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Welcome to Nova Iguaçu, a vibrant city in Brazil that offers a multitude of opportunities for professional headshot photography. Whether you're in need of male or female headshots, professional corporate portraits, or even LinkedIn headshots, our city has a diverse range of talented photographers to suit your needs. Find the perfect headshot photography studio near you, offering cheap yet high-quality services. BetterPic provides a comprehensive list of local businesses, including our AI-generated headshots service, so you can easily compare and choose the best option for your professional image. Please note that we are not associated with any specific studio, ensuring unbiased options for you.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Master curso de fotografia - nova iguaçu'

#1 Master curso de fotografia - nova iguaçu



Master Curso de Fotografia is a prestigious headshots studio located at Edifício Topcommerce, in front of Top Shopping, Av. Gov. Roberto Silveira, in the heart of Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 90 reviews, this studio has built a stellar reputation in the industry.

Clients praise Master Curso de Fotografia for its exceptional teaching and learning experiences. One ecstatic reviewer shared their excitement and sense of fulfillment after completing the course, stating that their perception of photography has been forever transformed. They express gratitude towards the knowledgeable teachers who provide theoretical and practical training, as well as the entire team for their excellent work.

Another reviewer highlighted the greatness of the team and the course, expressing gratitude for the newfound knowledge and skills they acquired. They consider their choice to join Master Curso de Fotografia an unforgettable experience and emphasize their desire for the course to never end.

Clients appreciate the studio's commitment to capturing emotions and conveying messages through pictures, expressing their love and admiration for becoming part of the Master family. The friendly and attentive teachers receive high praise, with reviewers considering this course the best they have ever taken.

In conclusion, Master Curso de Fotografia stands out as the go-to headshots studio in Nova Iguaçu, providing exceptional teaching, a friendly atmosphere, and unparalleled learning experiences. With their commitment to capturing emotions and creating lasting memories, it's no wonder that clients consider this studio the best photography course available.

Douglas Lopes Binfae



Roanny Gomes


I'm completely happy and accomplished 🥰🫶🏻
It was an amazing experience of a lot of learning and knowledge. Today I see photography differently and with a more accurate look.
I just have to thank the teachers for teaching both in theory and in practice. And commend the whole team for the excellent work. This is Master! 👏🏻🤩🧡

Mayara Carolina


There are not enough words to describe the greatness of this team and this course. I just have to thank you, because I learned a lot of things that I never dreamed existed in photography. I'm sure there isn't a person who regretted that choice. I just wanted the course to never end. But unfortunately we have to learn to fly alone. Thank you Master team for the process, for every support and every dedication. You don't deserve just 5, but a thousand stars 🌟 I love it so much 🧡

Ellen Michelle


The point of taking pictures is so you don't have to explain things
with words.
And yes with a lot of emotion, it's a lot of love 🧡
It's great to be a Master, and much more to have the privilege of having met this Master team... super approved..🧡🫶🏻

Beatriz Silva


Best photography course without a doubt 😍😍
Wonderful service, the teachers have nothing to say, they are super attentive and make friends with you, simply the best course I've ever taken without a doubt 😍 I won't let go of you ever again kkkk let's create extra classes please kkkkk

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Clickart Estudio'

#2 Clickart Estudio



Welcome to Clickart Estudio, located at R. Comendador Francisco Baroni, 506 - Centro, Nova Iguaçu - RJ, Brazil. With a stellar rating of 4.5/5 stars based on 69 reviews, our studio is renowned for providing top-notch services and capturing precious moments for our clients.

At Clickart Estudio, we pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and well-organized environment, ensuring a comfortable experience for all. Our team of highly skilled and attentive photographers are dedicated to making you feel at ease during your photo session, even if you're a bit camera shy. Whether you're looking for maternity, newborn, or follow-up photographs, we have packages that cater to all your needs, guaranteeing exceptional results every time.

While we strive to provide outstanding service, we understand that mishaps happen. We sincerely apologize to those who had difficulty with their birth photos, and we are actively working to rectify the situation. Rest assured, we are committed to addressing any concerns and providing the support you deserve.

Clickart Estudio is known for going above and beyond, ensuring that our clients feel welcome and valued. Our friendly and caring approach has won the hearts of many, even receiving recommendations from satisfied customers. We make it a priority to consistently deliver exquisite photographs within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Experience excellent service, attentive photographers, and an impeccable reception at Clickart Estudio. Visit us today and let us capture your special moments with the utmost professionalism and creativity.

Mara Sena


I got to know her through the maternity fair at Norte Shopping. Clean, well organized place. Excellent service.
Very attentive photographers, I'm shy, but they made me very calm during the photos. I did the maternity shoot, Newborn and now we are in the follow-ups. Super nominate.

