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Welcome to Sydney, the vibrant city that captures the essence of Australia's beauty. Known for its iconic landmarks, stunning beaches, and thriving arts scene, Sydney is the perfect backdrop for professional headshot photography studios. Whether you're seeking LinkedIn headshots, professional corporate portraits, or simply looking for affordable options near you, our list of local businesses includes top-notch male and female headshot photographers. Discover the perfect professional portraits in Sydney, and make a lasting impression with your headshots. Please note that BetterPic, the provider of this local businesses list, is not associated with any specific studio.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Sydney Headshots by Nicholas Ditsas'

#1 Sydney Headshots by Nicholas Ditsas



Sydney Headshots by Nicholas Ditsas, located at 655 King Street, St Peters, and 103 Regent Street, Redfern, NSW 2016, is a premier headshot photography studio renowned for delivering a 5-star experience. With over a decade of expertise, Nicholas Ditsas has established himself as Sydney's leading headshot photographer, specializing in Actor Headshots, Corporate Headshots, and Executive Portraits. His remarkable portfolio and international recognition make him the go-to choice for professional headshot photography.

Clients consistently praise Nick for his exceptional skills, professionalism, and supportive nature. He guides clients through the entire process, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident. Reviews highlight Nick's ability to capture stunning photos, often exceeding expectations. Clients appreciate his unique approach to headshot coaching, which helps bring out their most authentic selves.

Sydney Headshots by Nicholas Ditsas offers a seamless and enjoyable experience, with many clients noting Nick's friendly and personable demeanor. He is not only an expert photographer but also a great coach, making the entire session relaxed and enjoyable. The studio's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of the service, from preparation to the final selection of photos.

In addition to his photography expertise, Nicholas is a sought-after guest speaker, known for his engaging presentations at industry conferences and workshops. His practical advice and inspiring stories from his extensive travels leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Whether you need professional headshots for LinkedIn, media features, or personal branding, Sydney Headshots by Nicholas Ditsas is the top choice for capturing your best self. Book your session today and experience the exceptional service that makes this studio a standout in the industry. For inquiries, please contact Nicholas via his website.

Patricia R


Nick was great to work with on my professional headshots. He coached me on useful poses, resulting in photos I was very happy with, which is extremely rare!!
He is professional and supportive throughout, with some great suggestions, and allows sufficient time for the process to ensure quality shots are taken. I would (and have) recommended Nick to others and will not hesitate to use his photography services again in the future.

Rodrigo F-Prada


I expected this to be a great headshot session, but the experience surpassed every expectation!
Nick is not only an excellent photographer but a great coach.
He will guide you every step, make you feel at home, and capture astonishing photos you never thought possible.

Tanya C


If you are looking for professional headshots done Nick is the solution.His professional craft is top notch but more importantly the service is unbeatable. He is guides me from preparation to selection every step of the way. He is personable funny and patient which made the shooting experience a thoroughly enjoyable one. I cannot recommend him highly enough and would go back to him for future service.

Judy Siegel


Working with Nick was a dream. He was professional, suggested great backdrops, and captured a wide range of emotions and situations. We took family photos, head shots and pictures that both captured the majesty of Sydney and the joy of family vacation time. Would highly recommend Nick for any and all types of photos and in any variety of settings. Would use him again in a minute. Oh, and his prices are incredibly reasonable.

Marissa Giannone


Nick is an expert in the studio. I absolutely recommend working with him if you’re looking for professional, corporate headshots to use across the board - from LinkedIn to websites, media features and everything in between.

Nick is clearly an exceptionally skilled photographer, but he’s also very friendly and makes the whole experience easy and seamless. I’ll definitely be working with Nick again.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'The Photo Studio'

#2 The Photo Studio



The Photo Studio, located at 62 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia, is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has garnered a remarkable 4.8/5 stars with 1568 glowing reviews. This studio is renowned for its exceptional service and the ability to make every client feel like a superstar.

Clients rave about the pre-shoot conversations and support that immediately put them at ease. With friendly and welcoming staff, nervousness is quickly eliminated, and clients are able to fully appreciate the industry's level of work and precision that goes into creating stunning headshots.

First-time models also find themselves in good hands at The Photo Studio. Nervousness and tension dissipate as clients become comfortable throughout the shoot. The makeup artists, like Leora, are highly skilled, easygoing, and professional. The photographers, like Benji, provide excellent direction and make the experience truly unforgettable.

