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Top 10 AI Headshot Tools

Curation of the top 10 AI headshot tools. AI headshots are based on pictures you upload, made to look like professional headshots.

Top 10 AI Headshot Tools cover image

Most of these tools do the same thing.

You can likely find a bunch of blog posts detailing which tool is best for what.

The reality is, this is such a new solution, that there is little room for specialisation.

So what differentiates these tools from one another?

  1. Quality & accuracy of images
  2. Quality of customer service

You’ll see dozens of businesses with very similar offers, like:

Aragon AI, HeadshotPro, Try It On AI, AI Suit Up, Simplified, StudioShot AI, Secta Labs, Insta Headshots, HeadshotsByAI, Dreamwave AI, ProShots App, Headshot AI Studio, Prime Profile, Portrait Studio Pro, Artius Studio, Photogenic AI, Evry Face, etc.

Most of these solutions will create ok results, with slightly better features or slightly cheaper prices here and there.

You may have better luck with one or another, but going through review sites, you’ll quickly find that many feel like they didn’t exactly deliver satisfactory results.

Undoubtedly the solution is new, and it’s important to keep in mind that none will deliver only perfect results.

This means that when you receive 40-60 or over 100 images, you should expect that some of them won’t be perfect. 👇

Just like when you go to a professional photographer. They’ll create multiple batches, but you’ll end up with maybe 5-10 truly good pictures.

The questions when it comes to their AI alternatives then should be:

  1. How good will the best ones be?


  1. How easy is it to contact customer service, if you need help with your results?

In that competition then, there is really no point in looking at 10 options.

So let’s instead focus on 3 players:

1. BetterPic

The key feature where BetterPic stands out from the competition is image quality.

If you are only looking for 1-2 ok quality images, that you can show to your friends or post on socials for the laugh of it, then you can choose most of the options from above.

However, if you need a portfolio of studio quality (4k) images, that not only you can post on any platform, but * you can use in your ads, billboards etc… and that even your closest loved ones won’t tell is not an actual photo* - now then, you should not look anywhere else.

All of that in under an hour.

BetterPic also offers a 100% guarantee on results, meaning:

  1. AI upload assistant:

BetterPic exclusively offers an AI analysis of your uploads to make sure you get some perfect results out of all the generated images

  1. Redo Option:

If the images you’ve uploaded follow our uploading guide but you still aren’t happy with your results then we can offer you a redo.

  1. Manual Photo Edits:

If you’d like some features touched up on your favourite results, you can opt for manual edits.

  1. 7-day refund:

Still not happy with your results? Not to worry. We offer a 7 day refund policy.

Besides these, BetterPic focuses a lot on customer service.

Not by chance or as a selfless gesture, but because it is partly ran by experienced marketers, who know how crucial a great customer journey is for business success.

example ai headshot generated by BetterPic

2. ProfileBakery

As mentioned above, you’ll find articles detailing which solution is best for what.

Again, not a lot of specialisation going on yet.

So why would you choose Profile Bakery instead of Better Pic?

If you are less keen on 4K pictures but are specifically looking for help with putting together a good CV/Resumé, then ProfileBakery might be the right choice for you.

They offer CV templates, Job Kanban Board, Notice of termination template, LinkedIn backgrounds, CV writing & CV check service with discount.

You will get your results slower than BetterPic (3-4 hours), but you will get great customer service if you run into any issues with ProfileBakery too.

3. StudioShot AI

Are you getting headshots for your team?

Are you also happy with good quality and not keen on using the images in places where you need 4K definition?

Then StudioShot is a good choice for you.

BetterPic is rolling out a team solution, but for now, they are focused on individual orders.

StudioShot will also take a lot more time (2 days) than the other options above, but that is because they work together with a team of photo editors to fix all the potential issues their AI engine misses on the generated pictures.

What are AI headshots?

AI headshots are headshot images generated by Artificial Intelligence. They are computer-generated images that are based on pictures you upload, made to look like professional headshots.

They are an alternative to booking a professional photographer to create 1-2 or a portfolio of high-quality, professional-looking headshots.

Why choose AI headshots?

For their price, you could even do it just for fun, but let’s look at their main selling points.

  1. They are multiple times cheaper.
    In some cases around 87% cheaper than a professional studio headshot. Not only is the shooting itself more expensive, but also, unless you already have them ready, you’ll have to get a number of sharp-looking outfits to get similar results. \
  2. They are much more convenient.
    Not everyone likes to have their pictures taken. Even for the ones that do, it is much easier to go to a site and upload a few of your own photos (which could even be selfies) and generate professional headshots in under an hour. \
  3. They offer more variability with less effort.
    With an AI option, you’ll receive your images in multiple outfits and backgrounds that you can preselect. For that to happen in a real shooting (as detailed above) you’ll have to spend a lot of extra time and likely money, and even then hope to be able to get good circumstances in all environments.

How to generate great AI headshots?

In most cases, there will be some basic guidelines on what you should avoid and what you should aim for when you are uploading your casual photos.

BetterPic even went further and created an AI upload assistant to analyse your uploaded images and give recommendations on what to change.

Still, here are some general guidelines to follow, if you are looking for great results.

Upload pictures that:

  • Show your face in good lighting
  • Make sure they are recent picture
  • In some cases show your face from multiple angles
  • Only show you - i.e. is not a group picture
  • Does not have any (or at least heavy) filters on it
  • Where you don’t cover your face (or part of it) with something
  • Are close enough of your face (from the shoulders up) but not too close


If you need high-quality headshots, AI headshots can be a great alternative to a time-consuming and expensive professional photo shoot.

While it is a fairly new solution, there are already a few players that generate images that can truly be used as an alternative to professional headshots.

Instead of looking through dozens of options and their smoke and mirrors offers, check out a few review sites with the options mentioned above…

then decide what’s most important to you:

  • Image quality
  • Extra services
  • Team solution

and choose one of the above mentioned 3 options.

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