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Beyond LinkedIn: 7 Unique Places to Use Your Business Headshot

Learn design tips for integrating business headshots on platforms to amplify your brand and make lasting impressions with well-placed headshots. Read more.

Beyond LinkedIn: 7 Unique Places to Use Your Business Headshot cover image


In today's digital age, personal branding is more important than ever. And the core of personal branding is the corporate photographic portrait: a professional representation of yourself. While LinkedIn has popularized the use of portraits to enhance professional profiles, the power of a good portrait extends far beyond this platform. Here we delve into seven unique ways to leverage your portrait, strengthen your brand, and leave lasting impressions.


Making the First Impression Count

Job markets are competitive. Often, hiring managers are swamped with identical-looking resumes. The inclusion of a headshot isn't just a trend; it's a strategy. By adding a face to your resume, you humanize an otherwise impersonal document, allowing potential employers to connect with you before they've even met you. The psychological sway of this is immense – humans are wired to remember faces, and your resume stands a better chance of standing out in the sea of text-only CVs.

Resume Do's and Don'ts with Headshots

However, there's an art to doing it right:

  • Do ensure your headshot is recent and looks like you.
  • Don’t use casual or inappropriate photos.
  • Do place it appropriately – usually at the top corner.
  • Don’t let it dominate the page.

It's also essential to be aware of cultural nuances. In some countries or industries, adding a photo might be frowned upon due to anti-discrimination laws or tradition.


Bringing Personality to Promotions

Flyers are tactile, eye-catching promotional tools, especially for local businesses. Adding a headshot infuses personality into your flyers, allowing potential clients or customers to feel a connection. For solo entrepreneurs or consultants, this personal touch can differentiate you from faceless competitors.

Design Tips for Incorporating Headshots in Flyers

  • Opt for high-resolution images to prevent pixelation during printing.
  • Keep the image proportionate; it should complement, not dominate, the flyer's other elements.
  • Consider integrating your brand colors with the headshot for a cohesive design.

headshot use cases

Business Card

A Face to the Name

A business card with a headshot serves as a mini-introduction. In networking events where individuals collect numerous cards, a photo ensures you're remembered. A well-placed, professional headshot turns a simple card into a powerful brand tool.

Effective Business Card Design with Headshots

  • Prioritize clarity. A grainy or unclear image defeats the purpose.
  • Balance is key; ensure text and other design elements aren't overshadowed.
  • Place the headshot strategically, usually alongside your name or contact information.

Whatsapp Business

Personalizing Client Communication

WhatsApp Business has become a potent tool for client communication. A business headshot, instead of a logo, can make client interactions feel more personal, leading to trust and stronger client relationships.

Best Practices for Whatsapp Business Profile Images

  • Opt for close-up shots to ensure facial features are discernible on mobile screens.
  • Keep the background simple and clutter-free.
  • Update regularly, so clients feel they're speaking to the 'current' you.

Author Bio in Guest Blog Post

Building Credibility with Your Image

Guest blogging is an excellent way to establish authority in your field. Including a professional headshot in your author bio augments your credibility, making readers more inclined to value your insights.

Optimizing Headshots for Various Blog Platforms

  • Adhere to each platform's image guidelines regarding size and format.
  • Opt for neutral backgrounds, ensuring the focus remains on you.
  • Ensure consistency across platforms for a unified brand image.

Email Signatures

A Digital Handshake

An email signature is akin to a digital handshake, concluding communications on a personal note. Including your headshot adds authenticity to your emails, fostering trust, especially in new professional relationships.

Tips for Integrating Headshots in Email Signatures

  • Size matters; the image shouldn't be so large that it becomes a distraction.
  • Position it appropriately, generally next to your name or designation.
  • Always test-send emails to ensure the signature displays correctly across various devices.

business use cases

Personal Websites and Digital Portfolios

Your Digital Front Door

For many professionals, personal websites or digital portfolios serve as the primary platform for showcasing work, gathering leads, or sharing expertise. An inviting headshot can be the welcoming beacon, guiding visitors to explore further.

Integrating Headshots Smoothly into Website Design

  • Image quality is paramount; always use high-resolution images.
  • Consider interactive designs, such as hover effects or animations, for a modern touch.
  • Position the headshot prominently, usually on the homepage or about section, ensuring it complements the site's overall aesthetics.


A business headshot, when utilized effectively, is more than just a photo – it's a potent tool for personal branding. While LinkedIn has pioneered its importance in the digital realm, myriad platforms can benefit from the touch of authenticity a headshot provides. By integrating your headshot across various mediums, you not only amplify your brand but also forge deeper, more personal connections in an increasingly digital world.

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