TPS is known for bringing out the best in clients. Tammy's great direction during the shoot and Adriana's assistance in finding the best captures ensure that clients' best sides are showcased and ready for the industry or simply for personal enjoyment. The hospitality at The Photo Studio is unmatched, making every client feel like a celebrity.

With talented photographers like Mac and exceptional makeup artists like Raquel, clients are guaranteed stunning photos and a confidence boost. The studio's ability to cater to preferences and likings, especially for children's photoshoots, sets The Photo Studio apart.

Overall, The Photo Studio is an outstanding headshots studio that exceeds expectations. From the friendly staff to the exceptional talent behind the camera, every aspect of the experience is top-notch. Whether for industry purposes or personal enjoyment, The Photo Studio is the place to go for unforgettable and confidence-boosting photoshoots.

John Skene


Decided to give something I’ve been thinking about a chance. And I don’t regret a minute of it.

From the pre-shoot conversations and support to the shoot evening itself. I felt like a superstar.

The staff were so friendly, welcoming and got rid of the nerves straight away… the process is just incredible and makes you appreciate this industry for the level of work and precision goes into creating something amazing for both the photographer and the model (me).

Joshua Walker


This was my first time having a go at modelling as something to experience and see what I could make of it.
When I walked in I was nervous and a little tense. By the end of the shoot, I felt extremely comfortable and loved every moment.
My make up artist Leora was wonderful, easy going, gentle, nice to chat with and very professional.
My photographer Benji was unreal. He gave easy directions for poses, complimented me on my progress as I relaxed more and was a really chill guy to have taking photos.
Highly recommend both Leora and Benji.

Juliano Battaglia


TPS sure know how to make you feel good and comfortable!

They will bring the best out of you as the photographer Tammy did with her great direction during the shoot, and the producer Adriana helping you find the best captures to really show the best sides of you to put forward to the industry (or fun ones for your own enjoyment).

Great hospitality for a photo studio; felt like a celebrity!

The team looked after me during the shoot and viewing - lots of fun :)

Thanks guys and congratulations on the new studio!!!



I had an amazing experience at The photo studio ! Mac, the photographer, was incredibly talented and made me feel like a superstar. The photos turned out stunning, and I felt so special throughout the session.

Raquel, the makeup artist at the photo studio, was fantastic! She not only did an excellent job with my makeup, but she also boosted my confidence. Her skills and friendly demeanor made the entire experience even more enjoyable. She also did offer me a glass of champagne, i almost finished a bottle haha. It was so fun with her.

Clinton, the bubbly guy at the photo studio, was a joy to work with. He went above and beyond to ensure I had a great experience. He came up with some fantastic deals for the photoshoot, and even offered me a discount to fit within my budget. His friendly nature made the whole process a lot of fun!
Overall, the photo studio provided a memorable and delightful experience, thanks to the talented and friendly team members like Mac, Raquel and Clinton and the whole team.

Jyoti talekar


I signed up with ‘The Photo Studio’ for my daughter photoshoot. My experience was very pleasant and welcoming. Emma (Our photographer), and Raquel Melendez (makeup artist) did really impressive job considering preferences and likings of my child which was our priority too. My daughter loved the shoot and was so comfortable around Emma. Many thanks for all the hard work and extended help for the first timers like us. Thank you.

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Photo of the Headshots Studio 'HERO SHOT Headshot Studio'

#3 HERO SHOT Headshot Studio



HERO SHOT Headshot Studio, located at 5/77 Parramatta Rd, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia, is a highly reputable studio specializing in creating top-notch headshots. With an exceptional 5/5 star rating and an impressive 626 positive reviews, HERO SHOT has established itself as a trusted and sought-after destination for capturing professional and captivating headshots.

Clients have consistently praised HERO SHOT for their seamless and enjoyable process. Thanks to founder Sam and his talented team's attention to detail and ability to make everyone feel at ease, clients have described their experiences as truly impressive. The high-quality photos produced by HERO SHOT have consistently exceeded expectations, leaving clients thrilled with the final results.

One recurring theme in the reviews is the studio's ability to make the entire headshot experience relaxed and enjoyable. Clients have expressed gratitude for Sam and his team's professionalism, kindness, and talent in capturing headshots that truly reflect their unique personalities.