Camila Figueiredo


They lost my birth photos, they took a long time to admit the mistake and to this day we have not been refunded, my baby is 1 year old today. Headache to deliver the photos on time, always having to call charging. A shame because we were treated very well at the maternity and newborn shoot, but I found it very lacking in organization with those who work with something as important as registering the birth of a child.

Antonio Junior


We made every package possible.
Pregnant, childbirth, newborn and all the follow-up.
Always attentive the photos turned out great.
Just waiting for the birth photos.

Luis Fellipe Matos


Great service, friendly and very nice people, they recommended lunch when I was with my pregnant wife, they took care of us, we really felt welcome, my mother-in-law loved it too, we have no complaints, they delivered the photos within the delivery time, the pictures came beautiful photos, I have already indicated them to several friends of mine, without a doubt the best!

Bruna Lobo


Excellent service, super attentive photographers, complete studio and impeccable reception 🤩 I met her through the fair at the mega pregnant woman in Riocentro!!

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Midiar curso de fotografia'

#3 Midiar curso de fotografia



Introducing Midiar Curso de Fotografia, a headshots studio located in Nova Iguaçu, Brazil. Nestled on R. Manoel Leitão, the studio has gained a remarkable reputation, achieving an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars from a total of 51 reviews. This speaks volumes about the exceptional quality and service offered by Midiar Curso de Fotografia.

Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Midiar Curso de Fotografia is an educational institution dedicated to helping individuals explore the captivating world of photography. With solid content and an array of amazing teachers, this studio provides a transformative learning experience for aspiring photographers.

Eduardo, one of the esteemed teachers at Midiar, has impressed students with his infectious passion and unwavering dedication. Known for his fierce commitment to student growth and development, Eduardo ensures that each student leaves with a smile on their face, having gained invaluable knowledge and skills.

The supportive environment established by Midiar Curso de Fotografia is highly praised by the students. Beyond the classroom, professors continue to offer guidance and support, even after the completion of the course. This open channel of communication ensures that doubts are promptly clarified, facilitating continuous learning and improvement.

From beginners to photography enthusiasts, the studio welcomes individuals of all skill levels. Students with zero knowledge in photography testify to the remarkable progress they have made under the guidance of Midiar Curso de Fotografia. The experience is described as enriching, eye-opening, and unforgettable.

Additionally, the ambiance of the studio is widely appreciated, with the term wonderful often utilized to describe the course environment. The intimate setting creates a pleasant atmosphere for students to engage, learn, and explore their creativity.

The impact of Midiar Curso de Fotografia is far-reaching, as it has inspired countless individuals to pursue their passion for photography. Many attribute their love for the profession and their subsequent success to the comprehensive training provided by this esteemed establishment.

In conclusion, Midiar Curso de Fotografia stands

Geraldo Ribeiro


Changing was the basis of my study in photography. Solid content, amazing teachers. I had the opportunity to be Eduardo's student and also to have a class with Sam. The two are very fierce and extremely committed to the smile of their students. I highly recommend!

Meri J


For me it was a great experience, it's not just a course that brings us to another family, we have the support of the professors in our doubts and even at the end of the course we have an open channel to clarify doubts, I highly recommend it. Best professor Eduardo Barros

Guilherme Silva


I didn't know anything about photography, but through the Midiar course I was able to learn a lot about this universe. I had a great experience.

Camila Lourenço


Wonderful course, very pleasant environment.
I had wonderful classes with Professor Eduardo (Edu), and I highly recommend them to everyone.📸🌸🍃

Camila Santos


The best photography course ever! Great professionals and thanks to them, today I love my profession and I have good results... Congratulations 👏

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Xis - Curso de Fotografia'

#4 Xis - Curso de Fotografia



Xis - Curso de Fotografia, located at R. Paiva Teixeira, 31 - Casa 04 - Centro, Nova Iguaçu - RJ, 26210-325, Brazil, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has been garnering tremendous praise from its customers. With a perfect 5/5 stars and 32 reviews, this establishment stands out for its exceptional service and dedicated team.

From the very first contact via WhatsApp, customers have consistently received excellent attention and a warm reception. The knowledgeable service team is always available to clarify any doubts and provide assistance along the way. Clients have even had the opportunity to participate in experimental classes, which not only serve to clarify important concepts but also serve as a great motivator.

One of the key factors contributing to the studio's success is the team of responsible and attentive teachers who deliver both theoretical and practical content of the highest quality. Their expertise guides students through every step of the photography course, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Several customers have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for the welcoming atmosphere and the invaluable support received from the professors. The positive environment has proven essential in enabling students to overcome challenges and successfully complete their courses.

