 out of 5 stars rating and 46 glowing reviews, this studio has undoubtedly captured the hearts of its clients.

Known for their exceptional professionalism and patience, Tandem Photographie guarantees an outstanding experience for every customer. Whether you're looking for a family shoot, newborn photoshoot, or professional portraiture, Claudine and Ghislain, the talented duo behind the studio, will make you feel at ease and ensure your pictures turn out absolutely perfect.

Clients rave about the beautiful results achieved by Tandem Photographie. From stunning family portraits to breathtaking professional headshots, the studio's work is of the highest quality. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, the team at Tandem Photographie creates a fun and comfortable session for families, resulting in genuine smiles and unforgettable memories.

If you're in search of an exceptional photography experience and exquisite photographs, Tandem Photographie comes highly recommended. Their attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of their subjects sets them apart. Visit Tandem Photographie and discover why so many individuals choose them for their photography needs.

Noémie Jean-Louis


Went for a family + newborn photoshoot, they are very patient and professional ! The pictures were just perfect !

Jamie Rappaport


Fantastic couple who regularly do our family photos.

Tina Balais


Great experience & beautiful pictures. Very highly recommended.

Lucie C.


Warm welcome and very high quality work.

I went there for professional portraiture. Claudine and Ghislain made me feel at ease quickly. The photos are very successful.

I'll find another reason to go back, that's for sure!

João Paulo Silva


Our family shoot was a fun experience and our photos are simply stunning. Our children were comfortable and smiling during the session, thanks to Claudine and Ghislain. We will be back there soon!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photographe Montréal et Laval'

#9 Photographe Montréal et Laval



Photographe Montréal et Laval is a renowned headshots studio situated at 427 Rue Damien-Cyr, Laval, QC H7L 6H3, Canada. With an excellent 5/5 star rating based on 39 customer reviews, this studio has certainly made a strong impression on its clients.

Clients particularly appreciate the professionalism and expertise exhibited by the photographer at Photographe Montréal et Laval. One reviewer mentioned how the photographer knows how to effortlessly capture genuine smiles, ensuring a natural and comfortable experience in front of the camera. Another client expressed their satisfaction, stating that they were impressed by the quality of work provided during a business portrait session. The photographer's attentiveness to their needs and ability to put them at ease resulted in magnificent photos that accurately conveyed their desired image for their company.

The exceptional service at Photographe Montréal et Laval is further highlighted by the quick and courteous experience clients have had with Jean-Sébastien, the photographer. Many have praised the efficiency and professionalism displayed during their photo shoot sessions, leaving them feeling satisfied and recommending the studio to others.

In summary, Photographe Montréal et Laval is a highly recommended headshots studio, respected for its professionalism, friendliness, and ability to deliver outstanding results. Located in Laval, QC, the studio has garnered a strong reputation among clients who have experienced the fast, efficient, and top-quality services provided by photographer Jean-Sébastien. Whether you're looking for business portraits or simply want to capture a stunning headshot, Photographe Montréal et Laval is the go-to studio that guarantees a pleasant and successful photography session.

Roula Badis


Professional photographer and he knows how to make me smile naturally to the camera:)
I highly recommend

Helena Gunnarson


Great experience



Very satisfied. I had the chance to do a business portrait photo session with Jean-Sébastien recently and I must say that I was impressed by the quality of the work provided. The photographer was professional, attentive to my needs and knew how to put me at ease throughout the session. The photos obtained were magnificent and reflected exactly the image that I wanted to convey for my company. I must also point out that the HD photos were sent to me in record time. I highly recommend Jean-Sébastien Cossette for any business portrait photo session. Thanks

Julie Pepin


Very pleasant photo shoot experience with Jean-Sébastien. Fast, professional and courteous service. I warmly recommend!

Éric Janosz


Very satisfied with my photography session and the results. Jean Sébastien is professional and friendly. I highly recommend it!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Photo Mahnaz'

#10 Photo Mahnaz



Looking for exceptional photography services in Laval, Quebec? Look no further than Photo Mahnaz, a renowned headshots studio that has received a stellar 5-star rating from 36 satisfied customers. Located at 553 87e Ave, Laval, QC H7W 3C5, Canada, this studio operates by appointment-only to ensure personalized attention and quality results.

Mahnaz, the talented photographer behind Photo Mahnaz, is not only a true professional but also a genuinely nice person. Her professionalism and commitment to delivering high-quality work have left clients extremely satisfied. From headshots to wedding ceremony pictures, Mahnaz consistently exceeds expectations and captures the most beautiful moments.

Clients have praised Mahnaz for her kind and patient demeanor, making the photography experience comfortable and enjoyable. With her excellent communication skills and reliability, clients feel at ease knowing their photography needs are in safe hands. Many even describe the experience as having a friend by their side.

The stunning results and stellar service provided by Photo Mahnaz have earned the studio a reputation as one of the best in Montreal. Mahnaz's creativity and attention to detail ensure that every moment is recorded in the best possible way. Whether it's capturing your family's best moments or commemorating a special event, Photo Mahnaz promises to deliver exceptional photography services that will leave you truly impressed.

If you're seeking a professional and personable photographer in Laval, Photo Mahnaz is the perfect choice. Book an appointment today and experience the top-notch photography that has garnered rave reviews from numerous satisfied customers. Your memories deserve the expertise and artistry that only Photo Mahnaz can provide.

Bahman Yari


A true professional and very nice person! I'm so glad I got to know Mahnaz Photography. I cannot say enough about Mahnaz's professionalism and the quality of work she provides. I am so satisfied with my session and the final photos, that I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for exceptional photagraphy.

mahmood gholipour


She is very professional photographer. As well as that She is so kind and patient. She is responsible and panctual. I strongly recommend her. She took our wedding ceremony pictures and the result is stunning and satisfies us. Thanks Ms. Mahnaz🙂

Leila Kheibarshekan


Mahnaz is simply AMAZING! She is more than a photographer. We first booked Mahnaz to take some photos of friends and family for our daughter’s birthday. She is an excellent communicator and extremely reliable. In the day of party we felt, our children are in safe hands and it was like having a friend there with us! We were extremely happy with the results and her services. Then, we introduced her to a team of concert to photograph the team during the concert. In the day of the event, from the beginning through to the end, she offered endless support, advice and guidance. She was able to capture some fabulous and very artistic photos which impressed the team. Her fee was very reasonable indeed. If you’re thinking about booking her for your wedding, birthday party or for more artistic photos in a special event DO IT!!! You won’t be disappointed! She will capture memories that you will cherish forever.

Togha Dastgir


Thank you for the wonderful photo 😍😍😍😍😍😍you took of my family. You captured the most beautiful photos of our best moments.
Your photography studio will definitely be one of the best in Montreal. You treat the customer very well and you are kind and patient. I hope you are always successful and happy. I wish you all the best ‌.🌺🌺🌺🙏🏻



Photo Mahnaz is highly recommended by me. I had my best photography experience with Photo Mahnaz. Mahnaz is one of the patient, kind and creative photographers, who I have met in my life. She is so friendly and for sure, she will record the events of your life in the best possible way with her cameras!

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