HERO SHOT's commitment to providing an outstanding service is evident in their approach. For clients who may be unfamiliar with formal photography, Sam goes above and beyond by providing gentle prompts and tips to ensure the best possible representation. This attention to detail, combined with Sam's expert guidance, has left clients feeling confident and satisfied with their headshots.

In addition to individual headshots, HERO SHOT also offers team photos for corporate profiles. Their ability to select brilliant locations and skillfully direct teams during photoshoots, ensures they produce exceptional images that are highly recommended by their clientele.

Overall, HERO SHOT Headshot Studio is a highly recommended establishment in Annandale, Australia, known for their professionalism, talent, and ability to create headshots that truly represent each individual's unique qualities. Whether for personal or corporate needs, HERO SHOT is the go-to studio for capturing captivating headshots that exceed expectations.

Angela Stojak


I have engaged Sam at Hero Shot on more than one occasion to take head shots of our team and couldn't be happier with the outcome. The process was seamless from start to finish. Sam's attention to detail and ability to make everyone feel comfortable during the shoot was truly impressive. Our entire team is thrilled with the high quality photos which exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Hero Shot to anyone looking for photography services.

Jenny Reichard


Incredible experience from start to finish. Sam and his team are professional, kind and most importantly very talented. Like most people, I was nervous to get my headshot done, but Sam and his team made the entire experience relaxed and enjoyable. I couldn't be happier with the end result and am so grateful that Sam was able to capture photos that truly feel like me.

Adrian Turnbull


Highly recommended, Sam is a top quality photographer and has a team of really supportive staff.
Noting that I had little experience in being formally photographed, Sam was fantastic by providing gentle prompts and tips in my posture in order to portray me in the best way he could.
Sam explained the reasons for each suggestion, and showed the difference made in the images taken, making the process positive as well as beneficial.
The team within the main business are friendly and helpful, great service all round.
5 stars.

Ashritha JONNALA


Sam and Rick are extremely professional. Like most people, I was very nervous to get my headshot done, but Rick has made the entire experience relaxed and enjoyable. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Grace Nader


We had Sam from Hero Shot Photography take head shots and team photos for our corporate profile. Sam selected a brilliant location for our photo shoot, and was amazing at directing the team so that he could produce the best photos possible. Would not hesitate to recommend Hero Shot Photography to others!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Snappr Photography'

#4 Snappr Photography



Snappr Photography is a highly-regarded headshots studio located at 1/9 Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia. Boasting a stellar rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with 547 glowing reviews, this studio has established itself as a trusted choice for capturing special moments.

Customers rave about the exceptional customer service provided by Snappr Photography. One customer particularly appreciated the personalized assistance in selecting the perfect photograph for their wedding function. They were grateful for the ease and efficiency in the entire process, thanks to the studio's attentive care. Another client highlighted the wonderful experience working with Ernita, who created a fun and comfortable environment, even in crowded spaces like the Opera House.

Snappr's reputation attracted a long-term customer who described their discovery of the studio as striking gold. Impressed by the reviews and portfolio, they specifically chose Edoardo, a photographer who exceeded their expectations. Additionally, Snappr's efficient photography recommendation system helped another customer find their ideal photographer, Cho, who offered professionalism, creative ideas, and stunning indoor and outdoor shots.

However, it is important to note that one customer faced an unfortunate event as their booking for a Wedding Vows Renewal ceremony was unexpectedly canceled just three hours before the event. Despite this isolated incident, Snappr Photography remains a highly praised studio trusted by many.

Sarah-Jane B


We did the right choice in selecting the service of Snappr Photography to find a photograph on our wedding function. Great customer service! It was really appreciated having someone calling to offer help in choosing the right photograph and ensuring everything is going smoothly. It makes things so easy😊.
David Winble was our photograph of our big day and we were really happy with his work, not only he is a professional in what he does but also someone with a pleasant attitude who will make everyone comfortable during the shoots. He was working closely with his partner on our wedding and they are just amazing people!