Moreover, Xis - Curso de Fotografia has succeeded in providing a transformative learning experience. One enthusiast stated that everything they learned about photography was acquired through their time at this studio. Others have highlighted that they not only gained skills in photography but also learned additional valuable lessons.

With wonderful service, excellent teachers, and a pleasant environment, Xis - Curso de Fotografia unquestionably stands as a go-to destination for photography enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or seeking to enhance your skills, this headshots studio promises an exceptional experience that will stay with you for life.

Érica Carvalho


From the first service via WhatsApp I was always well attended, great reception, the service team clarifies all doubts, I had the opportunity to have an experimental class that already clarifies a lot and motivates us.
Teachers are fully responsible and attentive, with great theoretical and practical content.
I'm in my final stretch of the photography course, I'm already in the Photoshop class and soon I'll start in the class specialized in Studio photography.
Xis has all the learning for anyone interested in investing in a career as a Photographer.

Bianca Esposito


When I arrived at Xis, I was looking for something that would give me pleasure.
YES, I pursued photography as a hobby.
Well, I already have a job. I am a lover of photography with great pleasure.
It was a period of much learning and challenges.
However, the welcome and support I had from the professors was essential for the permanence and conclusion of my course.
I just have to thank Sabrina, Andreia and Will, for answering all my questions, for all the encouragement and support.
I recommend the Xis course with my eyes closed.
I will take a lot from you.

Vivian De Jesus Guimarães


I had a very constructive experience, I can say that I will take it with me for life because everything I learned about photography was in this place.

Jamilly Vitoria


Very good 🥰🥰 they taught very well, I learned a lot besides photography 🥰🥰

Ana Lucia Sant Ana


Wonderful service, excellent teachers, pleasant environment.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Laranja Doce Fotografia'

#5 Laranja Doce Fotografia



Laranja Doce Fotografia, located at R. Ver. Hélcio Chambarelli, 216 - Caonze, Nova Iguaçu - RJ, 26250-170, Brazil, is a headshots studio that is highly-regarded by its customers. With an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 28 reviews, it is clear that this studio excels in delivering exceptional service and memorable experiences.

Clients have showered praise upon Laranja Doce Fotografia, highlighting the heartfelt service and exceptional professionalism of the talented team. One customer expressed their gratitude for the exceptional care and attention they received during their session, remarking on the unique and personalized experience they had.

Others have praised the team's expertise in maternity and newborn photography. The caring and friendly nature of the photographers, Carol and Sara, has left a lasting impression on customers. The studio's immaculate work and attention to detail consistently produce phenomenal photos.

With a beautiful environment and an outstanding commitment to safety during the pandemic, Laranja Doce Fotografia is a top choice for all your photography needs. Whether it's headshots, maternity or newborn photos, this studio is highly recommended by its satisfied clients. Book your session today and join the growing number of delighted customers who have experienced the magic of Laranja Doce Fotografia.

Thaina Drumond


Yesterday I did the rehearsal and I'm stopping by to publicly thank you for the great service and affection. What special and enlightened girls, professionals of complete excellence.
No amount of money pays for their experience, care and attention. Congratulations on the impeccable work you do. They made me feel unique

delaine costa


The girls are excellent, I took my maternity photos with Carol and Sara and now I do the monthly follow-up of my baby. The treatment of the girls is wonderful, always very attentive and friendly. The photos are always a show, it's even difficult to choose. 😊 Super recommend!

Nathalia Andréa


Good team and impeccable work.

Marcos Kamp


Great studio, my daughter's photos are always perfect

Paula Ferreira


The studio I chose to do my maternity, newborn and monthly photos of my baby. Incredible place, the professionals are perfect, super attentive, not to mention that the reception is great, we are treated very well. Also highlighting that the environment is all beautiful and the concern and all the care with the pandemic. I love your work.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Estúdio - Fotos Com Amor - Fotografia - Nova Iguaçu'

#6 Estúdio - Fotos Com Amor - Fotografia - Nova Iguaçu



Introducing Estúdio - Fotos Com Amor, a headshots studio located at R. Expedicionários, 588 - Luz, Nova Iguaçu - RJ, 26260-260, Brazil. With an impressive 5/5 star rating based on 25 reviews, this studio has garnered a reputation for providing exceptional photography services.

Clients rave about their experiences, describing the team as patient, attentive, and professional. One customer expressed their satisfaction with their bookcase rehearsal, even at 39 weeks, while another praised the studio's ability to mark their history and capture important moments with love and affection.