Ineke Carey


Ernita was a joy to work with. Fast, efficient and fun. She ensured, even at a crowded space like the Opera House, that we seemingly were there alone! Great effort. She captured the mood and our joy perfectly. Thank you

Leon Baravykas


After dealing with photographers for the past 50 years, I knew I struck gold with a company called Snappr. Funny name but it was their reviews and dynamics that made me want to hire these guys for my girl’s birthday party. After having a quick squizz at Edoardo’s portfolio, I immediately knew I had a winner on my hands and that’s whom I wanted to shoot for me. Turns out I made a great call. Just opened the link to the pics. All the shots are FANTASTIC. The man (Edoardo) took very image like each one was the highlight of the day. And everyone looked SUPERB. Well worth the investment because without a dedicated photographer, you could end up with jack. And isn’t that what memories are all about? Kudos to you Edoardo and the team at Snappr. Still a funny name but then I shouldn’t talk with “Just Shoot Me”

Martin Stubbs-Race


Great experience with Snappr. After answering some questions I was recommended several photographers to work with. Cho was rated highest so I selected him. Cho is very professional. We had an initial call too confirm my requirements and discuss how I should prepare. Cho had ideas on lighting and poses. We did work indoors and then some outdoor shots. Plenty to choose from.

Ines Estradas


3 hours prior our ceremony of Wedding Vows Renewal you cancelled our booking. Just after our ceremony (same night) you sent an email asking for a date to reschedule our booking. Can you think of something more insulting than this?!?!? In my answering email I asked if you were willing to pay for another function, all the guests travel and accommodation expenses etc. Of course you never answered me.
When we asked for a refund you insisted on other options ... one being rescheduling our booking ... again.
We were robbed of our ceremony professional photos and instead of trying to compensate us (although nothing will bring us back the opportunity) you were not willing to refund our money.
I'm selecting one star just to be able to write my review because you don't deserve any start at all.
To everyone looking at Snappr I just have one advise... please run away from Snappr. If they can't manage their photographers and replace one for such an important event as it is a Vows renewal ceremony how can you trust them?

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Corporate Headshots & LinkedIn Profile Photos'

#5 Corporate Headshots & LinkedIn Profile Photos



Corporate Headshots & LinkedIn Profile Photos is a premier headshot studio located at 94 Wicks Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia. With an outstanding rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 145 reviews, this studio has garnered a strong reputation for providing high-quality and professional services.

Customers rave about their experience at Corporate Headshots & LinkedIn Profile Photos, praising the team's ability to put them at ease and create a fun and relaxed atmosphere during the sessions. The attention to detail and excellent customer service are consistently highlighted in the reviews.

In addition to headshots and LinkedIn profile photos, the studio also offers a range of other photography services. Whether it's a cake smash session, family photography, or passport photos, customers have been highly satisfied with the results. The team's professionalism and expertise ensure that each photo captures the best version of the client, making them feel confident and satisfied with the end result.

The studio's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the glowing reviews. Customers appreciate the one-on-one service, the photographer's skill in capturing their best angles, and the touch-up techniques that enhance their natural beauty.

For anyone in need of top-notch headshots or professional photography services, Corporate Headshots & LinkedIn Profile Photos is a name that stands out. Trusted and recommended by their clients, this studio guarantees exceptional results and a pleasant experience.

Emily Brayshaw


Kevin and the team provided a high-quality, professional service and I was really pleased with the results. They put me at ease, the session was fun and I highly recommend them. :)

vivian Z


I'm pleased to say that I had a wonderful experience in K Vision Studio for my passport photo. The team was highly professional and I am satisfied with the end result.

Kaman Lee


We had a cake smash and family photography session with Kevin 3 years ago when it was still operating under My Little One Photography. Kevin was very accommodating and fun to work with. He made the whole family, especially my one year old son very relaxed and created a fun atmosphere. Kevin has great attention to detail and it was reflected in the album design. It took us a long time to decide on the final photos for the album and Kevin was very patient and worked with us to deliver a beautiful photo album which we will cherish for many years to come. Highly recommend Kevin and his team for professional photos and a great customer service experience.

Artur Daylidonis (Yorzic)


Amazing ladies, amazing service! The atmosphere was very friendly, the ladies made sure that I felt relaxed and comfortable. Makeup session was followed by a photoshoot, and shortly after the photos were ready. They explained to me in great details what to do if a post office worker decides to be difficult regarding the photo, and made sure that I am aware of free reshoot if the photo is rejected by the passport office. Hope this studio is still around next time I need to get a new passport. :)

Chloe Chen


The most trustworthy photo studio in Sydney! I had my passport photo taken here. It's an one-on-one service. The photographer is very professional and knows how to capture the best of you. The touchup makes the photo natural yet beautiful. Highly recommend it to everyone.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Premier Corporate Headshots Sydney'

#6 Premier Corporate Headshots Sydney



Looking for top-quality headshots to enhance your professional image? Look no further than Premier Corporate Headshots Sydney, conveniently located at Level 1/77 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. With a stellar reputation and impeccable reviews, this studio is the go-to destination for all your photography needs.

Valent, the mastermind behind Premier Corporate Headshots Sydney, is renowned for his professionalism, attention to detail, and creativity. Clients rave about his ability to put them at ease throughout the session, resulting in stunning and authentic photographs. Whether you're in need of headshots for your clinic, office, or personal LinkedIn profiles, Valent's expertise and guidance are unparalleled.

Not only does Premier Corporate Headshots Sydney deliver exceptional results, but their service also goes above and beyond. With an excellent system that allows attendees to access their pictures quickly and easily, Valent ensures maximum convenience for his clients.

When it comes to professionalism and outstanding customer experience, Premier Corporate Headshots Sydney has it all. Don't miss the opportunity to work with Valent and his team to capture the best version of yourself. Book your session today and experience the top-quality results that have earned this studio a perfect 5/5 star rating from 117 satisfied customers.

Sydney Au


Valent you are truly the professional to work with, and you are also engaging throughout the whole process.
I felt at ease throughout the session. I love the attention to detail and creativity in your work and guiding suggestions for the best shots.
I definitely look forward to working with you again in the future.
I highly recommend Valent for whatever your photography needs. Top quality all round.


Rebecca Kristen


Valent did a great job at our clinic. With headshots and action shots with patients. He was very good with understanding what we need and giving us ideas. We were able to use the photos on our website giving us a fresh look. Highly recommend!

Ron Yu


Valent did our office headshots and we got excellent results. He gave us advice about how to position the shots. The photos hit the spec exactly and fit the image we wanted going forward. We had great feedback from the staff about how they were made to feel relaxed. Even some who did like previous shoots were pleased with these ones. We're glad we went with him even though he was not the cheapest. Looking forward to the next lot!



Valent did a great job photographing a very large number of our event attendees for their LinkedIn headshots. Excellent system to allow our attendees to access their pictures quickly and easily.

John Lee


Valent has made the process easy and enjoyable. I urgently needed a professional headshot. I pickup up the phone and talked to Valent. He was available straight away and walked me through the process, and asked a few questions to get some research started. When I arrived at his studio, Valent had a good idea about what I was looking for - It is like having an executive coach who guides me with PR, marketing, and public image building. Valent also explains your body language and the best way to express it, and he has a talent for capturing them. The process only took over an hour - but the equivalent value of having a full-day photo shooting session. I recommend anyone invest a little bit of their time with Valent. Best place to go when preparing for the next stage of their career.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Monte Luke Photography Studio'

#7 Monte Luke Photography Studio



Introducing Monte Luke Photography Studio: a haven for all your headshot and photo restoration needs. Situated at 2/2 Barrack St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia, this studio boasts an impressive reputation with a stellar rating of 4.9/5 stars based on 86 glowing reviews.

One highly satisfied customer commends Keith, a restoration expert at Monte Luke, for his professionalism and expertise in restoring their photos. Another client raves about their fantastic experience with Keith, emphasizing his ability to understand and meet their individual requirements, resulting in delightfully personalized photographs.

The studio's team, spearheaded by Keith, is described as fantastic, professional, and efficient, offering excellent advice while ensuring clients feel at ease in front of the camera. Keith's ability to create a comfortable environment helps capture authentic moments, transforming ordinary poses into stunning photographs.

The studio's set up is also praised, with its own artwork and backdrops providing diverse and imaginative settings for clients. With a keen knowledge of positioning and light, in addition to a great sense of humor, Keith and his team effortlessly produce remarkable shots.

For those seeking impeccable headshots or expert photo restoration services, Monte Luke Photography Studio is the go-to destination, offering exceptional professionalism, remarkable attention to detail, and a truly enjoyable experience. Don't miss the opportunity to capture your best moments with this esteemed studio!