The talented photographers at Estúdio - Fotos Com Amor also excel in event coverage, as seen in their flawless capture of a baby's 1st birthday party. They are commended for going above and beyond expectations, turning ordinary events into extraordinary memories.

Their impeccable work and professionalism shine through in each project, with clients expressing utmost satisfaction and recommending the team wholeheartedly. From beautiful and professional photos to their understanding and polite demeanor, the studio has created a loyal following of satisfied customers.

If you are seeking headshots or event photography services that go beyond the ordinary, Estúdio - Fotos Com Amor is the perfect choice. Trust in their expertise and let them capture your cherished memories with love and dedication.

Lucelia da Silva


Sensational! I did my bookcase rehearsal with them at 39 weeks and they were super patient and attentive!
I had a wonderful experience. Super satisfied.
I closed the photo coverage of my baby's 1st birthday party, because of the confidence in their work.



I asked God so much for professional people to not just take pictures, but to mark our history because it was an important moment for us!
So it was, daddy from heaven killed it! My photos were so beautiful, my wedding day was perfect, they made me laugh until the last moment ❤️
Thank you for not only registering, but marking our story with all the love and affection ❤️❤️❤️

Ariane da Silva Nascimento


I just want to thank you for the affection, attention that cmg and my whole family had on the day of my baby shower, the photos were perfect, it was beyond what I imagined. Thanks! 🇧🇷

Samara Villas


An excellent job, beautiful super professional photos. impeccable work
I did some work with them and I don't regret anything. 😍👏 nominate with closed eyes!

Rayna Melo


Impeccable work. I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication.
I loved your work. Thank you very much.
Super understanding, very nice people, polite, professional… just complimentssss. I recommend this team wholeheartedly.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Stephanie Senna Fotografia'

#7 Stephanie Senna Fotografia



Stephanie Senna Fotografia, located at Rua Pedro Martins D'Avila, 51 in Luz, Nova Iguaçu - RJ, Brazil, is a top-rated headshots studio that has garnered a remarkable 5 out of 5 stars from 23 delighted customers. This studio is setting the bar high when it comes to capturing timeless and beautiful moments.

Customers have expressed their gratitude and awe over Stephanie's impeccable work, praising the studio for its professionalism and attention to detail. One customer even described the experience as a thousand times better than expected, right from the makeup session to the delivery of photos. Stephanie's ability to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere is also highly appreciated, as it allows clients to relax and feel at ease during their sessions.

With contagious joy and a knack for turning each click into a magical moment, Stephanie Senna Fotografia has become the go-to choice for individuals looking to immortalize their precious memories. Not only does Stephanie excel in capturing stunning photographs, but she also excels at providing outstanding customer service. Clients have described her as super attentive, making them feel comfortable and ultimately resulting in breathtaking and beautiful photos.

Stephanie's work has left customers yearning for more, unable to resist the allure of her captivating photographs. The studio's commitment to superior service, attention to detail, and the ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment make it a highly recommended choice for anyone in need of headshots or any other kind of photography services.

Stephanie Senna Fotografia is a true gem in the photography industry, blessed with the talent and dedication that consistently exceeds customers' expectations. Whether you want to capture a personal milestone or create professional headshots, Stephanie and her team are ready to deliver a truly exceptional experience and stunning photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Stefani Nadir


Thank you 🥺
The photos turned out beautiful ❤️

Your work is impeccable, I would do it again for sure, thank you for your patience with my family! May God continue to bless you and much success, I'm already indicating you!❤️

Evelyn Larissa


Great professional, whenever I want to immortalize moments, she is the one I count on. Contagious joy and she makes each click a magical moment ❤️🥰

Dayanna “Day” Zanon


My husband and I just love everything. The experience was a thousand times better than the expectation! From makeup to delivery of photos. Everything perfect, everything wonderful! Stephanie makes us feel at ease, she is sweet and very patient and the atmosphere in the studio is super nice, contributing a lot to the photos. Not to mention the makeup that is done there, which makes us even more beautiful... And the price? Ah, very accessible. I super nominate! I could not have immortalized this very special moment that is my pregnancy anywhere else.

May God bless you always and may everyone have the privilege of being able to do this wonderful rehearsal!

Daphne Villela


super attentive!
I arrived full of embarrassment and she made me totally comfortable, simply beautiful photos, impeccable work! I highly recommend!!
I loved it too much!

Aryele Lessa


It was a unique experience, incredible service, work and attention to detail.
Super attentive! You can't resist the Photos and want more and more.

I loved ♥️♥️♥️

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