Shane Beeken


Exceptional restoration of all my photos by Keith at Monte Luke.
His professionalism and expertise is a credit to the great work he does.
I recommend Keith to anyone who requires restoration or photographic jobs done.

I'll be continuing to get more photos restored this year.
Thank you again. Very happy customer.

Carolyn Vaughan Brennan


Fantastic experience with Keith at Monte Luke Studio. He is a complete professional who I would recommend unreservedly. Keith took time to understand my requirements and worked with me to produce photographs I'm delighted with.

Danka Bakic


Keith and his team were fantastic, professional, efficient and provided excellent advice. Importantly he left me at ease in front of the camera and was able to get the photo's I was after. Highly recommend and will use again :)

Jonathan Blampied


Keith is an exceptional professional and a also a brilliant photographer. His studio set up is amazing with his own artwork and backdrops that can set you anywhere his eye has been. More than that his ability to put you at ease and help you get set, so you don't look like you are posing, is what makes his service amazing. This is what will make your photographs stunning. I couldn't recommend him more highly.

Justin Purll


Great knowledge of position and light even though we made it very hard for him. Haha. Great to work with!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'L U X E P O R T R A I T S'

#8 L U X E P O R T R A I T S



L U X E P O R T R A I T S is an exceptional headshots studio located at 14 Dunkerley Pl, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia. With an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 80 reviews, it is clear that this studio is celebrated for its outstanding service and quality.

Clients have expressed their absolute amazement with their experiences at L U X E P O R T R A I T S. One client won a free experience through a Facebook competition and had no idea what to expect, but upon arriving, they were welcomed with open arms and made to feel like family. Even their two energetic dogs received the utmost care and attention.

For those seeking pet photography, L U X E P O R T R A I T S also excels in capturing the essence of beloved four-legged friends. Clients have raved about the team's friendliness, attention to detail, and the comfortable atmosphere created during the shoot. Photographer Diandra, in particular, has been praised for her ability to make clients feel at ease and her abundant creativity in capturing beautiful moments.

The selection process at L U X E P O R T R A I T S is said to be exceptional, with Romel going above and beyond to guide clients without pressuring them. Clients have appreciated the team's patience and kindness throughout the entire experience.

Overall, L U X E P O R T R A I T S comes highly recommended for its outstanding service, top-notch photography, and genuine care for clients and their beloved pets. Whether it's a personal headshot or a pet photography session, L U X E P O R T R A I T S is the go-to studio for capturing priceless moments.

Hannah Scott


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Iwon a free experience from a Facebook competition, I had NO IDEA what to expect, this was a first for me.
The day arrives, I have my bestie & two dogs with me after driving an hour and half, and of course doing that drive with two energetic doggod, you're a bit worn out! But the moment I arrived there, I was welcomed with open arms, my dogs were treated like they'd known them forever. The photographer was absolutely amazing, made us all feel so comfortable. They were so accommodating & friendly and just honestly such a lovely person. I will never forget the photoshoot, once in a lifetime experience.
Then the design day came along, and let me just say, I have never had such a fun experience ever. Romel is just sheer perfection, again he was so welcoming, professional with a hint of cheekiness, I absolutely love him! This company has such talent and such an eye for detail. I will be returning once I get pregnant for pregnancy photos, no matter how long the travel takes. Thank you to the most amazing, beautiful people at Luxe Portraits, I will be referring everyone I know to you. Chefs kiss!!

Meg Taylor


I had a pet photography session done with my dog Ringo. From the first correspondence I had over the phone, the team were super friendly and more than willing to provide any information & details I asked for.

Our photographer, Diandra, made us feel super comfortable during our shoot, came prepared with so many beautiful ideas for our pictures and made sure she got to know us.

The final images surpassed my expectations! Romel was super genuine & friendly and willing to provide his expertise when helping me pick the final photos - making sure to give me all my options.

They also offer payment plans so that this opportunity can be accessible for anyone.

Can’t recommend them enough! ♥️

Alexandra Bennett


We had a wonderful experience having a pet photography session at Luxe Portraits. Cesar was our photographer and made us feel comfortable and at ease, and he was able to get some fantastic shots of our cats and dog! Romel has gone above and beyond during the selection process and did not pressure us at all. Overall, I can't recommend them enough and will return for future photography needs.

Bronnie Louise


From the moment we started taking photos, our pup, my partner and myself felt very comfortable. It was such a fun experience and having Romel show us all the images and being so kind and funny was a highlight. Loved our experience would highly recommend!!

Alex Ovens


My partner and I had a photoshoot with our puppy. The team at Luxe Portraits were very patient with our energised puppy. This was our first time having a photoshoot and the team were very friendly and made us feel comfortable. We loved viewing the pictures and are excited to receive them in a few weeks.

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Alise Black Photographic Studios'

#9 Alise Black Photographic Studios



Located at 164 Wilson St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia, Alise Black Photographic Studios is a highly acclaimed headshots studio known for its exceptional services. With an impressive rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 66 reviews, it is apparent that this studio has garnered a strong reputation among its clients.

Clients speak highly of the experience they had at Alise Black Photographic Studios, praising the beautiful and inviting atmosphere of the studio. The team, led by Alise and Treia, is commended for their calm, fun, and informative approach, making clients feel at ease throughout the entire process. The studio offers a wide variety of photos, ensuring that clients receive a diverse and unique collection.

The studio's professionalism and ability to create a comfortable environment have left a lasting impression on its clients. The team's expertise shines through as they provide valuable tips, pointers, and direction to produce the best possible photos. Clients are further impressed with the exceptional hair and makeup services offered, tailored to their specific needs and desires.

Alise Black Photographic Studios is highly recommended for headshots, social media accounts, and personal websites. Additionally, they excel in producing stunning photos for actor portfolios. The team at Alise Black Photographic Studios not only delivers high-quality photos but also offers valuable advice on getting started with agencies and self-representation.

With its beautiful and calm space, Alise Black Photographic Studios is the go-to destination for capturing memorable and professional images. Experience the exceptional care and professionalism that has made this studio a favorite among its clientele.

Anh Vu Nguyen


I had a wonderful time getting my photos taken. The studio is beautiful, Treia & Alise were calm, fun and informative throughout the process and I felt like I was in very safe hands. The variety of photos was great and I had a genuinely fun time. I can't wait to take more photos later!

Tamara Manktelow


This experience was absolutely amazing! Alise and Treia are so kind and really create a welcoming and comfortable environment. My photos are absolutely gorgeous.

Chase Aldrich


I had such an amazing time working with Alise and her team, they made me feel incredibly comfortable, so easy to talk to gave amazing tips pointers and we're so helpful in giving me direction to help produce the best photos possible would love to work with Alise and her team again 10 out of 10 thanks again guys for all your hard work.

Joan Amudu


I highly recommend Alise Black Photographic studios. They were very professional and easy to get along with, the hair and makeup was perfect for what I wanted and I had a wonderful experience.

I had a professional photo shoot for my social media accounts and personal website, and my current photo is one of them.

Thank you so much.

Vicki M


Thank you Alise and Treia for your wonderful professionalism and care. Your studio in Sydney is a beautiful and calm space. My son and I are so happy with the gorgeous photos you have produced for his actor’s portfolio. Thank you also for your advice on getting started with agencies and self-representation!

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Daniel Sommer Photography'

#10 Daniel Sommer Photography



Looking for a top-notch headshots studio in Chippendale, Australia? Look no further than Daniel Sommer Photography! Located at Studio 3/19-25 Wellington St, Chippendale NSW 2008, this studio has garnered an impressive 5 out of 5 stars with 61 raving reviews.

Clients can't stop singing Daniel's praises, with one ecstatic customer saying, Dan was awesome! He made sure I was comfortable in front of the camera and captured exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be happier with the final results! Another reviewer confidently recommends Daniel, stating, If you're contemplating booking with Daniel, just do it! The session was not only professional but also surprisingly enjoyable.

Daniel's professionalism, along with his fun and easy-going nature, creates the perfect environment for stunning headshots. Clients appreciate his talent for giving excellent direction and producing amazing photos. Even those who initially harbored reservations about their photogenic qualities were amazed by Daniel's ability to make them look their best.

Moreover, Daniel's service goes beyond just taking flawless pictures. He values building connections with his clients, engaging in quality conversations over coffee before the shoot. Additionally, his exceptional touch-up skills have left customers in awe, surpassing their expectations.

For anyone seeking high-quality headshots that will make them shine on social media or professional platforms, Daniel Sommer Photography is the place to go. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience and exceptional results!

Siobhan Hayes


Dan was awesome! He was very attentive to ensure I could be comfortable in front of the camera and in the end he got the shots I was after! I couldn’t be happier with the final results! Thanks so much Dan! You were amazing and I’ve recommended you to everyone. 🤩

Adrian Lim


If you’re reading this review trying to decide whether to make a booking with Daniel, just do it!! I recently had a professional headshot session with Daniel, and could not be happier with the process and outcome. The few hours at the session went quickly and was surprisingly fun. Daniel just knows how to ease you into session, help you relax and enjoy the process, which also makes all the difference in getting some natural shots! I researched quite a few different headshot photographers before booking Daniel, and really liked the tone and ‘feel’ of the images on his website (which is exactly what I got with my headshots). From booking in the appointment, to the studio session, and working with Daniel on the final selection and touch ups, I simply can’t recommend Daniel highly enough in terms of his professionalism, good humour and above all his supreme skills as a photographer!

Luke Consani


I got headshots done with Daniel and it was overall a great experience. He's very professional, but also fun and easy-going and gives great direction to get the best photos! The headshots looked awesome. Extremely pleased with everything.

Shanna Daly


I was extremely nervous about getting a photoshoot done, I felt like I was not photogenic and would never look any good, but Daniel was AMAZING. Made it so easy to relax and made sure i looked my best, the photos are fantastic, the set up is great, Daniel is lovely and professional and great for a laugh. I'll be back again and definitely recommend him for anyone looking to get some high quality photos that reflect your personality.

Alexander Wait


I needed some professional head shots for my social media accounts. Daniel's service was excellent and the experience was memorable; we even had a quality conversation over coffee before getting underway. Also, the touch-ups of my photos was actually too good and exceeded my expectations :)

Photo of the Headshots Studio 'Jom Photography'

#11 Jom Photography



Located at 1/136 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027, Australia, Jom Photography is a highly acclaimed headshots studio that has garnered an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 41 reviews. Known for their exceptional professionalism and expertise, Jom Photography has gained a reputation for capturing stunning photographs while ensuring their clients feel comfortable throughout the process.

Clients rave about the studio's ability to ease even the most nervous subjects, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere from the moment they step through the door. With meticulous attention to detail, Jom goes above and beyond to ensure that each corporate photograph stands out, offering alternative shots to make LinkedIn profiles shine.

Jom Photography's commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the photo shoot, with clients praising the studio's friendliness and ability to make families feel at ease. Whether it's for professional headshots or capturing precious moments, Jom consistently delivers outstanding results.

If you've had a negative experience with a photographer in the past, Jom Photography is the answer. Countless clients have found solace in Jom's expertise and genuine care, resulting in exceptional photos that exceed their expectations.

For anyone seeking a positive and fun experience, Jom Photography is the go-to destination. With unparalleled attention to detail, professionalism, and a commitment to delivering the best outcome, Jom Photography is the perfect choice for those serious about showcasing their best selves.

Chris X S


Oh Wow! I hate photos being taken of me, but from the moment I got there I felt so comfortable, I was made to feel comfortable. I Definitely recommend JOM for even the more nervous of subjects. And the photo? Well I was surprised, how good it looked. Chris S

John Marshall


Jom is second to none for producing excellent corporate photographs. I really felt he went the extra yards to try alternative shots to make my linkedin pic really stand out. Highly recommended

Bevan Wong


Jom was super friendly and made my family feel comfortable during the photo shoot.

Photos came out great! Thank you Jom 🙏

Evolution Cloud Accounting


After an awful experience with a previous photographer, I finally decided to give Jom a call. Every day I drive past his studio thinking I need to enquire about getting some professional shots done. We needed professional head shots for me and my team for our new website. Jom is the real deal, the way he puts you at ease when he takes photos and then magically transforms and enhances your features on Photoshop is just magic! So happy of the result... HIGHLY recommend his services, you would not be disappointed.

Stuart Sanders


I've recently had professional photos produced by Jom, and what a positive and fun experience!!!! I was very nervous on arrival (I'm very camera shy) but he quickly had me in stitches laughing and impressed me with his attention to detail, professionalism and unwillingness to compromise or produce anything other than the best outcome. I highly recommend this business to anyone serious about putting together a sharp business profile, as I am confident you will walk away with your expectations exceeded as mine were. Thanks Jom, your a legend! :)

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